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Fiction notice:
All banter and fighting seen in streams/videos are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. It is highly disrespectful to send hate towards anyone so please refrain from doing so at any point.

Let- let the space between the Badlands be total chaos, that's got nothing to do with us! Manberg, Pogtopia, who cares?![2]


The Badlands is a faction that was formed by various server members who were neutral during The Manberg Rebellion, with the goal of maintaining eternal conflict between the other factions. Its original members were BadBoyHalo, Antfrost, and Awesamdude, with Skeppy joining the faction later, just before the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. Originally, the faction's main goal was to use landmarks outside each of the four directions of the server to mark their territory and encase the conflict between Pogtopia and Manberg. This faction is one of the most developed militarily, as all of its citizens are equipped with full enchanted netherite armor, potions and tridents. The faction is currently primarily inactive, due to its citizens mainly focusing on the conflict surrounding the Egg.

In the future, the faction is confirmed to come out of inactivity and is currently planning on claiming the country of L'Sandberg as an outpost.



During the Manberg Festival, Schlatt showed his tyrannical side when he held a public execution of Tubbo and threatened to execute others. In addition, after the festival, he stated to his remaining cabinet members Quackity and Fundy that one of his policies was to dismantle the Camarvan, a historical landmark. Schlatt received pushback from his cabinet members as well as BadBoyHalo, Antfrost, and Awesamdude, who were witnessing the meeting nearby.

The three members were already on bad terms with Schlatt after he had killed two cats for no reason in front of them. These events, coupled with their choice of not wanting to support Pogtopia, led them to form a third party, the Badlands. They decided to form a council rather than choose a leader for their faction and planned to recruit other members to their cause. Their first course of action was to claim all of the lands around Pogtopia and Manberg, using landmarks such as Eret's castle and Skeppy and Bad's mansion to mark their borders.

The Second Pet War

The Second Pet War was a conflict between the Badlands members and the Dream SMP citizens, Sapnap and Punz. It began when Punz and Sapnap found a panda, and transported it back to Punz's base, only for them to leave and have it stolen by Ant, who planned to keep it in his animal sanctuary. After Bad and Sam rushed in to defend Ant, and Sapnap chased them away, Punz and Sapnap retrieved the panda, only for Punz to accidentally kill it with the thorns aspect on his armor.

Following several small conflicts and griefings, which led to Sapnap getting killed in battle, the war was resolved through mutual agreement. The war resulted in a supposed victory for the Badlands, although both sides claimed to have gained some victory from the war.

The Manberg vs Pogtopia War

As the date of the Manberg vs Pogtopia War was announced, Bad and Sam both claimed that the Badlands would support the Pogtopian effort against Manberg. However, a few days later, while the members searched for pandas, Bad discussed their faction's true plans for the war on November 16. He stated that they would only fight on the side of Pogtopia to keep the conflict going, and would switch to Manberg's side if they began to appear weak. Their main goal was to continue the war for as long as possible and cause eternal chaos between both factions. Their secondary goal was to have their claimed land officially recognized by the King of the Dream SMP, who was Eret at that point in time. Bad designed a banner for their faction, and the members placed these banners at the entrances of Ant’s animal sanctuary, Skeppy and Bad's mansion, and Sam’s mountain base, to mark their territory.

Hours before the battle was set to begin, Skeppy officially joined the other three members in the Badlands and helped them gear up for the war. During the war, the four members followed the Pogtopians closely, but did not directly interact with them. As the war concluded, and the Badlands members witnessed L'Manberg form their new government, they switched to Technoblade's side, after he revealed his plans to continue the destruction of L'Manberg using his two withers. Together with Techno, and the Dream SMP's main military force (consisting of Dream, Sapnap and Punz), they wreaked havoc within the borders of the re-established L'Manberg, destroying the land further and attacking the citizens who tried to fight the withers.

