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The Disc Confrontation, also known as the Disc War Finale, was a major conflict taking place on on January 20, 2021 in which TommyInnit and Tubbo confronted Dream for Tommy's discs.

The conflict marked the end of the Disunion Era, leading into the Imprisonment Era. It also ended the long conflict of the Disc Saga.

Dream's failure and deaths in this plan were confirmed to be planned by him by both Dream and Punz after the prison break. This includes Punz's betrayal.


On January 16, 2021,[1] Dream burned down Tommy's house and left signs telling Tommy to meet him with Tubbo on January 20, 2021, if he wanted his discs back. In the chest below the signs, Dream provided a lodestone compass named "Your Discs" pointing to an unknown location.

On January 19, 2021,[2] Punz found a chest with a large amount of diamonds and gold blocks, as well as netherite and TNT. Beside it was a sign from Tommy, saying that he was suspicious of Punz and he hoped that this payment would keep Punz on their side. Punz realized that even Dream had never given him this big of a payment. Dream had told Punz about his plans for the next day, so Punz debated on whether he should help Tommy and Tubbo. Eventually, he decided to shelve the topic for later.


Goodbyes and the First Battle

Prior to leaving the Greater Dream SMP to confront Dream on January 20,[3][4] Tommy and Tubbo said their farewells other members of the server including Ponk, Awesamdude, Nihachu, Jack Manifold, Eret and others.

After crossing the forest separating the Greater Dream SMP from the ocean, they followed the compass until they reached a Shattered Savanna biome. As they reached the top, they found Dream, clad in full netherite armor and holding an ender chest. To taunt the two, Dream decided to play a Mellohi disc in a jukebox enclosed by obsidian. While Tommy stalls, Tubbo goes around the back and builds up. However, Dream turns around at the last moment, and the two begin to fight. Tubbo gets knocked off, and Tommy makes his way towards the obsidian tower while Tubbo enderpearls back up and knocks Dream of. Tommy continues to climb, while Tubbo stops Dream from coming back up. Dream's efforts prove futile as Tommy mines the obsidian. Tubbo notices Dream near an Ender chest, and Tubbo attacks Dream to prevent it. Tommy announces that he has the discs. Tubbo makes his way up to Tommy, and the duo look down at Dream. Dream swims up, and Tubbo knocks him off. The two stack higher, and Tommy says that he sees an Ender Chest. Tubbo goes down and tries to attack Dream, but he is out of range. Tubbo pursuits Dream, and Dream jumps down to Tubbo. Tubbo knocks him down after a brief fight. Tubbo jumps on Dream, but gets knocked off. Tommy starts to shoot at Dream, but it doesn't work. Dream starts to chase Tommy, and Tubbo chases Dream. As they scuffle, Dream laughs and says that he didn't use anything yet.

Dream took Tubbo hostage, demanding the disc back in exchange for Tubbo's life. Tubbo pleaded for Tommy to keep the disc and sacrifice him, but Tommy refused and returned the disc to Dream. Dream laughed at him for returning the disc, explaining that it had been a fake. He revealed a fake Cat disc and threw it alongside the fake Mellohi, and blew both of them up.

Dream then told Tommy and Tubbo to throw their items in a hole, just like he used to tell Tommy during his exile. The two reluctantly complied out of fear of Dream's power, as he was still threatening to kill Tubbo. Their items were blown up and Dream escorted the two of them to the bottom of the mountain. Dream then admitted to blowing up the Community House, adding that nobody would ever know since the two of them wouldn't be able to return to tell the rest of the server.

A Collection for Power

Dream broke a few blocks in the side of the mountain, revealing a small hollowed-out room with a blackstone and obsidian pad on the floor. Dream forced Tubbo and Tommy to step onto the pad, which turned out to be an elevator. The trio descended into a massive blackstone vault that stretched down to y-level 5-8. It contained a large Nether portal, two ender chests, and pictures of Mellohi and Cat, as well as the two real discs on golden pads on the floor.

