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This page is about the character from the Dream SMP. For the YouTuber who plays this character, see Dream. For the SMP that the Dream Team and their friends play on, see Dream SMP. For the canon protector counterpart, see DreamXD/SMP. For the Mexican counterpart, see Mexican Dream.

I'm the most powerful on this server, whether you like it or not! They had to lock me up in a prison built just for me!


Dream is the founder of the Dream SMP, the server's owner, and its first member. He joined on April 24, 2020. He was previously the leader of the Greater Dream SMP before being deposed during the Disc Confrontation.

He is commonly seen as the server's main antagonist, opposing TommyInnit in the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War and the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, instigating Tommy's exile, allying with Technoblade and Ph1LzA during the Doomsday War, and instigating some of the key conflicts of the Disc Saga. Dream is also arguably known as the server's best duelist, the other top contender being Technoblade.

He planned his later defeat during the Disc Confrontation by Tommy and the rest of the server, and was imprisoned in Pandora's Vault under the eye of its warden, Awesamdude. Dream currently possesses the only known method of resurrection, given to him by Schlatt, and was being tortured for the information by Quackity until his eventual escape.

On November 28, 2021, Dream was broken out by Technoblade and The Syndicate, with Ranboo losing his supposed final canon life.

He is the overarching antagonist of the Disc Saga, the secondary antagonist of the Red Dreams half of the Empowerment Arc, and a dubious protagonist of the Prisoners Favor half, before escaping prison in the Legacy Arc.



Dream's in-game appearance is a white smiley-face blob on a light green background. However, Dream confirmed while talking to Tommy in Pandora's Vault that he wears a mask in canon,[3] potentially similar to this.


Not much is known about Dream's biology. Though he has a fairly humanoid appearance, and appears to have a very human biology, it is hinted that he doesn't need to sleep (especially by his lack of real residence), so it is possible that he has non-human origins.


Dream is an excellent strategist, and is incredibly well-composed most of the time. He is a natural leader, seasoned in the art of military combat and, prior to his imprisonment, was often never seen without fully enchanted armor and several weapons. He is mysterious by nature, taking care to mask his true intentions and hide behind his composed persona in order to maintain a level of respect and fear.

Dream values control, and reacts violently towards any signs of a loss of control - this is proven by his instinctual reaction to declare war on the newly budding independent nation of L'Manberg. Above all else, Dream hopes to unite the server as "one big happy family," and most of his actions lead to this greater goal - Dream is devoted to this cause, often disregarding personal attachments to further his own progress.

Dream cites attachment as the greatest power of the server, and as a result, sought to control it, even aiming at one point to obtain and control one item of value from every server member. Prior to canon, he was once closer to some other members of the server, such as Sapnap, but would come to favor his ambitions for unity over his attachments, cutting his own ties in order to become uncontrollable. This would ultimately fail, as he was not able to cut his attachment with Tommy, causing his downfall.

Dream often shows extreme confidence when he assumes he has the upper hand, though this facade easily falls as soon as his plans start to fail: when it appears he is about to die in the Disc Confrontation, Dream is reduced to begging for his life. He is typically difficult to anger, and usually appears detached from the server, frequently appearing as some sort of higher power - this idea is furthered by the method in which he acts to help Pogtopia during the rebellion. Dream is careful to remain distant from others, but the reason for this is debatable.

As time has passed, Dream has developed a God complex, going so far as to proclaim that he is a god after successfully resurrecting Tommy. He has seemingly lost a grasp of reality to some degree, most likely as a direct effect of imprisonment and torture. Even before imprisonment, when he lost his temper, Dream would become dangerously emotional, acting rashly and impulsively - this is clearest in the final stages of Tommy's exile, where Dream detonates all of Tommy's belongings.[4]Recently, after Technoblade escaped Pandora's Vault, Awesamdude discovered Dream hiding in a spot he mined out of the cell's respawn point. He begged Sam not to tell Quackity, showing his interest in self-preservation after losing Techno.

Wilbur, the head writer of season one, has said that Dream's D&D alignment is chaotic evil.[5]

Dream is VERY chaotic evil. Dream wants only one thing, to stir the pot and disrupt the status quo. This is a villainous stereotype.


Somewhat contrary to this assessment of his character, Dream tends to portray himself as a leader. Many members (characters) of the SMP have criticized Dream for always inserting himself into other people's conflict, whether it is in the name of protecting the server, or for his own interests.

Dream, as the content creator, has also described his character as being "reserved" and having an "ends justify the means" mindset.

Characters similar/related to Dream

The characters in this list are not different personalities of Dream, but rather separate characters that are not the same as Dream's character in the SMP.


For the character named DreamXD, see DreamXD/SMP.


For Dream's sister, see Drista.

