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This page is about the character on the Dream SMP. For the person who plays this character, see BoomerNA.

BoomerNA, also known as Boomer, is the newest member of the Dream SMP. He was invited to the SMP on October 27, 2021, before officially joining on October 29.


Boomer wears a white, long-sleeved top, white shoes, and white pants. He has pale skin and white hair. His eyes are gray. He also wears a green frog hat.


The green frog hat was given to him by his family, and it means something to him and his place of origin.[3] The hat communicates with Boomer often and has a conscience.[4][5] Boomer's Twitch chat is part of the hat's conscience.[2]


Non-canon visits

Prior to being officially invited to the SMP, Boomer visited the SMP on two occasions through Hannah and Sam's Minecraft accounts during IRL meetups.

First visit (Hannah)

Boomer first visited the Dream SMP on June 4, 2021 through Hannah's account.[6] During the visit, Boomer and Hannah built a frog statue named Pickle. Sam later blew up Pickle with TNT on June 8,[7] and Hannah built a replacement Pickle on June 17.

Second visit (Sam)

On July 16, 2021, Boomer visited the SMP on Sam's account.[8] Boomer saw the new Pickle and didn't like it, so he and Sam blew it up once again.[9] During the visit, Boomer also built a face like the Joker to "leave his mark."[10]

Officially joining the server

Boomer was invited by Dream to join the server on October 27, 2021. He officially joined on October 29.

Empowerment Arc

Getting hired by Sam

After finding his way out of Awesamdude's base and mine, Boomer's hat sensed something calling him from afar.[4] Boomer eventually arrived at a swamp, where he found a secret room constructed by Sam. Upon entering the room, Boomer was greeted by a body of Sam, who was reading a book about Boomer's origin. After discussing their shared secret of Sam having multiple bodies, Sam gave Boomer resources and offered the job of being the resource collector for Awesamdude Construction.[11]

Boomer eventually met up with another body of Sam at the Greater Dream SMP, who led Boomer to the bank. There, Boomer was introduced to Hannah.[12] Hannah wanted to become manager of the bank, but Sam expressed concern due to her past association with the Eggpire. Sam eventually asked Boomer for his opinion, and after speaking to his hat, Boomer stated that Hannah seemed trustworthy.[13] Sam eventually agreed to employing Hannah as the manager, and stated that Boomer is Hannah's superior.[14]


On November 28,[15] Boomer received several cryptic warnings from his hat, hinting that something big was about to happen. On its instructions, Boomer went to Sam's bank and met up with Hannah, who was standing outside. Upon being asked, Boomer told Hannah about the hat and its warning. Hannah showed Boomer the materials she had gathered for the bank, thinking it was the big thing, though Boomer was unsure. The hat continued to tell Boomer that something was coming and that a green person with a strong unnatural power could help find his family.

Eventually, Punz arrived to meet Hannah, with Sapnap and Callahan. After being attacked by them, Boomer introduced himself. Punz had come to take out money to use at the casino only to learn that the bank was not finished and no money was in it. Hannah led the group, joined by Eryn and Michael, to her 'apartment complex', which turned out to be Punz's tower, refurbished as houses. Punz was upset about this, and after some arguing, Boomer left.

Upon returning to the bank, he talked to his hat, which gave hints about the person, their power and its relation to him and his family. Hannah properly introduced him to Punz and they started chatting, learning more about each other. While they were talking, Technoblade was breaking into the main cell of the prison to break Dream out. The three noticed death messages, and Punz left, soon after. The hat pointed him to the prison, but Hannah said the prison had security systems and could not be related to the death messages. He suggested that he should visit Dream as told by his hat, but Hannah heavily discouraged him, saying that Dream was dangerous and Sam would not be lenient in matters surrounding him.

Suddenly, they heard a wither spawning and saw Ranboo's death message, making them very uneasy. The hat told Boomer that someone or something was out of the prison. They spotted Jack riding past and asked him what had happened, and he revealed that Dream had escaped the prison. Hannah left to talk with Punz and Jack advised Boomer to leave the area before leaving himself. The hat told Boomer that he could take the opportunity and meet up with Dream now. Boomer ran into Sam, who seemed lost in thought. Sam explained that Technoblade had broken Dream out and that he had killed Ranboo because he was in the prison and attempted to escape as well. Sam then left to search for Dream.

Hannah and Boomer met up again and went to Pandora's Vault. Hannah told Boomer about how Eryn supposedly knew where Dream went, but wouldn't say because he 'needs a redemption'. They encountered Bad, who gave a more detailed description of the escape, and questioned Eryn about seeing Dream. Sam returned and showed everyone Technoblade's break-in route, saying that there was a very small vulnerability that Techno shouldn't have known about. They were later joined by Boo, Ranboo's ghost. Boo expressed happiness in being dead and no longer having any burdens on his shoulders. He explained his prison stay, escape and death. Hannah and Boomer hung out with various players before Boomer returned to his home, making up his mind to find Dream first.


Personal items
Name Notes


Name Status Residence Notes
Blue parrot.PNG Rio Alive Antfrost's animal sanctuary
Cyan Parrot.png Chika Alive Antfrost's animal sanctuary


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship ExtremelyPositive LargePixelArt.png Very positive
Sam and Boomer have a long history. Both Sam and Boomer share secrets with Boomer being his origin and Sam's being that he has multiple bodies. Sam has given Boomer the job of resource collection for Awesamdude Construction. In return, Sam pays Boomer with shelter and resources.[12]
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Boomer and Hannah both expressed some level of familiarity with each other, though they did not know much about the specifics.[16][17] After Sam expressed skepticism about Hannah due to the events of the Red Banquet, Boomer spoke to his hat and stated that he trusted Hannah, convincing Sam to give Hannah another chance.[13] During a prank on Hannah's first year anniversary on the SMP, he blew up Hannah's house, items, and elytra. As retaliation, Hannah blew up his house in return.


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