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This page is about the character from the Dream SMP. For the streamer who plays this character, see CaptainPuffy.

"You've mistaken my kindness for weakness, Antfrost!"


CaptainPuffy, commonly nicknamed Puffy, is the twenty seventh member of the Dream SMP and was one of Eret's knights in the Dream SMP. She joined shortly after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, on November 16, and resides in a mushroom house in Dream SMP territory, but also has a house in Snowchester and mainly lives there. Currently, she serves as the leader of a loose resistance against the Eggpire called "pro-omelette."

She is a supporting protagonist of the Red Dreams Half of the Empowerment Arc.


Puffy was previously a sheep with rainbow fur. She wore black sunglasses and a purple cape with the Twitch icon.

She recently appeared as a human with long brown hair, tan skin, green eyes, and sunglasses. She wore a sheep onesie reminiscent of her previous skin.

In her Snowchester attire, she retains her long brown hair, tan skin, green eyes, and sunglasses. She wears the standard-issue Snowchester clothing: a thick brown vest and pants over a long-sleeved, checkered, beige shirt that is lined with cream fur and accompanied by boots and a hood.

In fanart and her official Twitch icon, she is an anthropomorphic sheep who wears a red pirate jacket, a white long sleeve shirt, and a black pirate captain hat.

In her most recent skin, which was updated during her origin story lore stream, Puffy is a human with green eyes, sunglasses, a captain's hat, and a captain's dark grey or faded black long duster with gold buttons. Her hair is split-dyed half white to represent the sheep skin and half brown, her actual hair color. Puffy has said that this is her permanent skin.


Puffy is a bubbly, kind, and friendly person. She generally gets along with everyone in the SMP and considers most of them her friends. She often acts out of kindness and helps people no matter where they stand, expecting nothing in return, such as when she built Tommy a Christmas tree during exile to cheer him up. She also has an urge to help rebuild the SMP to look natural and have it not filled with explosions and rubble, joking that she is one of the "janitors" of the server. She often takes on a parental role, even calling Dream her "duckling" and showing concern about protecting Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo, and Purpled, the kids on the server.

However, she also has a chaotic side, as shown by the time she and Dream blew up parts of the server and blamed it on Tommy. She enjoys pranking others as long as it does not go too far. She tries not to cause lasting harm to others with her actions, and prefers to resolve situations peacefully. Some of her ultimately harmless pranks were building a giant llama for Karl; building a toilet on BadBoyHalo's mansion; and changing all of Tommy's smooth stone in his house to granite.

Puffy has a knack for building. Some of her notable projects include remaking the Duck Statue into a turkey for Thanksgiving, building the Rainbow Target (L'Targay), her mushroom house, the Temple of Hype, rebuilding the Community House after it was destroyed, and her Snowchester house and windmill.

She shows that she is one of the only caring adults on the server to Tommy and Tubbo, as the others seem to either dislike Tommy or simply not care about him. For example, when Bad attempts to capture Tommy for the Eggpire, she argues against it, saying that Tommy has been through enough and that bringing kids into it was going too far.

Puffy has also been shown to be a capable leader, as she has been seen as the leader of the unofficial resistance against the Eggpire. However, she realizes that she may have waited too late to act and feels a great deal of guilt for how things have turned out because of it. Her closest friends and allies, Bad, Ant, and Dream, all turned out to be some of the server's major antagonists. Feeling conflicted because of her friendship with Bad and Ant, she did not commit to doing "whatever it takes" or face the fact that she might have to kill her former friends until after Tommy died.

Even though Puffy wants to help the minors of the server, she acknowledges that she failed to help Tommy while he was locked up in the prison. She tried to protect Tommy's hotel from a takeover by Jack Manifold while he was locked up. She and Jack argued and ended up agreeing to meet in court, where Puffy planned to sue Jack for ownership of the hotel on Tommy's behalf. However, that date never came, as Dream murdered Tommy in prison. Puffy was devastated, saying to herself that she was both disappointed by her friends' actions and a disappointment to them by her failure to act in time or save the people she wanted to protect. She even began to wonder if she should simply leave, stating that she failed both Dream and Tommy.

It seems that while she previously helped Tommy escape the Eggpire and rescue Sam, she did not truly grasp how much danger Tommy and everyone else was in until Tommy died. Her caring and somewhat naïve nature made her ignore the facts of what Bad, Ant, and Dream were capable of because she wanted to believe the best of her friends. Most notably, she still held out hope that Dream would reform and wanted to visit him, only truly abandoning him after he killed Tommy. Although she has pledged to help and support the children of the server now that Tommy is dead, she has begun to doubt herself and has not taken any major steps towards that goal yet.

She is still capable of admitting to mistakes, which becomes evident when she shows remorse for ever helping the Eggpire expand. With the beginning of her origin story arc, however, her ability to admit her faults seems to be swinging too far in the other direction. She became hyper-critical of herself and blamed herself for everything.

The events of the Red Banquet have had a drastic effect on her psyche, specifically the death of Foolish and her killing of Antfrost. The realization of Bad's selfish exploitation of trust and lack of care for innocent lives has turned Puffy bitter and spiteful towards the entire server, now hardened and unaccepting of trust after reflecting on the actions of Dream and the Eggpire. She sees war as the only option, believing any possibility of peace to be long gone, and has abandoned her morals for this crusade. Her demeanor has transformed from that of a motherly figure to the very thing she previously despised the most: A bloodthirsty warmonger with no qualms about destroying the world around her.


Early Life

Puffy was most likely born on a ship or in a small town. She was possibly part of (and maybe the leader of) a group of pirates, who wore the typical captain gear (black and red suits). She seemed to have crashed on a ship during a storm on November 15, the day before she "joined the server," causing her to lose most of her memories from before the crash. The sight of her ship triggers memories of familiar sights and feelings, but she is very averse to exploring those. According to an old diary she found on the ship, she has a mother, she was searching for a mysterious treasure, and her family has some sort of "curse."

Retribution Arc

First arrival

After logging in to the server for the first time, Eret greeted Puffy at the spawn point and lead her to his castle. Eret immediately killed her after she attempted to free the sheep crowded in his pen outside the castle. She later returned to the sheep pen and successfully freed the sheep, only for Eret and Sam to kill those who escaped. In retaliation, she killed the rest of the sheep to "free them of their suffering," removing the remaining fence of the pen in the process.

