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This page is about the character on the Dream SMP. For the YouTuber who plays this character, see Awesamdude. For the robot who helped with the construction of Big Innit Hotel, see Sam Nook.
I think you could do with a nice long stay with Dream...you're probably the biggest threat to Dream escaping.


Awesamdude, often simply put as Sam, is one of the eight original members of the SMP, of which he is the fifth, and joined on April 28, 2020. He is a citizen of the Badlands. He is known for both his somewhat friendly nature and his skill with redstone contraptions. He is currently a member of the Badlands faction with BadBoyHalo and Antfrost and the warden of Pandora's Vault. He also founded the country of Las Nevadas along with Quackity.

He is portrayed as a protagonist during the Red Dreams half of the Empowerment Arc, before becoming the main antagonist of the Prisoners Favor half.


Awesamdude is an anthropomorphic creeper that wears a golden crown with a red gem. He also wears a golden chestplate and golden boots.

Sam allegedly has multiple bodies across the server he can transfer his consciousness between. The mechanics of this have yet to be explained, and only Boomer seems to be aware of this fact.



Awesamdude was a friendly neutral party on the server and a sweet person, wanting to help people and often going around and offering them pumpkin pie. However, he was also a member of the Badlands, a faction aiming to cause chaos on the server, and was willing to do morally grey things for personal gain, such as building Pandora’s Vault as a commission[2] and making Puffy give him the Totem of Undying that was going to be Foolish’s son.[3]


Awesamdude, after becoming the warden of Pandora’s Vault, became very committed to his duty. His personality completely shifts when someone wants to enter the prison, becoming cold and stern. He prioritizes keeping Dream locked in prison above all else, even the welfare of his dog Fran.[Citation needed] He will harshly uphold the rules of the prison, going to the lengths of torturing Ponk and cutting off his arm for stealing keycards.[Citation needed] His mental health is clearly degrading, with trauma caused by being trapped with the Egg and from spending so much time in close contact with Dream. This leads him to make bad decisions, as well as to seek solace away from the rest of the server.[4] While he still believes what he is doing is morally good, from an outsider POV it can often appear not to be.

Related characters

The Warden

Because of Sam's change in personality when guarding the prison, he is often referred to as a separate character, 'The Warden'. However, they are fundamentally the same person.

Sam Nook

Sam Nook is a robot built by Sam to help TommyInnit with the construction of Big Innit Hotel, and gets orders from Sam himself.


Early Dream SMP Arc

Awesamdude was one of the eight original SMP members alongside Dream, George, Sapnap, Callahan, Alyssa, Ponk, and BadBoyHalo. He made his first appearance on the server during one of George's Twitch streams on April 28, 2020. However, due to conflicts because of college, Awesamdude was unable to play, making him inactive for several months.

Manberg Rebellion Arc


On September 23, 2020, Awesamdude returned to the server, much to the surprise of many people unaware of who he was at the time.[5]

Awesamdude started streaming the SMP on October 5, 2020. When he returned to the SMP after months of inactivity, he started making a base in the Greater Dream SMP, but ultimately decided to relocate to a secret base in a far away stone mountain that could be easily accessed via the Nether to protect his prized pet, Fran. George and Sapnap became his roommates after he started construction of the new base.

Manberg Rebellion

Although he had originally chosen to remain neutral, he agreed to give Tommy shelter if something bad were to happen. After the Manberg Festival, Schlatt wanted to take down the Camarvan and killed a pet cat offered by Ponk. This put Sam against Schlatt, as he could not stand seeing such evil. Awesamdude joined BadBoyHalo and Antfrost in forming their own faction in the war, called the Badlands, which would use landmarks outside each of the four directions of the server to maintain chaos between Pogtopia and Manberg.

Second Pet War

Sam helped Punz bring back a panda he found while searching for a trident. After his fellow Badlands members Antfrost and BadBoyHalo indirectly caused the death of the panda, Awesamdude fought along their side, secretly grabbing potions and arrows from his base in preparation for the oncoming battle. His chat snitched to Punz that he was helping them, but Punz did not care. The battle ultimately resulted in a victory for the Badlands.

Manberg vs Pogtopia War

Sam's enlistment in the Badlands put him against Pogtopia and Manberg. However, he had personally established good relations with the members of Pogtopia. When they heard that Dream allied with Manberg and betrayed Pogtopia, the Badlands sided with the Pogtopians. The Badland's main goal was not to support Pogtopia, but to instead make sure conflict continued between the two sides. Sam was somewhat conflicted, as he was loyal to the Badlands but also wanted to maintain positive relationships with both Tommy and Tubbo.

Sam pledged his loyalty to Tommy after Dream revealed that he was siding with Manberg, gifting him potions and a creeper head which could be used to summon him. The next day, Tommy asked Sam for help, as Tommy wanted to TNT jump into battle to make a stylish entrance. Sam helped with perfecting the design, earning him more trust with Tommy.

Sam also spent time working with Tubbo to collect diamonds and ancient debris to prepare them for the war, and the two of them began to plan their future builds together.

Sam was originally aligned with Pogtopia/L'Manberg during the war. However, alongside the rest of the Badlands, he turned once Technoblade began to follow his true ideals instead of following Tubbo's new administration, due to his hate for government.