Mexican Dream

For the character named Mexican Dream played by Quackity, see Mexican Dream.


Girl Dream (or her Mexican name, Mamacita) is a separate character from Dream who resembles a female version of Dream. Just like Dream, she is capable of defending herself. In her first appearance, she joined Mexican L'Manberg and met Mexican Dream. In her second appearance, she visited Logstedshire along with Mexican Dream. She used to tag along with Mexican Dream, and had a romantic relationship with him until he died.

Tom Simmons (NotDream123)

For the character named Tom Simmons played by Dream, see NotDream123.

Alter Egos

Cop Dream

Cop Dream is an alter-ego of Dream that appears when he sees people commit crimes. Cop Dream almost exclusively talks through a megaphone. He is also ruthless, attacking the person immediately when the crime is committed. He has the ability to play police sirens whenever he wants, similar to Dream's speedrun music ability.

In his first appearance, he appeared when Tommy asked Dream to take care of Quackity after Quackity 'stole' Yeezys from their restaurant. Dream turned into Cop Dream, hunting Quackity down and shooting at him until he killed him inside the restaurant.[6]

In his second appearance, he appeared after Mexican Dream and his accomplices tried to recruit Dream into Mexican L'Manberg by giving him drugs. He started running after them to arrest them for illegal drugs and activities. After a long chase through the Overworld and the Nether, he managed to kill Mexican Dream. He then took the defeated Mexican Dream to the Courthouse and put him on trial. However, his accomplices broke him out and the group escaped to Mexican L'Manberg, safe from Cop Dream.[7]

He has also appeared twice on one of George's streams.[8][9]

Mugger Dream

Mugger Dream is another alter-ego that has appeared twice so far. His first appearance was on Lani's first visit, robbing Quackity.[10][11] He then appeared in Logstedshire to threaten Mexican Dream.[12]


Early Dream SMP Arc

Pre-Disc Saga

Dream created the SMP with George on April 24, 2020. He is one of the eight original SMP members, along with George, Sapnap, Callahan, Alyssa, Awesamdude, Ponk & BadBoyHalo. Along with the other original seven members of the server, he built the Community House. In addition, Dream built the wooden path from the Community House, now known as the Prime Path, and a room under the house to live in. He had a pet horse, Spirit, who died to mobs while Sapnap was riding them.[13] During this time, the SMP was in a peaceful and carefree era, as most problems were taken care of in the Courthouse. Dream exiled Tommy from the SMP for repeatedly breaking the rules when he first joined, but later allowed Tommy back onto the server.

The Disc Saga

The Disc Saga began with Tommy and Sapnap getting into a conflict with Ponk and Alyssa. Dream tried to defuse the conflict, but was killed (non-canonically) instead, so in order to gain leverage, he stole Tommy's music discs, Cat and Mellohi, starting the whole saga. Over a long period of time, lots of items were stolen from Dream and Tommy by each other in order to regain the discs.

Socializing Club Conflict

Dream fell into the trap that Purpled had set outside the Socializing Club during the Socializing Club Conflict, causing his sword to end up in Tommy's hands. However, through an agreement, he got his sword back after the conflict.

L'Manberg Independence Arc


Dream did not do many things before the war to increase tensions between him and members of what would eventually become L'Manberg. From the content-creator vantage, he banned villager breeding and iron golem farms after Tubbo built farms for them because they were too overpowered. Later, stopping the drug empire that Wilbur Soot and Tommy were attempting to create led directly to the creation of L'Manberg.

Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War

Dream played the role as the primary antagonist during the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War. As the creator and figurehead of the lands, Dream refused to allow L'Manberg to declare themselves independent of the Dream SMP. As a result, he, with George, Sapnap and Punz, declared war, bombing their land and using Eret's help to backstab them. After the final duel by Dream and Tommy was won by Dream, Tommy surrendered his discs, Cat and Mellohi, which Dream accepted in exchange for technical independence, meaning Dream SMP would not recognize them, but would not attack L'Manberg unless there was very good reason to do so.


After the war, Dream was involved in many small side stories.