Pranking Eret

Puffy built a statue of a sheep as a prank over Eret's castle entrance. It was a full-sized sheep with sunglasses and a crown, built out of wool. This is the second time someone had pranked Eret with a wool statue, the first being Fundy's Flamingos. When Eret logged in, she showed the statue to him, which led to him becoming angry at Puffy for using his resources. He then lit the sheep on fire, much to her dismay.

Helping with L'Manberg & "borrowing" from Technoblade

While Tubbo, Fundy, Quackity, and Ghostbur began working on rebuilding L'Manberg and other houses around them, Puffy joined them and aided Tubbo in gathering resources for the rebuilding of the country. After this, she went to check out Technoblade's base and borrowed his netherite armor. In response, Techno logged on and killed her while she was searching for the community spider spawner. He took back the armor, but gave her food and other supplies in return, along with showing her the spawner.

Later on, she found Carl, Technoblade's prized horse, in Eret's castle, where he had stolen the horse in an attempt to blackmail Techno. She then returned Carl to Technoblade with diamond armor free of charge but did so right in front of Tommy, who was in a meeting with him.

Date with Nihachu

Puffy and Niki went on a date on November 28, 2020. The date with Niki began with a gift of a red poppy from Puffy. Niki took the gift with gratitude, and Puffy lead Niki down the trail and across Church Prime, where Puffy set a picnic spot for the date. The picnic area had the classic pattern of a red and white carpet with sunflowers and rose bushes. Each corner had a lantern, and behind the carpet was an image of Niki's pets, Zuko and Toph. To the side of the carpet was a chest, and inside it was lettuce, champagne, pumpkin pie, and baked potatoes. Niki was openly enthusiastic and heartfelt about it, and they were able to joke and laugh about the mistake in the images plugin, giving the beginning of the date a good start.

The main plan for the date was for them to build a shop after they took down the picnic area. After a small discussion, they decided to visit Niki's Bakery, where they asked the chat what they should build and gained ideas for the style. Puffy read out the options of a cottage, a flower shop, and a coffee shop. Niki considered all of the options to be good ideas, but she found a flower shop to be the most favorable out of all, and thus, a flower shop was in construction. Ranboo and Fundy later attempted to take over the shop, but Niki and Puffy managed to defend it, leading the two invaders to build a rivaling ice cream shop. During their time in the shop, Dream visited the shop, and bought flowers, saying after that George would love them. Fundy, in disbelief, confronted Dream, to which he quickly responded that it was a typo, and promptly gave him a gentle kiss after. A few moments later, Dream whispered to Nihachu to get more flowers, and to not tell Fundy about it.

After they touch up the bits and surroundings of the flower shop, Dream begins to ask odd questions, such as, "Where is the border of L'Manberg?" Confused, Puffy and Niki began to walk over to Dream, and in shock, found him building an obsidian wall. They asked him questions and even voiced their confusion, but Dream continued on the labor, answering very vaguely or shortly. They informed Ranboo, Tubbo, and Fundy about it. Tubbo decided to schedule a meeting for them to discuss, with hopes of resolving the conflict so Dream can take down the border. At the end of their date lies danger and uncertainty, especially with Puffy and Niki on opposing sides. Puffy then gives Niki a diamond that was named "Promise ring."

Building a home & relationships

Puffy started moving her items out from her base in Bubbles the duck and established her own base, a mushroom house, on November 30. While gathering materials for the base, Dream began following her around in a friendly manner, leading Puffy to call Dream "my duckling" and wonder, "Am I a dad now? Puff Daddy has a whole other meaning now..." His behavior tugged at her heartstrings and she later revealed that she had a gift for Dream: many stacks of obsidian, which he could have decided to use for any nonspecific structure. She then went around the server, helping Fundy build his chessboard and BadBoyHalo mine out a massive cavern for housing his statues.

After the creation of the Eggpire, Puffy built an underground base beneath one of the towers of Eret's castle. There, she maintains a room with a large wall of signs describing troubling events on the SMP and her efforts to figure everything out. This was initially an attempt to recreate Fundy's first wall of signs and theories, but she now adds to the sign wall as she gathers new intel and theories about what's going on. In order to keep a closer eye on BadBoyHalo, she moved this underground base right beneath Bad's mansion, hiding the entrance behind a photo of CatMaid Skeppy. After Tommy's death, she recruited Eret to the pro-omelette cause, showed him the base under Bad's house, and invited him to add to the sign wall any time he found more intel.

Egg corruption

Puffy started the stream normal till her first encounter with the Egg and the blood vines. She calls them pretty and magnificent. Puffy also gave the Egg an affectionate nickname, "Eggy." She started EggChamp, which is similar to PogChamp and wouldn't stop talking about it. Puffy began to protect the Egg from everyone who opposed it and worked alongside BadBoyHalo and Antfrost. She let the vines grow into her house and celebrated it, saying The Egg would cause a new era.

When Sapnap blew up part of the Egg, she and Bad covered The Egg in obsidian to ensure nobody would hurt it again. Due to the obsidian blocking it, Bad woke up from the possession. Although it took Puffy longer, she did as well. Bad, Punz, Ant, and Puffy were now in charge of making sure the Egg wouldn't hurt anyone else as it did them. However, Puffy and Ant still felt some attraction to The Egg, saying that the vines looked pretty and the Egg was amazing.

Over time, Puffy and a few others were put in charge of keeping The Egg away from the rest of the SMP. They did many experiments on the Egg, such as seeing what happened if they put wool nearby and eventually covering the entire Egg with several layers of obsidian to stop it from breaking free, but Puffy still wondered what would happen if the 'wonderful Egg' was let out of containment.

When Skeppy was trapped and then released from The Egg, she and Bad were the first people to respond. She dressed up like Skeppy to try and bait him into returning to his old self and shot him off a tower causing him to MLG water - waking up a small uncorrupted part. Seeing this, Puffy could no longer imagine why she ever loved the Egg and was glad that it was now trapped and under surveillance.

