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1.18 Update, also known as DSMP 1.18 by the community was a dubiously canonical event which took place on November 30, 2021. It was the first event to kick off the start of the Legacy Arc and the Freefall Era.

Since then, the Dream SMP was split into two worlds/servers; The original Dream SMP world/server and the 1.18 Dream SMP world/server. They are simply extensions of each other: still part of the SMP and functioning like normal Minecraft worlds.

Event Details

Upon the release of the 1.18 Minecraft Caves and Cliffs: Part 2 Update, the Dream SMP was in maintenance for a couple of hours to get the server updated to the newest version. While the original world will be updated to reflect the new height and depth limits, a new world is created so members could have access to the new terrains and biomes on the server as well.

Crying Obsidian Portal

A crying obsidian portal was built near the nether portal hub. It leads to a new world. This world is a new 1.18 seed. There is no new nether; portals in the new world lead to the old nether. The original achievements and the enderchests are still the same as the original world. Players go through and keep their armor and inventories. The original DSMP was also updated to 1.18, most of the chunks were already loaded so the new terrain wouldn’t generate, but the caves will spawn below Y=0.


As promised by Dream, the Dream SMP was updated to 1.18 as they had skipped the 1.17 update.[1] However, they can still connect on both 1.17 and 1.16 before 1.18 was released as was confirmed by Tubbo and Wilbur that they can connect on the server using 1.17 as both of them uses 1.17.1 on their streams due to the updated ore textures that were seen on both of their streams and on Tubbo's other stream where he is using Optifine 1.17.1.

When the maintenance started, Tubbo, Eret, Foolish, Phil and Ranboo (in Ghostboo appearance) started logging on to Hypixel for the meantime until the maintenance was over.

A few hours after the maintenance, they logged on to the server to wait for Callahan to get to the Community Portal Area to build the 1.18 Portal that was made out of Crying Obsidian. However, he said that he will open the portal soon and after a few moments, he opened the portal to the DSMP 1.18 world.

After entering the portal to DSMP 1.18, Foolish had a technical problem where he got teleported to Y=-35 Coordinates which was located in a cave.[2] After Foolish was unable get out of the cave coordinates and the rest of them being hunted by Phantoms (which was disabled in the original Dream SMP server), they started to explore the 1.18 Server.


  • It was promised by Dream that they will be fully updating the Dream SMP to 1.18 as soon as possible.[1]
  • After the event had concluded, BadBoyHalo and Michael also came to the 1.18 Server.[3][4]
    • Punz also decorated the portal with the blocks that was added from the Caves and Cliffs update, such as dripstones and deepslates.
  • Members will keep the same inventory, ender chest and levels for both servers, meaning that the items from the 1.18 server can be brought into the original Dream SMP world. However, they decided to start from scratch as bringing their stuff from the original Dream SMP world would be "boring".
  • On December 1, 2021, Phil accidentally found a glitch in the new 1.18 world that allows people to see through blocks.[5]
  • On December 6, 2021, Tommy confirmed on his lore stream that the 1.18 Server can connect through 1.17 as he uses 1.17.1 even through the recommended version for the server is 1.18+.[6]


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