  • Jack Manifold joined the server, and Dream attempted to sway Jack's allegiance towards the Greater Dream SMP through bribery. However, Jack ultimately chose L'Manberg and was given the job as ambassador.
  • Wilbur and Tommy built a park in L'Manberg to attract tourists (mainly drug dealers). The only attractions were a drug pond and a bent stone alleyway (the Pufferfish Alleyway), which they used in an attempt to scam Dream out of diamonds.
  • Wilbur and Dream competed in a pub quiz made by Tubbo to figure out who has a higher IQ (although it was more of a trivia) and Wilbur won.
  • Fundy and Niki pranked Tommy's base (L'Manberg Embassy) by giving it a Nether makeover. Dream fixed this in a later stream.
  • Through trade with Skeppy, Dream obtained Spirit’s (his dead horse) leather in exchange for one of Tommy's prized music discs.
  • Tommy accidentally ran over Dream with a minecart causing a series of events that led to the Railway Skirmish.
  • Dream, George, and Sapnap added onto Tommy's spawn trap in an effort to trap Ponk.
  • Dream hosted a $5000 Deal or No Deal event on the server.
  • Dream, Tommy, Quackity and Tubbo started a new religion dedicated to Twitch Prime. Church Prime and The Vape Tower are built within a new district of the Dream SMP called "The Subs/The Holy Land." The burnt remains of Tubbo's old house are included within the border of this district and act as a heritage site.
  • Dream got scammed by Tommy. Through the scam, Tommy got his Mellohi disc back, as well as Spirit, the leather of Dream's most favored and dead horse. Dream received Beckerson, one of the oldest pets on the server.
  • Dream remodeled the Community House.

The 2020 L'Manberg Election

When Schlatt joined and announced his own campaign, Dream immediately took a stance by providing Schlatt with his bow. The two began hunting down the two POG2020 candidates.

Manberg Rebellion Arc

Pogtopian alliance

After the election, Dream quietly supported Pogtopia after realizing that he disliked Schlatt, giving them many supplies, including his crossbow, "Definitely Not Penis." His reasoning was that Schlatt was a ruler with ambition, unlike Wilbur, and wanted to keep expanding beyond the walls of L'Manberg. As a result, he had an active fighting role in the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower and also provided Wilbur with TNT for his plan to blow up Manberg. However, he switched sides after the Manberg Festival due to an agreement with Schlatt.

True ideals

Dream met with Eret just before the war started, and told Eret that they were just a figurehead so they must remain neutral in the war. He explained to Eret that all he wished was a land undivided; no Pogtopia, no Manberg, only Dream SMP. He also describes how Eret only had power because of the members of the Dream SMP backing him, protecting him and giving him power; respect is nothing because it doesn't protect him from a knife in his back.

After Dream got word of Eret's wish to fight with Pogtopia, Dream dethroned them and crowned George as the new king of Greater Dream SMP, with Callahan as his squire.

Retribution Arc

Exile Conflict

Dream defending his idea to exile Tommy

Soon after Tommy and Ranboo burned and robbed George's house, Dream built a 4-block high obsidian wall around L'Manberg. Since George was the king and his best friend, he took the burning very seriously and wanted Tommy to be exiled. He gave Tubbo three days to decide the fate of Tommy. The meeting took place in the Holy Land, and in the meeting, they agreed to put Tommy on probation. However, Tommy claimed that Dream had no dominance over him, as while Dream didn't possess any leverage over Tommy, it wasn't the same the other way around. Tommy then threatened to burn the leather of his dead horse, Spirit. Dream was conflicted and was forced to comply, if only for a few minutes as the L'Manbergians humiliated him. Snapping and realizing that Tommy could forever hold Spirit over his head, Dream then retorted that he didn't "give a f**k about Spirit," and that all he cared about was Tommy's discs since they gave him power over Tommy. Dream then provided an ultimatum: exile Tommy within three days or he will "build [the wall] until they’ve reached the block limit." The L'Manberg cabinet later compiled, giving in to his demands once again, and Dream escorted Tommy out. In addition, Dream rewarded L'Manberg by officially recognizing them as an independent nation for the first time and even offering them support from his faction.

Dethronement of George

Dream proposed that George step down as king because he was constantly being attacked by members of the SMP. He said that the king must be a neutral figure, and that George had instigated conflicts by destroying L'Mantree and by helping build Mexican L'Manberg. George refused, and Quackity and Sapnap supported him, Sapnap being told that Dream didn't care about anything other than Tommy's discs. However, Dream went through with the idea by crowning Eret as king again, straining his relationship with George, Quackity, and Sapnap. During an argument with Quackity, Dream debated that he had caused no conflict on the SMP, and that Tommy was the instigator of all of the conflicts. Dream painted himself as a peacekeeping figure of the SMP, but the other members denied it.

Post-Exile Conflict

Dream visiting Tommy in Exile

Dream was the only one to consistently visit Tommy during his exile, eventually causing Tommy to believe that Dream was his only friend. Dream's treatment of Tommy in exile can easily be classified as abuse, with Dream doing things such as forcing Tommy to give up all of his items every day, and making Tommy feel as though he had to comply with everything Dream said. Eventually, after finding out Tommy had been keeping a secret stash of items from him, Dream blew the items and all of Logstedshire up, and then forbade him from entering the Nether and left.[14]

Tommy then left Logstedshire upon an epiphany that Dream had been manipulating him and had never been his friend,[15] but was quickly found by Dream living with Technoblade in his cabin. He expressed that he did not care where Tommy lived as long as he knew of his whereabouts. Even though Tommy was caught by Dream visiting the main server area on multiple occasions, Dream did not kill him.