Retribution Arc


Sam continued his work on the Guardian XP Farm and also attended Schlatt's funeral. After the funeral, he arrived at BadBoyHalo's mansion with Quackity, Puffy, Bad, and Punz, where Quackity revealed his true ambitions to resurrect Schlatt and use him as a political figure to overthrow Tubbo. Bad, Sam, and Punz pledged loyalty to Quackity, allowing him to carry on with his plan. Quackity gave Sam Schlatt's organs so that they could resurrect Schlatt on a night with a full moon. However, Sam and the rest of the couple questioned the plan. Sam didn't want to betray his friends Tubbo and Tommy, Bad did not care about the plan due to him having larger priorities, and Punz was fearful due to an old saying that when a living being is revived, that person will return stronger and more vile/evil than before. Sam keeps the remains within his base so it is unsure of what he will decide.

Personal projects

Sam built the Guardian XP farm alongside Tubbo, as well as zombie grinders and spider grinders. He was commissioned by Dream to build a supposedly inescapable prison known as Pandora's Vault.

The Prison

Dream recruited Sam to build Pandora's Vault, a maximum security, inescapable prison. He was given a time limit of 20 days, and began construction in an ocean that is part of Badlands territory. BadBoyHalo was upset about his shoreline, but Sam and Dream explained the situation to him, and excited him about the rise in property value.

The Egg

When Bad became seemingly mind-controlled by the Egg, Sam worked against him, destroying the vines. Bad has since come to his senses and stopped himself and others from being controlled by the vines. Sam has become psychologically impacted by the Crimson, terrified by how fast it spreads and how it is impacted his friends, and fellow faction members. He claims the Crimson spreads "bad juju."

Empowerment Arc

Post Disc Confrontation

Ironically, after the Disc Confrontation, Sam and the other members of the server locked Dream up in Pandora's Vault, where he is currently the only prisoner. When in the prison, he adopts the cold alter-ego of the Warden. Sam is the only acting guard (though he has stated that Bad and Antfrost are also guards) and is in charge of guiding visitors through the prison and making sure that prisoners do not escape.

The Eggpire

Whilst walking around, Sam saw many signs promoting the Egg and then saw Puffy, BadBoyHalo and Antfrost having a meeting. They told him that they made a faction called the 'Eggpire' in an attempt to control the whole server. Sam wasn't happy about this, and neither was Puffy who was only there to gain information and destroy the Egg. Despite Ant and Bad trying to convince him, he deflected their attempts about the Egg being able to help them. Puffy then brought his attention to Ant's change of color, and Sam grew even more adamant that Ant and Bad were crazy.

Recently, Sam was tricked and trapped by Bad and Ant in an obsidian-like chamber right on top of the Egg for a few days. Sam was then rescued by TommyInnit and CaptainPuffy after being exposed to the Egg for an extended period of time has seemed to greatly affect Sam. Sam's judgment and opinions seem to have shifted after he was rescued from the Egg's clutches and he seems confused and woozy in a way. When asked about how he feels about the Egg, Sam states that he feels like the Egg is ‘pretty okay' which alarms Tommy and Puffy proving that something is definitely wrong with Sam. Puffy also pointed out the red gem on Sam's crown seemed to be pulsating or seemed to be beating in a way. Sam was supposedly forced to eat himself by the Egg when asked about the experience.

The Bank

After declaring the Prison finished and locking Dream inside following the Disc Confrontation, Sam needed a new project to work on, and has ideas on creating a bank just outside the spider XP farm. The bank would allow members to trade for resources in exchange for actual money, profiteering through interest. He also considers letting people apply for loans, and allow for their goods to be stored and not be stolen within the bank for a small fee. Sam started work on this on January 21, 2021, but construction has been paused since Sam's altercation with the Eggpire and experience of being trapped within the Egg room.

The Hotel

At the same time as starting the work on the Bank, Tommy commissioned and hired Sam to construct a hotel on the site of Dream's old base. Sam's fee for this work was 32 diamonds, which Tommy had paid through a loan from Phil. Work on the hotel started with the foundations on January 24, 2021, and has been built and project managed by his robot Sam Nook.

The Woo Station


New guards

After a security incident involving TNT exploding inside of the prison, Sam set about hiring new guards, stating that he couldn't be everywhere doing everything at once. Therefore, he hired his Badlands' comrades, Bad and Ant, to help him guard the prison. They both agreed to the job, and Sam showed the new guards around the guards-only section of the prison, as well as teaching them how the various mechanisms work.

Tommy's death

A week after the security incident that caused the prison lockdown, forcing Tommy to be locked in the main prison cell with Dream, Sam returned to the main cell only to tell Tommy that he still hadn't figured out what had caused the security issue, meaning Tommy had to stay in the cell a little longer. Tommy pleaded with Sam to be let out, but Sam refused. Sam left, only to find out later that Tommy had been beaten to death by Dream, resulting Tommy losing his final canon life.

Sam later met Tubbo, Ranboo and Jack at the entrance to the prison, where he revealed to them that Tommy had been killed by Dream. They asked Sam how Dream had killed Tommy, but Sam refused to answer and returned to the prison. Tubbo and Ranboo unsuccessfully attempted to enter the prison, and Sam rejoined the call to tell them Tommy had been beaten to death by Dream. Tubbo and Ranboo both remained in denial over this.

Sam later met with Bad and Ant, and Sam expressed guilt and sorrow for allowing Tommy to die. Sam asked Bad and Ant to investigate the security issue and what Dream's plan was. Bad and Ant tried to comfort Sam, and Sam asked them not to tell Sam Nook about Tommy's death.