After the withers were killed and Technoblade began to retreat from the area, the Badlands members gathered together and declared victory for their faction. Their reasoning was that they had achieved their primary goal, and now, there was an entirely new conflict forming between New L'Manberg and the anarchists.

The Badlands then tried to recruit Eret, saying that the king's help would go a long way to help them legitimize their claims, since they wanted to use his castle. They were then informed by Dream that Eret had already been dethroned and George was the new king. Bad suggested that they could kill George and then ownership of the castle would move to Eret who might then want to join the Badlands. They abandoned the plan later on.

They then tried to convince George instead to formally acknowledge the Badlands' independence and land ownership, but George refused their offer. Later on, Bad discussed with Dream, where he agreed to recognize George's kingship in exchange for Dream giving the Badlands technical independence, by which the Dream SMP faction still recognized the Badlands' territory as their own, but would call it the Badlands to avoid conflict for now, in a similar way to L'Manberg[3].

The Dethronement Fallout

Following George's dethronement at the hands of Dream, the members of the newly formed nation of Mexican L'Manberg, Quackity, George, and Sapnap, met up with Bad to discuss a possible alliance with the Badlands to help dethrone Eret and reinstate George as king.

Bad stated that the Badlands would only support Mexican L'Manberg if their faction and territories were officially honored by George. Bad reiterated his faction's initial objective, which was to be granted all of the lands beyond Eret's castle and Skeppy and Bad’s mansion. Their land would be two infinitely long strips of the entire server, that enclose the central warring nations from two different sides. Bad claimed that he would maintain peace in their own territory, as a neutral third party.

Quackity, George, and Sapnap rejected Bad's offer, stating that he was being unreasonable and asking for too much land. They mention that even the current king, Eret would share the same opinion as them. They tried to compromise by suggesting that Bad could take half of the proposed land, either the area past the castle or the area past the mansion. However, Bad replied that he wanted no less than 100% of the land, saying that “Trying for all is better than settling for half”.

As Quackity and Bad continued to negotiate, their meeting was interrupted by Dream, who attacked Quackity, forcing the others to flee. Bad ultimately decided not to side with Mexican L'Manberg, planning to find an alternative option to get the Badlands recognized.

Gaining Recognition

On December 4, 2020, a document was written by Ant and Sam, after they had collected two mooshrooms that they claimed were "origin cows", which they planned to offer to the Dream SMP's current king, Eret.

The document's contents included terms and conditions that Eret would have to comply with when signed. Ant and Sam planned to ask Bad and Skeppy to review and sign the document before handing it to Eret. The date on which the document was given to Eret remains unknown.

Transcript of an unnamed document written by Ant and Sam to be given to Eret for recognition as a nation on behalf of the Badlands:

Page 1 This document shows that in exchange for the Origin Cows of the server, King Eret will sanctify and recognize that the Badlands is its own territory and Nation. Granting them all titles and land that come with that.

Page 2

Article I: This document states that as King of the SMP Eret will grant the Badlands all land south of the castle and north of the land owned by Bad and Skeppy with their mansion upon it at present date.

Page 3

Article II: Once the badlands delivers the Origin Cows, they are the sole responsibility of the king or queen of the SMP.

Page 4

Article III (summary): This article states that the rights given to the Badlands are eternal, and will not be revokable by King Eret or any who rule the SMP thereafter his reign. They may NOT ask the church to revoke the rights given to the Badlands.

Page 5

Article IV: The badlands will provide their sword and skills within reason.

Amendment A: Reason will be decided by the Badlands and any disagreement will go through a mediator of choice by the Badlands.

Page 6

Article V: This document states that King Eret or any who follow his rule may NOT demand of the Badlands to cease ANY activities that are directly beneficial to the Badlands and is NOT limited to:

Any fighting Construction or other activities.

Amendment A: Activities include all normal gameplay, including the ability to expand, grow, and defend their territory as time goes on.

