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This page is about the character on the Dream SMP. For the YouTuber who plays this character, see BadBoyHalo.

Thank you for coming everybody... Prepare to die!


BadBoyHalo, more commonly known as Bad or BBH, is one of the original eight members of the SMP, of which he is eighth, and joined on May 10, 2020. He was the leader of the Badlands, and aimed to spark eternal chaos and wars throughout the SMP. He later was corrupted by the Egg and founded the Eggpire. He plays a major role in the spread of the Crimson across the server as one of the most loyal to the Egg. He later revealed that was due to his desire to be with his best friend, Skeppy. He is the father of Sapnap. Due to his nature as a demon, he has infinite lives unless Skeppy loses all of his.

He is the main antagonist of the Red Dreams half of the Empowerment Arc.


BadBoyHalo is a humanoid demon with white eyes. His face is shadowed by his hood. He wears a black and red robe, with black and red pants and gray shoes. Strapped to his back is a diamond sword. He has canonically confirmed that he is 9'6 feet tall.

After the Egg completely took over Bad's body, the red accents from his clothes were replaced by white accents, as if the red was sucked out of him.


BadBoyHalo is a generally kind individual who will often help people regardless of their side in conflict. He hates swearing, particularly on his streams, and will often tell people off for naughty language, most notably Tommy and Quackity. He can be seen as somewhat of a "dad friend," and Sapnap sometimes refers to him as "DadBoyHalo." He attempts to stay neutral at all times, and only chooses sides that he believes will benefit the Badlands in the long run. Despite his want for peace, he's been shown to have a chaotic side, particularly wanting to fan the flames of war so long as the Badlands are not involved.

Wilbur has stated that Bad's D&D alignment is true neutral.[8]

Corruption by the Egg

When Bad discovered the Egg inside his statue room, it quickly clouded his mind with a strong desire to protect the Egg and to aid in the spread of its vines across the server. While Bad's personality remained fundamentally the same, he went through some noticeable changes, one being quitting calling out others' usage of swearing, something he took much pride in in the past. He also quickly became violent with whomever threatened to harm the Egg, even if they are good friends - when Sam tried to break the Egg, Bad and Ant threatened they would either have to kill him, or blow up his base as revenge. Despite that, he still had an aversion towards violence, but his love for the Egg surpassed his civility. The only thing Bad seemed to cherish more than the Egg was Skeppy.

After once again being corrupted by the Egg, Bad became a religious zealot toward the Egg, wishing for the entire server to become covered with the blood vines. Bad became considerably less merciful, and much more frightening. He doesn't hold back from taking action to rid those who get in the way of the Eggpire - trapping and forcing people who were once his friends to succumb to the Egg's influence. He shows no hesitance nor remorse against the thought of killing Tommy, even when Puffy and Sam plead for him to acknowledge that he's only a child.

He also became incredibly manipulative, stopping at nothing to convince others that the Egg is the only means to true peace on the server – the way everyone can get what they want in the end. He stretches the truth of the Eggpire to Ant, Punz, and Puffy, saying that the end goal was always, after the initial chaos, to contain the Egg and in turn save the entire server, being regarded as heroes worthy of glory, though his conversations with the now-corrupted Antfrost seem to contradict the goal of the Eggpire - they live to serve the Egg and continue its mass spread. He lulls Sam into a false sense of security, feigning coming to his senses and momentarily breaking out of his brainwashed state, convincing Sam to trust them and give up his items, just to trap him in the obsidian chamber above the Egg and leave him there for hours to fall victim to the corruption and mutilate himself. Bad tries to lure in Quackity by attempting to convince him that Bad only cares about him, not the Egg, not anything else, and wants to see him succeed and gain the power he desperately craves.


Even though he is a generally bubbly and friendly individual, he will start cussing people out with his own form of swear words (i.e: muffinhead, what the muffin) due to him disliking swears. Whenever someone swears, he would stop whatever he was doing and begin his routine of yelling language and then lecturing them by using his own dictionary of curse words.

Bad's biggest personal weakness is Skeppy, as the closest person in his life and will stop at nothing to protect him, even if it costs putting himself in harm's way. He's continuously shown that he's willing to risk it all – his freedom, his safety, his happiness – if it means Skeppy is alright.


Early Dream SMP Arc

BadBoyHalo is one of the eight original SMP members, along with Dream, George, Sapnap, Callahan, Alyssa, Awesamdude, & Ponk.

