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The Butcher Army was a group consisting of Tubbo, Quackity, Fundy, and later Ranboo on a quest to kill enemies of L'Manberg on L'Manberg's Official Hit List. Their first task was to arrest and execute Technoblade, but after the execution failed due to interference from Dream and Punz, they shifted towards the goal of killing Dream.


L'Manberg's destruction

Following the destruction of L'Manberg by Technoblade, Techno had become a wanted fugitive to the L'Manbergians. Quackity and Fundy wanted to take immediate action, forming an army named the 'Butcher Army'. The two decided to start recruiting members of the SMP by developing anti-Techno propaganda. However, Tubbo wasn't interested in the idea, instead advocating for peace.

Tommy's exile

Tommy's exile was the official mobilization of the Butcher Army. On December 4, 2020, Tubbo decided that exiling Tommy would be most beneficial to L'Manberg's safety and future. Quackity and Fundy became infuriated about his last-minute decision that contradicted with the one they discussed and originally agreed upon. To try to diffuse the situation and unite the cabinet, Quackity decided to take Tubbo and Fundy to a secret meeting room filled with anti-Techno propaganda under the waters of L'Manberg. Quackity explained the pictures of Technoblade and of pork related foods, implying that Technoblade will soon become "dinner."

Fundy then shared a secret book to the two cabinet members. The book was a hit list of deceased and living members of the SMP that were considered a threat to the safety of nation. Members in the hit list included Jschlatt, Wilbur, Dream, and Technoblade. The cabinet agreed upon Technoblade being the greatest threat to L'Manberg and decided to hunt him down first.

Technoblade's arrest & execution

On December 16, 2020, the Butcher Army decided to make a move by arresting and executing Technoblade. Now with Ranboo included in the group, the army set off to find Technoblade. They didn't know Techno's whereabouts, so they interrogated Philza in hopes that he would reveal Technoblade's location. Phil was resistant to tell them where Techno was, but the Butcher Army found the lodestone compass that Techno gave him. The army put Phil on house arrest for his unwillingness to cooperate and made their way to kidnap Technoblade. The Butcher Army arrived when Techno was making potions to prepare for the upcoming battle. Ghostbur showed the army exactly where Techno lived, thinking that they just wanted to visit him. The Butcher Army gave him the chance to turn himself in, but Technoblade refused. A fight broke out, and Quackity took Techno's horse, Carl, to use him as leverage. Techno gave in since he didn't want his horse to be killed, and complied by dropping his armor and his weapons. The Butcher Army escorted him back to L'Manberg for what they claimed was a trial.

The army implied that Techno would be going to court, but it ended up being a lie. Their true motive was to kill him, and they had set up a cage for Techno where an anvil would drop on him. Suddenly, Punz came out of nowhere and started attacking the army, throwing them off guard and allowing Dream to steal Carl back. Quackity pulled the lever to send the anvil to kill Technoblade, but due to a totem of undying that the army didn't know he had, Techno survived. He ran away unharmed into the Final Control Room, where Dream had laid a supply chest for Techno to escape L'Manberg. Dream fled the scene before Quackity entered the Final Control Room.

Quackity vs Technoblade Duel

As Quackity came in, Technoblade hid Carl behind a dug-out stone tunnel, where Technoblade didn't have enough time to escape through the tunnel into the sewers. Quackity wanted justice for Techno's wrongdoings, and the two had a verbal altercation before a duel began. Techno blocked off Quackity in stone and used a Turtle Master potion. While Quackity had the upper-hand because he was equipped with enchanted netherite armor and an unenchanted diamond axe, Techno with his Turtle Master potion tanked all his hits and and killed Quackity with a netherite pickaxe, taking his canon life. Techno then dug himself an escape route for Carl and himself to flee L'Manberg. After respawning, Quackity organized a meeting of the Butcher Army in their secret meeting room.


Quackity put the puzzle pieces together and stated that Dream was the reason Techno was able to get away. Fundy mentioned that he also saw Dream, and in frustration, Quackity destroyed the pictures of Techno on the walls. The army then decided to shift their goal to killing Dream. The group reasoned that they needed a plan, and they decided that they would host a festival, like Schlatt's, and lure Dream in just to execute him. The plan was set into motion, with Fundy and Ranboo given the role of the event organizers and Quackity being the one to kill Dream.


Ultimately, the plan to kill Dream at the festival failed. Though Dream seemed to believe that the festival was merely a festival, he saw it as an opportunity to gain a political advantage over L'Manberg using the assembled crowd. His actions led to distrust and resentment between the various members of the Butcher Army, and they lost sight of their original plan. With his plan in place, Dream teamed up with Technoblade and gave his audience an ultimatum: 24 hours to abandon L'Manberg peacefully, before the nation fell for the last time.

The Butcher Army fell apart as they argued over what the right action was. Dream's actions framed Ranboo as a traitor, and Quackity and Fundy wished to use their remaining time to see him executed. Tubbo, however, stood by Ranboo's side and refused to execute him. In an impassioned speech about standing for people and not harmful sides, Ranboo explained that he refused to continue in the cycle of violence that only brought suffering. Fundy later reflected on Ranboo's words, frustrated at Tubbo's constant rejection of his ideas, and realized that the nation never truly cared for him and was no longer worth fighting for.

L'Manberg fell the next day, and Tubbo, the only remaining loyal member of the Butcher Army, was powerless to stop it.

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