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This page is about the character from the Dream SMP. For the creator who plays this character, see Antfrost.

Puffy, you could've stopped this if you had stayed with the Eggpire...but this is your fault.


Antfrost is a member of the Dream SMP, joining on September 23, 2020. He is a citizen of the Badlands and BadBoyHalo's right hand man in the Eggpire. He is currently a prison guard of Pandora's Vault, alongside BadBoyHalo and the warden, Awesamdude.

He is a major antagonist of the Red Dreams half of the Empowerment Arc.


Antfrost is an anthropomorphic Siamese cat with tan and brown fur. He initially had blue eyes, but due to the Egg's influence, they started shifting color, from purple, to pink, to finally red. He has been seen with blue eyes past that date, likely during undercover situations.


Antfrost is a kind person. He is friendly to most people and is a helpful person. He is a bit of an introvert, but has had his own moments of forming chaos in the past. He is also a huge animal lover, as he built an animal sanctuary on the SMP.


Corrupted Antfrost is nearly completely different from his character before the Egg. His main focus switches from caring for his animal sanctuary, towards the goals of the the Egg and the Eggpire. He becomes willing to chase down anyone for the egg, and manipulate people into joining the egg, which has so far not worked. He becomes careless towards people's health, letting people get corrupted by the egg no matter what. His one-goal mind results in the near-abandonment of his animal sanctuary, which also served as his base.


Early Life

Not much is known about Antfrost's life prior to the SMP, but it has been implied that Antfrost had some romantic relationship with his IRL boyfriend, RedVelvet, and that he is possibly deceased.

Manberg Rebellion Arc

The Manberg Rebellion

He was forced to gather cobblestone for Tommy and Technoblade shortly before the Manberg Festival, though he 'forgot' about it when he was killed with the Axe of Peace. He fought on Sapnap's side in the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower.

After the festival, he, along with BadBoyHalo and Awesamdude, decided to create a third party called the Badlands. This was created because all of the members were already on bad terms with Schlatt, and didn't agree with the anarchist nature of Pogtopia.

The Second Pet War

Antfrost accidentally started the Second Pet War after stealing Punz's panda and indirectly causing the panda's death. As a result of the panda dying, Sapnap killed Frosty, the polar bear in his animal sanctuary.

Ant fought alongside his fellow Badlands members, which resulted in the first victory for the Badlands.

Manberg Vs. Pogtopia War

Although claiming to be on the side of Pogtopia, Ant and the rest of the Badlands were ready to switch sides if needed, to try and drag out the war for as long as possible to profit from it. They would switch sides to the losing side to cause chaos. Ant began to prepare for war by gathering turtles for turtle farming, raiding a village for XP, and gave Fundy and Niki a fox. Fundy's fox named Fundy Jr. was killed, but Niki's fox Mushroom survived.

After Tubbo became President in the war, Ant, along with the rest of the Badlands, Dream SMP and Technoblade, attacked L'Manberg's citizens until the country was blown up by Wilbur and Technoblade.

The Badlands declared the Manberg vs. Pogtopia War a victory for themselves, as they had caused internal conflict in L'Manberg with Technoblade now being an enemy of L'Manberg despite him previously helping them with the war by giving them a lot of supplies.

Retribution Arc

The Crimson Egg

Antfrost was among the group that had been experimenting on the Egg and attempting to keep the Egg trapped. Shortly after, he and BadBoyHalo had been attempting to cure Skeppy via experimentation, with one experiment being a relative success. He is now totally corrupted by the Egg.

Beginnings of the Eggpire

Antfrost attended a meeting between himself, Puffy, Punz and Bad, with Bad having purposely hosted the meeting directly above the Egg in an attempt to put the others under its influence. Antfrost immediately felt the influence and agreed with Bad that they should support the Egg, even helping him to convince Puffy who was having a lot of doubts.

This plan was somewhat successful with Bad being able to convince Antfrost, Punz and Puffy to go to the Egg without any sort of protection and would help free the Egg and allow it to grow amongst the ruins of L'Manberg. Antfrost helped destroy the obsidian keeping the Egg hidden before showing Puffy the Egg in another attempt to show her the Egg's power. He then planted spores in L'Canyon with the others so the Egg would grow and infect more people.

Disc Confrontation

On January 20, 2021, he assisted in the Disc Confrontation, joining with many other players to put an end to Dream's tyranny. He walked in and watched as Tommy took two of Dream's canon lives. After the main events, Antfrost went to meet with Bad and Puffy. During this event, Antfrost took on his corrupted form due to exposure to the Egg.

Empowerment Arc

Imprisonment Era

Later on January 20, 2021, he and BadBoyHalo met up with Puffy and Sam to try and convince them to join the Egg. They were unconvinced, and asked about his corrupted form, which Bad and Antfrost seemed to be oblivious to. They took them down to see the Egg, but it had little effect.

