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All banter and fighting seen in streams/videos are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. It is highly disrespectful to send hate towards anyone so please refrain from doing so at any point.

The Dethronement Fallout is an event that took place on December 3, 2020 when Dream declared GeorgeNotFound to no longer be king and reinstated Eret as king.


Return of the king

On December 3, 2020, outside of TommyInnit's house, Dream, Sapnap, George, Eret, Quackity, and BadBoyHalo met discussing George's Kingship. Dream stated that he had decided to dethrone George, citing the fact that George had been targeted by members of the SMP and hadn't remained neutral as he'd wanted. He then said that he'd be reinstating Eret as king, much to everyone's surprise.

George was surprisingly saddened by this action, who then asked Sapnap to join them. Sapnap confronted Dream for what he'd said to Tommy a few days previous, that he "didn't care about anything except for the discs". Dream then said that the reason he was dethroning George in the first place was because he cared about him.

Punz and Captain Puffy joined the conversation, as George ran back to the castle to his throne. Dream then called him out for simply building his throne on the spot, only to then crown Eret king again officially. George then left the server, with Quackity and Sapnap both being confused by what had transpired. Together, they went to Mexican L'Manberg, meeting up with George there.

Possible allies

George aired his anger about being dethroned, and Sapnap promised to stay by his side. George then said that he wanted to make Mexican L'Manberg the most powerful faction on the SMP, so powerful that the kingship would be considered authority over the whole server.

Bad then joined the conversation, and Quackity asked who the Badlands would ally with, to which Bad replied that they'd be neutral. They asked if he would side with Mexican L'Manberg, but Bad said that he'd previously asked George to give the Badlands autonomy and was rejected. George then retorted that it hadn't been him who'd refused, but instead, Dream who'd advised him to. They asked what Bad wanted, to which Bad replied he wanted nothing more than violence on the server.

Quackity then began to negotiate with Bad, asking what he wanted in exchange for helping Mexican L'Manberg in the fight. Bad replied that he wanted the Badlands to be officially honored as a faction by George, along with giving all of the land beyond Skeppy's Mansion and Eret's Castle. George, Sapnap, and Quackity protested this, claiming it is outrageous that Bad tried to obtain all this land. Sapnap said that they could never give the Badlands that much land, and that they could have half, but not all of it. Bad replied that they couldn't have anything less than 100%.

Quackity then reminded them all that both Mexican L'Manberg and the Badlands couldn't take down Dream alone, but together, they might stand a chance. He stated that when George became king, the Badlands can have their 50%.

A spoiled party

While talking, Dream and Punz ambushed the group and attacked Quackity, killing him. George, spurred on by Sapnap and Bad, managed to flee Mexican L'Manberg. George disconnected to escape the chaos.

Dream warned Quackity in a whisper "don't start wars", to which Quackity responded, "we'll see".

Sapnap messaged Quackity, informing him that he could kill Eret right now. Quackity responded by telling Sapnap to not do it, claiming that they must first strategize. They met back up at Mexican L'Manberg again.

Uncivil discussion

Dream called the regrouped rebellion and asked for a quick chat. He declared that George was trying to commit a forced takeover of the crown, and that it was his right to appoint anyone as king and to revoke that status, as he was the one that held the power. He called George a tyrant and a baby, and claimed that no one had complained when he was appointed as king.

Dream claimed that the king would be the most neutral person on the server. He continued to say that when Eret was neutral when he was king, and since George was actively participating in Mexican L'Manbergian politics, George was no longer neutral.

Quackity and Dream began blaming each other for conflicts on the server, with Quackity mentioning Tommy's discs and Dream mentioning the L'Manbergian Election. They weren't able to come to much of a consensus besides blaming one another for problems.

Dream reiterated that the reason he crowned people was because he wanted a neutral figure. He dethroned George because he was rarely active and had many items lost to assassins. He then told Quackity to mind his own business, as he wasn't even a resident of Dream SMP. He continued his argument by saying that Tubbo wouldn't be happy with what Quackity was involving himself. Quackity promised to talk to Tubbo the following day about the matters.

After the conversation, Sapnap then said that they needed to give the Badlands what they wanted. However, Quackity disagreed and said they needed to bide their time and let things play out the next day. Quackity then asked George how much he cared about the throne, to which George replied that he needed to get it back.