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The Doomsday War, also known as the Third Great Dream SMP War, the Second L'Manberg-Dream SMP War, and the Wither War, was a major war on January 6, 2021, in L'Manberg. The war marked the end of L'Manberg, and served as the finale of the Vengeance Era, leading into the Disunion Era.



During the Green Festival, Dream and Technoblade declared war on the rest of the server and stated that they would be finishing what Wilbur had started: destroying L'Manberg.[VOD 1][VOD 2][VOD 3] They proceeded to take their leave, leaving the rest of the festival attendees to ponder their next move in the drowned remains of the Community House.


After Tommy rallied the group together before logging off, the group began to argue, with HBomb mentioning how Tommy had slaughtered Tubbo's dog right before the declaration, and Niki stating that she wouldn't trust Tommy because of his history of lying. She proceeded to state how Tommy was the one to blame for L'Manberg being destroyed, as he had been the one to burn George's house. Niki finally snapped, due to the built-up pressure of the deaths and the betrayals that finally got to her. The group began fighting amongst themselves, with Punz, Eret, and Fundy arguing that the battle was more than just about L'Manberg and Tommy. After Ranboo was called out as a traitor by Niki, he stepped in and said he didn't understand why everyone was fighting, explaining to the crowd that this was merely entertainment for Dream, and that everyone on this server chooses sides, not people, which shouldn't be the case. This was not received well by the other server members, as L'Manberg was a piece of history and represented the resistance against Dream.

Throughout the group's argument, Quackity held a private meeting with Tubbo in which he expressed his anger at Ranboo's "betrayal". He demanded that Tubbo exercise his authority and execute Ranboo by using Dream's argument that Tubbo had been a weak leader. Tubbo disapproved of the idea and defended Ranboo, and Quackity respected his opinion. However, since he considered it treason to leave Ranboo unpunished, Quackity then stated that he would not be joining them. He expressed approval of Tubbo's leadership, proclaiming that Tubbo had been the best leader and was doing what was good for his country. The two separated on good terms.

After Tubbo returned from the private conversation with Quackity, he ended the main group's arguments and began to rally the people. He put them to work and named their operation "Operation: Don't Get Our Home Blown Up", after Ponk asked about the operation name. They split up and began to work.



Tommy immediately took charge of the situation, apologizing for his previous actions that had caused L'Manberg so much pain. He stood on top of six chests, stating that everyone must contribute to the cause, whether it be potions, armor, or other essentials. Tommy then marked each chest with labels: weapons, armor, and miscellaneous supplies such as potions and food. They eventually decided to move their preparations to Eret's fortress. After much discussion, the group separated and started collecting items individually. Ranboo left them to prepare, and privately fought against himself in a mental breakdown, but eventually decided that he could only aid the L'Manbergians.

Arctic Anarchists & Dream

After Dream and Technoblade made their escape from the destroyed Community House, they met up at Technoblade's base with Philza. They started creating a plan for destroying L'Manberg - Technoblade would be on the ground, spawning withers and fighting the entire server, while Dream would be in the air placing TNT, which would drop onto and destroy L'Manberg. Dream mentioned he had a "secret ace" that he couldn't tell Techno about at the moment, but would give them the decisive win in tomorrow's war. Technoblade and Phil also relocated the Hound Army, as TommyInnit knew the previous location, and would likely attempt to stop the hound army from being activated. While other members were away, Dream constructed an obsidian grid above L'Manberg.

War day

Final choices

At the beginning of the day, Ponk finished up gathering supplies after noticing how little anyone had contributed to the chests. Meanwhile, HBomb and Niki both decided that they were going to sit out of the war, as neither of them preferred either side. HBomb stated that he believed everyone was selfish, and no one had the correct viewpoint. Fundy also decided to inject his opinion, saying "both sides should be equal" and agreeing with Ranboo on his stance of "no one here is right". Niki and Fundy, considering Ranboo's opinion on taking sides, formed the Side To End All Sides (or STEAS for short) to sabotage the L'Manbergians while simultaneously not supporting Dream and Technoblade. As Fundy walked around L'Manberg, he blew up all of L'Manberg's supplies, stating that "if he can't make people smile, he was going to make people cry". After he showed Niki the exploded chests, she was pleased, and they were finally back on good terms. Niki also managed to get weapons and armor from Tubbo by telling everyone about how she still had nothing after Schlatt taxed her.

Fundy and Niki then met with Eret, and the three all agreed that the L'Manbergians needed to learn a lesson to prevent history from repeating itself, reasoning that the war had gone too far and L'Manberg had truly died with its founder, Wilbur. Eret joined the STEAS, and they began to build up a wall of signs that listed people who had to learn this lesson.