The following day, Sam met up with Ranboo. Ranboo asked why Sam had left Tommy in the main cell with Dream without making an effort to get him out of the cell. Sam responded that he couldn't do anything and that he hadn't believed that Dream would kill Tommy. Sam also said that he hadn't expected a security issue to occur and had thought it would be good for Dream to get visitors.

Ranboo told Sam that as the creator of the prison, he should have created more functions in the prison to prevent this type of thing. He also asked Sam why he hadn't just followed through with the regular procedures to allow Tommy to leave the cell. Sam stated that he would have done so, but he was afraid that Dream could escape or threaten Tommy's life in exchange for freedom. Sam then broke down, telling Ranboo that Dream had laughed when Tommy was killed, and that during his imprisonment, Dream had talked almost exclusively about Tommy. He also said he had a reason to believe Dream would never kill Tommy, and that he would never let Tubbo visit Dream for the same reason.

He went on to explain to Ranboo that he had investigated the roof of the prison, but found no evidence on what had caused the explosions, and that he feared it may have been planned. He promised that he would find out who had planted the TNT, and together they decided they would kill the person who had done it. Sam also stated he had thought about taking Dream's last canon life.

Ranboo confessed that he had helped Tommy burn George's house and Tommy had taken the full blame, leading to the Exile Conflict, and Tommy had taken the full blame. Sam told Ranboo that Tommy's death wasn't his fault, and wrote a page in Ranboo's Memory Book stating that Tommy's death was Sam's fault. He returned the book and left.

Helping Foolish with the Egg


Helping Hannah with the Egg

Hannah talks to Sam about her house, being covered in a red plant and Sam informs her about the vines. Sam and her clean up her house, but Bad and Ant show up. Sam makes excuses to try and save Hannah, saying she was allergic to the vines, but this doesn't phase Bad and Ant, and they take her to the Egg room. Hannah convinces Sam to let her go with them, saying to come and find her if she doesn't come back soon. She doesn't come back, but Sam only investigates it the next day by asking Foolish if he'd seen her.

After Sam went to save Hannah, he discovered that Hannah's house was leeched out of the redness and now was grey and white, like Hannah's skin when he sees her. Sam rescues Hannah and walks her down the Egg, making Hannah follow him. She says that she still feels very ill, but that the Egg was speaking to her and she wants to listen. Sam walks her away trying to convince her not to return. When they reach the house, Hannah attempts to convince Sam not to destroy the blood vines, despite the fact he pointed out they'd almost destroyed all of her roses. Hannah said the Egg was making her punch Sam, be rather angry and more, and Sam tries to re-convince Hannah about how harmful the Egg could be to her. Hannah then takes down the blood vines hesitantly with Sam, but the Egg continues speaking to her. Later, Sam lies to the Eggpire in order to save her, causing Hannah to realize that she does trust him more than the Egg.

Grieving with Quackity

Sam is seen as the person already on the island, farming when Quackity arrives, but questions how he found this place. Quackity doesn't tell him, and Sam tells him that he hung out on the island and watched the sea. Sam shows Quackity a grave that he dug for Tommy after his death and Quackity reassures him it isn't his fault.

Sam also starts reiterating that he comes here to get away from everything.

Quackity mentions he isn't the only one who doesn't think Tommy's death was Sam's fault, and that Sam has to accept it was Dream's fault. Sam rejects the idea, still thinking there was something he could do. Quackity replies, saying he could've stopped it by killing Dream, stating it's the only way.

Quackity gives Sam a diamond sword, and convinces him to kill him. Sam then takes Quackity down to his vault showing all the items he had, picks up all of his wardens gear, and the pair leave the island, with Quackity continuously hyping Sam up to kill him as they row. The pair make it to land and reach the prison, with Sam getting more and more hyped at killing Dream, with Quackity egging him on all the way. Quackity meets Sam at reception, but Sam starts to have doubts about killing him, and backs out of the plan. Sam states that Tommy wanted Dream in prison. Quackity argues that Tommy would have wanted Dream dead, and Sam tells him that Dream was the only one who could revive people.

Quackity apologizes for the way he reacted, but re-iterates to Sam that Tommy's death wasn't his fault, but leaves the prison with a warning that Las Nevadas has no place for emotions.

Letting Quackity into the prison

Quackity asks Sam about the prison, hinting that he wanted to visit Dream. Sam was suspicious, as he thought Quackity hadn't heard what had happened to Tommy. Quackity mentions how Sam was a bad Warden, letting visitors die because he only wanted to secure Dream. Quackity stated that he wanted to visit the prison with the exception of bringing his diamond axe and sword in, and Sam eventually agreed to this deal.

They went to the prison, and Quackity went through the procedures. Sam, instead of giving him his diamond sword and axe back, gave Quackity his warden sword and axe instead, with some steak to heal up. Quackity visits Dream, at which Dream questions how he got a sword and axe, later shouting at Sam to get Quackity out of his cell. Quackity threatens Dream by telling him that he was going to torture him every day until he knows what the knowledge in the Book of Necromancy was, and Dream shouts again for Sam, but got no answer.

Ponk's torture

Sam, after hearing Ponk had taken one of the warden access cards, hunted him down and took his first canon life. Later, Sam built a torture room to hurt anyone that messed with the prison. Sam, hearing that Ponk stole more cards, put him in the torture room. Sam used several methods of torture until Ponk gave back all the books except one, and entered the room to cut off Ponk's arm, retrieving the last book.