Green Festival

On the day of the festival, Puffy placed her armor and tools away, in fear of losing them again. Just in case an emergency occurred, she placed her netherite items in her ender chest. To at least protect herself, she wore iron armor and tools. When she entered the crowd, she came in time to applaud, along with the other members of L'Manberg during Tubbo's presidency. During the festival, Puffy and Niki actively participated in the games together as a couple.

When the council took too long during their meeting and eventually followed Dream, who seemed to be building up the wall again, Puffy decided to follow them to the Community House, which she was horrified to see had been blown up. In the middle, she watched as the events unfolded and Dream and Techno gave the warning that they would destroy L'Manberg the next day. Afterward, Puffy expressed how she felt conflicted: she agreed with Niki that Tommy did some unforgivable things and that she struggled to see him leading the defense, but strongly believed in the ideals and people the country represented. She was tired of choosing sides and conflicts but recognized that neutrality was, in itself, a decision. She originally joined the Badlands because they had been neutral in the Manberg vs. Pogtopia War, but ended up having ties to people both for and against L'Manberg including Dream, Niki, Eret, and Tubbo.

Doomsday War

Puffy continued to consider what the right course of action is through the entire night before the war, but decided that it was worth it to try to protect L'Manberg and her friends who called it home. She was able to snipe down a decent number of Techno's dogs from a safe distance, and spent most of the battle taking out withers, but agreed in the end that the country was gone forever.

Once L'Manberg was destroyed, Puffy started to have doubts about her loyalty to Dream. She doesn't understand why the wars started over two small useless discs, and thinks Ranboo was in the right. People were being pushed too far and there should be no sides. She writes down in her book her thoughts about being a knight.

"What it means to be a knight.. it means doing what's right even though some may think it's wrong. It's losing the people you are closest with you even when it's the last thing you could ever want."

She reflects that everyone, "no matter how cruel," deserves a home, a safe place they can come back to. She is angry that Dream destroyed everyone's home in L'Manberg because of a grudge between him and Tommy. She then blows up Dream's house that she built for him, even going as far as saying she'd wither it if it weren't for BadBoyHalo's house right next to it. She finds a disc and hands it to Tommy, saying "The thing I want people to remember most is who did it... that's what matters. And boy, do we know who did it. Tommy has screwed up time and again but he is a CHILD. Waging over a child's mistake... over a disc... over what? To prove a point?" She defends Tommy and Tubbo by saying they're children who have been through traumatic events while Dream is an adult and should know better.

Knight arc

Puffy mourns L'Manberg whilst she questions what it actually means to be a knight. She makes a book called 'Captain's Log' and every time she's on she will write down her thoughts and what it actually means to be a knight. Puffy questions her loyalty to her duckling and wonders why they would destroy a country for two discs. Puffy thinks that Ranboo is right that everything is about choosing sides. After, she goes to the Community House and talks about how it has been here since the beginning and how she just wanted to make the SMP much nicer. She agreed with what Ranboo had said, and sympathized with Tommy. She forgave him and hoped others will, too. She began to speculate Dream was the one to blow up the Community House.

After the betrayal of her closest friends, Puffy becomes further disillusioned and writes in her Captain's Log that she no longer considers herself a knight. She reflects on how the desire for power, whether for an Egg or a country, makes people turn on each other. She personally renounces the title of knight and no longer considers herself as a Knight of Eret.

The Egg

BadBoyHalo visits Puffy, as well as Antfrost and Punz. He shows them The Egg and how it has grown so big. They are all wary of it and leave, unsure of how to deal with it after their previous corruption. Bad then convinces them all that they need to take over the server using The Egg and create an Eggpire. Puffy says no, but allies with the Eggpire anyway, and agrees to destroy the obsidian keeping The Egg in place. Everyone else says they love The Egg and its power but Puffy is still unsure. They all expose her to The Egg and she agrees that she wants The Egg to be released and seemingly gets infected, but secretly writes in the Captain's Log that she thinks they're mad and that The Egg should be destroyed. She lets the vines be planted and attends a meeting for the Eggpire, but once it is over, she reveals it was because she wanted to know their plans and be able to help the non-infected.

Empowerment Arc

Undercover mission: Egg

Whilst talking to Antfrost and BadBoyHalo, Puffy noticed that Ant's eyes had changed color, but both Bad and Ant said they saw no difference. Puffy complained that The Egg had grown into her front lawn and was getting out of hand. Both of them saw it as The Egg had chosen her rather than as a warning, and invited her down to see it, which she refused. However, she requested for their appearance at the meeting place and praised The Egg and was generally positive but wrote in the Captain's Log, Undercover Mission: Egg.

Sam came to confront the three of them about the propaganda Bad had been putting up. Puffy came upfront about her negative feelings towards The Egg and even got Sam a hazmat suit when the others tried to lure him down without one. She reminded them that she'd never uprightly said that she agreed with their ideas and the Eggpire. Despite being swayed slightly, she held her ground, but managed to be discreet enough that the Eggpire still had faith in her. Bad tried to convince her that they would destroy it once everyone had been united under it, but she said that it made no sense and argued against him, leaving the Egg room. Bad told her to sleep on it because she would soon come around, to which she called him delusional, but Ant and Bad said they had a Plan B that was a surprise. She managed to gain their respect again by talking to them for a bit longer.

Ant and she then went searching for Totem's of Undying, where she collected two. One went to Foolish, who put it into his ender chest.

My little duckling

Puffy felt extremely betrayed and horrified when she discovered Dream's manipulation behind Tubbo and Tommy. She described the situation as a dumb choice, since Dream was supposed to be the bigger person. She sympathized with Tubbo and Tommy, knowing that they were only children, forced into adulthood by their environment. Puffy understood that Dream should be held responsible for his actions, and that despite being like a surrogate son to her, he deserves to be punished.

Puffy burned down the house she'd built for Dream, wanting to get rid of what tied her to him.

In her own reflection, she wrote in Captain's Log that she hopes Dream learns his lesson by going through the same thing Tommy did. Although she has renounced him, she feels conflicted about totally abandoning him and hopes he can change in the future. She planned to visit Dream in prison but has not said when. After Dream murders Tommy in prison, Puffy says she does not know how to even begin to process the fact that her duckling had killed Tommy and become the worst of everyone. She decides she no longer wants to see Dream in prison for a long time, possibly ever. She says she hopes he is alone in there for a very long time.


