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Dnret was the successor of Tnret, TommyInnit's old tent in Logstedshire.


After Dream left Tommy in his exile, Tommy decided that Dream was a bad person, and left the remains of Logstedshire to rot, running out into the wilderness before deciding to travel to Technoblade's Cabin.

Creation of Dnret

When Tommy reached the cabin, Technoblade was offline so he looted the cabin. After some raiding, he decided that he could live under his base and leech off of Techno "like a raccoon." Tommy then dug out a little basement below Techno's pre-existing basement, splotched a bunch of yellow concrete everywhere, and placed a sign that read "The Den." Upon reading his chat, he found a better name and replaced "The Den" with "DNRET!!!" Tommy set the room up with what he had and Techno's items, placing the Prime Log and bell along with a bed.[1][2] Tommy slept there for a night before being noticed by Technoblade the following day.[3]


Before Techno, Phil, and Dream set off for the Doomsday War on January 6, Techno decided to remove all remnants of Tommy's presence at his base. Using the TNT Dream gave him to blow up L'Manberg, Techno blew up Dnret, marking the end of Tommy's second exile home.[4]


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