Talking with Ranboo

While Sam was filling up holes in the ground around the prison, Ranboo approached him and desperately asked to be let into the prison. Sam firmly told him that no one was allowed to visit Dream after Tommy's death but Ranboo revealed that he wanted to be locked in the prison. He continued to beg Sam and even threatened to try and do it himself but Sam told him that he was a good person who had done nothing wrong and encouraged him to go home to MICHAEL and Tubbo. It could be suspected that he refuses this because of Quackity's visits with Dream.

Ghostbur's visit

Ghostbur scheduled a meeting in the prison to talk to Dream. Unbeknownst to Sam, this was actually a plot by Tommy to murder Dream himself. Sam guided Ghostbur through the prison, with an invisible Tommy following close behind. When Ghostbur was on the final moving platform to Dream, however, Tommy revealed himself too early and was caught. Sam felt extremely betrayed and as though Tommy broke his trust. He saw Tommy as a security issue, and demanded that he leave. While they were arguing, Dream took Ghostbur hostage, and demanded to be freed. Sam refused because Tommy was currently in his custody. Dream promptly killed Ghostbur, bringing Wilbur back in the process. Sam was furious at Tommy for infiltrating his prison and breaking his trust, and blamed him for every incident which happened at the prison; in turn, Tommy was frustrated that Sam adhered so closely to his protocols. Sam stated that if Tommy were to come back to the prison, he would kill him.

Imprisonment of Technoblade

On June 6, Technoblade tried to visit Dream inside of the prison, Sam said that at first nobody was allowed in the prison due to the deaths of Tommy and Ghostbur, but Techno showed him a book from Quackity saying Techno would be allowed to visit, Sam then allowed him to visit, when Techno reached the main cell Dream exclaimed it was a trap, and Sam locked Techno inside of the main cell alongside Dream.

Date With Foolish

One day, Sam and Foolish decided to hang out and have fun by blowing things up with TNT. He and Foolish got into a staring contest that quickly devolved into flirting. Sam asked if Foolish wanted to become "secret friends with benefits", as he still believed that him and Ponk were together, and Ponk would be destroyed if he heard Sam and Foolish had gone on a date. The "benefits" of this friendship were left suggestively ambiguous. Flustered, Foolish tried to deny any of Sam's allegations that their hangout was a date, but Sam continued to insist that it was. This would later have major consequences for Ponk that Sam remains oblivious to.

The Last Visit

On September 14th, Quackity requested a prison visit to Techno and Dream, in an attempt to obtain the revive book. He ordered Sam not to step in, no matter what. When Quackity started threatening to kill Dream and Techno, Sam called for Quackity to stop, but refrained from stepping in. When Techno mysteriously vanished from the prison cell, panic ensued. Torn between keeping an eye on Dream and checking the rest of the prison for where Techno could have escaped to, Sam and Quackity returned to the main cell to find that Dream had vanished as well. In panic, Sam locked down the prison and turned on the prison alarm. Quackity demanded Sam to unlock it so he could rush to prepare to defend Las Nevadas from any kind of attack. Quackity gave Sam one last order: Search the prison for Dream and Techno. Sam agreed, and unlocked the prison so Quackity could escape.

Immediately, Sam began searching the prison for Dream. After searching every room of the prison, the last place to check was the main cell. Hesitantly, Sam made the journey across. Eventually, Sam found Dream hiding in a hole he and Techno had dug. Sam was furious but relieved that Dream hadn't escaped. Dream begged Sam not to tell Quackity that he was still here, as Dream argued that Quackity would kill him if he knew. After a long conversation, Sam reluctantly agreed to keep Dream's false escape a secret. Sam agreed to let Quackity think that Dream was nowhere to be found. Sam also expressed that he thinks Dream commissioned the prison for Tommy, and purposefully altered Sam's original ideas for the prison to be more inhumane so Tommy would suffer.


Personal items
Name Notes
Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Wardens Will Sharpness V, Knockback II, Looting III, Unbreaking III, Mending

As the name suggests, the sword is for the warden of Pandora's Vault.

Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif Wardens Hammer Efficiency V, Mending, Sharpness V, Unbreaking III

As the name suggests, the axe is for the warden of Pandora's Vault.

Enchanted Bow.gif Warden's Bow Power V, Unbreaking III, Flame, Mending

As the name suggests, the bow is for the warden of Pandora's Vault.

Enchanted Trident Item.gif Warden's Trident Riptide III, Unbreaking III, Mending

As the name suggests, the trident is for the warden of Pandora's Vault.

Enchanted Trident Item.gif Wardens Mercy Impaling IV, Channeling, Loyalty III, Unbreaking III, Mending

As the name suggests, the trident is for the warden of Pandora's Vault.

Enchanted Trident Item.gif Sammy Wammy 123 Impaling IV, Loyalty III, Mending, Unbreaking III

A gift from Ponk for Valentine's Day.

Enchanted Trident Item.gif SAMMY WAMMY 456 Riptide III, Unbreaking III

Another gift from Ponk for Valentine's Day.

Enchanted Netherite Helmet Item.gif Wardens Helm Aqua Affinity, Mending, Protection IV, Respiration III, Thorns III, Unbreaking III

As the name suggests, the helmet is for the warden of Pandora's Vault.

