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The Courthouse was constructed by Sapnap in some of the earliest Dream SMP streams, and is used to solve legal issues within the server. It contains two holding cells for defendants, and features a redstone lever system, where if all 4 levers are flicked by 4 judges, it releases the glass floor in the second holding chamber, causing the person inside to fall into lava.


The Courthouse was constructed on May 11, 2020. Sapnap initially constructed the beginnings of the Courthouse as a gladiator arena, but he decided to make it further away and made the current one into a courthouse along with George and Dream. [1]

Test trial

To test if the redstone worked, Sapnap and George put Callahan on trial for being a simp.[2] They asked him for his defense, but he wasn't able to give any, so George and Sapnap flicked all the four levers, throwing him down a 4-block hole. Sapnap then suggested that they fill the hole with lava to kill future convicts.

First trial

During the Courthouse's construction, George intentionally killed Callahan by flicking all the levers while Callahan was standing on the glass, causing Callahan to fall in lava and die, losing 32 levels.[3] He later killed Callahan again in the lava. Sapnap wanted to use the Courthouse and decided to hold a trial for George's murder of Callahan. George agreed to the trial 'for the good of the server' after putting away his items, saying he would win. He asked if the chat could be judges, but he was denied.

Dream, Sapnap, Callahan and Ponk acted as the judges. Dream and Sapnap asked him for his defense. He said that it was an accident and he was just testing the levers and Callahan happened to be there. They then asked Callahan for proof that he actually had 32 levels and they later found out that Callahan said that he had 32 levels before the crime occurred. Dream, Sapnap and Callahan voted 'guilty', flicking 3 of the 4 levers. Ponk, however, voted 'not guilty', leaving the last lever and saving George. Sapnap flicked the lever anyway, throwing George into lava and killing him.


George: Acquitted by 1 of 4 judges, illegally killed by lava by Sapnap

Joffrey Trials

The Joffrey Trials was a series of events beginning with the death of Sapnap's horse, Joffrey, in which various members of the SMP were put on trial for crimes committed on the server.

The death of Joffrey the Horse

During an SMP stream on May 14, 2020, George stole Sapnap's horse, Joffrey, hit it with a sword and began riding around the Community House on him.[4] Angry, Sapnap began chasing after George and attacking him. However, this resulted in Sapnap accidentally killing his own horse. He then killed George twice. The rest of the players, not knowing the context of the situation, saw that Sapnap killed George twice as well as his own horse and decided to hold a trial against Sapnap.

Sapnap's trial

In the court case, Sapnap was the defendant with George, Dream, Bad, and Callahan acting as judges.[5]

Bad took the leading role, starting the court proceedings and talking to Sapnap about the law. Sapnap argued that George stole Joffrey first, and that him murdering the horse was an unfortunate accident caused by George's actions. George rebutted by stating that it was not his fault that Sapnap was reckless when trying to retrieve the horse. He also said that the horse probably wasn't Sapnap's.

Callahan, George, Bad and Dream all voted Sapnap 'guilty' in order, dropping Sapnap in lava. He attempted to escape, but was shot by Bad.

George's trial

Sapnap repeatedly pressured Dream to put George on trial for stealing the horse and Dream gave in, allowing the trial to take place.

Sapnap, Dream, Callahan and Bad were the judges for this case. George said that sitting on a horse was not illegal and his chat was voting 'innocent'. Sapnap kept on punching George leading to Bad shooting Sapnap and killing him twice. Dream said that if Sapnap misbehaved again, he would be banned for the night. George accused Sapnap of abandoning his horse in a lake and making the fish in the lake get ill and throw up. Bad brought up Spirit, Dream's horse that died because of Sapnap. Sapnap said it was a freak accident, but Bad said it might have been freak neglect.

Sapnap, Dream and Callahan all voted 'guilty'. Bad felt that death penalty was a harsh punishment for theft and yelled 'not guilty', but Callahan flipped Bad's lever immediately after, illegally killing George.

Callahan's trial

Dream and Bad then put Callahan on trial for killing George illegally. They said that there was video evidence of Callahan killing George. After the evidence was reviewed, Callahan was immediately given the death penalty and Dream flipped all the levers, killing him.