Page 7

Article VI: This document states that if the Dream SMP faction is to dissolve, this document is still binding for whoever finds themselves in their place of power.

Amendment A: If the group who overtakes power wishes to discuss certain areas of this legal document, they must agree to a mediator of the Badlands' choice.

Amendment B: Loss of ANY rights in this document will NOT be accepted.

Page 8

Article VII: The Dream SMP faction will allow any members that within or are the EXPLICIT guests of the Badlands to travel across their lands, should they need to reach the other side of the Badlands territory.

Page 9

Article IIX: The Badlands will ensure that the two Origin Cows are the ONLY of their type, and will actively make sure there are no others given that the Dream SMP respects all animals in the land of the Badlands, Including the animal sanctuary.

Page 10

Article IX: This document states that as the founding members and majority party of the Badlands, we agree to the terms in this document.

Page 11

Article X: This document states that as the king of the Dream SMP, you designate this document as true and valid throughout time without exception.

Current status

Skeppy left the Badlands on January 8, 2021, because he wanted to move out of his mansion and because he felt left out of the server's wars after missing the Doomsday War.

The Badlands are currently completely inactive, due to its citizens focusing on the conflict surrounding the Egg.

Future of the Badlands and L'Sandberg

The L'Sandberg storyline which takes place weeks in the future includes the Badlands as well. The Badlands have stopped being inactive and seem to be free from the Egg's control as well. Skeppy also rejoined the Badlands. They are currently planning to annex L'Sandberg into the Badlands as an outpost, since all members of the Badlands are already related to the BadBoyHalo administration.


  • Enchanted netherite armor and weapons - Due to the Badlands holding a sizeable amount of territory for their small faction, they are able to acquire large amounts of resources quickly, using them for war purposes. They also have one of the best redstone engineers on the server (Sam). This allows them to make extremely efficient automated farms that will allow them to create powerful enchants to apply to their armor and weapons.
  • Tridents - The Badlands members all use a riptide trident that allows them to quickly leap travel through water. They also utilize tridents for throwing, allowing them to strike from range with a deadly weapon as well as strike their foes with lightning during a thunderstorm.
  • Potions - Unlike most of the factions who use conventional weapons (swords, bows, crossbows, tridents, etc.), the Badlands use potions on a wide scale. Due to their redstone engineer creating an automatic potion brewer (a.k.a "a Drug Machine" dubbed by Tommy), the Badlands can create vast amounts of beneficial potions to enhance their combat effectiveness as well as create some harmful potions that will weaken their enemy's combat effectiveness.



The Badlands claim all land south of Eret's castle and all land north of Bad and Skeppy's mansion - essentially all the land on the server. However, they have no control over almost any of their land and no one recognizes their claims either. Their controlled and most recognized territory is a large patch of land to the south of the Dream SMP, which includes Bad and Skeppy's mansion, Pandora's Vault and the surrounding land. BadBoyHalo also claims that Kinoko is encroaching on Badlands territory.


  • Antfrost's animal sanctuary: A sanctuary containing different animals.
  • Quartz mansion: The first structure of the Badlands
  • Pandora's Vault: Pandora's Vault is a prison located behind the Quartz mansion.
  • Tommy's watch tower: A watch tower made by Tommy, located near the prison and close to Snowchester.
  • The Eiffel Tower: The Eiffel Tower was a replica landmark built for Karl and Sapnap's Honeymoon.
  • L'Sandberg (future): L'Sandberg is an independent country formed in a chunk of land in Foolish's summer house. It was founded and currently lead by BadBoyHalo, and the Badlands citizens have plans to annex it into the Badlands as an outpost. It consists of a tower and "Shelly x Sheldon Forever Island" that is considered by Foolish to be illegal land.


  • Stoke the flames of conflict and war
  • Sit back and watch the other factions weaken each other out from total war
  • Sweep in and assert dominance over the entire server
  • Rule the entirety of the SMP