Enchanted Netherite Chestplate Item.gif Wardens Vest Mending, Protection IV, Thorns III, Unbreaking III

As the name suggests, the chestplate is for the warden of Pandora's Vault.

Enchanted Netherite Leggings Item.gif Wardens Legs Mending, Protection IV, Thorns III, Unbreaking III

As the name suggests, the leggings are for the warden of Pandora's Vault.

Enchanted Netherite Boots Item.gif Wardens Shoes Depth Strider III, Feather Falling IV, Mending, Protection IV, Soul Speed III, Thorns III, Unbreaking III

As the name suggests, the boots are for the warden of Pandora's Vault.


Name Status Residence Notes
Tamed Wolf Yellow.png Fran Alive Awesamdude's base One of the first pets of the server, Fran is Awesamdude's most valued thing on the server. As a result, when he returned, Awesamdude built a secret base far away to protect her.

Ponk played a prank on Awesamdude by pretending to kill a fake Fran. Since then, Sam has moved Fran to a hidden bunker under his base.

Tamed Wolf Red.png Unnamed Dogs Alive Awesamdude's base
Donkey Saddled.png Earl Deceased Awesamdude's base
Skeleton Horse.png Hannah's boner gift Alive No permanent location The third horse gifted to him by Hannah, after she captured them during a thunderstorm. Sam originally killed the first two horses, and the fourth is currently in Hannah's residence.


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Sam and Ant had a very positive relationship, which could be seen generally throughout Ant's first days around the server and Sam's return. They could be found roaming around the SMP together a lot, and also formed the Badlands together with Bad. Sam and Ant worked as a team during The $10000 Dollar Taco Bell Gift Card event and fought alongside together during The Second Pet War.

Their relationship, however, faltered due to their differing opinions on the Crimson Egg: Ant thought that it should be protected, while Sam thought of it as bad juju and something to be destroyed. Ant continued to try and convince him to give in to the Egg, and Sam became concerned about him. After the blood vine bloomed, Sam repeatedly rejected the Egg's influence, which resulted in Bad and Ant dropping Sam down into the Egg chamber and forcing him to expose himself to the Egg. Luckily, Sam was able to escape due to Puffy's help, but his relationship with Antfrost had worsened due to the Blood Vines beginning to tell Sam to kill his beloved dog, Fran. Sam had also been faking a positive relation with Ant due to his newfound hatred for the Crimson. At the Red Banquet, Sam tried to destroy the Egg by dropping TNT on it but Ant and the Eggpire had prepared for this. Sam had fully revealed himself to be against the Egg though it seems the other members already knew this making them officially enemies.

After the Eggpire was disbanded and Antfrost was no longer under the Egg's control, he expressed regret for how he and Bad hurt Sam while under it's influence. Sam does not seem to hold a grudge against them and continued to let them guard Pandora's Vault, though they have not formally reconciled either, making their relationship ambiguously neutral.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Awesamdude and BadBoyHalo had a positive relationship, with Bad contracting Sam to build him a piston door in exchange for supplies. Sam eventually formed the Badlands with Bad and Antfrost.

Their relationship, however, faltered due to their differing opinions on the Crimson Egg: Bad became obsessed with it and tried to protect it, while Sam thought of it as bad juju and something to be destroyed. After the blood vine bloomed, Sam repeatedly rejected the Egg's influence, which resulted in Bad and Ant dropping Sam down into the Egg chamber and exposing him to the Egg. Sam managed to escape with Puffy's help, but his relationship with Bad worsened because of the long exposure to the Egg, leaving Sam incredibly shaken up.

Sam faked a positive relationship with Bad to spy on the Eggpire from the inside. During this time, he still trusted Bad enough to allow him to be a guard at Pandora's Vault along with Antfrost, because Sam did not believe, even under the egg's influence, that Bad or Ant would do anything to jeopardize the future of the Badlands.

At the Red Banquet, Sam tried to destroy the Egg by dropping TNT on it, but Bad and the Eggpire had prepared for this. Sam had fully revealed himself to be against the Egg, though it seems the other members already knew this, making them officially enemies.

After the Eggpire was disbanded and Badboyhalo was no longer under the Egg's control, he expressed regret for how he and Ant hurt Sam while under it's influence. Sam does not seem to hold a grudge against them and continued to let them guard Pandora's Vault, though they have not formally reconciled either, making their relationship ambiguously neutral.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
The two agreed that the Egg was not a good influence on the Dream SMP. As the two are admired as responsible adults; they dearly care for the minors and worked together to prevent the Egg spreading to other players on the server. When Sam was trapped near the Egg by BadBoyHalo, Puffy rescued and escorted Sam home alongside Tommy. Puffy was the only one Sam shared his backup plan to destroy the Egg using TNT during the Red Banquet with.
RelationshipExtremelyNegative LargePixelArt.png Extremely Opposed When the Egg was first discovered, Sam was already weary of the vines, trying to destroy them at every turn. When Bad and Ant were corrupted by the Egg, he was extremely against their plans to take over the server, and their plans to use Tommy and Tubbo. This caused him to be trapped near the Egg, in an attempt to corrupt him and made him suffer for about 14 hours, before being rescued by Puffy and Tommy. Sam was and still is extremely tired and weary. This is likely due to the intense exertion required to keep himself free from the mental effects. It is unknown if he managed to keep up his defenses until he was saved.