On January 24, Antfrost met with Tommy, who wanted to see Bad, as 'The Boys' (his Twitch chat) told him that he had something to do with the Egg. Antfrost was continouosly talking in a astrange language in in-game chat. Ant and Bad convinced him to come to the Egg room and stand on top of the Egg, and Tommy reluctantly complied. Tommy felt no effect from the Egg but joked that he could hear it talking and that it wanted them to all start swearing. Ant and Bad listened to the Egg, and began to chase after Tommy to the Big Innit Hotel, where Sam Nook kicked them out for not having hard hats. They then gave Tommy a death threat before leaving.

Ant and Bad then tracked down and found Tubbo and Tommy at the Egg, where Tubbo was being bullied by the Egg and sobbing. Ant and Bad stood on top of the Egg and attempted to capture Tubbo in an obsidian cage to try and see if he would be possessed by the Egg. Tubbo and Tommy were promptly saved by Sam Nook. The trio ran to Church Prime, where Ant and Bad could not enter for unknown reasons. Tubbo and Tommy escaped Church Prime after Foolish attacked Ant and Bad.

Sam and Puffy talked to the two of them about getting rid of the Egg because it had scared Tubbo and Ant and Bad had nearly killed Tommy trying to convert him to the Eggpire. Bad and Ant took the both of them to the Egg Meeting Room (The Egg Hut), where Bad tricked Sam and sent him down a hole where he was trapped above the Egg. Puffy tried to fight Ant and Bad but was chased away. Bad then told Ant that the plan was falling into place.

Ant went to a meeting with Bad and Punz to discuss the current issues within the Eggpire. They revealed that Puffy has officially left the Eggpire, and that they had hired Ponk to get them in contact with someone who could kill Puffy. The three of them found Ponk, and confronted him on their agreement. Ponk told them that he could get them in a meeting with the person. Ant notices that his eyes look strange, and they comment on the fact that he is sniffing a wither rose. Ponk reveals that the wither rose was his cat that was killed by the Egg. Ponk took them to Purpled in his hideout. After some discussion, Ant, Bad, and Punz asked Purpled to get Puffy to fall into the container above the Egg, like Sam, and to kill her if he wasn't able to. Purpled accepted after receiving a down payment and asked them to leave and not return unless they were invited.

Antfrost went back to the Eggpire meeting place and put Ponk down with the Egg. They discussed what happened to Sam, as he was broken out by Puffy. They didn't want to do anything, as they believed the Egg had a plan for everyone. They discussed Sam Nook, talking about how they can get rid of him. Ant asked Bad if he was able to contact Technoblade, and Bad said he was not. The trio set off to look around the SMP, and found that the Blood Vines could not go into Church Prime. Ant felt unnatural going into Church Prime.

Antfrost logged on to the SMP and checked on Ponk. He discovered that Ponk had been given food and nourishment by someone and suspected Foolish due to a message in chat. He found him at his summer house. Foolish tried to bribe Ant with string and fish but he wasn't amused. Ant asked if he knew anything about Ponk, but Foolish said he didn't and blamed Philza. Ant thanked him for helping the Egg and left.

On February 2, Tommy stole a piece of the Egg to put in the Big Innit Hotel. This angered Antfrost, who tracked and killed Tommy, along with Ponk and Punz. He was soon chased off by Sam Nook, but came back later, when he was seen talking to the Egg. Sam dropped in and asked him and Bad about the Egg's plans for him, but neither of them answered. Sam offered them food, but they fed it to the Egg. Antfrost gave Sam a seed to plant before Sam left, but Sam later burnt in the nether.

Prison Lockdown Era

Employment as prison guards

On February 21, Antfrost and BadBoyHalo were called upon by Sam. Antfrost appeared in his normal skin, seemingly uncorrupted by the Egg though he was likely just undercover. Sam told them about the security breach that happened earlier at the prison, where TNT had been set off by an unknown person. This had left Tommy and Dream stuck in the high security vault. Sam made Ant and Bad official guards with guard access, in case he needed help at the prison.

Mourning Era

Antfrost logged on and was told by Sam that Tommy had died in the prison. Sam told them to not tell Sam Nook of Tommy's death. Antfrost, along with Bad and Punz, went to celebrate Tommy's death in his house. Puffy came in and angrily yelled at them for celebrating the death of a person. They left to go to the Big Innit Hotel where they took Foolish's room to continue their party. Puffy came in again and yelled at them. After they left the hotel, they found that the Eggpire Meeting Room was destroyed, and they went on to talk to the Egg. They started to plan for the finale of their plan.