L'Manberg Independence Arc

After the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War, BadBoyHalo moved into Punz's basement and built his Dream, Duck, and Fundy Statues.

Manberg Rebellion Arc

After the election, BadBoyHalo remained a neutral party. He and Eret had found Pogtopia, but decided to leave it alone and keep it a secret. He helped with Party Island by building the Pokimane statue.

When Skeppy started playing on the SMP again, he played with him. Skeppy gave Tommy's Cat music disc to BadBoyHalo, forming a truce by promising to keep it between them. With their friendship, Bad and Skeppy built the Quartz Mansion and a vault to protect their belongings.

After the tragic death of Henry, Bad was framed for destroying the Eiffel Tower by Tommy. As he wanted revenge, he decided to join Sapnap during the Battle of the Lake. Skeppy did the same. Although his team lost the battle, Bad was spared by the opposing side after he threatened to burn Tommy's Cat disc.

BadBoyHalo was involved in the Second Pet War after Badlands member Antfrost indirectly caused Punz's panda to die. He fought alongside Awesamdude and Antfrost, which resulted in the Badlands' first victory.

Retribution Arc

Discovering the Egg

BadBoyHalo discovered an unknown crimson lifeform, later formally referred to as the Egg, while constructing his statue room and was one of the first to be possessed. BadBoyHalo seemed to be extremely protective, almost maternal, of the Egg; calling it his "baby" and showering it with other forms of compliments. Every other member who was presented the Egg seemed to be take a disliking towards it, with the exception of Captain Puffy, Ponk, and Antfrost, and couldn't seem to understand why Bad was so protecting of it. Bad seemed to be able to hear the Egg speak to him, and would threaten to hurt anyone if they harmed it, incasing it in obsidian later, to ensure its safety.

Sapnap attempted to blow up part of the Egg and cracked it, making Bad panic. He said he needed flesh to heal it, and asked Sapnap and Awesamdude to sacrifice one of themselves. Sam and Sapnap returned with holy water, threateningly. Bad wasn't too upset, and just wanted to convince Sam and Sapnap that it's fine and express to them that the Egg was angry. However, as the two started destroying clumps of vines outside of the statue room, Bad yelled at them to stop.

When Bad wasn't focused on the Egg, he behaved mostly the same as usual. He'd done his best to help out and be there for his friends. Bad gave Tommy several gifts during his exile, most notably the music disc Chirp, and made sure he knew it wasn't just out of pity. He built Tommy a Tubbo statue with the help of Puffy, which was destroyed by Tommy not long after.

In an effort to protect the Egg from outside harm, Bad and Ant covered it in obsidian, covering it with another layer later on. Afterwards, Bad and Puffy noticed that they cared less about the Egg and didn't mind destroying its blood vines around the server. Ant later joined and agreed with the two, helping them to destroy almost all of the blood vines around the server, leaving only Ponk's mutated vines 'Lil Red and the Egg itself intact.

After Skeppy trapped himself inside of the Egg, Bad grew much more against the Egg and only expressed concern towards his friend. When Skeppy emerged a day later Red - and seemingly totally apathetic towards his once-best friend - Bad was horrified and tried everything he possibly could to turn Skeppy back to normal. At this point, Bad was totally broken out of the Egg's control, and just wanted his best friend back. All attempts to help Skeppy ultimately lead nowhere, and Bad was forced to leave Skeppy alone; and cope with the rift in their relationship alone.

Bad and Ant dedicated themselves to experimenting on the Egg in an attempt to learn more about its influence and how exposure to the Egg can affect different blocks, like obsidian and the colors of wool. Bad and Punz also found out it grew even bigger, and Bad discovered a way to keep infected people safe from the Egg while it is uncovered by completely quarantining the Egg into the statue room; protecting the outer SMP and whoever may enter with a barriered obsidian entrance, hazmat suits, and the holy water of Church Prime.

Bad and Ant have attempted multiple experiments in order to free Skeppy from the Egg's influence, though each test resulted in Skeppy getting even more strange and unfamiliar, much to Bad's despair. Antfrost called Bad out for being noticeably more violent than usual, trying to convince Ant that killing Eret may somehow be the key to saving Skeppy. Bad gets defensive, remaining adamant that he is still himself and not under the Egg's influence whatsoever. Ant remains suspicious.

