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All banter and fighting seen in streams/videos are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. It is highly disrespectful to send hate towards anyone so please refrain from doing so at any point.
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Currently, there is no official name for this event, faction, or location. The title is what it's been dubbed as by the community.

The Camarvan Conflict was a conflict surrounding Wilbur Soot and TommyInnit's plans to start a potion/drug business on the Dream Team SMP. This conflict would turn out to be one of the most important ones in the history of the server, as it was instrumental in sparking the creation of L'Manberg.



On July 24th, 2020, Wilbur Soot invited Tommy to start a potion business with him, referencing Breaking Bad.[1][2] He showed him the caravan (misspelled 'Camarvan') that they would use as their base of operations. To ensure their business would be successful, their first objective was to collect all brewing stands on the server so that only they could make potions.

They told Tubbo and Sapnap that brewing stands and the materials to create them, like blaze rods, caused violent diarrhoea[3] and asked Tubbo to give them all his brewing stands, with which he complied. They also subtly promoted the use of potions.

Investigation and discovery

Sapnap started becoming suspicious of the duo's actions. When Tubbo gave them a stack of blaze rods from his ender chest, Sapnap took the rods instead. Realizing the situation could get out of their control, Wilbur and Tommy tried to retreat, but Tubbo and Sapnap followed them, despite Wilbur insisting that they were going to a drug-disposal system. Tubbo and Sapnap then found the Camarvan as well as the drug lab.

Wilbur and Tommy fled while Tubbo and Sapnap threatened to bring them to the Courthouse. They hid under a river while explaining that they wanted to study the drugs to destroy them. But, Sapnap refused to give the stack of blaze rods as he thought they were drug addicts. Wilbur and Tommy swam away on the riverbed while Tubbo and Sapnap tried to spy on them, planning to catch them in the act and compile evidence to use to take them to court.

A new accomplice

Wilbur and Tommy decided to call Fundy and frame Sapnap for the drugs, while portraying themselves as the people who were trying to take the drugs away from him and Tubbo. Sapnap and Tubbo decided to show Fundy the Camarvan for proof of Wilbur's activities, but Wilbur managed to convince him that it was just a hot dog van by blocking off the drug lab. Sapnap attempted to take them to the Courthouse for obstruction of justice and killed Tommy, which started turning Tubbo and Fundy against Sapnap, since he committed murder.

Fundy later entered the Camarvan and told Wilbur and Tommy that he knew about the drug lab and wanted to join them. Unbeknownst to Fundy, Sapnap and Tubbo were hiding under the window of the Camarvan, not able to hear anything, but able to see the brewing stands as well as Fundy talking to them. Eret also joined them during their mission. The group worried that Fundy had joined Wilbur's side.

Loose ends left untied

Then, Purpled and Ponk arrived, looking to take Ponk's pickaxe back from Tommy and get revenge for Tommy killing Ponk.[4][5] Wilbur sternly asked Tommy if he had left any loose ends untied before joining the project. Tommy nervously tried to evade Purpled and Ponk, but they remained persistent. Tubbo, Sapnap and Eret, meanwhile, had shifted to the top of the roof, from which they were watching the events in and around the Camarvan. Tubbo considered their job collecting evidence done, and said that all they needed to do was arrest him. They called Purpled and Ponk and decided to ally with them.

Attacked from all fronts

Tommy started digging straight down from the Camarvan to escape while Wilbur distracted them with a hot dog. However, Sapnap found his escape tunnel under the Camarvan and alerted Purpled and Tubbo. Tommy entered a cave system and tried to escape. Sapnap, Tubbo and Eret decided to charge into the Camarvan, making Wilbur give up and stand away from the site, watching various server members rush around the Camarvan. Tubbo, Sapnap, Eret, Ponk and Purpled all started searching for Tommy near the van. Tommy managed to evade all the mobs in the cave while digging further down. Wilbur decided to kick him out of the business until he tied up all his loose ends before ending the call.

