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Fiction notice:
All banter and fighting seen in streams/videos are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. It is highly disrespectful to send hate towards anyone so please refrain from doing so at any point.

The Community House was the first house created on the Dream SMP, built by Dream, George, and Sapnap. It was initially used as the main base for all of the original eight server members. It served as the midpoint of all of the parts of the server, where all things in the chest were available to use. It has an attached farm, that hasn't been directly harmed unlike the house itself. The floor was made of crafting tables, as a reference to a meme.

The exterior of the Community House was remodeled by Dream on August 31, 2020, based on a Reddit post by u/RandomBuilderinMC.[1]

It was found blown up on January 5, 2021, having been destroyed by either Dream or Ranboo. Ranboo remade the floor and CaptainPuffy finished repairing the build on January 30, 2021.

Later on, Fundy did an experiment to see if anyone would press a button and destroy it again after he placed TNT beneath it. Puffy pressed the button, and destroyed it once again.

Donation items

On earlier Dream Team streams, people would donate to have items named after them. Many of these items resided in the first floor of the Community House, featured in item frames on the walls.

  • Matilda (birch sapling)
  • Kanye's Airpods (iron boots)
  • Poppy (iron nugget)
  • Gilomar (poppy)
  • Mick (blue dye)
  • Morgan (magenta dye)
  • Izzy (egg)
  • Jeckho (gold ingot)


On January 5, 2021, Dream found the Community House blown up and started construction of new obsidian walls around L'Manberg. Upon being questioned for his motives to construct the walls by the L'Manbergian cabinet, he immediately showed them the ruins of the house and blamed Tommy for the damage. He then continued to use this as leverage to gain one of Tommy's discs from Tubbo. Dream managed to convince some, but others denied Tommy's involvement after he defended himself.

Ranboo stated on January 18 that he (while enderwalking) was the one to blow up the house. However, during the Disc Confrontation on January 20, Dream confessed to blowing up the house himself. It is currently unclear which claim is true, or if both are somehow true, but Tommy is no longer a suspect.

Later, Ranboo and CaptainPuffy began rebuilding the famed structure. Ranboo built the foundation and most of the lower half, while Puffy restored the top half and the interior.

Second destruction

On March 18, Fundy set up TNT inside and placed a button for a social experiment, putting the Community House at risk once more. Later that same day, Puffy pressed the button, and let the Community House blow up for a second time.

Puffy rebuilt and redesigned the Community House for the second time.