Formation of the Eggpire

Bad fully succumbed to the corruption of the Egg and has been plotting the Egg's takeover of the SMP. He purposely hosted a meeting between himself, Puffy, Antfrost and Punz above the Egg in an attempt to lull them under its influence. Bad had been able to hide the fact that he has been re-corrupted, tricking his allies into thinking that he is still completely himself.

The plan was somewhat successful with Bad being able to convince Ant, Puffy, and Punz to go and visit the Egg without any sort of protection and assist him in breaking down the obsidian entrance containing the Egg within the room, and planting blood vine seedlings in the remains of L'Manberg. The others were immediately put under the Egg's influence; the only person not to be fooled was Puffy, who used her book to break the spell over her. However, she still hesitantly helped Bad plant the seeds in order to gain his trust. The four of them founded the Eggpire; a name suggested by Punz.

Empowerment Arc

Rising tensions

Tommy approached Ant and Bad about investigating the Egg. Bad took his chance and showed Tommy around the Egg, convincing him not to wear a hazmat suit. Tommy came down to the Egg with them, Bad and Ant urging him to get closer and stand on top of it. Frightened, Tommy hesitantly does what they say, to a surprising result; Tommy expressed complete his neutrality towards it, confused and quickly turning the situation into a joke. Bad and Ant were shocked that Tommy wasn't affected, discussing amongst themselves that perhaps Tommy would be better suited as a sacrifice, and chased Tommy out of the room.

Later, Tommy returned with Tubbo and Bad appeared with Ant. The Egg made Tubbo cry - him proclaiming how mean it is - and neither Ant nor Bad were fooled by Tommy and Tubbo's attempts to cover it up. Bad managed to box Tommy up in obsidian and spoke to him, but Tommy wasn't taking him seriously. Awesamdude's alternate persona Sam Nook burst in and saved Tommy and Tubbo.

Another day, Bad called a meeting for the Eggpire. Antfrost, Puffy and Awesamdude turned up. Ant and Bad discussed feeding Puffy to the Egg, much to her disgust and Bad also brought up the fact that Tommy and Tubbo had been down to the Egg. Unable to hide her feelings, Puffy lashed out at him about putting the children in danger's way. Sam brought out a lot of opposition and Bad was disappointed to hear that he was still completely against the Egg, and whatever the Eggpire was. After a debate back-and-forth between the four, Bad recognized his approach was failing, and that both Sam and Puffy weren't going to be so easily convinced. Bad changes his approach; now appearing momentarily freed from the Egg's influence and coming to his senses - which Sam fell for completely. Bad pretends to agree with Sam and say that he and Ant need to get a hold of themselves. Bad, after removing his disguise and showing his true now-white cloak, slows down, and asks Sam one last time if he's absolutely sure he's against the Egg. Disappointingly, Sam's mind had not been changed. After convincing Sam into handing over his items, and giving Bad a reconciling hug, Sam had been successfully manipulated into a false sense of security. Bad pressed the button that opened the center of the table, leaving Sam to plummet into the depths of the obsidian chamber located directly on top of the Egg.

With Sam and Puffy both now panicking, Bad ordered Ant to attack Puffy, who was forced to flee from the meeting room. Bad talked down to Sam, stating that he was to stay down there until he learns to love the Egg just as much as Bad and Ant and that he was not coming out until then. Puffy managed to escape into her own Secret Bunker without the others capturing her.

When Bad later learns through Ant that Puffy and Tommy helped Sam escape his prison, he shows no remorse, only annoyance, and the event seems to solidify the thought that they need to take care of Tommy and Puffy before they continue being a hindrance and getting in the way of any more of the Eggpire's plans. Bad and Ant discuss potentially kidnapping Puffy's son, Foolish, as punishment for prematurely releasing Sam.

Technoblade and Ranboo

Bad went to visit Techno at his house and told him he wanted to show him something (the Egg). Several times on their journey to the Egg, Bad thought he saw someone (Ranboo) following them, but dismissed it as nothing. When they arrived, Bad tried to entice Techno with promises that the Egg could give him the power to topple any government.

The egg started to speak in Techno's head but, much to Bad's dismay, it was just used as another one Techno's many "I have 316k people in my chat and all of them are canonically voices in my head" bits with Techno saying that he had at least 300 thousand voices already in his head so he didn't notice the addition of one.