Dream said that everyone had died and justice had been served. Bad suggested putting Dream on trial, because he flipped all the levers without asking anyone, which counted as a perversion of justice, but Dream said that there was video evidence and there was no point. Bad also suggested leaving a lever for the chat to decide. Dream protested, but Bad said that if Callahan was killed for flipping one lever, Dream should definitely be put on trial for flipping all four. Dream said that if they were talking about perversion of justice, Sapnap was a pervert, which made Bad point a crossbow at Dream and force him to go to the Courthouse.

Dream's trial

They decided to set up a poll and leave one lever for the stream. Sapnap, Bad and Callahan agreed to vote Dream 'guilty' and Sapnap flipped three levers, leaving the last one. They asked Dream to make his case. Dream pleaded innocent. Bad said his crime was perversion of justice by flipping all the levers regardless if anyone wanted to vote guilty or not. Dream said he wasn't a pervert and the court would have voted the same anyway. He then said that Sapnap had flipped all three levers, but Bad said that Sapnap had done it with the knowledge of the judges. Bad added that Dream had no credibility when he took the justice system in his own hands. Dream said that if he hadn't done that, Sapnap would have just voted 'not guilty' to save Callahan despite the fact that he was clearly guilty. He then said that he would put Sapnap on trial after this for perversion of justice.

The poll overwhelmingly voted in favour of Dream, so Dream was acquitted and let go.

Sapnap's second trial

Dream said that Sapnap was on trial for perverting justice and "being a major pervert of justice." He said that Sapnap had voted 'not guilty' for Callahan despite there being video evidence of Callahan's crime. Sapnap said that he hadn't seen the evidence, so he didn't want to vote on a man's death without knowing about the situation. Dream replied that Sapnap was just being lazy and not looking at the evidence. Sapnap accused Bad loudly of not having looked at the evidence himself.

Bad, Callahan, George, and the chat all voted 'guilty' and Sapnap was dropped in lava. He survived yet again and was killed by George. George also banned him for the night.


They decided to lay out the courthouse rules.

Rule 1: No PVP in the courthouse.
Rule 2: No perverting justice.
Rule 3: No being a pervert.


Sapnap: Convicted, death penalty, survived lava but was shot by Bad

George: Acquitted by 1 of 4 judges, illegally killed by lava by Callahan

Callahan: Convicted, death penalty, killed by lava

Dream: Acquitted by 1 of 4 judges

Sapnap: Convicted, death penalty, survived lava but was killed by George

TommyInnit's arrest

On TommyInnit's first day on the server, he was taken to the courthouse and held in a jail cell. This was due to the fact that he broke the main three server rules at the time, "No stealing, no griefing, and no murder." [6]

His trial was supposedly for the murder of George, but Tommy decided to break the rules further and attempted to escape. After he successfully escaped the cell, he was almost immediately killed. After Tommy continued bending the law, Dream banished him to a far away land. Tommy negotiated with Dream, and Tommy eventually was finally allowed to re-enter the Dream SMP.


Tommy: Escaped, gunned down by Dream

Diamond armor scam

The 1,000 Bit hit

During one of his streams, Purpled was given a 1000 bit donation asking him to kill Tommy. Despite the fact that Purpled tried to avoid conflict as much as possible, he agreed to do the hit, as it was a substantial donation.

While Tommy was playing one of his music discs for him, Purpled decided that it would be the perfect time to kill him. Unfortunately, Purpled's hotkeys were not set up correctly, so he was unable to use his shield, causing him to fall off a cliff and get killed.

Tommy quickly stole his diamond armor and asked for 25 diamonds in compensation from Purpled. Purpled disagreed with this, and attempted to ask for a cheaper cost. After noticing the situation, Tubbo and Fundy arrived asking what had happened. The two explained their quarrel and proceeded to negotiate. Tubbo and Fundy told Tommy that he should just give the armor back, as it would be good etiquette. Tommy became annoyed at the two, and decided to join a private call with Purpled.

Purpled sneakily stole Tommy's jukebox and decided to offer Tommy a "new" jukebox and 5 diamonds in return for the armor. Tommy declined the offer and left the call. Strangely enough, right as Tommy left, an enderman appeared. This intimidated Tommy, so he decided to accept Purpled's offer, and once Purpled began giving Tommy his items, he swiftly ran away without paying Tommy the diamonds.

