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This page is about the content creator. For their SMP character, see CaptainPuffy/SMP.

Caroline "Cara", better known online as CaptainPuffy, is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber who is friends with the Dream Team. She joined the Dream SMP on November 16, 2020.

Being a regular player in Minecraft Championships, Puffy played alongside Dream and GeorgeNotFound. Puffy has also been teammates with fellow SMP members Technoblade, Fundy, TommyInnit, Punz, and Ph1LzA.


Dream SMP

To see their history and involvement in the SMP, visit CaptainPuffy/SMP.



Dream Team collaborations

CaptainPuffy videos featuring Dream Team
Video Title Release date Dream Team members Notes
Dream_makes_punz_RAGE_QUIT_among_us dream makes punz RAGE QUIT among us October 4, 2020 Dream, George
How_to_OUTSMART_dream_&_badboyhalo_in_among_us how to OUTSMART dream & badboyhalo in among us October 8, 2020 Dream, Sapnap, BadBoyHalo
Dream_SMP_-_The_THRONE_is_under_ATTACK! Dream SMP - The THRONE is under ATTACK! December 13, 2020 Dream, George, Sapnap
Dream_SMP_-_The_Festival_(DOOMSDAY) Dream SMP - The Festival (DOOMSDAY) January 14, 2021 Dream, Sapnap, BadBoyHalo


  • She is the third woman to join the Dream SMP after ItsAlyssa and Nihachu.
  • She is colorblind. She took a colorblind test on stream, showing she has strong Protan color blindness.[7]
    • She chooses to mainly use a rainbow Minecraft skin because she can see the more saturated colors more clearly.
  • She is openly bisexual.[Citation needed]
  • She and Eret were friends before the SMP, and have been close for about a year now. They form two-thirds of the trio "Booty Bandits," with the third member being the streamer ElainaExe.
  • Dream originally intended for her to join the server right after the Manberg-Pogtopian War in a similar fashion to ConnorEatsPants. However, she was unavailable during this time and joined later.
  • She began playing Minecraft in 2010.[8]
  • On April Fools 2021, she tweeted out a fake screenshot claiming that she had been invited to Hermitcraft, and would be quitting Dream SMP.[9]
  • Her username, CaptainPuffy, is derived from the Pokémon Jigglypuff, as she is a big fan of the franchise.
  • Puffy has competed in the Minecraft Championships since the beginning, missing only MCC 4, MCC 13, and MCC 15. She has also won MCC 6 alongside Fundy, Fruitberries, and Bitzel.[10]
  • Her astrological sign is Virgo.
  • Puffy won Pokimane's platonic Love or Host, where Puffy chose platonic love.[11]
  • Her favorite color is yellow.
  • Puffy has asthma and OCD.[12]
  • She has six cats (Blue,[13] Peach,[14] Bubbles,[15] Belle,[16] Pepper,[17] and Penny[18]) and three dogs, all adopted or rescued. She also had a fourth dog named Daisy, but Daisy passed away in July 2020.[19]
    • All four dogs were adopted when they were puppies. The puppies were originally used for drug money and were covered with fleas when she adopted them.[20][21]
    • Belle was thrown out of a car window on a highway. Puffy's aunt found Belle, and Puffy adopted Belle.[22]
    • Peach was adopted from a house with an animal hoarding problem. The original owners claimed that Peach had bitten another kitten.[23]
    • Puffy adopted Bubbles and Blue after secretly signing up to adopt a kitten when she was eighteen years old.[24][25]
    • Pepper was adopted as Puffy's birthday gift after her grandfather passed away. She later adopted Penny, Pepper's twin, after the shelter was unable to find someone to adopt her.[26]
  • She used to have a bearded dragon named Zippy.[27]
  • She is left-handed.[28]
  • She is scared of butterflies.[29]
  • Puffy hates mustard.[Citation needed]
  • Puffy used to be apart of the Minecraft roleplay group, Origins, before joining the Dream SMP.
  • She was invited to join the Dream SMP while she was buying a turkey.[30]


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