As they spoke, Puffy revealed herself from where she'd been hiding and spoke against him, telling Techno about the Eggpire being a government. Bad discovered that Ranboo was spying on their conversation, and managed to trap Ranboo next to the Egg with the intent of brainwashing him. He pearled away whilst Puffy and Techno were distracted, but returned soon after to find that Ranboo had already been rescued. He didn't fight, knowing that the three would best him immediately as they did before. Instead he let them leave and Puffy started the resistance against him - "Pro-Omelette."

Hannah and the Egg

Bad and Ant went to Hannah's house and discovered Sam and Hannah clearing out blood vines on her house. They asked why and were told that Hannah was allergic to the Egg so the vines needed to be removed for her safety. They attempted to turn Hannah but she was adamant that the Egg was a bad thing. Bad then convinced her to come down with them to see why the Egg was hurting her. Hannah got more sick the closer they came and couldn't enter the Egg room without planting roses around her. The Egg told the Eggpire not to hurt her as it liked Hannah. Instead they trapped her in an obsidian box above the Egg and left her there.

The next day Punz, Ant and Bad came down to the Egg to find Hannah gone and obsidian destroyed. They headed to her house and discovered her house completely covered in vines and its color leeched out. They confronted Sam about Hannah's disappearance who claimed to have no idea where she was. They left the house, unaware that Hannah was hiding inside.

Confrontation with Quackity

On March 14th, Quackity attempted to light TNT around the Egg and blow it up, but was spotted by Bad and Punz. Quackity retreated to the secret red hallways near the Egg room, and threatened to light the TNT, placing TNT as he backtracked. Bad and Punz followed him into the hallway. Bad told Quackity that he couldn't get in the way of the Egg, as it would get in the way of his mission; without the Egg, he has nothing. Bad commanded Punz to go after Quackity, and the two cornered him in the hallway. Quackity still threatened to light the TNT and ordered Punz to leave him and Bad alone. Quackity told Bad that they had to get rid of the Egg, but Bad said that Quackity didn't know what would be brought down on him. Quackity pretended to think for a second, but lit the TNT, destroying the area, and seemingly, the Egg along with it.

Argument with Skeppy

Bad first started heading to the Egg room, prepared to talk to it. When he finished speaking to the Egg, he spotted Skeppy walking around the Egg room. When he tried to engage in friendly conversation with him and suggest they spend time together, Skeppy told him to go away and wanted to spend more time with the Egg, calling Bad selfish and saying they weren't friends. This caused Bad's loyalty to the Egg to waver as he told it to shut up and called it stupid when it got in the way of him and Skeppy. The two got into a very deep argument, and Bad ended up accidentally pushing Skeppy into lava, taking both of their first canon lives.

Red Banquet

Bad was one of the organizers of the Red Banquet, and helped invite members. On the Banquet Day, Bad continued to affirm that the banquet was set up in hopes of "turning a new leaf." Foolish, Puffy and Eret expressed hope for a brighter future, though both remembered the damages inflicted upon their respective properties.

Bad finished the round of toasting with a second speech, promising that the banquet would be an event that no one would ever forget.

As Bad continue to speak, lava began flowing down and created barriers around the guests, trapping everyone in the room. Bad concluded his speech by saying, "Thank you for coming, everybody...Prepare to die." After this, Ranboo was not seen; it is unclear if he stayed for the remainder of the event. Puffy is disappointed, but admitted that she planned for this occurrence and hid a stash of equipment before the event. However, when she opened her stash, it is empty. Hannah stepped to the Eggpire's side, and announced that she had to serve the Egg and tipped them off beforehand. Sam activated his final backup plan, deploying TNT directly on top of the Egg; however, the explosions dealt minimal damage and the Egg rapidly regenerated. Bad explained that, after Quackity's attempt to destroy the Egg, they took "proper precautions." He revealed that the banquet was a ruse, and that the egg required energy gained from death to hatch.

Eret spoke out against them, calling them monsters because they betrayed everyone. Bad mocked Eret, calling it ironic that they said that when they betrayed before, but Eret said that they now knew it was wrong, as Hannah should. Hannah then guided Eret to a sacrificial pit, where Bad prepared to kill them. Foolish stepped forth and asked if the Egg could withstand a barrage of lightning; however, as everyone looked at the Egg, no lightning appeared. Powerless, upon Puffy's shocked gaze, Foolish took Eret's place as the first sacrifice and was slain by Antfrost whilst Puffy screamed at them to stop.