In order to try and help Tommy and Tubbo recover after the destruction of L'Manberg, Puffy planned to build a therapy building. After visiting Snowchester, she made a little stand to sell cookies. After going between Captain's Cookies and Puffy's Pastries, she chose the latter per Foolish's request. With Foolish's help and Tubbo's approval, she took down part of the wood fence marking the borders of the town, terraformed the area, and began her house. At Tubbo's jungle base, she traded for a nametag which she used to name a pig Blitz. Blitz is currently hidden in the basement of her house. Her house includes a windmill, and she hopes to make a place where food is provided. She changed the logo on her shield to the Snowchester flag and is now a member of it.

After a prank gone wrong, Puffy ended up adopting a zombified baby piglin named Michelle. She turned the windmill into Michelle's nether-themed room, an ongoing project.

Leaving the Eggpire

On the day she left the Eggpire for good, Puffy still has no feelings towards The Egg, and heads to meet up with Bad and Ant about it. Sam is also there. Puffy and Sam overhear Ant and Bad discussing her, and that they think she should be fed to The Egg as they aren't sure where her allegiance lies. Things quickly get heated when it is brought up that Bad and Ant brought Tommy and Tubbo to the Egg without hazmat suits. Unable to hide her feelings, Puffy yells at both of them for torturing Tommy and Tubbo, saying they have gone too far by bringing children into it. Bad then tries to get her to convince Sam to join the Eggpire but she refuses, saying that she herself doesn't know.

When it seems they might come to a truce, Bad and Ant take off their disguises and reveal themselves to have been completely infected by the Egg. They then trap Sam by dropping him through a hole in the floor into the Egg, but Puffy manages to escape. The other two chase after her and ask what side she is on. She tells them that she hates the Egg and that they are both crazy. She manages to reach the Holy Lands but they coax her down to the Egg by swearing on Skeppy's life. She manages to use her knowledge to translate Ant's Egg writing into words, but slips up near the end and has to run before they kill her.

After taking refuge in her underground base, she eventually convinced herself to leave. Whilst walking through L'Manhole she had her own monologue, angry that people brush her and the memories aside. The fact people had moved on from L'Manberg when it was destroyed to give themselves new titles in new places. She even said that Technoblade was right in his way, and that she hated government and being a knight. However, she is still desperate to protect the others who are most vulnerable to those abusing their power.

Extremely upset about not being able to save Sam, Puffy goes to Snowchester in order to build the therapy office but is too emotional. She then silently stands over the ruins of the L'Manberg flag, listening to its national anthem.

Saving Awesamdude

Puffy started gathering items such as food and holy water for Sam so she could break him out of the Egg. Tommy came to ask her where Sam Nook was, but started yelling at her as she was part of the Eggpire. Puffy told him that she was undercover in the Eggpire, and had recently been kicked out. Tommy was still wary, but went with her to the Eggpire HQ where she showed him the hole Sam had fallen in.

The two of them went round to the Egg and broke Sam out of his cage, but he was acting weird. He had a huge red spot on his forehead and sounded exhausted. He was confused and told them that he ran out of food and was forced to eat himself. The two were horrified and brought Sam to Church Prime where he just continuously repeated the words 'I want to go home.'

Puffy and Tommy brought him home but he got even more confused and ran into the lava and ate some of his flesh. The two dragged him into his house where they discovered that some blood vines were growing there. Puffy was about to destroy it when Sam stopped her and said that he wanted it to stay.

Breaking the Egg

Puffy starts by mapping out where her home in Snowchester is going to be, she then goes back to her home for supplies but gets distracted and wanders off.

Puffy visited L'Manhole and was horrified by the amount of blood vines covering the entire thing. She ranted about how nobody noticed the vines were there because they had all moved on from L'Manberg and left others to clean up their messes. Finally having enough, Puffy went down to the Egg. She destroyed some of it using her sword but took a lot of damage. Shocked the Egg could fight back, Puffy left and returned wearing a hazmat suit and destroyed more of the Egg but took even more damage and almost died. She quickly fled the scene before the Egg could hurt her again.

Whilst writing out a timeline in a secret underground bunker, Puffy realizes that the Egg has consciousness and Tommy is important to it somehow. She works out it needs Tommy for something, either to be food or to unknowingly help it and makes it her duty to make sure that no harm comes to Tommy. She draws parallels between Dream wanting total control and the Eggpire wanting total control, speculating about whether the two could be related or whether this was just history repeating itself.

Puffy then decides to meet up with Technoblade, deciding that anarchy is the only way to permanently destroy the Egg.

Technoblade's house

Puffy logged in to find her mushroom house had some vines covering it. She went down into the basement to get supplies and discovers a flaming message spelling 'Anarchy' and a chest underneath. It told her to go to some coordinates and leave a message for him. Puffy was unsure what to think of it because she hadn't told anyone she wanted to meet up with him.

Whilst traveling there, Puffy theorized about who could've left it if it wasn't Techno. She thought Purpled, because she knew he was trying to kill her. When she arrived she discovered Technoblade's cabin, but didn't know whose it was. She investigated the house, and figured it was probably Technoblade due to the fan art everywhere. She then saw Ranboo outside, but he said he knew nothing of the message and generally attempted to avoid her by hiding in his shack. Puffy then returned to the house and left a message in one of the chests telling Techno to meet her at the Spider Spawner when he was ready. Panicking that it was too obvious, Puffy then made a note block and left a sign on it at the exact coordinates saying "a note."

She then asked Ranboo to dispose of the book and believed he had done so (not knowing that he kept it and stored it in his ender chest). Whilst trying to work out the way home, Puffy spotted the beacon and realized she had been to Techno's house before, but she couldn't remember when. She then found her tower near the beacon and subsequently destroyed it, believing it to symbolize the thoughts and ideals of the Eggpire, kingdoms, and tyranny over others.