Technoblade's execution

Dream played an important role in assisting Technoblade with his escape from his execution.

Having caught wind of the Butcher Army's plan to execute Technoblade, Dream told Technoblade to meet atop the mountain where they previously met in the SMP for the first time. Although there was initially some tension between the two, this subsided, and Dream warned Technoblade that there were bounty hunters after him, giving him a map that led Technoblade to a woodland mansion where he managed to collect 2 Totems of Undying.

The next day, when Technoblade was arrested, Dream assisted Technoblade with his escape. He led Techno to the Final Control Room where he had left some items for Techno to help him escape and fight off enemies. Due to this, Technoblade owed Dream a favor.

Dream's Evil Lair

Dream at the lair

During Dream's hunt for Tommy's whereabouts, he visited Technoblade's cabin multiple times, sometimes even when Technoblade was not at home. One day, Technoblade once again rose the issue of trespassing, stating that Dream should stop entering his property without his permission. He then proceeded to question Dream's residence, even asking if he was actually homeless, which was met with strong defense. Later, as Technoblade went to follow after Dream, it could be seen that he was building a house made of a mixture of cobblestone and wood (temporarily changed into Diamond Blocks), which he would self-deem "Dream's evil lair."

Meeting with Punz

Punz was the only one loyal to Dream throughout the history of the SMP, often acting as his right hand man. Although this loyalty was achieved through a mercenary agreement, with Dream paying Punz vast amounts of wealth for his allegiance, both parties admitted that it had grown to more than just a money contract. Punz stated that he'd still be loyal to Dream even if not for the money, although the sincerity of this statement is questionable.

On December 17, Dream called Punz to go for a walk with him. On the walk, Dream proposed Punz fraudulently turn against him, and become a spy on the inside of L'Manberg. Dream wanted to create an impression that everyone had turned against him, and that they could rally the population against Dream and overthrow him, when that was not the case. Dream suggested that they could plan a scripted event, where Dream would do something hurtful to Punz, and Punz would pretend to be hurt and leave his side, then, with this new trust and mutual "hate" for Dream, Punz would be welcomed into L'Manberg and provide intelligence for Dream.

The walk reached its end at Pandora's Vault. Dream explained to Punz that the vault, at the time, was only known by a few trusted members of the SMP, and explained its usage. Dream confirmed that no one in L'Manberg, except for Quackity, knew about the prison, and Quackity did not suspect or know the true intentions and purpose of it. He reminded Punz that the goal was always for "one united server," or "one giant family"; everyone followed the same rules, and there were no other countries. He claimed that there was something he'd do soon that no one would like him for, then named Punz as leader of his faction, as he did not want his faction to start crumbling.

Green Festival

It was believed that Dream would finally respect the L'Manberg law and show up at the Green Festival without any armor, as per Wilbur's first set of rules and despise for armor within the territory of the country. However, as the L'Manberg festival was ongoing with festival games, it was spotted that Dream started to build obsidian walls around the country, something that he only did when punishing the country. As the citizens swarmed to question his actions, Dream rebutted in regards to Tommy's fault, before leading the citizens to the Community House, where it was blown up and destroyed. A series of conversations would lead to Tommy betraying Technoblade to be on Tubbo's side, and thus Dream's offer of cooperation with Technoblade. The duo declared war on L'Manberg, announcing that they would destroy the country the next day.

Doomsday War

Dream blowing up L'Manberg

Prior to the war, Dream set up an obsidian base above L'Manberg as per his wish to blow up the country with duplicate TNT in a TNT system. However, as he knew the redstone contraption and redstone could be easily removed and destroyed, decided not to place the needed dispensers, redstone and repeaters just yet. Instead, he asked Technoblade to help him stall for time for around 20 minutes as he set up the TNT above L'Manberg.

After Technoblade and Philza had managed to stall the opposing side with the Hound Army, strong armor, weapons and even withers, TNT started to rain from the sky in multiple areas of L'Manberg, signaling that Dream had finished his contraption and started his mission to create "chunk errors" through explosions. Dream used repeaters and redstone, along with dispensers, to create a continuous flow of lit TNT raining down into the country. The TNT would continue falling down for around 10 minutes, before they would slow down, with duplicate TNT only falling from one station to another, as Dream would go back and forth refilling dispensers. In the end, L'Manberg was successfully blown up, declaring victory for his side.