As Bad gloated over the first death, Quackity broke through the wall of the banquet room, demanding that he stop. He demanded that Bad re-evaluate what he was doing, and believed that Bad was letting himself be manipulated. During his speech, he stealthily gave an axe to Puffy. Bad explained that the Egg would give him something that no one else could, and so he couldn't consider stopping. He pointed out that Quackity was outnumbered, and that he should've brought an army if he wanted to stop them. Quackity, undeterred, said that he didn't come alone. Technoblade and Purpled entered the room behind Quackity, accompanied by members of the Hound Army. Furious, Bad accused Purpled of being a traitor, as they had hired him to attack Puffy, but Purpled said that Quackity had the better offer. Beyond that, Bad was in shock that Techno would choose to side with Quackity, given their long history as enemies, but Techno stated that the Eggpire needed to be stopped, and that he was willing to work with Quackity to make that happen. Bad gloated that they outnumbered them 4 to 3, but Puffy exclaimed "Well actually...Antfrost you're dead!" and murdered Ant with the axe, taking Ant's first canon life.

This caused chaos, and they all started to blindly fight each other, whilst some unarmed members left so they weren't hurt in the crossfire. In the ensuing battle, Quackity, Techno, and Purpled all overpowered the Eggpire so Bad ordered them to retreat. Hannah protested against it, but eventually all members were running for their life. Purpled chased them for a time, but wasn't able to track where they went.

After their retreat, Bad, Ponk, and Hannah split off and went into hiding. As he traveled, Bad became distraught over the loss of the Egg and told himself that he needed what the Egg could provide, but didn't want to hurt anyone; reflecting on the death of Foolish, he wondered if he was wrong. He went to speak with a unknown person.

Seemingly free from the Egg's power, BadBoyHalo met up with Antfrost, and the two apologized to Puffy for their actions whilst under the Egg's control.


Personal items
Name Notes
Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Blockbeard's Sword Fire Aspect II, Knockback II, Looting III, Sharpness V, Mending, Sweeping Edge III, Unbreaking III

A sword "grinded" by Bad to become the "best" (claimed by Karl non-canonically) sword in the server. Ranboo won it by participating in The Beach Episode.

Enchanted Diamond Sword.gif LANGUAGE Fire Aspect II, Knockback II, Looting III, Sharpness V, Mending, Sweeping Edge III, Unbreaking III,

Bad's main sword.

Enchanted Trident Item.gif MR POINTY Impaling IV, Mending, Riptide III, Unbreaking III. It was stolen by Skeppy and later given to Sam as a gift
SkeppySkull.png Skeppy Head A Skeppy Head obtained from DreamXD. Bad obtained it after it was spawned in the SMP by DreamXD on May 19, 2021, during a hunt for the head of SMP members. It currently is stored in Bad's ender chest.
KarlJacobsSkull.png KarlJacobs Head A KarlJacobs Head obtained from DreamXD. Bad obtained it after it was spawned in the SMP by DreamXD on May 19, 2021, during a hunt for the head of SMP members. It currently is stored in Bad's ender chest.
BadBoyHaloSkull.png BadBoyHalo Head A BadBoyHalo Head obtained from DreamXD. Originally obtained by FoolishG after it was spawned in the SMP by DreamXD on May 19, 2021, during a hunt for the head of SMP members but was later traded to Bad. It currently is stored in Bad's ender chest.


Name Status Residence Notes
Bucket of Salmon.png

Mr. Squeegee

Replaced Ender chest Mr. Squeegee was Bad's pet salmon that was killed by Sapnap. He has since been replaced and is now kept safely inside of Bad's ender chest.


Dead Jungle Darwin was a panda that Bad claimed as his own while he, Antfrost, and Sam were collecting pandas to bring back to Antfrost's animal sanctuary. Darwin later died after rolling into a pit of lava inside the Nether.
Turtle.png Sheldon Alive Foolish's summer home Bad's turtle friend. Married to Shelly by Bad. Shelly and Sheldon lad an egg after their wedding.
Turtle.png Shelly Revived Foolish's summer home Bad's turtle friend. Married to Sheldon by Bad. Shelly and Sheldon lad an egg after their wedding. On May 25, 2021, Shelly died suffocating on sand but was shortly revived by Sam using a name tag on another turtle.
Turtle.png Shelby Alive Foolish's summer home Shelly and Sheldon's daughter was born after their wedding.
Turtle.png Snappy Alive Foolish's summer home Shelly and Sheldon's son was born after their wedding.