Sam has come to his senses after swapping back from Sam Nook. He goes into his base to find out that the Egg had grown from a little sprout to having big vines around his base. He cleaned his base with TNT but while doing that, he heard the Egg whispering, telling Awesamdude that the Egg will do something to Fran, his most beloved pet. He managed to clear the Egg with TNT and his tools, burning the remains of the Egg in soul fire. He then met Antfrost in the Egg room, trying to get Antfrost to share what the Egg had told him, trying to be not suspicious with Antfrost and acting like he had been influenced by the Egg. BadBoyHalo soon came, talking in a monotone voice like Antfrost did. Awesamdude still tried to get Antfrost and BadBoyHalo to say what the Egg had said to them. BadBoyHalo questioned Awesamdude about his knowledge of the "Ultimate Plan" of the Egg, explaining that the plan was about bringing others to the Egg to love the Egg. They talked about 'nourishing' the Egg, Sam, not getting the information on what 'nourishing' the Egg is, lied to BadBoyHalo and Antfrost by saying that the Egg had talked to Sam and told him to go somewhere far away. Antfrost then gave Sam a spore of the Egg, telling Sam to spread it. Sam awkwardly walked away and left the Egg room, leaving the two behind.

When Sam was helping Hannah, he was scared of the Egg room when realizing Hannah could be trapped there. He was shaking when helping Hannah and protecting her in her house and removing the vines when the Eggpire came to her house. Sam then protected Ranboo in the Holy Land, not wanting any more victims to fall into the hands of the Eggpire.

When invited to the Red Banquet, Sam planned to destroy the Egg with TNT. Upon the Egg revealing itself to be indestructible to TNT, Sam decided to imprison it instead. He is currently planning on locking the Egg away in the Bank he is building.

RelationshipExtremelyNegative LargePixelArt.png Very negative
Awesamdude used to have a neutral/positive relationship with Dream, as Sam and Dream's factions were allies and Sam constructed the prison Pandora's Vault after being recruited by Dream. However, during the Disc Confrontation, Sam and the others went to fight Dream in his mountain base, and Sam was the one that escorted Dream to prison when he was defeated.

Following Dream's imprisonment, however, their relationship has grown negative. Dream, being lonely in the prison, constantly acts out to get Sam's attention and to make him be his friend again. In contrast, Sam has expressed disgust for Dream's actions, especially those towards Tommy during exile, and has stated that the reason Dream is locked up in the prison is his fault.

Sam has also expressed annoyance at Dream's antics, calling him swimming in the lava as him "wanting attention" and giving him less food when Dream burns his clock to get Sam to visit him. He even nearly stopped giving Dream replacement clocks but was convinced to give him more clocks by Bad.

Sam was horrified by Dream's killing of Tommy and avoided bringing him food for several days because of it. He was also willing to let Quackity go into the prison with weapons to torture Dream for information on the Book of Necromancy.

Relationship ExtremelyPositive LargePixelArt.png Very positive
After meeting Foolish for the first time, Sam had doubts about Foolish, but Foolish showed signs of terraforming the land near the spider spawner so Sam could build his bank, shortly after they talked about the Egg, Sam seemingly pleased by Foolish stated that he does not like the Egg. Sam and Foolish later encountered Puffy and had a chat about Totems. Sam then offered to show Foolish his home, Foolish agreed and was amazed by Sam's knowledge of redstone and building skills. After this Foolish showed Sam his two-headed snake build, and Sam was very impressed by Foolish's building skills.

Sam helped Foolish search his builds for TNT during an Eggpire attack. In the end, he witnessed Foolish using his lightning abilities. Sam denied Foolish returning the help, sounding scared of what Foolish is capable of. Nevertheless, Foolish stood ready to assist Sam against the Eggpire.

Sam is also intimidated by Foolish's past as a Totem of Death. After researching Foolish's history using ancient texts, Sam warned Quackity against letting Foolish become a member of Las Nevadas. He also flirts with Foolish heavily.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
When Awesamdude first met Fundy, Fundy scammed him many times. Awesamdude knew that Fundy was up to something, so he did not show him his actual base and only the decoy base. Fundy also detected that Awesamdude was hiding a secret, but decided not to investigate further. After that ordeal, they've only had friendly interactions and have gotten along very well.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
George was Awesamdude's roommate. They decided to become roommates when Awesamdude saw how weak George was and sympathized, as he too was weak. Sam developed a fatherly relationship with George, and when George moved out, Sam wanted him to move back in.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Hannah and Sam were always respectful to each other. When Hannah was having an allergic reaction to the blood vines he helped her to clear them out from her house. When the Eggpire came investigating he tried to cover for her, but she was taken to the Egg. Growing worried for her, Sam went to her house and discovered all of the colors had been leached off like her skin. Sam convinced her to come back with him, but she tried to kill him on the Egg's orders. Eventually, she managed to break out with his help and hide from the Eggpire with him.

Sam then developed a playful friendship with Hannah, frequently trolling and trying to get a rise out of her. This was seemingly an attempt to bond rather than something done out of genuine malice, as he readily accepted Hannah's request to become the Manager at the Bank he is currently building.

At the Red Banquet, Hannah revealed that she had been faking being on Sam's side and betrayed all the guests to help the Egg and Eggpire, leaving their relationship negative.

