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This page is about the ghost counterpart of Ranboo. For the living counterpart, see Ranboo/SMP. For the person who plays this character, see Ranboo.

Boo is Ranboo's ghost counterpart. He first appeared on November 28, 2021, after Ranboo's death during the prison break. He seems to have all the memories that Ranboo did, but has different thoughts, opinions, and mannerisms.



Similar to his alive counterpart, the ghost bears the appearance of a half-Enderman with one green eye and one red eye. Half of his face is black (Enderman), and the other half of his face is white/grey (unknown). His coloring is significantly duller than his alive counterpart's. Ranboo has also confirmed that he has hair.

Boo has a large scar across his torso that bleeds both red and green blood. Other than the half-black-half-white capelet he wears over his suit, Boo wears the same attire that Ranboo did when he was alive: a dark gray suit with a red necktie, gray pants, a golden crown, and gray shoes.


It is assumed that Boo shares most of Ranboo's characteristics (his height, species, features, etc). However, he does seem to have some biological differences - for example, Boo does not seem to be physically hurt by water, as he enjoys rain and thunderstorms.[1]

Although similar to Ghostbur, he is different in many ways; notably, he still contains all his living counterpart's memories and is not dissolved by water.

According to Boo, he can die infinite times without consequence due to being already dead. However, singing or dancing will lead to his immediate and permanent disappearance, and he stressed the importance of the other SMP members stopping him immediately if he ever did such a musical thing.[2]

Relation to Ranboo

As explained by Boo, Ranboo's soul and mind were split upon death; his soul remained in limbo, while his mind remained in the living world in the form of Boo. Being Ranboo's mind, Boo cannot feel emotions, and his emotions are instead felt by Ranboo's soul in the afterlife. If the soul "feels too much," it will completely fade away and Ranboo will never be able to be revived.[3]

The soul fading seems to have a physical effect on Boo, as he appeared much more transparent at the end of his stream on March 31, 2022.


Boo has a very different personality than his living counterpart. Boo is much more apathetic and easygoing than Ranboo; he said that he felt "free" (while talking to Tommy) from all the stress of his life. Boo has shown a dislike for his living self, questioning how others were able to put up with Ranboo and even calling him an "annoying piece of crap". Despite this, he has been communicating with his living self's soul and trying to reassure him in the afterlife.

Boo also stated in his messages to Ranboo that he is Ranboo "without a heart, metaphorically speaking" and cannot feel, but due to his living self's focus on morals, he still retains a vague sense of right and wrong.


Legacy Arc

First appearance

Boo appeared shortly after Ranboo lost his final life on November 28, 2021. According to Boo, while Ranboo's ghost had stayed in the living world, Ranboo himself had been sent to limbo (the same situation as Wilbur and Ghostbur).[4]

Boo had also stated that he'd seen Ghostbur at some point, crying, but Boo did not elaborate on when or how.[5]

Boo spoke to Hannah, Boomer, BadBoyHalo, Eryn, and Karl first outside the prison. He expressed how relieved he was to be dead and free of all the stress that he felt in life. He was completely unbothered by his death, even joking about it. He also seemed to despise his living self for being an "annoying piece of crap," crying about everything, and making speeches. This went on for a few minutes before Boo decided to leave.

While Phil was comforting Tommy and helping him plan for the coming days and weeks covering Dream's escape, Boo showed up outside Tommy's house and began casual conversation. Upon Tommy's request, Boo casually retold the circumstances of his death and stated that he had all of Ranboo's memories. Boo stated that if he hums or dances, he will disappear. He also gifted Tommy one of his Rapples. Boo remained in the area for roughly an hour to assist Tommy, Phil, and Eryn in building walls around Tommy's base, answering questions from the three of them and generally socializing in a very genial, jovial manner.


On January 29, 2022, Boo briefly appeared at the end of a lore stream. MICHAEL, the adopted child of Ranboo and Tubbo, had been returned to Ranboo's house by Tubbo, Technoblade, and Eret; Boo stepped out of the house as they approached, relieved to see that MICHAEL had been returned, causing everyone else to be confused (though Eret not as much). The group asked Boo a few questions before handing him his Do not read book and leaving. Tubbo, however, stayed behind, as he agreed to move into Ranboo's house with Boo and MICHAEL.

During this scene, Boo seemed much more reserved and disoriented than his previous appearances, barely giving any definitive answers to the others' questions.


On 31 March, 2022, Boo went to visit Aimsey at the mansion, to help renovate it. When he arrives the door of the mansion, he finds signs on a row of glowstone blocks which read, “you are gone”. He ignores them and enters anyway. While trying to find Aimsey within the mansion, Boo finds a barrel in the center of the floor, in which Aimsey left a red tulip and a sign in front of the barrel, with “you lied” written on it. He assumed the mansion had been robbed and Aimsey's items stolen, and began to search for Aimsey, showing visible concern. He found Aimsey at their treehouse and explained about how he believed the mansion had been robbed. Aimsey interrupts him, talking about their eviction from the mansion and first canon death, both caused by Tubbo. They also inquire Boo if he is dead, but he avoids the question. Aimsey eventually gets him to admit he is a ghost, to which they respond with anger and confusion, but eventually understanding.

Boo returned to his Snowchester home, with the excuse of needing to check on MICHAEL. He entered removed his armor, showing how faded he was, and quickly flipped to the end of his Do not read book, which appeared to be filled with a conversation between him and Ranboo. The final sentence written in the book was a question: "Why did you lie?". Boo writes in a new page, "I didn't want to. I thought it would protect you" and closes the book.
The stream ends.


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