Red Banquet

A month before the banquet, Antfrost went down to the Egg and started to build a place that would be the start of the grand finale of the Eggpire's plans. Antfrost said he wanted to keep the plans secret, began to plan the list of guests of honor and gathered materials for the build. He blocked off the tunnel to the Egg so other members wouldn't notice the preparation for the Banquet. He told Foolish, who was down near the spider farm, that there was a collapsed cave. Antfrost planted some seeds of the Egg at Snowchester to help spread the blood vines. He stopped by Tommy's grave and danced on it, saying that Tommy had only caused problems. He then left to go to Techno's cabin and planted a seed in Ranboo's house.

At the Banquet, Ant and the rest of the Eggpire revealed their true intentions, to collect people to sacrifice to the Egg. After all the attendees' secret weapons were stolen and the Egg survived Sam's explosion, Ant sacrificed Foolish to the Egg using an axe, while mocking Puffy, saying that it was her fault, and that things would have been different if she had stayed with the Eggpire. When Quackity, Techno, and Purpled intervened, Puffy secretly received an axe from Quackity and used it to ambush Ant, killing him and taking his first canon life before he could react.

Post-Banquet confrontations

Following their seeming release from the Egg's control, Antfrost and BadBoyHalo met up in the Community House. They discussed the Red Banquet, with Antfrost expressing guilt during their time under the Egg's influence. BadBoyHalo stated that he "[tried] not to think about it", but also seemed to show regret. Antfrost proposed that they should apologize to their friends for the events that occurred at the Red Banquet, which BadBoyHalo begrudgingly agreed with. Antfrost met with Puffy and apologized for the events. She apologized for killing him in return and commented that his eyes were back to a blue color, changed back from the red color which came with the Egg's control. BadBoyHalo joined them. Puffy confronted him for not taking responsibility for his actions while under the Egg’s influence, stating that Antfrost had "[done] all the dirty work." BadBoyHalo apologized.


Personal items
Name Enchantments Notes
Enchanted Trident Item.gif The Claw Mending, Riptide III, Unbreaking III Antfrost used it to travel around the server. After Antfrost lent to Ranboo, Ranboo lost it due to dying in lava. Ranboo later remade it and returned it to Ant.
Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif Ant's Axe Efficiency V, Mending, Sharpness V, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III Antfrost's axe.


Name Status Residence Notes
Snow fox.pngLyddy Missing Ant's animal sanctuary Lyddy is one of the few foxes Antfrost named. Lyddy is named after Ant's top bit donator "lyddy_" and could be considered the most favored fox by the fans. Currently missing after most likely escaping.


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Since Ant's first appearance on the SMP (along with Sam's return to the server), Ant and Sam have had a very positive relationship and can be found together a lot. They worked as a team during The $10000 Dollar Taco Bell Gift Card event. Ant also formed the Badlands with Sam, fought alongside him during the Second Pet War, and even attempted to move pandas to Ant's animal sanctuary with him. However, Sam and Ant came into conflict over the Crimson Egg. Ant believed that the Egg should be protected, while Sam believed that it was evil and should be destroyed at all costs. Sam refused to join him, despite Ant trying to convince him that the Egg was good. Sam started to question Antfrost and if he should remain loyal towards him. Antfrost and BadBoyHalo trapped him with the Egg. He escaped due to Puffy's help, but his relationship with Antfrost has worsened due to the Egg beginning to tell Sam to kill his beloved dog, Fran. Ant began to lose his trust in Sam as he was seemingly nervous around the Egg and didn't know the plans that the Egg had for the server.

At the Red Banquet, Sam tried to destroy the Egg by dropping TNT on it but Ant and the Eggpire had prepared for this. Sam had fully revealed himself to be against the Egg, officially making them enemies.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Bad and Ant have a very good relationship and can be found roaming around the server with each other a vast majority of the time they are on. Bad formed the Badlands with Ant and fought alongside him in the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower and the Second Pet War. Ant and Bad have become even closer since the appearance of the Crimson Egg, as they both believed that it should be protected at all costs under its influence. After breaking free, both of them realized that they needed to contain the Egg. After the Egg was released, Bad and Ant were under the complete control of the Egg and happy to work together to spread the influence and expand the Eggpire.

The pair currently regret their time under the Egg's control.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Due to Antfrost's corruption, he turned on Puffy who tried to convince the Eggpire to get rid of the Egg. Puffy left the Eggpire and went rogue in order to fight against Antfrost and the rest of the Eggpire.

Puffy was also greatly upset him and BadBoyHalo celebrating Tommy's death.

At the Red Banquet, Puffy killed Ant after Quackity, Techno and Purpled showed up but also felt great regret about it and felt that she was losing her sense of self.