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
BadBoyHalo and Antfrost are both fellow Badlanders. The two are great allies, fighting in the Second Pet War and War of the Burning Eiffel Tower together. The two have bonded over the shared connection towards the Egg, having the same intense need to protect the Egg and have the vines spread across the entire server. Bad and Ant are the only two who are able to hear the Crimson speak to them. Together, they have planted several spores around the server and feed the vines to improve their rapid growth. After breaking free from the Egg's mind control, they and Puffy plot to save Skeppy and stop the spread of the blood vines, as well as study the vines and the Egg. After getting re-corrupted, Bad and Ant were under complete control of the Egg and are happy to work together to spread its influence. They were working together to expand their Eggpire.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Awesamdude was contracted by BadBoyHalo to build a piston door in his mansion. The two made a deal for the build, where Bad would give him some supplies in return for Awesamdude building the door. After the Manberg Festival, Awesamdude joined Bad in creating a third faction, as they disapproved of Schlatt's tyranny.

Sam came into conflict with Bad and Antfrost over the Crimson Egg. While BadBoyHalo and Antfrost are adamant about protecting the Egg, Sam suspects that it is evil - "bad juju" as Sam says. After re-succumbing to the Egg's corruption, Sam takes a stand against both Bad and the Eggpire; most notably horrified with Bad attempting to lead Tommy into danger and worsen his mental health. Bad manipulates Sam, fooling his friend into thinking he'd finally come to his senses, before dropping Sam into the Egg's chamber and trapping him inside for a day, leaving Sam incredibly shaken up and traumatized. During Badboyhalo's visit to Pandora's Vault, he has claimed that their relationship is neutral. Although Bad may or may not realize it, Sam deeply despises the Egg's influence and plans to turn against the Eggpire from the inside. At the Red Banquet, Sam tried to destroy the Egg by dropping TNT on it but Bad and the Eggpire had prepared for this. Sam had fully revealed himself to be against the Egg though it seems the other members already knew this, making them officially enemies. Their relationship probably got even worse when Sam had him fired from his job as a security guard for Pandora's vault after Dream's breakout.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Puffy and Bad were good friends, usually helping each other with building projects. When Puffy was new to the SMP he allowed her to live inside Bubbles the duck statue, and re-built Bubbles together when it was destroyed by Tommy. Puffy offered to be Bad's "Walmart," or "Discount Skeppy" as Bad calls her, whenever he is missing his friend. Despite their positive friendship, Puffy has made jokes about their friendship being one-sided, and that Bad never stops mentioning Skeppy enough to appreciate her company. Bad and Puffy also bond over the both of them being corrupted by the Crimson Egg and are shown to be equally infatuated with the Egg. After breaking free from the Egg's mind control, they and Antfrost plot to save Skeppy and stop the spread of the blood vines, as well as study the vines and the Egg.

When a fully corrupted Bad invited Puffy to join the Eggpire, she only agreed so she could spy and eventually put an end to his plan that was to let the Egg spread across the entirety of the SMP, enabling complete chaos, which would give the Eggpire the chance to silently take over. When Bad and Ant allowed Tommy and Tubbo to go down to the Egg without hazmat suits, Puffy screamed at them for endangering the children afterward, resulting in the two of them chasing her attempting to kill her. Puffy has since then said that she hates Bad, but still mourns the loss of their friendship.

Bad and the other Eggpire's members had a party on March 1, 2021 in Tommy's house to celebrate Tommy's death. Stating that it was for the Egg's victory of having Tommy dead. Puffy, enraged by this shouted and swears at them. Telling Bad and the others to get out. Bad then decides to have a party in Tommy's hotel, inviting Foolish as well, confronted by Puffy again. Puffy then decides to destroy the Eggpire's HQ.

In the Red Banquet, Puffy was surprised and thought the Eggpire had a change of heart. But soon calls Bad and the rest of the Eggpire "monsters" as they killed Foolish for the Egg.