After the Eggpire disbanded and Hannah was no longer under the Egg's influence, Hannah approached Sam about his offer to become the bank manager. After some hesitation, Sam agreed to give her a second chance, and their relationship was slightly repaired. Though Sam warned her that he doesn't fully trust her, and that if she steps out of line one more time he will "consider her a ghost".

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Awesamdude originally had no opinion on Manberg and Schlatt, but after the Manberg Festival, Awesamdude witnessed Schlatt's tyranny. Sam, not agreeing with Schlatt's tyranny, took a stand against him and started assassinating him.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Karl and Awesamdude are neutral friends. Karl decided to move in after Sapnap's room was built. Their friendship was fractured due to Karl nearly accidentally killing Earl before Earl went missing on his watch, but Sam seems to have forgiven him.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Sam helped guide Lazar and Vikk to the jungle in order to get pure "untainted" melons, forming a positive relationship. Sam also allowed LazarBeam and Vikkstar to visit his base, granting them unlimited access to all facilities, and led Lazar to a village to trade for Mending and Silk Touch books.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Their characters haven't interacted a lot, however when Michael tried breaking Dream out of Pandora's Vault, Sam stopped him. He stated that the only reason Michael was still alive was because he didn't think Michael knew what he was doing. He also said that if it happened again, he would take all of Michael's lives. Michael has also stated that Sam is not guarding the prison properly.
Brokenheart.png Neutral/negative
Sam considered Ponk his friend, and Ponk thought the same. Despite Ponk trying to fake Fran's death as a prank, their relationship remained positive.

Sam had later found out that Ponk had stolen 2 of his tridents, more specifically the tridents made for Sam Nook. After Sam confronted Ponk, he found out that Ponk had removed the enchantments of the trident, which led to Sam becoming very displeased with Ponk. Later on, Ponk built a "Woo Station" to ask Sam to be his valentine. Sam accepted Ponk's request, making Sam and Ponk valentines at the time.

Foolish had explained to Ponk that Sam was trying to get Andrea's heart, ultimately breaking Ponk's heart. Their relation took a downturn when Ponk fully became corrupt by the Egg and blamed Sam for breaking his heart.

Sam took one of Ponk's canon lives after Ponk was caught stealing an access card to the prison before torturing him to get the other eleven cards that he stole back, ultimately ending up cutting off Ponk's left arm.

At the Red Banquet, Sam and Ponk remained civil with each other, though Ponk expressed his distaste towards Sam several times.

Sam does not seem to hold a grudge against Ponk for stealing the prison keycards. In fact, when around Ponk, Sam appears to act as if their relationship is still fine. That being said, Sam also does not feel regret or guilt for amputating Ponk's arm or taking his canon life. Sam has stated that he feels Ponk was the one who brought it on himself by refusing to give the keycards back.

After Dream escaped prison, Ponk confronted Sam and officially cut ties with him.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Sam and Punz have always had a friendly relationship. Although they did fight during the Second Pet War, Punz never held anything against Sam. They have been grouped together in conflicts and events multiple times, and were grouped together to assist with Quackity's date.

When the crimson vines started growing, Antfrost and Bad attacked Sam after they tried breaking the Egg. Punz stopped the fight, pretended to find the Egg strange but harmless, and left the area with Sam. He and Sam actively worked together to stop any growth of the blood vines. After Punz joined the Eggpire and became corrupted by the Egg, Sam was dismayed by his friend's conversion to the Egg's side.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Sam often supplies him with copious amounts of diamonds and other resources. Sam and Quackity are currently doing business together as the co-founders of Las Nevadas, and are good friends.

Quackity comforted Sam after Tommy's death telling him that it wasn't his fault. However, he also used it to his advantage to encourage him to kill Dream in revenge. Though it took some convincing, Sam also trusted Quackity enough to let him bring weapons into the prison to interrogate Dream about the Book of Necromancy.

Although the two care about each other, Sam and Quackity often disagree on the best course of action for the future of Las Nevadas. The two argue frequently, which typically ends in Sam reluctantly going along with Quackity's plans.

During Quackity's final visit to the prison, their relationship was tested. When Quackity appeared as though he was going to kill Dream, Sam warned him to stop. When Technoblade escaped and Dream appeared to have escaped, the two viciously argued. No longer trusting Quackity, Sam agreed to keep Dream's real location a secret from him, betraying their partnership.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
After hearing of Tommy's demise in the prison, Ranboo blamed Sam for not getting Tommy out in time and confronted him on the prime path beside the Big Innit Hotel. Sam then apologized, stating that he couldn't do anything, as it was against the Prison's protocol. Ranboo defended his case and told Sam that he could've at least let Tommy out. Sam then saw the flaw and said that Dream laughed when he killed Tommy. Ranboo, disgusted by Dream's actions and Sam's actions was frustrated. Sam then asked for his Memory Book, to which Ranboo hesitated, but complied. Sam then wrote that it was not Ranboo's fault that Tommy died on the last page of the Memory Book and gave it back to Ranboo.

When Sam tried to bring Michelle into MICHAEL's room with Puffy and Eret, Ranboo refused. Telling them to stop and to leave MICHAEL alone with him. Ranboo stared through the window of MICHAEL's room, saying to never get near him as MICHAEL was all he had. Sam then threatened Ranboo which got him into a bigger panic, telling them to stop and tried to kill Michelle when the little piglin was on the roof, in which his arrows hit Sam and Puffy who were trying to protect Michelle.