War with Ponk

Puffy was upset with Ponk so decided to grief one of his builds, a small shrine to his cat Sacrifice who he brought to the Doomsday War. She burnt down the shrine and told Ponk she was going to rebuild it. However, Ponk still got very upset that she had destroyed his cat's grave, particularly the wither rose there. The next day, she found that her mushroom house had been destroyed by Ponk and he told her to back off otherwise he would burn down her Snowchester House. Puffy was too tired to do something back so went to do her own thing with Foolish. She partly wanted revenge, but ended up deciding to break the cycle of escalating pranks and revenge because of what Ponk might do in retaliation.

Now that she's homeless, and her Snowchester house isn't finished yet, Puffy isn't sure what to do. She wonders whether to ask Niki if they could move in together temporarily but eventually decides not to bother her and finish the Snowchester House instead. Eventually, Puffy built a small shrine above the entrance to the underground Temple of Hype where her mushroom house used to be.


Puffy decided to go and check on the Egg because she hadn't been down to see it in a while. She goes down and sees it everywhere; it horrifies her and she leaves again. Puffy walks around and sees that the vines are covering almost everything, and she realizes that if Bad wants to convince Techno to join the Eggpire, it would mean that Techno probably didn't send her the note, Bad did. She went back down to the Egg and hid in a hole to wait for them. They entered, and Puffy hides nearby to give Technoblade time to come to his own decision. When she believes it's going too far, she jumps out and tries to stop Bad. It seems to not make a difference until she tells Techno about the Eggpire and Bad couldn't come up for a reason that proves it was not a government. Techno started to be in Puffy's favor and agreed with her ideas to try and destroy it.

Ranboo was also hiding in the room, and although Puffy and Techno tried to hide him, Bad found him. Techno and Puffy convinced Ranboo not to step on the Egg, and the four of them left the room. Bad took them to the Eggpire HQ and insisted they let him speak. Puffy put cobblestone over the trapdoor Sam was dropped down and watched quietly as Bad tried and failed to get Technoblade to join. Bad began to threaten Ranboo and the four soon started arguing.

Bad attacked Puffy whilst Ranboo and Techno were distracted, but the three quickly overpowered him. During the confusion, Bad destroyed the cobblestone and dropped Ranboo down the hole on top of the Egg. Techno dropped down his trident, but Ranboo didn't want to come out. Puffy and Techno eventually managed to convince Ranboo and he managed to escape the Egg. Now that Bad was gone, Puffy explained to them everything that had happened.

They officially founded the resistance after naming it "Pro-omelette" after Techno's idea to make the Egg into an omelette and eat it. Although this was brushed off as a joke at first, Puffy chose that this would be the actual name. She also started taking down the Eggpire posters and replacing them with Pro-Omelette ones instead.

Tommy's death

After finding out that Tommy had died, Puffy was quite distraught over the fact that she had failed to protect Tommy, and angry over the fact that people (namely the Eggpire) were celebrating Tommy's death. As she tore down the Eggpire's headquarters, she swore that no matter what the Eggpire did, she would build Tommy a shrine to remember him. She realized that every place you walked, Tommy was connected to it; but people simply pretended that he didn't exist. Puffy was angry over the fact that no one cared about Tommy, not even when he died; that no one even cared when he was in Exile, when he was suffering, no one even cared. Puffy visited Logstedshire, where she built him a memorial. The day after Tommy died, she, Eret, and Foolish built statues around Tommy's base and returned to Logstedshire for a small funeral where they said some words in memory of Tommy.

Puffy reflected that the people who had brought harm to the server weren't the kids; it was the adults who had brought chaos and destruction. She even mentioned to Eret the next day that Tommy had been failed by every adult on the server, who should have stepped in when things went wrong. She said that if that it wasn't the day that Tommy had died, she would have waged holy hell onto those who had brought harm onto Tommy. Puffy swore no matter what, she would take down the Eggpire. As she reflected more, she told herself that she had screwed up by not being there, and that he was gone because she couldn't be there and save him in time. She feels guilty for not doing more, disappointed in her friends who caused so much harm, and disappointed in herself for failing to stop them.

When Puffy discovered that someone had put a book in the chest under the hopper in her TheraPuffy office, she was surprised to see "Tommyinnit" written in the book. She then questions the voices in her head as she runs around the SMP to check for any sign of Tommy being back. Puffy then trusted the voices in her head making a book and putting the book in a chest inside Tommy's house. Puffy then thinks of adopting Tommy but then states that Tommy is independent and she feels that adoption might mean that she owns Tommy, which was not what Puffy wanted.

Uncovering her past

While scouting out an area where she wanted to build a peaceful getaway town, Puffy found an abandoned pirate ship that somehow looked familiar to her, and explored it. She recognized everything on the ship, including books, maps, and even her original pirate suit. She found a book titled "November 15th," which turned out to be her own captain's log. It said that she got into a storm at sea a day before she "joined" the server. From this, she inferred that she had probably crashed her ship here, but was confused because she had woken up not at the shipwreck but at the server spawn. She also said that while the ship looked a little worse for wear, it was not destroyed or broken up. Whatever happened during the storm made her lose all of her memory before November 15th, making Puffy unsure about her past.

Red Banquet planning

Some members of the Eggpire approached Puffy, offering her an invite to a party they were calling the 'Red Banquet'. They told her it was a peace offering, and that now they knew the Egg had done a lot of harm so wanted to make it up to her and her friends. Puffy was happy by this and accepted her invitation - hoping her friends were back to normal.

Puffy and Foolish prepare for the Red Banquet. The two meet Hannah at the Community House. Sam joins them on the way to Foolish's totem statue through the nether. Foolish and Puffy then show off their suits for the banquet. Sam asks the three if they had gotten an invite to the banquet, and states that the Eggpire was turning a new leaf. All of them talk about what they thought about the Eggpire and the Banquet. Puffy states that the Eggpire had tried to kill her, Sam tells the three that armor and tools are not allowed at the banquet, and suggests that someone sneaks a chest of armor and tools into the Egg room. He crafts diamond armor and swords, and Puffy volunteers to hide the armor and swords. Sam suggests to Puffy to hide the armor and swords in the banquet table. Foolish asks if they should tell anyone else about the hidden armor and gear, and Sam tells him to not. Foolish gives the three some water and milk, and asks Sam if the Eggpire are allowed to have armor and weapons at the banquet. Sam tells Foolish that the Eggpire had promised to refrain from bringing anything in. Foolish suggests they take shields into the Egg room, but Sam states that they should include shields in the hidden chest. Sam gives the three a code word: "platypi platypi," and Foolish suggests "spruce boat," which they eventually agree on. Hannah, now having officially joined Pro-Omelette, leaves. After they talk some more, Foolish parts with Sam and Puffy who head to Church Prime.