Moving far

As the battle finally started to die down, Dream would fire TNT into L'Manberg once again. When Tubbo and Tommy climbed up to the obsidian platform to destroy the circuits once again, Dream joined their call. He activated the dispenser nearest to them, taunting the duo with the constant falling of TNT. Nevertheless, he told Tommy that he was not done with him, and that while L'Manberg's story was over, his story with Tommy was not.

Empowerment Arc

Disc Confrontation

After the Doomsday War, Dream put signs and a lodestone compass in Tommy's home indicating that Tommy and Tubbo were to follow the compass and meet Dream alone. He stated in the signs that they must do so if Tommy wanted his discs back. Tommy and Tubbo fought Dream and got the disc, but Dream threatened to kill Tubbo if Tommy didn't return the disc. Tommy did so and Dream laughed, telling him it was a fake the entire time. Dream then revealed Tommy's real discs that Tommy could not even retake because it would end Tubbo's life. Then, Dream began to show a strange museum of all the "attachments" that the Dream SMP members had.

Dream's true ambition was to take possession of everything which the Dream SMP members had attachment towards so that he could control everyone. Unlike the others, Dream separated himself from attachments, leaving him without any vulnerabilities. He revealed that Tommy was necessary so that the people would continue being attached to something for themselves, and that it was essential in his future plans.

Dream's first death

Dream's second death

Dream told Tommy that he intended to kill Tubbo, no matter what, and gave Tommy and Tubbo a chance to say their final goodbyes. Just when Dream was about to kill Tubbo, several Dream SMP members arrived at Dream's vault - with Punz, Sapnap, Eret, Callahan, Awesamdude, Nihachu, BadBoyHalo, CaptainPuffy, Antfrost, Jack Manifold, HBomb, Quackity, Ranboo, and Ponk all present - to assist Tommy and Tubbo. Several of these people once supported Dream. Having to defend himself against so many people, Dream was forced to get rid of his armor, weapons and potions by Tommy. In the end, he was canonically killed twice by Tommy, only spared because of Schlatt's book. He claimed it was a guide to the revival of dead characters. Instead of death, Dream was thus sent to Pandora's Vault escorted by Sam, the very prison he had commissioned to be built.


Inside the prison, the only thing Dream has access to is a chest full of book and quills, a lectern, a cauldron, and a clock in an item frame. Tommy was the first to visit, and planned to visit again three days later, however it wasn't until a month later when Tommy visited again. His more frequent visitor was Ranboo, although the nature of these visits remains a mystery. BadBoyHalo later visited Dream, and left the cell feeling that Dream was being somewhat mistreated. Ranboo then tried visiting again, but was banned from the prison after erasing the contents of the waivers. Sapnap then visited, during which Dream refused to speak and instead used a book to communicate.

Dream punching Tommy to death

Tommy visited the prison again exactly one month later. During the visit, Tommy proclaimed that he would never visit him again, however there was a security issue during Tommy's visit, so the prison was put into lockdown. During the prison lockdown, Tommy consistently attempted to annoy Dream. On the eighth day of lockdown, Tommy and Dream had an argument over the Book of Necromancy, with Tommy arguing that the book was fictitious. Tommy questioned Dream on if he loved the cat (which had appeared in the cell), and he admitted that he did. Tommy proceeded to murder said cat, despite Dream's attempt to block his punches with his body, and commented that this was what happened to everything he loved. Tommy proceeded to call Dream a "sad little man" and proclaimed he didn't believe the revival book was real. Dream then insisted on asking Schlatt about the book, and proceeded to beat him to death in the cell, causing Tommy to lose his final canon life. Sam later revealed when talking to Ranboo that Dream laughed after he killed Tommy and that during Dream's time in the prison, he almost exclusively kept talking about Tommy.

Dream resurrected Tommy on March 4, 2021. Tommy proceeded to have another argument with Dream and Tommy thought about killing Dream. Dream accepted death but Tommy knew that if he killed Dream, he would be stuck in the prison forever. Tommy then told Dream he wanted to kill him but couldn’t. Dream vocalized that he could kill anyone he wanted and bring them back and told Tommy that everybody on the server are his puppets. Dream told Tommy that he had to kill him to prove to him that the book is real. He said he could study the revival process by killing Tommy repeatedly, and said that through studying it, he and Tommy could "become immortal together", a prospect Tommy was horrified by. He then went on saying he will bring back Wilbur, and that Wilbur will help him escape. Days later, when Tommy got out, Dream seemed to be a bit upset that Tommy was going free. He muttered to himself bitterly when Sam let him out.

Quackity about to torture Dream

Quackity, during the events of Las Nevadas Ep.1, went to the prison and made a deal with Awesamdude, who gave him access to the "tools" of the Warden, and allowed him to bring them into the main cell. After Quackity got into the Prison, he went to the main cell and suggested to Dream that he needed the knowledge of how to revive people; Dream screamed for Sam when he noticed that Quackity had weapons. Quackity vouched that he will visit Dream every day to torture him until he gives him the knowledge of what was inside the Book of Necromancy. When Dream refused to give him knowledge of the book, Quackity began hurting him.

