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The Afterlife, sometimes informally described as Hell, Limbo, or simply The Death Zone, is the place where characters go when they lose all three canon lives.

It is currently inhabited by Schlatt, Mexican Dream, Ghostbur, and Ranboo. It is unknown if any of the Tales from the SMP characters were/are in the Afterlife, as no known inhabitant has mentioned one.

Tommy spent three months in the Afterlife, and Wilbur 13.5 years, before both eventually being resurrected by Dream.

Jack Manifold spent a brief amount of time in the Afterlife when he lost his "last" canon life during the Doomsday War. However, he was quickly revived, and none of the other dead characters recognized his presence.

Nihachu went to the Afterlife for a brief amount of time when DreamXD dropped her out of the world as a prank. However, this is dubiously canon.

After the Red Banquet, it was implied that Foolish was there for some time.


The Afterlife can hold items. Wilbur held a set of cards to play Solitaire with,[2] and Schlatt holds alcohol and drugs.[3] It is unknown how to possess items in the afterlife. There is also furniture, household items and possibly more in the Afterlife, as shown by Mexican Dream sitting behind an unknown figure.[4]

The inhabitants of the Afterlife are suggested to have a loose sense of physicality. Wilbur had to physically set up cards for six hours to play Solitaire, only to later have this arrangement messed up by Tommy blowing around all the cards.[2] They occupy space, as Wilbur implied this when he called for Mexican Dream to come over and talk to him and Tommy.[5] However, despite occupying the same space, every inhabitant perceives it differently.

The barriers of the space between the Overworld and the Afterlife can be "broken," as shown by Wilbur appearing after the Disc Confrontation[6] and Ghostbur, Glatt, Mexican Dream, and Ranboo appearing in the Overworld. It is possible that this is due to having "unfinished business," as shown by Jack coming back.

Time dilation

The Afterlife is subject to a phenomenon known as time dilation - it experiences the passage of time differently to the overworld. It seems to experience this effect to an extreme degree, as every day translates to about a month in the Afterlife.

On March 4, 2021, 108 days after Wilbur's death, Wilbur confirmed in a message in chat that at that point, his character had spent nine years in the Afterlife, meaning that one day in the Overworld translates to one month in the Afterlife.[7]

Jack spent ten to twenty minutes in the Afterlife, but upon returning to the overworld, nothing had changed.

Nihachu spent sixteen minutes in the Afterlife after being sent there by DreamXD. When she returned, she was extremely scared and crying. She ran away from everyone and told George that she had "seen things."[8]

According to Tommy, he spent around a month and a half to two months in the Afterlife, spending most of his time talking to Wilbur and playing card games. Schlatt reportedly suggested that they should count the days. At some point, however, Schlatt fell asleep and Tommy lost count, approximating his time to one month and eighteen to twenty days immediately after resurrection.[9]

Wilbur also later confirmed that time in the Afterlife affects one's physical age in the Overworld, his character being 41 years old at the time of his statement. He followed this up by stating that the character was 32 years old at his time of death, eight years older than Wilbur's real age.[10] After Wilbur's resurrection, he revealed that he had spent a total of thirteen and a half years in the afterlife, making his character 45 to 46 years old.[11]


The appearance of the Afterlife is a personalized experience for every inhabitant it holds.

Tommy's Afterlife

According to Tommy's descriptions of the Afterlife, it is a dark, colorless void tunnel. He used the color of obsidian as an example, describing it as a deeper black than even that. During Tommy's residence there, he described his experience as if he was being "taken apart and being put together," rationalizing the feeling as being "stretched." After his return, Tommy showed signs of oversensitivity to the regular Overworld stimuli (such as lava heat, loud noises, pinches, and hunger), implying that his afterlife is comparable to sensory deprivation.[12]

Jack's Afterlife

Jack's time in the Afterlife was much briefer than others, so not much is known. He states that all he felt was pain and the need to be let free. Despite it being ten minutes in afterlife time, he felt a lifetime of torture. When he returned, the pain stayed with him and gave him an unshakable urge for revenge on those who sent him there. He is also the only member to show his entire time there. The sky was a dark grey, and the floor was a dark black which looked like a void. In the distance and out of reach was a red glow which surrounded him.[13]

Wilbur's Afterlife

Wilbur described his afterlife to be a long, never ending train platform. He was surrounded by concrete walls, and could not leave. Newcomers to the Afterlife would arrive on a train, like Tommy did, and then would leave on a train if they were resurrected. Wilbur mentioned that Ghostbur got off the train when he was being revived and that Dream was the train conductor during so.[14]

Mexican Dream's Afterlife

Mexican Dream built an OXXO location and started working there.[15] Jschlatt was his only customer there.[16]

Ghostbur's Afterlife

Ghostbur is at the same train station Wilbur was in. According to Wilbur, "the station is darker and damper, and the dot matrix occasionally displays text saying what everyone he loves is saying about the Alivebur's return."[17][18] Ghostbur spends his time with his eyes closed, imagining that someone came back and that he is safe with Friend.[19] In spite of his usual forgetfulness, he has never forgotten what happened that led to his death.[20]

Afterlife residents

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Afterlife residents
Name Date of entry Time spent Method of resurrection Current status
November 16, 2020[21] 52 years, 7 months
In the Afterlife
November 16, 2020[22] 13 years, 8 months By Dream using the revival book Resurrected on April 29, 2021[23]
December 13, 2020[24] 50 years, 4 months
In the Afterlife
Unknown, multiple visits Unknown By Dream using the revive book, multiple times Killed and resurrected multiple times, currently likely in the Afterlife
Unknown, multiple visits Unknown By Dream using the revive book, multiple times Killed and resurrected multiple times, currently likely in the Afterlife
January 6, 2021[25] 22.5 minutes or 45 seconds (depending on if Jack's POV accounts for time dilation or not) Self-resurrection from pure anger and spite Resurrected on January 6, 2021
March 1, 2021[26] 3 months By Dream using the revival book Resurrected on March 4, 2021[12]
April 29, 2021[27] 38 years, 11 months
In the Afterlife
November 28, 2021 21 years, 2 months
In the Afterlife


  • Wilbur's description of his "personal limbo" is likely a nod to the headcanon of some fans that the afterlife looked like the train station from the cover of Wilbur's album "Your City Gave Me Asthma."
  • Characters do not always go to the Afterlife the moment they lose their final canon life. Wilbur and Jack both survived in the Overworld for some time past their final death.[28]


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