Dream gave Tommy a chance to take the discs in exchange for Tubbo's life, which Tommy refused. Dream then took them down a corridor to the side of the room, lined with item frames, fence posts, and cages to contain items and beings of value to certain server members:[5]

  • The Axe of Peace
  • Punz's shulker box
  • A piece of bedrock (as both Technoblade and Tommy owned one)
  • Sapnap's fish Beckerson and Mars
  • Ranboo's cat Enderchest
  • Purpled's dog DogChamp
  • Tubbo's fox Squeeks
  • Skeppy (for BadBoyHalo)
  • Awesamdude's dog Fran
  • Tommy's (previously deceased) cow Henry
  • Ghostbur's sheep Friend
  • Technoblade's horse Carl

The Uprising

Dream told Tommy that Tubbo would now be killed, and gave the two a chance to say goodbye. Tommy refused to accept this and started threatening Dream, but Tubbo told him to accept it, having seemingly come to terms with the prospect of his own death. However, Punz emerged from the Nether portal next to the discs. Dream questioned Punz upon his arrival, and Punz stated that Dream "should've paid him more", referring to the fact that Punz was usually on Dream's side during conflicts due to the payment Dream gave him, similar to a mercenary. A large amount of other SMP members then followed him out of the portal - Puffy, Eret, Callahan, Sam, Sapnap, Nihachu, Bad, Antfrost, HBomb, Jack Manifold, Ranboo, Ponk, and Quackity. Tommy and Tubbo took their chance and fled towards the group. Dream tried to chase them, but Sapnap blocked his way. Tommy and Tubbo quickly took the discs, with Tommy taking Mellohi and Tubbo taking Cat. The discs were quickly placed into the conveniently placed ender chests and were secured.

Tommy then stepped up at Dream and told him to kill him. Dream seemed tempted by the offer but ultimately couldn't, as this would end the one-sided "game" he plays with Tommy, and also result in the rest of the present SMP members turning on him. Tommy received a pickaxe from Sapnap and ordered Dream to drop his armor and other items into a hole, reminiscent of how Dream used to treat Tommy during his exile. After a short hesitation, Dream complied and dropped everything in the hole. However, instead of blowing up the items, Tommy immediately jumped in the pit and equipped them.

Dream tried to convince Tommy that he wouldn't kill him, with some very poorly placed reasoning of them "having had fun together". Tommy killed Dream with the Axe of Peace he had taken off the wall moments prior. Dream then came back down into the vault via the elevator and told Tommy not to kill him again. However, Tommy ignored this, and Dream was killed once more.

Tommy demanded that Dream come down so he could take his third and final life, which Dream refused. Tommy retracted his statement about killing Dream, instead asking him to come down so they could talk. However, Dream still refused, so Tommy threatened to kill himself if Dream didn't comply. Reluctantly, Dream complied, and was shot by Tommy with a crossbow once. He then started begging for mercy, revealing that he had the power to resurrect others. Tommy stopped trying to hurt Dream and asked whether he was lying, as Dream is known for his lies and manipulation. Dream revealed that the book of dark secrets he had received from Jschlatt months ago, just before the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, in order to make Dream defend Jschlatt, contained information on how to bring back the dead.

Tommy asked if Dream could resurrect Wilbur and Dream said yes. Tommy trapped Dream in an obsidian box and apologized to everyone else for what he had done, stating multiple times that he had fucked up, and been a bad person. He then demanded that Dream tell everyone what he had done, and Dream reluctantly revealed that he had been the one to blow up the Community House. However, he refused to admit anything else, and stayed silent when Tommy told him to explain what had happened during Tommy's exile. Instead, Tommy told everyone that Dream had been manipulating the entire server and collecting their prized items in an attempt to gain control over them, and that he was the root cause of all their problems. The coalition noticed the collection, in which they find that everything Tommy told them was true. Sapnap retrieves Beckerson and the rest of the group is in shock about Dream's master plan.


As punishment for Dream's crimes against the server, Tommy believed that they should kill Dream and deal with being forever mortal. Dream begged for forgiveness and says that he would be good from here on out, that Tommy could do whatever he wants with him and can exile him, torture him, or anything he pleases. Then, Sam came forward and told Tommy that there was an alternative - locking Dream inside Pandora's Vault, the prison that he himself had commissioned to be built. Tommy agreed, and after Tommy's speech, Dream was let out of the box. An escort force made up of BadBoyHalo, Sam, and Sapnap escorted Dream to Pandora's Vault via overworld transportation.


Tubbo and Tommy headed back to their bench outside Tommy's house, and realized that it hadn't been the last time they had seen the Prime Path after all. They listened to the discs and talked to some sort of manifestation of Wilbur, who told Tommy that he was proud of him, and that he didn't want to come back to life. Tommy gave the gear he had taken off Dream to Tubbo, and Tubbo locked it inside his vault at Snowchester, saying that the armor had caused them too much grief to be used again.

Nearly everything that happened in this event was confirmed to be planned by Dream and Punz. This includes Punz betraying Dream, as well as his subsequent imprisonment by the hands of Awesamdude.


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