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The $10,000 Dollar Taco Bell gift card was a gift card hidden on the Dream SMP by MrBeast. Members on the SMP were set on a hunt for the gift card, and various clues were given throughout the hunt. Eret was the winner of the event.[1]

Event details

On September 29, 2020, MrBeast tweeted about hiding a $10,000 Taco Bell gift card in the Dream SMP.[2] The gift card was rumored to be hidden in a swamp. Clues were also scattered in the image, including MrBeast having 69 levels, eight bars of levels, two hearts, full saturation, and nothing in his hot bar.

It was first believed that Mr. Beast had been whitelisted and hid it himself. However, it was soon discovered by Fundy and Tubbo that Dream had actually hidden it; Dream's profile on NameMC revealed he had put on MrBeast's skin a few minutes before MrBeast put out the initial tweet. Dream revealed after it was over that MrBeast had told him where to hide it, and Dream put on MrBeast's skin and hid it; MrBeast had originally wanted to put it at different coordinates, but Dream said it was too far and would take too long to find.

During the search, Ponk suddenly announced he had found the chest, and posted a picture of him with a burned down tree and a chest. This was quickly debunked by Tubbo, as the chest was in the wrong place, and that Ponk had faked finding the chest.

Three and a half hours after the hunt started, MrBeast tweeted at Dream to give a hint.[3] Dream responded by saying that the coordinates were positive positive. Dream's next hint was that the coordinates were less than 15,000 blocks away from spawn.[4] The last hint came from MrBeast, who changed his name on Twitter to "MrBeast 6969420". Many people quickly put together that MrBeast's favorite number is 69, and a rush to be the first person to reach the coordinates began.

Eret happened to be the closest person to the coordinates, as he was already on 6900, 6900, and threw a portal down on the Nether roof which teleported him to the exact location of the chest. Five and a half hours after the initial tweet came out, Eret found the chest at 6969, 60, 420, after searching for three hours, and thus concluding the hunt.

Hours after the hunt is concluded, Sapnap, not knowing that Eret had already found it, was still hunting for the prize.[5] Upon finding the chest, he finds a book identically named to the winning one ("Taco Bell" by Dream) and celebrated. When Sapnap started reading it aloud, it read "Haha, you're dumb. It's been found."