The empire crumbles

Tommy was then almost immediately caught in the caves by Sapnap and Purpled and was held at gunpoint for possession of unlawful substances. Meanwhile, Tubbo, Ponk and Eret all entered the Camarvan and confronted Wilbur who logged out. Tubbo and Eret camped the position while Sapnap, Purpled and Ponk took Tommy from the caves to one of the Courthouse jail cells where he awaited trial. Wilbur started making plans with Fundy (while logged out) to break Tommy out of jail, abandon the Camarvan and make a safehouse somewhere else. Fundy was then asked to come to the Courthouse as well. Tubbo followed Fundy to the Courthouse, leaving Eret to camp at Wilbur's position. Wilbur wanted Fundy to make a supplies chest for potions that they could use for the break-out, but Tubbo was too close.

Two double-agents

Wilbur decided to log back on the server and was greeted with a sign saying, "You're safe" from Eret. Eret entered the Camarvan and said that he had a change of heart and wanted to support them. On Wilbur's orders, Eret took over the duty of leading Fundy to the Courthouse from Tubbo. Eret and Fundy took a large de-tour, collecting supplies for the potions. Purpled left the Courthouse to check on Fundy and joined his VC to find Eret and Fundy talking. He stayed quiet, listening to their entire conversation, including bits about Eret's betrayal. Sapnap was informed by a donation that Eret had betrayed them, but informed Tubbo too late. He left Ponk in charge of Tommy and went in search of Eret and Fundy.

Ponk and Tommy then started bonding and Ponk broke Tommy out of prison himself. Tommy, however, refused to go out of the cell as Ponk would get in trouble. Instead, Tommy asked Ponk to show him the lever that opened the jail gate and then broke the system for the lever. He then asked Ponk to alert the rest to come quickly to the Courthouse by lying that Tommy had diarrhoea. Ponk called them, gave them the message and returned. Tommy prepared an escape route from the cell and told Ponk to act like they were angry at each other when the rest arrived.

Betrayal uncovered

At the same time, Purpled confronted Fundy, ordering him to go to the Courthouse. Fundy ran to his house with Eret and looked through the chests at his house, 'depositing' all of his items, before agreeing to go to the Courthouse. Sapnap and Purpled revealed that they already knew about Eret's betrayal but didn't want to convict him, and asked him to step away from the scene. They were leading Fundy and Eret back when Ponk joined the VC, saying that Tommy had had a bad case of diarrhoea. The quartet walked quickly and reached the Courthouse.

Wilbur speaks with Tubbo

At the same time, Wilbur had finished remodelling the inside of the van to look like a hot dog van. Tubbo stood guard to make sure that Wilbur wasn't doing anything illegal. He entered the van and saw that the interior fit a hot dog van. Wilbur said that he just wanted to start a hot dog business and that he had kids to feed, but they came in and messed it up. Tubbo apologized, saying it must have been a big misunderstanding. He asked if Wilbur wanted gold as compensation, which was coincidentally one of the things Wilbur needed for the potions. Wilbur accepted 10 gold and asked Tubbo to leave the area. He then started collecting potion supplies himself. He then called Tommy who said that people had arrived at the Courthouse. Wilbur planned to break him out using invisibility potions and left the call to collect more supplies.


Tommy and Ponk started getting angry at each other as part of the act. Purpled and Sapnap put Fundy and Eret in the second jail cell before joining a separate VC. Purpled said that chat was telling him about another betrayal (Ponk) and that he could only really trust Sapnap. Sapnap, being tired of the events, proposed that they declare war and execute all the people in the Courthouse (Tommy, Ponk, Eret and Fundy). Purpled agreed, but decided to hear what was going on in the other VC first. Meanwhile, Tommy asked if Eret was on their side, realizing that all the people in the current VC were allied with them. He told them his plans with Wilbur and discussed with Wilbur again before Purpled and Sapnap rejoined their VC. They hinted at Ponk about knowing his betrayal before sitting down for the trial. Tubbo acted as the judge.