Later, once presumably free from the control of the Egg, Antfrost and BadBoyHalo apologized to her, and she seems to forgive them.

Unknown Bad was the first in the server to be charmed by the Egg, though eventually lost his blind loyalty after it had corrupted Skeppy, however he later once again became accepting of the Egg. He let it corrupt and influence him, leading to the creation of the Eggpire. He currently leads the charge of the Eggpire and is heavily corrupted from the Egg's influence. He is the primary way that the Egg communicates its intentions with the rest of the SMP. Bad does the Egg's bidding and is even able to understand the Egg's speech, listening to its demands. However, after Skeppy was telling Bad about he prefers to hang out with the Egg than Bad, Bad got mad at the Egg, calling it stupid. It is unknown if Bad actually meant this or if he was just angry in the moment. Thus leaving the status unknown. Bad seems to care about Skeppy more than he cares for the Egg.

After being driven away from the Egg by Technoblade and Purpled, Bad once again doubted his relationship with the Egg, claiming that he didn't want to hurt anyone and questioning if he was in the wrong for his actions at the Red Banquet.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Prior to the events of the final battle of the Dream SMP, BadBoyHalo had a positive relationship with Dream, as the Badlands and Dream SMP had teamed up a lot previously, and Bad even helped Dream build Pandora's Vault.

BadBoyHalo and several other members of the Dream SMP entered Dream's vault to rescue Tommy and Tubbo. There, Bad found that Dream had tried to capture Skeppy to have control over Bad, and Bad was one of the many that aided Tommy and Tubbo in the capturing of Dream.

However, after visiting Dream in prison, Bad couldn't help but take pity on him, and notice the awful living conditions that he's been living in. He has told Dream that he will try to provide comfortability for him once he officially becomes a prison guard, though he still adamantly believes that Dream deserves to remain in Pandora's Vault.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Foolish's first interaction with Bad on his first day of the server occurred when Bad showed him the haunted house. The next time they met was when Bad introduced him to the Egg, however, he demonstrated that he disliked it. Foolish expressed how he feared BadBoyHalo after he felt joy from killing him in a rage, as BadBoyHalo said killing him felt like he was "gaining life." Bad later invites him to a party, and he replies that they destroyed his house. He eventually accepts, but says that if they tried anything, he wouldn't hesitate to destroy the Egg with lightning and that he'd be keeping an eye on the Eggpire.

Bad and the rest of the Eggpire sacrificed Foolish during the Red Banquet and blocked his powers leading to the loss of his first life.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Hannah and Bad never interacted much in her first month on the server. However, once Hannah started to be affected by the blood vines he came round to see why she and Sam were burning them. Both he and Ant took Hannah down to the Egg before trapping her above it despite her protests. Hannah seemed to like the Egg when she was rescued, but also hid from Bad when he came looking.

At the Red Banquet Hannah revealed herself to be on the Eggpire's side and helped Bad and the others execute Foolish as well as running away with them, presumably making their relationship positive.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Ponk was trapped in the Egg and slowly succumbed to the corruption, Their relation significantly improved when Bad was very pleased about the result and allow Ponk to join the Eggpire. In return, Ponk agreed to help the Eggpire by introducing Purpled as a mercenary to capture Puffy and Foolish. Ponk also took part in the Eggpire by spreading the vines to Foolish's Summer house.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Their relationship was relatively good, Bad living in his house and even helping him in the Items Conflict. They were good friends until Punz' betrayal in the Battle of the Lake. However, BadBoyHalo has forgiven Punz. They fought each other in the Second Pet War, with Bad trying to be the middleman (but ultimately siding with Antfrost). They didn’t seem to hold anything against each other post-war.

When Punz discovered the blood vines in Bad's underground cavern, he expressed discomfort and concern, causing Bad to try converting him into thinking that it was a good thing. However, this action proved to be useless as Punz didn't change his mind, and kept his distance. Despite the blood vine dispute of Punz removing whatever vines he saw around the SMP, there didn't seem to be any bad blood between them, and Punz expressed some concern over Bad's obsession over the vines.

Punz accepted Bad's invitation to work together, utilizing the Egg to cause more chaos until power falls into their hands. Punz came up with the name for their new alliance, the Eggpire, though he still expressed he didn't feel much towards the Egg or blood vines themselves - only that he was interested in more chaos. Slowly, Punz grew more attracted to the vines spreading across his tower, and has now totally succumbed to the corruption.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
The two are currently in a partnership to deal with Puffy. This can insinuate that the two are in a relationship of mutual agreement.