While everyone was getting ready for the war, Ranboo decided to save Enderchest (one of his cats), hiding the cat away from L'Manberg near his panic room. He expressed disappointment in being unable to save the rest of his pets. During this, he mused that people took his side because they realized they were going to lose, and that they were scared of that since they had lost many times before. Later, he decided to save Squeeks, as he didn't want to backstab Tubbo again after being revealed as a traitor the day before.

Many others were still left deciding whether or not to fight in the war, including Quackity, who was prepared to leave L'Manberg and the Dream SMP as a whole.[VOD 4] In the end, Quackity decided that it was more important to take yet another stand against Dream, but still expected to lose. CaptainPuffy also decided to defend the nation, as she had friends who lived there and she felt that it was important to protect her friends. Sapnap was convinced to side with Tommy after he was given his long lost fish, Mars, who was retrieved from the ocean by Tommy.[VOD 5]

Anarchist final preparations

Phil and Technoblade began making fireworks about half an hour before the war was set to start, and Dream met with them inside Technoblade's cabin.[VOD 6][VOD 7] Upon meeting, Dream explained that his "ace" was a spy inside L'Manberg who gave him intel. They then agreed on a final plan: Techno would be fighting the war on the ground for twenty minutes while Dream built redstone machines. Phil wanted to join in the plan, but Techno didn't want Phil to die for his grudge. Phil said that he also had a grudge against L'Manberg, and they decided that Phil would be aiding Techno in spawning withers. Knowing that Phil only had one life due to his hardcore nature, Techno also gave Phil a totem of undying as insurance. Before they left, Techno proved his hatred for Tommy by blowing up Dnret in addition to destroying the Prime Log, stating it had come from a traitor.

After arriving at Dream SMP, the anarchists and Dream went underneath L'Manberg to grab the Hound Army. The Hound Army was then splashed with strength and invisibility potions. Techno and Philza started making their way towards the entrance of L'Manberg, and Dream made his way to his platform above the country.

Hound Army raid

Technoblade joined the L'Manberg army's voice-chat and announced his presence in L'Manberg. None of the members believed him, but they quickly discovered that Techno was not lying due to the large amount of dogs surrounding him in the middle of L'Manberg. The L'Manbergians quickly discovered that many of the members had bowed out and decided not to join them. When Tommy called for supplies, Tubbo broke the news that the supplies had been destroyed and had nothing but what they had in their inventories. Despite all of these hindrances to L'Manberg's battle plan, Techno seemed to be outnumbered and was thought to be likely to run out of supplies in a prolonged conflict.

The army for L'Manberg moved to attack Techno. However, their efforts were rendered ineffective by his Hound Army, which would quickly swarm any attacker. Techno was able to stay mobile and avoid direct encounters, picking off some of the weaker members of L'Manberg. The L'Manberg army was able to kill off most of his Hound Army, and once the Hound Army was nearly defeated, Techno gave Phil the signal to start spawning withers. Fourteen withers were spawned, and the L'Manbergians were quickly overwhelmed by the combination of the withers and Technoblade. Techno had also splashed invisibility potions on everyone, leading some to attack their allies instead of the withers, out of pure confusion. The withers bought valuable time for Techno and his allies, and the chaos of shooting, fighting, and screaming continued until Dream finished the machines. Techno also took the opportunity to restock on supplies, to return the "do not read" book to Ranboo, and to take his trident from the chests in the house. Unbeknownst to anyone else, Niki was in underground tunnels below L'Manberg; she placed TNT everywhere before setting it all off.

Destruction of L'Manberg

After Dream finished his preparations, TNT began raining down on the battle as Techno continued shooting into the fray. Multiple people fled, fearing the TNT raining down. In the chaos, Ranboo also fled while attempting to save his pets. After the TNT explosions began to die down, Techno and Tommy began to battle with both swords and words, fighting over loyalty, betrayal, and the way the government had destroyed everything.


While everyone was distracted, Niki burned down the L'Mantree, silently saluting as the tree burned to the ground. Citing personal reasons and distrust issues with other members in STEAS, she went alone to her L'Manberg house, blowing it up and setting fire to everything else. The rest of the citizens looked on in horror, as the main part of L'Manberg continued to be blown up by the machine above them, unaware that their last symbol of hope had just been destroyed by the person who cared for it most. While they were fighting, Niki muted and told her chat,

"It was never meant to be."



Techoblade called the SMP - "The youngest anarchy server in Minecraft!" in reference to FitMC. Jack Manifold got angry at Technoblade for mocking FitMC and after arguing over the fact Jack fought for L'Manberg despite the fact L'Manberg did nothing for him, Jack challenged Technoblade to a duel. Jack was on his last canon life, meaning that if he lost this fight then he would never return whilst Technoblade accepted - believing it could be an easy win. Unexpectedly, Jack held his own against Techno and even brought down his health and becoming the first person to almost canonically kill him. Techno hit Jack off the platform they had been dueling where Jack fell into the huge crater below. After realising Jack survived, Technoblade jumped down after him and the two fought it out in the ruins. Technoblade managed to kill Jack after a long fought out battle. Surprisingly for Jack, he found that he respawned instead of dying permanently - as he should have. Instead of questioning it, Jack returned to the dying battle.