After their mutual apologies for the occurrences at the Red Banquet, their relationship appeared to be slightly more positive, if strained due to their past.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Antfrost was originally wary of the Egg, but after he became corrupted by the Egg, he became more accepting of it. He began becoming a zealot, just like Bad, who was also corrupted. He wants to help spread the message of the Egg, at the cost of other people's lives. When he sees the Egg, he compliments the growth of the Egg, calling it "pretty."

Antfrost has revealed out-of-universe that he was offered Red in exchange for loyalty to the Egg.[3]

Post-Red Banquet, Antfrost seemed to be opposed to the Egg, presumably no longer under its control.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Ant fought alongside Dream in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. During the Disc Confrontation, Ant was part of the coalition confronting Dream. He joined with Punz and many others and helped imprison him. Ant has not talked about Dream since then, other then when Tommy had died.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Antfrost is a member of the Eggpire who helped attack Foolish's summer home and threaten him.

At the Red Banquet, when all the guests were trapped, Foolish was captured and executed by Antfrost as a sacrifice to the Egg.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
The two of them teamed up when Purpled and Ponk tried to scam Antfrost. They realized that Ponk hadn't placed a sign to officially claim the land where he built Thiccatron and tried to claim the land for themselves. When tensions rose, the two teamed up and fought against Ponk and Purpled. The battle ended in a draw.

After the conflict, the two made an alliance, and Jack granted Antfrost citizenship to Manifold Land.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Though they were on opposite sides during the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower, they established a truce and were very friendly with one another as Antfrost helped her escape after being held hostage and lead her to Pogtopia.

Niki was one of the guests at the Red Banquet, where Ant and the other members of the Eggpire tried to kill them.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Ponk and Antfrost didn't have much history at all up until when Antfrost tried interacting with Ponk. Ponk responded with disgust, saying that he despises cats due to him being allergic to them, leading Antfrost to repeatedly attack him.

After their initial interaction, Ponk and Antfrost encountered a fenced-in panda and blue sheep, and Ponk threatened to kill it if Antfrost didn't answer correctly between yes or no. Ponk didn't kill either animal despite Antfrost saying "no" which was wrong, pleasing Antfrost. However, they were on opposite sides of the Estate Conflict souring their relationship a bit further.

Ponk was trapped in the Egg and slowly succumbed to the corruption, Ant was very pleased about the result and allow Ponk to joined the Eggpire, in return Ponk agree to help the Eggpire by introducing Purpled as a mercenary to capture Puffy and Foolish. Ponk also took part in the Eggpire by spreading the vines to Foolish's summer house, along with helping organize the Red Banquet.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
During the Estate Conflict, Purpled and Antfrost had been on opposite sides, as Purpled had attempted to scam Antfrost out of his land. A while later, Purpled was hired as an bounty hunter against Puffy for the Eggpire, and for a while their relationship was neutral.

However after the events of the Red Banquet, Purpled betrayed the Eggpire, as Quackity had paid him more then Bad had during the original meeting.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Ant and Punz were usually very friendly with each other. Ant lived in his house and even helped him in the Items Conflict. However, after Punz's betrayal in the Battle of the Lake, Antfrost felt betrayed by him. Later on, the two fought against each other in the Second Pet War. At first, Punz was infuriated at Antfrost for stealing his panda. Their relationship was even more strained as Bad blamed Punz and try to downplay the misdeed. Antfrost understood his anger and wanted to make amends by planning to gift him a new panda. In the end, the two made amends.

When Punz discovered the blood vines in Bad's underground cavern, he was distasted and concerned, causing Ant to question him. Despite Punz removing several blood vines he spotted around the SMP, the two didn't seem to hold any grudges against each other, and Punz, although weirded out by Ant's antics towards the mysterious red substances, seemed to be ultimately worried for his well being. After Punz joined the Eggpire and became corrupted by the Egg, Ant was more trusting towards Punz and worked together to spread the blood vines.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Antfrost and Sapnap were on the same side in the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower, and Sapnap referred to him as a "fellow hunter". They fought against each other in the Second Pet War, but they have not interacted much since then.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Ant had previously been taken hostage as a slave by Techno and Tommy during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, and had fought against each other during the Battle of the Lake. Any attempts at bettering the relationship were ruined as Tommy is neutral towards the Egg. He also escaped Ant's and Bad's attempts to try and convert him to the Egg. He celebrated with Bad after telling him Tommy lost his last canon life.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Tubbo has tried to escape Ant and BadBoyHalo's attempts to convert him to the Eggpire. Tubbo has a strong dislike towards the Egg as well, as the Egg was mean to him.


  • Antfrost the content creator has hinted that his character's reason for joining the Eggpire was because the Egg had promised him his IRL boyfriend VelvetIsCake in some form. The cake at the Red Banquet was meant to be a reference to this.[3]


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