Purpled betrayed the Eggpire at the Red Banquet because Quackity paid him more leading to a very negative relationship between the two.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Quackity often enjoys messing with Bad because of his view on using vulgar language, and Bad tries to move Quackity away from using such language. At the end of the day, they are good friends.

This has somewhat shifted since Bad has been corrupted by the crimson. The two have differing views of the Egg, and had a long conversation and argument about its influence. In the end, Quackity told Bad he would be sure to get in the way of his goal of having the Egg influence everyone. Quackity also tells Bad that he believes that he has no real power.

Quackity says that he cares about Bad, misses being friends, and thinks that he is still in there underneath the control of the Egg which adds to his desire to destroy it. When he placed TNT all over it Bad confronted him and tried to stop him. At the Red Banquet, Quackity confronted Bad again, telling him that he had gone too far. He brought Technoblade and Purpled to fight him and they drove out Bad and the other members of the Eggpire.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Bad is Sapnap's father, he apparently found him under a rock and took him in. Bad has described Sapnap as a "happy accident." Bad fought alongside Sapnap during the Battle of the Lake after he was framed by Tommy and Dream for burning down the Eiffel Tower. Sapnap is mostly unaware of Bad's relationship with the Egg. However, Sapnap stated he wanted to kill the Egg, to which Bad protested, showing that they have very differing opinions on the subject.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
To what used to be best friends and roommates in the quartz mansion they built together, Skeppy and Bad used to be one of the closest pairs in the Dream SMP. Despite occasionally arguing with one another, the two would do anything for each other at the end of the day. However, that came to a halt when the infection of the Crimson Egg had corrupted Bad. After the question, "Do you love the Egg more than me?" that Skeppy increasingly pressed on Bad, it had come clear that their relationship was no longer what it was before. In a moment of clarity from the Egg's effect on him, Bad told Skeppy he would choose him, and showed little concern for the Egg after Skeppy trapped himself inside of it – eager to save his friend no matter what.

After Skeppy was corrupted, their relationship had strained further. He showed apathy towards Bad. The rift only continued to grow. As Bad became fully corrupted by the Egg, he lost hope in ever saving Skeppy. During the confrontation with Quackity, It's heavily implied that Skeppy is Bad's heart's one desire; the Egg promised Bad that as long as Bad succumbs to the corruption, that he can be with Skeppy. Throughout everything, all the chaos and pain, all Bad wants is Skeppy, and if it means being brainwashed and used as a pawn, then so be it. However, he expresses some concern about the amount of time Skeppy is spending with the Egg despite also being corrupted. Bad cares about Skeppy more than he cares for the Egg.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
They've had bad relations from the start with Tommy always messing with Bad by cursing. They also fought against each other in the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower after Tommy attempted to frame Bad for burning down the tower.

During Tommy's exile, Bad gave him some gifts, including a Chirp disc. Tommy was hesitant to accept them, thinking they were "pity items," but showed gratitude nonetheless.

Bad also helped Tommy, Tubbo, Punz and the others capture Dream in Dream's vault, showing that Bad was willing to help Tommy in his time of need.

After Bad has succumbed completely to the Egg, he's shown to be incredibly irritated by the corruption's lack of effect on Tommy, stating that everyone is either for the Egg or against it - but no one is allowed to be neutral. Bad deemed Tommy a threat against the Eggpire's plans, and planned to kill Tommy under the order of the Egg. When Tommy lost his final canon life, he celebrated.


  • "Manberg? Pogtopia? Who cares! We of the Badlands, whatever side we think is losing, we just join in and help that side! We just keep the conflict going! It's great!" - The ideology of the Badlands during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, presented by BadBoyHalo to Antfrost.
  • "Guess what, Quackity, if you really wanted to stop us, you should have brought more than yourself. You should have brought an army with you!" - Bad to Quackity, after Quackity confronted them during the Red Banquet
  • "Language!" - Stated whenever someone swears
  • "Tommy, they're all dead" - Bad to Tommy during the end of the Manberg vs Pogtopia War


  • Dream planned to imprison Skeppy inside his vault as leverage against BadBoyHalo, claiming that Skeppy is the one thing Bad cares about.[9]


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