After that, Purpled headed to his UFO base. While there, he met with Tubbo and Fundy, and not long later, Tommy went to Purpled's base and demanded that he pay the diamonds. Fundy offered a diamond, but Tommy declined, stating that Fundy was only trying to give him a diamond out of generosity. Fundy asked Purpled if he agreed to the deal, and Purpled replied by saying that he wasn't sure. Tubbo exclaimed that it would be a perfect time to have a "court moment," to which Fundy agreed with this notion.

The group agreed to have a trial discussing who was at fault in the situation. Tubbo and Tommy got their suits on while Purpled quickly got a pickaxe and some steak out of his chest in case anything were to go south.

The trial begins

At the courthouse, Tubbo decided that he would play the role of the judge while Fundy would be the executioner.[7] Purpled would be the defendant and Tommy was the plaintiff, as he accused Purpled of committing the crime. Tubbo and Tommy took a seat at the desk and Fundy stood next to the levers. Purpled was forced to go into a cell with a glass floor that had lava under it. As everyone got settled in, Tubbo brought order to the court and asked to hear Tommy's case first.

Tommy started by explaining that Purpled attempted to murder him, yet failed spectacularly. Tommy continued on by recalling the following:

  • Purpled returning to Tommy's home demanding his things back.
  • Tommy agreeing to give the armor back only if he was given compensation.
  • No deals were made after several minutes of negotiation in which Tubbo and Fundy were briefly present.
  • An enderman randomly spawning in Tommy's house, frightening Tommy enough to accept Purpled's offer.
  • The two coming to an agreement where Purpled would pay 5 diamonds and a jukebox for the armor.
  • Purpled running away from the scene without paying after Tommy gave Purpled all of the armor back.

Once Tommy finished explaining his story, he demanded compensation and a formal apology from Purpled for not only trying to kill him, but for trampling his crops as well. Tubbo then allowed Purpled to explain his side. Purpled started to explain how he had no intention to kill Tommy or anyone for that matter, and only did the hit because he was given a substantial donation. He continued on by begrudgingly talking about how he failed to kill Tommy and lost all of his things.

The escape

While Tubbo and Tommy were arguing, Purpled mined out the back of the cell and replaced the blocks, before running out into the woods. It was only a minute after this when Tubbo realized the defendant was gone, not knowing how he had escaped. The case was dropped shortly after.


Purpled: Escaped, case dropped

Drug trade investigation


On July 24, 2020, Wilbur decided to start a potion/'drug' business along with Tommy with a van called the Camarvan as their base of operations. They first asked Tubbo for all his blaze rods and brewing stands. However, after Tubbo gave them the items, he and Sapnap got suspicious of the situation and discovered the Camarvan, leading to Tubbo and Sapnap pursuing them for drug abuse. Purpled and Ponk also arrived to take revenge on Tommy for killing Ponk while Fundy and Eret got involved as well, secretly siding with Wilbur. Eventually, the conflict resulted in many people being sent into the Courthouse.

Custody and break-out

Tommy was put in one of the jail cells to wait until Fundy was brought to the Courthouse. Wilbur made a plan with Tommy to break him out with invisibility potions before going to collect potion supplies. Sapnap caught word from chat that Eret had shifted to Wilbur's side and left Ponk in charge of Tommy so he could investigate. But, Tommy and Ponk started bonding and Ponk tried to make Tommy escape. Tommy refused as Ponk would get into trouble and simply prepared a route so he could later escape with Wilbur's help.

Meanwhile, Eret and Fundy had been caught by Purpled and Sapnap and were taken to the Courthouse, where they were put in custody. Purpled notified Sapnap that Ponk had betrayed them according to chat and Sapnap proposed ending the conflict by killing everyone else. Purpled gave the news to Tubbo and they put Ponk in a jail cell as well.

Purpled was informed by chat that Wilbur was at his UFO and found him there, making potions. Wilbur managed to run away and lead Purpled away from the Courthouse. This allowed Eret and Fundy to escape and the ensuing distraction allowed Tommy and Ponk to escape.


Sapnap decided to kill the convicts and managed to find Tommy, killing him in a duel. Purpled decided to let Wilbur go and chase Eret and Fundy, who managed to escape completely. Tubbo and Sapnap, after listening to the complete story, slowly shifted to Wilbur's side. But, Purpled was tired of the events and went on a murder spree, killing Fundy, Tommy and Tubbo and killing Eret twice.

