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The Three Lives System is a canon death system introduced following the end of the Manberg-Pogtopian War, and established by Wilbur Soot, the previous head writer for the Dream SMP, after seeing a Reddit post on r/dreamsmp by u/usedforwholesomeness.[1] This was revealed to be fully canon on one of Tubbo's streams by Wilbur himself.[2]

Canon death

The Dream SMP was originally conceptualized as a vanilla, easy-mode survival server, and was treated as such until the beginning of the Disc Saga, and the War for L'Manbergian Independence, when it began to shift into becoming more roleplay based, before becoming a loosely scripted series beginning officially with the Manberg Rebellion Arc. Though the Dream SMP server itself is in regular survival and players can easily respawn after death, the three lives system was put into place because of the storytelling being done and a need to legitimize death on the server.

A "canon death" refers to a death that specifically changes or bears weight on the plot, is purposefully scripted, or is directly mentioned by one of the writers of the current arc. Examples of past canons deaths are Tubbo's death by Technoblade during the Manberg Festival, Wilbur's final death to Ph1LzA, or Tommy's death fighting Dream in the final duel during the L'Manberg War for Independence.

However, not all canon deaths are confirmed, the only confirmation as to current lives we have, are what has been stated to be true during the time period following the Manberg-Pogtopian War, and what was given by Wilbur himself in a reddit post laying out how many lives each character had left.[3]

Note: Some characters, although they have not had an on-screen canon death, may have had previous deaths that are also considered canon. Thus, we cannot confirm for sure how many lives each character has.

Non-canon death

A non-canon death is a death that does not change the player's amount of remaining lives, does not bear weight on the plot, or is directly confirmed by the writers or players not to be canon.

A non-canon death can be a death from fall damage, accidental, during a parkour or other type of challenge, a joke death, or by being revived by a Totem of Undying. Examples of these non-canon deaths include fatalities such as when Awesamdude was killed during a mock battle between him and Dream, when Quackity died to lava getting netherite, or when Tubbo continued to die of fall damage while working on the ocean monument.


Resurrection, the process in which a character is brought back to life after losing their final canon life, was a concept that was first introduced by Quackity shortly after Jschlatt's funeral. Quackity robbed Jschlatt's grave and stole his bones, claiming to want to resurrect him.[4] This was never actually done, however, and the concept of resurrection did not come into play again until the Disc Confrontation on January 20, 2021. As Tommy was about to take his third canon life, Dream explained that the book Schlatt had given him shortly before the Manberg vs Pogtopia War in order to convince him to help Manberg was a book that could resurrect the dead.[5] This was the reason Tommy didn't kill Dream again, and Dream was locked inside Pandora's Vault instead.

The book was once again discussed on March 1, 2021, when Tommy and Dream got into a fight over the existence of the book while Tommy was trapped inside the prison. Dream killed Tommy, taking his third and final canon life, but then later used the knowledge inside the book to resurrect him on March 9, 2021. On March 16, Dream told Quackity, who wanted to resurrect Schlatt after losing a bet with his ghost, that he had burned the book, stating that he had the knowledge memorized and was therefore the only one to know how to resurrect people.[6]

Jack Manifold also returned to three canon lives after visiting hell on January 6, 2021, but this was unrelated to the book, and he instead returned out of spite.[7]

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Current lives

Three lives remaining

Player Notes
Went to hell and regained lives.[7] Originally died to Wilbur during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War on November 16, 2020,[8][9] in lava to Tommy during Tommy's exile,[10] and after facing Technoblade in a duel during the Doomsday War on January 6, 2021.[11]

Two lives remaining

Player First death Notes
Punched off the Prime Path by Tubbo on March 30, 2022.[12][13]
Killed by Puffy during the Red Banquet on April 25, 2021.[14]
Killed by Dream in Pandora's Vault on February 4, 2022.[15]
Skeppy died after Bad accidentally pushed him into lava on April 18, 2021.[16][17] So far, it has been assumed due to a comment Bad once made that he technically has infinite canon lives, and can only die when Skeppy dies three times.[18] This means they both functionally have two canon lives left. However, Bad has not clarified this further, and it's unclear how exactly his canon life system works.[19]
Exact cause of death unknown. He confirmed he has two lives left when Slime asked, and when asked what he lost the first life to, just said he "was having a bad day".[20]
Killed by Antfrost during the Red Banquet on April 25, 2021.[21] Ant revealed on Twitter that Foolish volunteered to lose one of his canon lives before the Red Banquet.[22]
Died in a planned explosion to frame Eret on December 6, 2020.[23][24]
Killed by Awesamdude on March 23, 2021,[25] after stealing some of his prison keycards.[26]
Killed by Technoblade following Techno's execution on December 16, 2020.[27][28] His death to Technoblade at the Manberg Festival[29] was originally counted as a canon death, possibly due to confusion among the content creators.[30] However, this appears to have been retconned.[31][32][33]

One life remaining

Player First death Second death Notes
Killed by TommyInnit in Dream's vault on January 20, 2021.[34] Killed again by Tommy in Dream's vault on January 20, 2021.[34]
Killed in the Final Control Room by George on August 2, 2020.[35][28] Jumped off a bridge during his conversation with Wilbur on May 22, 2022.[36]
Only has one canon life.[37]
Only gets one life due to his nature of playing hardcore.[38]
Killed in the Final Control Room during the War for L'Manbergian Independence on August 2, 2020, by Sapnap.[35][28] Executed by Technoblade on Schlatt's command during the Manberg Festival on October 16, 2020.[39][28]

Zero lives remaining - considered dead

Player First death Second death Third death Notes
Killed by Technoblade during the Manberg Festival on October 16, 2020, due to crossfire.[29] Assassinated by Quackity on October 17, 2020, at The White House after the Manberg Festival.[40] Heart attack during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War on November 16, 2020.[41][23]
Died to a zombie while saving Mamacita.[42] Died taking a bullet for Juan Mendez.[43] Killed by Dream in Logstedshire.[44][23]
Killed by Awesamdude after being broken out of Pandora's Vault.[45]

Wilbur Soot timeline: Died after triggering explosives[46]

Implied two other lives lost in unknown events; it is not clear how or when he lost those lives.[47]
Killed multiple times and then revived by Dream and Punz while testing the Revival Book. Killed after resurrection to maintain the secrecy of the book.[48]
Killed multiple times and then revived by Dream and Punz while testing the Revival Book. Killed after resurrection to maintain the secrecy of the book.[48]

Unknown lives

Player First death Second death Third death Notes
Killed in the Final Control Room during the War for L'Manbergian Independence by Dream.[49][28] Killed by Dream during the final duel in The War for L'Manbergian Independence.[50][28] Killed by Dream on March 1, 2021, while stuck in the Prison together.[51] Revived by Dream on March 4, 2021.[52]
Killed on August 2, 2020, in the Final Control Room in the L'Manberg Revolution by Punz.[53][28] Killed by Punz on Schlatt's orders on September 22, 2020, the day of the election.[54][28] Killed by Philza on his own request during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War on November 16, 2020.[55][28] Revived by Dream on April 29, 2021, after Dream killed Ghostbur while Tommy and Ghostbur snuck around the prison.
Pushed into lava by Purpled on September 14, 2021 (canonical date)/November 27, 2021 (stream date).[56] The life system of slimes is unknown.


Player Death Notes
"Killed" by Dream in Pandora's Vault on April 29, 2021.[57] Ghostbur did not operate according to the life system of three canon lives. Since he does not have a "living" body, he is considered as "suspended" rather than dead according to Wilbur.[58]


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