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Non-canon notice:
This event is considered non-canon, meaning that it is unrelated to the overall Dream SMP storyline.

The $100k gift cards challenge was a gift card hunt hosted on the Dream SMP by MrBeast with the help of Dream and Karl Jacobs, the latter of which is a common friend of MrBeast and his channels. On December 27, 2020, MrBeast joined the Dream SMP in spectator mode and did not respond to anyone's chat messages. The next day, he tweeted out an image of his Minecraft player standing in an obsidian room filled with chests announcing that he had hidden $100,000 dollars worth of gift cards in the SMP.[1]

The following tweets included a list of the gift cards and amounts:[2]

  • $10,000 Best Buy
  • $10,000 GameStop
  • $10,000 Hardee’s
  • $10,000 Taco Bell
  • $10,000 Amazon
  • $10,000 IKEA
  • $5,000 Waffle House
  • $5,000 Bass Pro Shop
  • $5,000 Target
  • $5,000 KFC
  • $5,000 Air BnB
  • $5,000 Apple gift card
  • $5,000 Walmart
  • $1,000 AutoZone
  • $1,000 Burger King
  • $1,000 Smoothie King
  • $1,000 Starbucks
  • $1,000 eBay
  • $1,000 Steam
  • $1,000 Nintendo eShop
  • $1,000 PlayStation store
  • $1,000 Whole Foods
  • $1,000 Big Lots

The event also saw the return of Corpse Husband, who popped through different VCs. He also logged onto the server to help different people and even look for it himself. Additionally, it saw the server switch to 1.16.4 from 1.16.3 (This did not change the server much, instead making the server smoother to play on).


Although teams weren't particularly allowed to hold a co-win of the grand prize, many people decided to collaborate with one another in groups to search for the gift cards. The groups were formed of the following:

Tubbo's group:

  • Tubbo (winner)
  • TommyInnit
  • Ph1LzA
  • Wilbur Soot

Fundy's group:

  • ItsFundy
  • Ranboo

George's group:

  • GeorgeNotFound
  • BadBoyHalo
  • Sapnap
  • Punz
  • Awesamdude

Eret's group:

  • Eret
  • Nihachu
  • CaptainPuffy

Vikkstar's group:

  • Vikkstar123
  • HBomb94


  • JackManifoldTV (runner-up)
  • Corpse Husband
  • Purpled
  • ConnorEatsPants
  • Ponk

Event details

After the event was announced, many members of the SMP quickly hopped onto the server and started up their streams. The signs in MrBeast's announcement tweet mentioned that Karl would give out the first hint after a member killed anyone else on the server. Unfortunately for Niki, she was killed several times by other members in order to get the hint from Karl and MrBeast. The first hint was an image of MrBeast standing on a diamond block next to a wooden structure in a desert.

Initially, many people believed that MrBeast had hidden the room at some variation of 69, 420, as he did last time. However this was quickly debunked, as many of the participants had tried to travel to some variation of those coordinates and found nothing.

Though many people were lost, more hints were eventually given out on Twitter. The first being given in a reply to Tommy, in which MrBeast stated that the coordinates were all positive.[3] The next hint was that "It's as easy as ABCDE".[4]This took people by surprised as many people saw it as a "bruh moment" with Jimmy giving out the hint to the public instead of just Tommy.

The ABCDE hint was quickly realized to correspond to numbers, which would translate to 12345. The competitors tried to go to some variation of coordinates with 12345 in them. However, the last hint was a dead giveaway to what the full coordinates were; MrBeast tweeted out that one of the X or Z coordinates was 0, and to not get it wrong.[5]

Tubbo and Jack were the first to the coordinates 12345, 0, where they found a sign that read "You've almost found the $100,000" and another sign that read "It's underground within a 100 block radius. GET DIGGING!" Although they were the first to get there, many other people including Eret and Ranboo, started arriving at the coordinates and digging around to find the room.

Despite being around many other people, Tubbo managed to find the room using view bobbing, a glitch that is commonly used in Hypixel UHC. The final coordinates of the room were 12352, 26, 37, and were found a little bit past the two-hour mark.[6]

Although Dream questioned if it counted as a legitimate win because Tubbo technically used a glitch, it was ultimately counted as a win, as Tommy brought up the point that it was allowed in Hypixel UHC. It was then brought up that Jack, who was the runner-up, was only one-two blocks away from the room and would have won if he had mined just a few blocks to his right. Eret found the tunnel Jack had been mining, and sure enough, it was just a block away from the actual room. Had Jack not gone in the opposite direction, he would have won the contest instead.

Tubbo gave away a few of the gift cards on stream, including one $2,000 Amazon card and all of the Waffle House gift cards. He plans on giving away the rest of the gift cards meant for the viewers in future streams and on his Twitter. Tubbo was rewarded $50,000 for himself, as there was a chest with a sign saying, "For the streamer", which was full of books that had gift cards/codes designated for the winner only. Tubbo has about $46,000 to still give away to his viewers.[Citation needed]

On January 13, MrBeast posted a video about the treasure hunt on MrBeast Gaming.[7]


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