Ant meets Puffy and Sam at Church Prime, and Sam tells him that he and Puffy are excited for the banquet. Puffy tells Ant that she hopes that the Eggpire can "turn a new leaf," and Ant tells her that soon they "will be one." Sam asks her if they can trust Foolish and Hannah. Sam reveals to Puffy his plan to TNT trap the Egg. He states that he is unaware if the Eggpire is really making up for the things they have done, and would not want to blow up the Egg if they are. Sam tells Puffy to keep his plan a secret from Foolish and Hannah.

The Banquet

Puffy arrived at the Banquet extremely stressed and got upset by how calm everyone seemed to be, causing her to rant at Niki about how this was a terrible idea. Eventually they all were led down to the Egg room, where Bad immediately welcomed everyone, calling her and Sam out by name and asking them to get rid of all items. She speaks with Niki and Hannah for a while before returning to where everyone was partying. She spent most of her time mingling and being polite, trying to forget the situation she had been placed in. She danced on the dance floor with Niki and made a small toast of her own whilst speaking.

Lava fell from the ceiling trapping them in there, and Bad and Puffy immediately started arguing. Puffy was horrified to discover Hannah had betrayed them and handed over all their weapons. Puffy was then forced to watch as her son, Foolish, was brutally murdered by Antfrost in front of her. Before Bad and the others killed anyone else, Quackity appeared at the banquet just in time alongside Technoblade and Purpled. Quackity gave an axe to Puffy in which she used to take revenge and kill Antfrost after splashing herself with a strength potion. After Bad, Hannah, and Ponk escaped and Purpled was unable to find them, Purpled lead Puffy and the other guests of the banquet to the surface as Technoblade, Quackity, and Awesamdude stayed behind to discuss the Egg.

Puffy breaks away from the group after they reach the surface, upset that she couldn't protect Foolish and that she took one of her best friend's lives while expressing she doesn't know what to do anymore.

Mother to Monster

The day after the Banquet, she reflects on what happened while walking down the Prime Path. She feels like it is her fault that the Banquet even happened, and that she failed as a parent, friend, and protector. Any trust that Puffy had left for Ant and Bad is now gone, since she believes that they chose to kill Foolish first to hurt her. She no longer thinks of them as friends, or even humans. While she does not regret it, Puffy is willing to face the consequences of killing Antfrost.

She goes down to her room under Eret's castle, takes a look at her old signs, and realizes that everyone on the server has a dark side and could turn at any moment. Puffy then rewrites the first page of her Captain's Log. Instead of what it means to be a knight she writes about what it means to be a villain, noting that no one on the server is to be trusted, -- even herself. Puffy tells herself that if she knew what was going to happen at the Banquet she would have killed them all. She claims that trust is the biggest weakness there is and that the Banquet was her last straw, now wanting to bring an era of bloodlust to the server.


Personal items
Name Notes
Book and Quill.png Book of Hype The Book of Hype is a book made by Puffy on November 19th, 2020. The book is used to write down the names of users that completed hype trains on her streams.
Paper.png You are going to die You are going to die is a piece of paper that Puffy got on her first day from the motivational quote house. She keeps it in a small shrine inside Bubbles the duck.
Book and Quill.png Captain's Log Captain's Log is Puffy's book where she writes down her thoughts. It was created on January 14th, 2021.
Netherite Ingot JE1.png Puffyrite A netherite ingot given to Puffy by Foolish. Puffy was overjoyed to receive the gift, especially after finding out her house has been destroyed by one of the members of the Eggpire.
Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif W'manberg Puffy's sword.


Name Status Residence Notes
Yellow Sheep.png PP Deceased Below Duck statue PP was Puffy's pet sheep. PP died after Puffy tried killing a zombie that was in the same boat as PP with a sword.
Green Parrot.png Greenbean Alive CaptainPuffy's mushroom house Greenbean is Puffy's pet parrot. She found it in Tubbo's abandoned jungle base, and Greenbean is currently in her mushroom house.
Jeb Sheep JE2.gif Jeb_ Unknown if Alive CaptainPuffy's mushroom house Jeb_ is a rainbow sheep given to Puffy by HBomb for Christmas. He gave it to her because it matches her Minecraft skin which also is a rainbow sheep.
White Horse Saddled.png Cottonball Alive CaptainPuffy's mushroom house Cottonball is Puffy's horse. She found it while searching for a cave to mine iron for a beacon.
Spider JE4 BE3.png Peter Parkour Alive Temple of Hype (below mushroom house) Peter Parkour, previously named Peter Parker, is a spider in a glass enclosure in the Temple of Hype.
SlimeNew.png Jream Deceased Temple of Hype Jream is Puffy's slime. The name "Jream" was made by combining "Jared" and "Dream" and was voted on by the chat. The slime died when Tubbo tried to get it out of the boat.
Pig.png Blitz Alive Puffy's Snowchester house Blitz is a pig Puffy found that the chat named because of Technoblade. He currently lives underneath her Snowchester House.
Red Tabby Cat.png Bubbles Alive Therapuffy’s office Bubbles was underneath the TommyInnit watch tower, when Puffy heard and found Bubbles. Bubbles is currently put in Puffy’s Therapuffy office.
Blue parrot.PNG Blueberry Deceased One of Puffy's parrots who died when Foolish accidentally pushed the parrot into a jukebox where it suffocated to death.
Rainbow parrot.PNG Firework Alive One of Puffy's parrots.


