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Spoiler warning:
The following page contains spoilers for the plot of the Dream SMP.
Fiction notice:
All banter and fighting seen in streams/videos are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. It is highly disrespectful to send hate towards anyone so please refrain from doing so at any point.
Non-canon notice:
This event is considered non-canon, meaning that it is unrelated to the overall Dream SMP storyline.

The Big Drama Party, also called the Big Lore Party was a massive non-canonical party hosted by Connor on Little Penis Land. Connor said that this would be the most important plot event of the entire SMP. It started off as a drug party, eventually descending into madness including chaos, arson, explosions, fist-fights and murders before it finally ended.


Connor logged onto the server, preparing to start a party that would have "big drama".[Clip/video 1] He put everyone on the invite list, except for Dream, who he excluded to create more drama, but invited later on anyway. He started to build a party house of quartz and white wool. Connor sent an invite 30 minutes prior that said, "Hey guys, big party at my house in 30 minutes! Big lore and big drama!". He then placed a no-mask mandate and invited Keemstar, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and GeorgeNotFound. He hired Sam to get some supplies for the party. He barely managed to finish the house and preparations 5 minutes before the start.

The Party


The guests started coming in, after the beginning of the party[Clip/video 2] [VOD 1]. Sam brought cake and 'cake' for the party supplies. Tubbo started the drama by trying to mug Connor. They trapped a zombie in a boat before Tommy held a toast and started distributing golden apples for everyone to get high on. Tubbo refused because they were gateway drugs. They all entered the house to stay out of the rain.

Tubbo started eating the golden apples and became addicted, giving his enchanted diamond armor set to Tommy for more apples. At the same time, Connor was giving some 'sugar' to Charlie. After Charlie consumed some of it, Tubbo took the rest, overdosed and died. They sealed off his death spot and continued the party. Connor killed the zombie in the boat. He then asked if anyone had drinks, and Tommy showed him bottles of enchanting. Connor tried to buy it with 'sugar', but Charlie took it and declared he would lose his first life from an overdose. Tommy and Connor tried to negotiate for the bottles while Foolish and Charlie started rowing around the party house in a boat.

Wilbur then broke through the roof, threw some ink sacs down and blocked up the hole. He then broke through again to throw blocks down, before resealing the hole again. They started playing music discs, first Mall, then Stal. Schlatt joined the server, asking if there was any alcohol in the party.

Party Goes Downhill

Wilbur then dropped 'America' through the roof. Connor then took the flag and put it on the wall, at which point Tommy tried to leave, saying that the party was getting boring. To keep Tommy in, Connor set off three normal fireworks, which unceremoniously fizzled out. Charlie then started a fire to show how fire the party was. Then, the whole house started burning down, and Tommy decided to stay in the party, because it was lit, and started rapping 'It's Everyday Bro' while people were running around and getting set on fire. Out of nowhere, Schlatt came to the house and attacked Tommy. Tommy ran out of the burning house, chased by Schlatt.

Big Men Fistfight

Schlatt insulted Tommy's suit before they got into a fistfight while Sam blew up the party house. Everyone then followed Tommy and Schlatt. Tommy managed to kill Schlatt 'canonically' in front of everyone else and left a disrespectful sign at his death spot. Then, Connor asked everyone if they enjoyed the party, and most of the attendees said they did. Then, Connor showed off a party trick by drinking a Slow Falling potion and somehow magically falling slower, to the amazement of his audience. Charlie asked if Joe Rogan had arrived and Connor responded that he couldn't make it to the party due to prior obligations. Then, Schlatt came out of nowhere a second time and killed Tommy, which everyone was happy about. He then tried to blow up the First Stal, but Sam broke the TNT before he could blow it up. Tommy attacked him with Dream's pickaxe and died again. Then, Charlie 'insulted' Connor, to which Connor 'canonically' killed him. Schlatt then killed Tommy and took Dream's axe and said he would canonically keep all of Tommy's stuff. Tommy said that he was just joking. Schlatt then tried to escape with his stuff, but Punz killed him.

Party Winds Up

Sam detonated some TNT and blew up Charlie 'canonically'. Connor was accused of selling drugs to Tubbo, but Charlie accused Tubbo of taking the drugs. Then, Tommy buried Schlatt and Connor said he would bring him back for his next party. Charlie then entered the grave as well, sharing some quality time with Schlatt before the two exited the grave. Tommy left after hearing of this and Connor complained about how Tommy ruined his party. Connor, Charlie and Schlatt talked for a few minutes before ending the party.


The three continued their talk and Connor showed Schlatt L'Canyon. Schlatt was confused on why he was considered a bad ruler if this was what other presidents did. Schlatt punched Charlie off a high section of the Prime Path when Charlie said he didn't know about Schlatt's presidency, 'canonically' killing him for the third time. Later, Connor toured Schlatt around the SMP.

'Canon' deaths

Note: None of these deaths are actually canon to the Dream SMP.

Tubbo - 1 (drug overdose)
Slimecicle - 3 (overdose or killed by Connor, blown up by Sam, punched off a cliff by Schlatt)
Schlatt - 1 (killed by Tommy in a fistfight)



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