As the chaos died down, the L'Manbergians, neutral members, and the anarchists began to talk amongst themselves. Tommy and Tubbo spoke to each other on Dream's obsidian platform above the destroyed city. They bond, agreeing that they must regain possession of the discs and fight back against Dream. While they spoke, Dream continued maintaining the TNT machine in the background. Everyone else sat in a voice-chat talking, with Techno stating he wanted to see L'Manberg turn to bedrock and be chunk-errored. Some simply stayed silent, looking upon the crater L'Manberg had become.

Ghostbur then logged onto the server and joined Tommy, Tubbo, and Quackity in a shaky rendition of the L'Manberg National Anthem. He angrily spoke with Phil, screaming at him for letting Friend be killed and supporting the destruction of L'Manberg. Phil brushed Ghostbur's concerns off, saying Friend had infinite lives. Afterward, Ghostbur requested Tommy to ask Dream to resurrect him. However, upon discussing with the other members, Ghostbur finds that Philza had been studying necromancy and was also able to perform resurrections.

Niki was still watching the chaos unfold on the sidelines when others discovered the destroyed tree, and she announced that it was her. She then discovered that it was Phil who had killed Wilbur and she didn't know how to feel. When Ghostbur logged on, Niki spotted him and believed she had finally gone insane. No longer knowing what was real anymore, Niki had a mental breakdown and blew up her bakery, wanting to destroy anything that reminded her of her friends so she would stop imagining him. She then fled the ruins of L'Manberg - setting fire to most of the Prime Path in her distress.

Tommy, Tubbo, Ghostbur, Jack and Quackity met up at the Bench and mourned the country's end.

Fundy celebrated the defeat and spoke with the L'Manbergians to remind them of the lesson; he first talked to Quackity, who told him that his motives no longer mattered since the damage was done. While Fundy mulled this comment over, he wondered if it was rhetorical or not. Fundy then spoke to Ranboo, attempting to team with him. However, Ranboo refused, saying that was exactly what caused the first war, calling Fundy a coward. Fundy called out Ranboo for being the one to tell him of this and asked if individuality was worth it. Ranboo replied with a yes; Fundy called him sad in response, to which Ranboo replied that he already knew. Ranboo then called Fundy out again for being on the losing side and left. After leaving the VC, Fundy wondered if Ranboo was depressed.

Abandoned L'Manberg

Many members left after this, accepting defeat after the battle.

Quackity spoke with many members in the aftermath and proposed his plan of diplomacy to take down Dream. However, many members were disillusioned and decided to go their own route.

Jack finally faced the consequence of his final death and was sent to hell. Jack had, by now, fully realized that the continuous conflict between Dream and Tommy was the reason that he had lost all his canon lives and all his items yet again. This realization sparked so much anger in him that he managed to somehow revive himself back from hell. He was confused by what had happened, but accepted it for the time being, making his life's purpose to finally kill Dream and Tommy.

After cooling off in her underground city, Niki came back to the ruins of L'Manberg which everyone had left. There, she ran into Jack Manifold whose house was the only undamaged part. Jack and Niki were on rough ground due to her betraying L'Manberg and him fighting for it, and this leads to Jack berating her despite of their shared ideals. However, Niki told Jack her side of the story and about how they just overlook everyone who isn't important in the wars. Although at first doubtful, Jack came around to her ideas when remembering Tommy killed him and people have multiple times stolen all of his stuff. They decided to team up to take down Dream and Tommy with Niki proclaiming 'No one will care until its too late!"


  • L'Manberg - blown up by both the withers and Dream's TNT.
  • Hound Army - mostly killed by the army of L'Manberg. Survivors were later moved to Technoblade's cabin.
  • Most of the pets - blown up during the explosion (including Friend and Max).
  • L’Manberg army - Non-canonically killed multiple times in combat.
  • Fifteen withers - several of them killed during the skirmishes, remaining withers killed after the war.
  • Jack Manifold - Lost his last canon life whilst in a 1v1 with Technoblade. His hatred for Dream and Tommy caused him to accidentally revive himself for revenge.


  • A week after the war on January 13, 2021, Eret was granted Spectator mode access to take cinematic shots of the SMP area, including this of the ruins and the flag at the bottom that was created by Puffy.[Clip 1]
  • On March 17th, on the Eboy's Podcast, Dream revealed that he was the one who struck Tommy with lightning, causing the infamous blooper. He claims he has no idea where the second bolt came from.





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