Wilbur's plans ended in failure, but the conflict would spark the idea of L'Manberg, an independent nation that would go on to secede from the Dream Team SMP five days after the conflict.


Tommy: Escaped, illegally killed twice, by Sapnap and by Purpled

Fundy: Escaped, illegally killed by Purpled

Eret: Escaped, illegally killed twice by Purpled

Ponk: Escaped successfully

Mexican Dream's trial

The chase

After the formation of Mexican L'Manberg, Mexican Dream, George and Sapnap were looking to initiate new members into their country. They had just finished the initiation of Girl Dream (Mamacita) when Dream appeared. The three tried to recruit Dream by giving him drugs. However, Dream revealed that he was an undercover cop forcing the three to run as Dream chased them, firing arrows at them.[8] The chase continued from Mexican L'Manberg to the Nether and through a bastion. They almost managed to lose Dream in the bastion and reached the nether portal again, but Mexican Dream was shot and killed by Dream seconds before entering the Overworld.

Arrest and escape

Mexican Dream respawned in the spider XP farm room, shocked at what had happened. Mexican Dream turned himself in to Dream, likely to not abandon his accomplices. Dream took him to one of the cells in the Courthouse.[9] Dream reported that they had 40 'lines' of drugs on them. He said that they almost escaped but their stench alerted him. He refused to specify what the stench was as he was afraid of being cancelled. George and Sapnap wondered how to save him. Sapnap then said that he would represent Mexican Dream as his lawyer. Dream accepted and then argued that the sentence should be prison for life. Sapnap disagreed and said that they had wrongfully put Mexican Dream in custody. Dream asked how Sapnap could defend him as he himself was one of the people running from Dream in the chase. Sapnap and George then attacked Dream and broke Mexican Dream out and the trio made a break from the Courthouse. After a long manhunt for the group, they managed to get back to Mexican L'Manberg, where Dream could not follow them again.


Mexican Dream: Escaped successfully

Exile Conflict

This case was a result of the griefing of George's house.[10] Dream said that this crime had particular importance due to Tommy's and George's high positions on the SMP and wanted Tommy to suffer severe consequences. The defendant in the case was Tommy. He protested his innocence until they reached the courthouse and put him in a cell. Tubbo would be the judge and Quackity would be representing Tommy as his lawyer. Tommy asked for Tubbo to be his lawyer, but was denied. Fundy was allowed to be the one who flicked the levers.

Proceedings begin

Tommy started arguing continuously, frustrating Quackity and Tubbo. Finally, Tubbo allowed Fundy to flick one lever, shutting up Tommy. George made his case, saying that his chat had alerted him that Tommy had burnt down his house, even though the chat is supposed to be non-canon. But he also revealed that the chat said that Ranboo participated in the griefing as well. Tubbo ordered Ranboo to enter the other cell. Tommy protested heavily at this, saying that Ranboo was only put in custody because of George's word. Tommy said there were three witnesses- Niki, Puffy and Ranboo. But when he pressured Niki, she remained silent. Tubbo warned that Tommy was coercing Niki to speak on his behalf and said that he would have his time to speak. Ranboo was then asked to speak. Ranboo began by saying that he had extremely bad short-term memory and that he couldn't remember. Since both witnesses didn't speak for him, Tubbo flicked the second lever. He then asked Tommy to present his case and to make no commotion or start yelling.

Confession and punishment

Tommy immediately confessed, saying that it was a perfect crime and that no one saw him. He said that he didn't think George would notice and started laughing at him. Tubbo then flicked the third lever, leaving Tommy one lever away from dying to lava. Tubbo said that he had been advised to banish Tommy, but hoped they could settle the case by giving him probation instead. Tubbo said that as the terms of the probation, Tommy would be stripped of his vice-presidential powers, and would have to report all his activities to Fundy daily for two weeks. After some arguing, he then flicked the fourth lever, sealing Tommy's fate (although Tommy managed to save himself from the lava by placing a water bucket).


They then moved on to Ranboo, but both Tommy and Niki vouched for Ranboo and Tommy saying he did the crime all alone. Ranboo was acquitted, ending the case. However, Dream was not satisfied, even though George himself had said that he was okay with the punishment Tommy received. Dream subtly threatened L'Manberg to exile Tommy and gave them three days to change their mind.


Tommy: Probation for two weeks

Ranboo: Acquitted by Tommy's and Niki's testimony and lack of evidence