Ranboo begged Sam to lock him in the prison even threatening to try and do it himself but Sam repeatedly told him that he was a good person who had done nothing wrong. Sam kept his promise to not let Ranboo in the prison but Ranboo still believes that he should be locked up, leaving their relationship on the negative side.

Sam later took Ranboo into prison. After Techno broke Ranboo out along with Connor and Dream, Sam showed a picture to Ranboo that he had his son Michael which caused Ranboo to drop his armour as Sam threaten Dream to come back or he would kill Ranboo but Dream told Sam he didn't care about Ranboo meanwhile, Techno yelled at Sam that Dream didn't care about Ranboo and that he had the wrong hostage. Sam killed Ranboo in the end, taking his final canon life.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Awesamdude is Sam Nook's creator and made him help with the Hotel and protect Tommy, Nook reports all information to him. Nook does not seem to have any specific emotions towards his creator but their relationship seems to be overall positive. He shares a desire to protect Tommy with him, but it is unknown if their relationship would change if Nook learned of Awesamdude's role in Tommy's third death.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Awesamdude is good friends with Sapnap. During the Items Conflict, Sapnap threatened to kill Fran. However, Sam forgave Sapnap. Sam later helped Tommy and Sapnap with their drug operation and also showed off his secret base to them. When he showed the base to them, Sapnap wanted to become his roommate, and Sam accepted the request by building him a nether-themed room.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Although their characters haven't interacted too much, Sam confirmed their neutral-negative relation due to Techno's anti-government ideals clashing with Awesamdude's proneness towards order.[6] Sam believes that Techno is one of the biggest threats to the server and imprisoned him in Dream's cell, cementing their dislike for each other.

On November 28, 2021, Techno broke Dream, Connor and Ranboo out of the prison. When they got outside, Sam showed a picture of Ranboo's son to Ranboo and hold him hostage while demanding Dream to come back but Dream tells Sam he doesn't care about Ranboo, however, Techno yells at Sam to let Ranboo go and that Dream doesn't care about Ranboo while saying he has the wrong hostage. This led to Sam killing Ranboo and taking his final canon life, causing Techno to become furious and wanted to kill Sam in revenge for killing Ranboo but failed to kill him on the stop as he had to escape with Dream and Philza. Techno still wants revenge against Sam for killing Ranboo, leading to a more negative relationship between the two.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Awesamdude was very friendly with Tommy when they met. He provided Tommy with ender pearls when he needed help to get his items back from The Hole after he died. He then helped Tommy and Sapnap with their drug operation and trusted him enough to show off his secret base. Tommy is always welcome to his base when he needs a break from conflict. After Sam was forced to expose himself in the Egg chamber for a long time, Tommy and Puffy managed to rescue Sam and take him back to his home.

After the Disc Confrontation, Tommy and Awesamdude have become close, because Tommy asked Sam to build him a hotel after visiting dream in Pandora's Vault. Tommy gave Sam 32 diamonds as payment for building the hotel. After this, Sam agreed to protect Tommy and call him his best friend, as said in the contract, as well as building Sam Nook to help Tommy with the hotel's construction.

Sam seems to have a protective relationship towards Tommy, and explained to the members of the Eggpire that while in the prison, Dream told him about all of the terrible things he did to Tommy during exile. Sam was against Tommy coming near the Egg and grew upset at Bad for attempting to feed Tommy to the Egg.

Their relationship soured when Awesamdude locked Tommy up when he brought up a security issue. Tommy was supposed to stay only for a week but after that week passed, Awesamdude still wouldn't release Tommy out of prison which caused Tommy to get angry at Dream and costed his third life.

After Dream took Tommy's third life in prison, Sam expressed a lot of guilt over not being able to get him out of the cell in time and believing that Dream wouldn't kill him. He blamed himself for Tommy's death, as also shown by the page he wrote in one of Ranboo's Memory Books that Sam should be blamed for Tommy's death, so that Ranboo didn't blame himself.

When Tommy saw Sam again, he was extremely mad at Sam not being able to save him in time for his death and not letting him out when he begged him to, even stating that he would sue Sam due to the fact that he was kept in the prison for over a week. His trust in Sam seems to be extremely broken, although Sam was very glad to see him alive and still cares about him a lot.

In a failed break into Pandora’s Vault to kill Dream, Sam caught Tommy using an invisibility potion during Ghostbur’s visit. Sam was extremely angry with Tommy and threatened to kill him multiple times. Due to both Tommy and Sam’s actions, Ghostbur was left in Dream’s cell, they both heavily blame each other for the events that followed: Wilbur's resurrection by Dream. Sam still does show that he cares about Tommy, refraining from killing him even though he thinks that he should and still showing guilt for letting Tommy die in prison.

Since the intense emotions of Tommy's prison break-in have had time to settle down, Sam and Tommy seem to be on at least neutral terms. Sam still interacts with Tommy positively, and even requested Tommy's help in testing the Egg's blast-resistance. Sam also expressed anger at Dream when he revealed he thinks Dream commissioned Pandora's Vault for Tommy. This suggests that Sam is still protective of him, even after the events of Tommy's break-in.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Awesamdude and Tubbo have a positive relationship, and share a common interest in redstone and other types of redstone adjacent builds. They worked together to drain the ocean, and often work together to gather resources. Sam has stated that he considers Tubbo one of his best friends on the server. Sam Nook also saved Tubbo from the Egg, and has stated that as a friend of Tommy, Tubbo is also under his protection.


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