Name Status Residence Notes
Baby Zombified Piglin CE2.webp Michelle Alive Puffy's Snowchester house Michelle was originally a gift to Ranboo and Tubbo intended to be a friend who could visit Michael. However, after Sam's plan and a protective Ranboo, Michelle became Puffy's daughter. Michelle also previously had a chicken that died who was named "Nuggie."
Alive Foolish's summer house Shortly after Foolish joined the server, Puffy gifted him a netherite pickaxe and sword as well as a set of diamond armor before taking him on a mini-tour of the server. Puffy also adopted Foolish and became his adoptive father. She gave him a Totem of Undying, which they named Foolish Jr.


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Ant, along with the rest of the Badlands were aligned with each other and were close friends. Due to Antfrost's recent possession, he has turned on Puffy who has tried to convince the Badlands to get rid of the Egg. Puffy has left the Badlands and gone rogue to fight against Antfrost and the rest of the Eggpire.

Puffy was also greatly upset by him and BadBoyHalo celebrating Tommy's death.

At the Red Banquet, she killed Ant after Quackity, Techno and Purpled showed up but also felt great regret about it and felt that she was losing her sense of self.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
The two have common ideals, and were friends allies while the two of them were in the Badlands. They both agree that the Egg is not a good influence on the Dream SMP, and they both wish to protect the children.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Bad and Puffy developed a good relationship when they worked on digging the Statue Room together. Due to their work together to stop the Egg, this relationship was able to grow into a wonderful friendship. Puffy even took on the role of Discount Skeppy, temporarily being Bad's best friend since Skeppy has been unable to play.

Puffy became suspicious of Bad because the red Egg influenced him. She agreed to help him achieve his goals but was still suspicious of his actions, remaining part of the Eggpire to keep an eye on him.

However, once Bad trapped Sam in the Egg and said that power was worth more than their friendship, Puffy went against him. Bad also attempted hunting her down as well, first trying to kill her and then hiring Purpled to kill her.

Puffy stated that Bad was one of her best friends, but she now hates Bad for fighting with the Egg and feels disillusioned that she never saw the power-hungry side of him. Puffy was furious with how disrespectful Bad was being towards Tommy by celebrating his death due to him no longer being an obstacle for the Eggpire.

At the Red Banquet, Puffy was surprised and thought the Eggpire had a change of heart. But soon calls Bad and the rest of the Eggpire "monsters" as they killed Foolish for the Egg.

RelationshipExtremelyNegative LargePixelArt.png Very opposed Puffy was originally one of the people corrupted by the Egg; however, she realized how badly the Egg would affect the SMP. She detests the vines that are growing everywhere, trying to ignore them or destroy them. Ant and Bad also tried killing her on the Egg's orders, making her hate the Egg even more. She finally went completely against the Egg when Sam was captured by Bad.

Puffy was more against the Egg after hearing about the Eggpire partying over Tommy's death because it was 'good news' for the Egg, as Bad said it. She kicked the Eggpire members out of Tommy's house and was frustrated on how they were celebrating a child's death that had impacted the whole SMP for some Egg.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Puffy was initially very friendly with Dream and supplied Dream with large amounts of materials. She mentioned that she leans towards Dream's side, likely due to Dream's strange habit of following her around at random points in time for no determinable reason. She admits he tugged on her heartstrings, and they seem to have a special relationship.

After the Doomsday War, Puffy realized that Dream was the reason all of this chaos was happening. She took part in saving Tommy and Tubbo from Dream during the last battle for the discs, but still feels terrible for Dream. Despite knowing the horrific actions he took, she hopes Dream will finally understand the amount of pain Tommy had to go through in exile by being put in prison. Though Puffy celebrated Dream's imprisonment, she still cares for him and wishes him the best. She hopes that he can change with time if given the chance.

After Tommy's death, Puffy broke all ties with Dream, stating she didn't want to visit him anymore.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Puffy and Eret's relationship has gotten better since her initial sheep prank with their wool. She was a sworn knight of Eret, and Puffy has said that she is allied with them, along with BadBoyHalo, Nihachu, Antfrost, Awesamdude, and (somewhat) Dream. However, since the events of the Doomsday War and the creation of the Eggpire, her list of allies has changed and Puffy has given up the title of Knight of Eret. Although no longer a knight, Puffy still has a neutral or positive relationship with Eret, whom she still considers a friend. Recently, she recruited them to the side of the pro-omelette movement and showed them her secret base.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Shortly after Foolish joined the server, Puffy gifted him a netherite pickaxe and sword as well as a set of diamond armor before taking him on a mini-tour of the server. Puffy also adopted Foolish and became his adoptive father. She gave him a Totem of Undying, which they named Foolish Jr.

Puffy blames herself for Foolish's death at the Red Banquet and intends to seek him out and apologize, though Foolish told her it was ok during his execution.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Puffy pranked Fundy by encasing his house in obsidian and calling it an orphanage after Fundy became an orphan. Fundy also took down her turkey statue as retaliation. Fundy planned on taking over Puffy and Niki's flower shop with the help of Ranboo, then Puffy threatened Fundy, taunting him about his daddy issues.
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
George and Puffy were on opposing sides in the Mexican L'Manberg Political Protest. It is likely that they have a slightly negative relationship. Besides that, they have not interacted much.
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Puffy continuously disagreed with Jack trying to take over the Big Innit Hotel. She removed some of his signs that claimed ownership and added ones for Tommy.
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Karl and Puffy were on opposing sides in the Mexican L'Manberg Political Protest. It is likely that they have a slightly negative relationship. Besides that, they have not interacted much.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
CaptainPuffy joined the server, to which Michael immediately greeted her. They ended up meeting up, Puffy showing Michael her house and around the SMP. They ended up going to Foolish's "Summer Home", Puffy mentioned how Tombee was originally taken from her by Foolish and Eret. Michael insisted that they should steal it back, and so they did. They also traveled to a graveyard containing everyone who had lost all three lives and went to the spider XP farm.
Relationship Romantic LargePixelArt.png Partner
Niki and Puffy went on a date in late November, allowing them to know about each other more. Along with building a flower shop together, Puffy gave Niki a diamond "Promise Ring." It is easy to see that their relationship is positive. However, Puffy fought for L'Manberg which Niki betrayed by burning down L'Mantree.