On April 29, Tommy went invisibly to the prison with Ghostbur with the intention of killing Dream. Sam spotted Tommy with the Axe of Peace at the cell and made Tommy go on the bridge, leaving Ghostbur behind. Dream started threatening Sam and Tommy to either let him out or he was going to revive Wilbur. Sam would not let him out and wouldn't let Ghostbur cross the bridge, Dream then used the book to kill Ghostbur and revive Wilbur.

During the events of Las Nevadas Ep.3, Quackity demanded that Dream write a note asking Techno to visit. Dream, reluctant to betray one of the few people who didn't hate him, resisted against it. However, he folded and agreed to write the note following more torture from Quackity. In exchange, Quackity promised not to torture Dream for the following week. When Techno visited Dream on June 6, Dream shouted for him to turn around, saying that it was a trap and that Sam and Quackity were working together. As Sam trapped Techno in the same cell, Dream was despondent, citing that Techno was his only way out of the prison. Techno, however, asserted that things would be fine, and said that, unlike Dream, he had options: he had friends and attachments that he didn't cast aside. Techno asked Dream for all of the information he had on the prison, and Dream started writing his knowledge down for his new roommate. In the more recent streams, he and Technoblade have seemingly become closer and get along well; Quackity, however, tried to use this against Dream. Technoblade told Dream never to reveal any information to Quackity. Before Dream could break and divulge their plans, Technoblade disappeared, and Quackity left the cell in an attempt to search for Techno with Sam. During this time, Dream hid in the tunnel that he dug under the toilet/sink hole of the cell, tricking Quackity into believing he too had escaped the prison and thus sending Quackity into a paranoid trip.

Near the end of Sam's stream, Dream asked him to see the sun one last time. Sam refused, telling him to watch his moves.

Legacy Arc


At some point, Awesamdude put in a new alarm system outside Dream's cell, so that if only a block was broken, the alarm will instantly go off and the guards will be summoned immediately. This is to prevent any escape attempts. On November 28, 2021, Technoblade swam through the lava pool with fire res, reaching Dream's cell. Dream was surprised, and told Technoblade about the new alarm system. Technoblade then put down a piece of TNT, and ignited it. This blow up some of the redstone, but sets off the alarm anyways. Technoblade put down a ender chest and gave all the gear to Dream, along with some ender pearls and golden apples. Then, they both swam through the lava pool with fire res. Unfortunately, they ran into Awesamdude and BadBoyHalo, who was at the same time running towards the cell to see what happened. They ender pearled through the lava tunnel, and put up a short fight that ended up with Awesamdude being killed and BadBoyHalo brutally murdered several times. Sam (Awesamdude) then ran back to the Guard's prison room, probably to plan out their next move. Meanwhile, Technoblade uses milk and TNT to break in one of the cells, which surprisingly contains Connor in it. Apparently he was in prison for "stolen valor" because of a fake military id card at Chick-Fill-A. Technoblade then brings Connor with them and also break Ranboo out, which is the reason why he also came in the prison. However, Dream doesn't care about him, and has several times suggested Technoblade to just get out of here before any more guards reached them. Then, they got back out of the prison using the tunnel that Technoblade dug earlier on.

When they got out, however, they were instantly attacked by most of the SMP's members. They have heard the alarm sound and Sam has warned them that Dream has escaped, so they came near the prison to investigate. While Dream was fighting most of the SMP's members, Sam threatens Technoblade that if he doesn't tell Dream to return to the prison, he will take Ranboo's last canon life from him. Technoblade didn't know what to do, and while Dream pearls away, Ranboo was killed by Sam. Meanwhile, Niki spawns some withers in to distract players, and Technoblade, while fighting Sam, decided to make a run for it with Niki, Philza, and Dream. They returned to Philza and Technoblade's house, and they say their last goodbyes to Dream, finally free at last.



The Revival Book Test

TBA - Need more info as the only one we got currently is Dream's lore stream trailer - 14 Jan, 2022

Place to Stay

Being that Dream who was free wasn't too safe as many people wanted to be rid of him, Dream decided to go back to the prison for a place to stay finding Sam in there. Sam explained to Dream that he was put in prison by Tubbo, Technoblade, and Eret, this made Dream happy as he would now have a roommate whenever he came back to the prison. Sam who didn't like that idea tried to convince Dream that if he gave Sam the revive book and left Sam would be fine and content with that and would let Dream run away without chasing him. However Dream liked his own idea better and promised to come back and visit Sam before leaving.