Before they could properly proceed, Tommy tried to make the chatters spam 'ASS ULT' in the chat to drown out the people snitching about their plans to Sapnap and Purpled. Purpled tried to explain everything that he had seen, but Tommy, Fundy and Eret started saying 'ASS ULT' to get the chat spamming and generally became as chaotic as possible, drowning out Purpled's words. This led to Sapnap blocking him off with cobblestone at which he immediately got on a call with Wilbur to discuss his breakout and gave him his coordinates.

Meanwhile, Purpled explained how he overheard Eret, Fundy and Wilbur talking. He then revealed that Ponk had betrayed them as well, and Tubbo, Sapnap and Purpled held Ponk at gunpoint. Ponk was put in the cell with Tommy, and Purpled left to check on Wilbur. The chat told him that they were at his UFO, and he found Wilbur there, brewing potions. Wilbur refused to speak without a lawyer.

Jailbreak and execution

Meanwhile, Eret and Fundy managed to dig out the back of the cell and escape. Sapnap and Tubbo chased them, allowing Tommy to escape as well. Sapnap decided to kill them and started searching. He joined Purpled's VC and Wilbur took the distraction and fled the UFO. Purpled chased him down and found him hiding under a cliff. When Wilbur was found, he burst into exasperated laughter and said, somewhat out-of-roleplay, "server's fucking boring, bro." Purpled was taken aback by this. He saw Fundy and Eret swimming away in a boat and decided to leave Wilbur and chase them instead.

Tommy ran to his base and made gear for himself before running into Sapnap. He tried to fight, but Tubbo attacked Tommy, forcing him to ender pearl out. Purpled exclaimed that the server had "gone to shit", at which Wilbur laughed harder. Sapnap tracked Tommy down and they dueled, ending in Tommy dying. Purpled, meanwhile, had completely lost Eret and Fundy. Wilbur said that Purpled and the rest had wasted time on him while everyone escaped from the prison. He started clowning on them, at which point Sapnap shot and killed him before joining Purpled's VC.


Wilbur said that he hadn't even done anything wrong yet. Tubbo asked why everyone was trying to kill him then and Wilbur replied that the chat snitched on all of his actions, so he couldn't do anything at all and Purpled saw the chat and hunted him down before he could try and continue the bit. Wilbur was a little saddened, but said that he would be back and that he now had the stuff that he needed. Tubbo offered to give him some blaze rods himself, a silent indication of shifting loyalties, which he accepted. Tommy, Fundy and Eret joined the conversation and discussed their current status. There were no major losses in resources and many of them now had potions and potion-making supplies. The three walked to the Camarvan.

Purpled felt that they had lost overall, since they were now essentially fighting a 2v5, and they had gained nothing from the fight whatsoever, while the other side had gotten away and gained more people. He decided to hide the chat, feeling guilty about listening to them. Sapnap seemed to give up, feeling that they should just let them have their drugs. Purpled found Tommy and Fundy, but Sapnap told him to not kill them. They found out Tubbo was with them as well and decided to meet them. Sapnap asked Wilbur for a hotdog and Wilbur prepared one and gave it to him. He then asked if the drugs were good to which Wilbur replied that they didn't have drugs. Purpled found Tommy hiding in the van but Wilbur denied that he knew him before logging out for the day.

Sapnap started feeling guilty and gave Tommy and Tubbo blaze rods. Purpled, meanwhile, was tired of the events and started randomly killing people, killing Fundy and Eret first. Tommy asked Sapnap to guard him if they wanted to be friends, also berating him throughout for attacking them and being on the wrong side. Sapnap silently agreed, but Tommy later asked him to leave and Purpled killed them both shortly after. Purpled then killed Eret for the second time. Purpled considered the ending a win for himself, despite the fact that he had turned the entire server against him.


Wilbur became disillusioned and frustrated with the failure of all his plans due to the interference of other server members. He came to realize that most of his enemies were American and so, he decided to create a new independent nation or 'server' and secede from the Dream Team SMP. This would create L'Manberg, the country that would set the entire server's storyline into motion and which led to the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War.


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