The two of them have been compared to Romeo and Juliet. Because the two have opposite relations towards Tommy (as Niki plans to kill Tommy but Puffy being a parental figure towards Tommy), it is unknown whether or not their relationship will end up in shambles as a result. The tiniest glimpse of hope of the two heavily relies on the Syndicate, which Niki is a part of.

Niki has actively tried to get in contact with Puffy, but she was unable to get back to her due to a problem with the Egg, which caused Niki to feel like she'd been abandoned. During the Red Banquet, the two seemed closer - dancing together and talking.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Quackity and Puffy were on opposing sides in the Mexican L'Manberg Political Protest. They likely have a slightly negative relationship. Besides that, they have not interacted much. Both fought for L'Manberg during the Doomsday war, and were on the same side during the Disc Confrontation (against Dream), resulting in a neutral relationship.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Ranboo and Fundy tried to scam Niki and Puffy out of their shop but ended up compromising that they'll leave the girls alone if they provide them with resources to build their shop nearby.

After witnessing Ranboo's Silk Touch hands ability, Puffy became slightly scared of and worried about him. She places Ranboo high up on her list of people who need therapy once her office opens. She hopes therapy might help him figure out his enderman Silk Touch ability as well as delve into the mysteries of his enderman half.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Initially, Sapnap uncanonically murdered Puffy in the Mexican L'Manberg Political Protest, it is likely that their relationship is negative. They did team together during the Doomsday War, both killing several Technoblade's dogs.

During the Disc Confrontation, Sapnap and Puffy were on the same side (against Dream), resulting in a neutral relation.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Puffy often acts as a "discount Skeppy" for Bad, and the two tend to have a rivalry on who is the "better Skeppy." They have a positive relationship overall, as Skeppy let Puffy live near him in his new hut.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Puffy used to recognize him as a chaotic member, one a knight should stand against at all costs. However, after the formation of the Eggpire, she began to see Techno's point of view and saw that power corrupted. She eventually concluded that to destroy the blood vines, maybe they need the blood god. She writes in her captain's log that it is time for anarchy and that she plans to ally with Technoblade. She also defended Techno and Ranboo against Bad when he tried to lure them to the Egg, and took Techno's advice on marketing the anti-Egg side as "pro-omelette." Both Puffy and Techno are in the same stance against the Eggpire.
Relationship ExtremelyPositive LargePixelArt.png Very positive
Before Tommy's exile, Puffy and Tommy had a rocky relationship. They had a relationship of constantly pranking each other, and getting back at each other. When Tommy was exiled, she made a personal Christmas tree for him, and he seemed to appreciate the gift.

After Tommy's death, she went around the server making different memorials for him in his most famous locations. She feels regret for not being able to protect him and wants to honor his memory the best she can. She blames herself for Tommy's death because she believes she should be the adult protecting the kids. Puffy then becomes frustrated as well when everyone forgot Tommy's death in less than 24 hours, making his death and himself seem meaningless.

When she discovered the book Tommy had wrote in her TheraPuffy office, she was shocked and was concerned, thinking that someone must've pranked her. When she convinced herself that it was from the real Tommy, Puffy immediately made another book for therapy and placed it in Tommy's home, hoping for Tommy to see it.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Though the two seldom interact with each other, Puffy deeply cares for Tubbo, as he had big responsibilities at a young age. Since moving to Snowchester, they have interacted more, and she offers the services of her therapy office once it opens.

Tubbo has said that Captain Puffy is his mother but it is unknown whether this is considered canon.


  • "Why are the villains never held accountable?"
  • "Today marks a brighter day, even though it still seems dreary and dull and there is still so much chaos everywhere we look, I am going to try my hardest to restore what once was, but to keep it that way."
  • "I will write and hopefully through my writing, I will reach a resolution, a result, even if it means I lose people along the way. Even if it means I'm not a hero in some people's eyes. Sometimes being the hero is not being recognized as a hero at all. I might not be the main character in the story, but sometimes being the support character is more important"
  • "What it means to be a knight.. it means doing what's right even though some may think it's wrong. It's losing the people you are closest with you even when it's the last thing you could ever want."
  • "Don't get me wrong, Tommy has screwed up, time and time again... But he is a CHILD. I'm not saying that in some insignificant, insulting sort of way, but... He- he can make mistakes. And even then, he REALIZES that they're mistakes. He's been exiled, what, twice now? (Beat) Waging a war over- over... children's mistakes? Over a disc, is that- is that really what... We've collapsed homes, killed people, just for... for what?! To prove a point?!"
  • "I'm not a knight anymore... It means nothing"
  • "It's time for anarchy...."
  • "Even if I lose everything, I'm going to fix it."
  • "If I have to lose friends to do what's right... even if it means being a traitor in this story, then it has to be done"
  • "I will do what I can, even if it means I won't be able to do anything anymore."
  • "At this point I think the only one who can stop the blood vines is the Blood God.”
  • "Those little flickers of light and hope, they don't last long here"
  • "It's time for a new era. An era with finished symphonies"
  • "It's time to finish the symphony... even if its a whole different song"
  • "March 1, 2021, The day we lost a legend."
  • "The men that like to play with knives.. like they're just toys...the men that really haven't grown up and they're still boys."[1]
  • "If you're a child here, you get loads of consequences, like exile, death apparently. That's okay. But, no, you can be a murderer and you're fine. You can blow up L'Manberg, and you're fine. You can blow it up again, and you're fine."
  • "...and it seems that everybody I hold close either turns completely insane and just starts recklessly killing people, wants to spread chaos and danger and just make this server a terrible, horrible experience for whoever is on it or...I lose them. Or I lose them and I can't protect them. So either way it hurts, and frankly, I don't know which one is worse -- having them disappoint me, or me disappointing them."
  • "I'm not needed... I'm not a necessary character in this story."
  • "Not for long... Antfrost, you're dead!"
  • "You've taken my kindness for weakness Antfrost!"
  • "I could be worse than all of them- And the best part is they'll never see it coming. Some people are predictable... I'm not one of them."
  • "...but to the people that failed me, to the people that I've trusted time and time again and just taken my trust and- and thrown it in the trash. Those people, those people I say welcome to Doomsday."
  • "To change the odds. To go back to the Red Banquet knowing what was going to happen. I would've killed them ALL to START with."


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