Personal items
Name Notes
Enchanted Crossbow.gif DEFINITELY NOT PENIS Piercing IV, Quick Charge III

This crossbow originally belonged to Dream and was first lent to Jschlatt after the Presidential Rally to be used to kill TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot.

Dream then took it back and gifted it to Tommy after he and Wilbur had formed Pogtopia, alongside multiple other items to help with the fight against Schlatt.

During the Manberg Festival, Tommy brought it with him and when he was killed, it was taken from him by an unknown person who put it in a random chest. Eret then found the crossbow and held onto it for a few weeks.

Eret gave it back to Tommy before the Manberg vs Pogtopia War as a symbol of trust, however. Tommy proceeded to use it during the main battle.

During the chaos of the war's aftermath, Tommy lost the crossbow and it came into the hands of Philza. Phil then returned it to Tommy the following day.

On December 21, 2020, it was revealed on-stream to be in the possession of Tubbo, who did not remember how he got it. He claimed that the Arrow of Harming loaded into it had been set there by Dream, as he had not loaded it since he acquired it. This seems unlikely, however, considering how many people had used the crossbow before.

On January 16, 2021, Tubbo gave the crossbow to Tommy while they were preparing for the Disc Confrontation. It was one of the few items of his that Dream did not blow up prior to entering Pandora's Vault, and Tommy used it to take Dream's second canon life. It had been in Tommy's possession until he died while taking down Ponk's Lemon Tree, and when Sam Nook recovered Tommy's items the crossbow was not there. It is assumed to have been despawned or in Ponk's possession.

Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif Nightmare Sharpness V, Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Mending

Dream's axe. After the events of the Disc Confrontation, Nightmare is in the possession of Tommy. It was temporarily hidden underneath Fundy's base and inside Tommy's Pogtopia vault.

Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Nightmare Sharpness V, Mending, Fire Aspect II, Unbreaking III, Looting III

Dream's maxed sword. Tubbo was in possession of it for a while, then it was taken by Sapnap (it is unknown how he got it), then taken back by Dream during The Beach Episode. After the Disc Confrontation, Nightmare is in the possession of Tommy. It was temporarily stored underneath Fundy's base and inside Tommy's Pogtopia vault.

Enchanted Trident Item.gif Nightmare Mending, Riptide III, Unbreaking III

Dream's trident. It was obtained by Tommy from Dream during the Disc Confrontation. As Tommy likes to put it, he "ripped it off of Dream's corpse." Tommy lost it when KSI came back onto the server, as Tommy gave KSI his armor and trident as a reward for swearing. KSI later fell in lava and it burned.

Written Book.gif Book of Necromancy Given to Dream by Jschlatt, in exchange for his allegiance during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. It has been revealed on stream as an actual item; a book to be specific, but the contents have of the book have not been explored on stream.

During the Disc Confrontation, Dream has claimed to know the book has contents on the arts of resurrection. This has been proven as he has killed and resurrected Tommy with only the knowledge of the book.

Dream also revealed that he has thoroughly memorized the book's contents. He claimed to have burned the book so that no one could learn its secrets, though he is seen with a book when reviving Wilbur and when attempting to resurrect someone already living with Technoblade. Dream suspects he is the only one with the knowledge of necromancy.

Enchanted Bow.gif Nightmare Infinity, Flame, Unbreaking III, Power V

Dream's bow. After the Disc Confrontation, it is now in possession of Tubbo. It was inside the vault in Snowchester, and was temporarily in use by Tubbo, but was returned to the vault before he gave it to Tommy on April 27, 2021.

Enchanted Netherite Helmet Item.gif Nightmare Mending, Protection IV, Respiration III, Unbreaking III

Dream's helmet. During the Disc Confrontation, Tommy took Dream's armor from him and gave it to Tubbo to wear during the confrontation. Tubbo shortly gave it back to Tommy, but he ultimately ended up returning all of Dream's items to Tubbo. It was briefly kept inside the Snowchester vault, and was then used by Tubbo until he returned it to the vault and replaced it with a different set. Tubbo gave the set to Tommy on April 27, 2021. Currently, this is in the possession of Sapnap who took it from Tubbo's vault after Dream's escape from Pandora's Vault.

Enchanted Netherite Chestplate Item.gif Nightmare Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Mending

Dream's chestplate. During the Disc Confrontation, Tommy took Dream's armor from him and gave it to Tubbo to wear during the confrontation. Tubbo shortly gave it back to Tommy, but he ultimately ended up returning all of Dream's items to Tubbo. It was briefly kept inside the Snowchester vault and was then used by Tubbo until he returned it to the vault and replaced it with a different set. Tubbo gave the set to Tommy on April 27, 2021. Currently, this is in the possession of Sapnap who took it from Tubbo's vault after Dream's escape from Pandora's Vault.

Enchanted Netherite Leggings Item.gif Nightmare Mending, Protection IV, Unbreaking III

Dream's leggings. During the Disc Confrontation, Tommy took Dream's armor from him and gave it to Tubbo to wear during the confrontation. Tubbo shortly gave it back to Tommy, but he ultimately ended up returning all of Dream's items to Tubbo. It was briefly kept inside the Snowchester vault and was then used by Tubbo until he returned it to the vault and replaced it with a different set. Tubbo gave the set to Tommy on April 27, 2021. Currently, this is in the possession of Sapnap who took it from Tubbo's vault after Dream's escape from Pandora's Vault.

Enchanted Netherite Boots Item.gif Nightmare Depth Strider III, Feather Falling IV, Mending, Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Soul Speed III.

Dream's boots. During the Disc Confrontation, Tommy took Dream's armor from him and gave it to Tubbo to wear during the confrontation. Tubbo shortly gave it back to Tommy, but he ultimately ended up returning all of Dream's items to Tubbo. It was briefly kept inside the Snowchester vault and was then used by Tubbo until he returned it to the vault and replaced it with a different set. Tubbo gave the set to Tommy on April 27, 2021. Currently, this is in the possession of Sapnap who took it from Tubbo's vault after Dream's escape from Pandora's Vault.


Name Status Residence Notes
White Horse Saddled.png Spirit Dead Alyssa's house Dream said that Spirit was non-binary.
Spirit was killed by mobs on a journey while Sapnap was riding them during The Storytime Stream, and they dropped a piece of leather. Sapnap went to make a shrine for them, but when making the item frame to put the leather in, he accidentally used the leather from Spirit to make it. This leather can no longer be used as leverage, as Dream revealed that he no longer cares for it.
Clownfish.png Beckerson Alive Sapnap's inventory Beckerson is the first-named fish in the Dream SMP, named after a donator and shared by the Dream Team. During the Disc Confrontation, Beckerson was among the "attachments" that Dream had collected. Beckerson was retrieved by Sapnap and now belongs to him.
Tamed Wolf Red.png Rat Deceased Pandora's Vault A tamed wolf that appeared in the maximum security cell of Pandora's Vault. The owner is unknown.

Prior to Quackity entering the vault, Sam asked for Quackity to kill the dog, and Techno asked Dream to name the dog. However, Quackity refused to kill the dog, and Dream didn't provide a name for the dog. Upon arriving in the cell, Quackity was asked to name the dog, and Quackity named it Rat.[16][17]

After Techno escaped Pandora's Vault and Quackity left, Awesamdude searched for Dream in the prison and killed Rat shortly after entering the maximum security cell.[18]


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Alyssa is Dream's close friend. Dream often helps Alyssa whenever she is online, notably fighting alongside her in The Disc War.
RelationshipExtremelyNegative LargePixelArt.png Very negative
Awesamdude used to have a positive relationship with Dream, as Sam and Dream's factions were allies and Sam constructed the prison Pandora's Vault after being recruited by Dream. However, during the Disc Confrontation, Sam and the others went to fight Dream in his vault, and Sam was the one that escorted Dream to prison when he was powerless.

Following Dream's imprisonment, their relationship has grown negative. Dream, being lonely in the prison, constantly acts out to get Sam's attention and to make him be his friend again. In contrast, Sam has expressed disgust for Dream's actions, especially those towards Tommy during exile, and has stated that the reason Dream is locked up in the prison is his own fault. Sam has also expressed annoyance at Dream's antics, calling him swimming in the lava as him "wanting attention" and giving him less food when Dream burns his clock to get Sam to visit him. He even nearly stopped giving Dream replacement clocks, but was convinced to give him more clocks by Bad.

Sam was horrified by Dream's killing of Tommy and avoided bringing him food for several days because of it. He was also willing to let Quackity go into the prison with weapons to torture Dream for information on the Book of Necromancy and did not listen when Dream called out for him to stop it but Sam did not listen to Dream.

After Technoblade's escape, Dream begged Sam to not tell Quackity he was still in the prison, knowing that Quackity would not hesitate to kill him on the spot. Dream negotiated with Sam saying that his job was to "keep me alive in the prison". Sam was then asking why Dream wouldn't give Quackity the revive book with Dream replying with the fact that Quackity would just kill him. Sam then agrees to not tell Quackity that he is still in the prison, and Dream then asks to be granted more freedom and maybe be able to go to the courtyard. Sam replies saying that it is a security flaw and how Dream wanted the prison to be much worse than it was originally going to be. Dream acknowledges this and tells Sam that he didn't know he was going to end up in there. The conversation ends with Sam saying "you're lucky I'm not telling Quackity you're here!". After all the negotiations with Sam, their relationship could possibly start to become positive again.

After Dream broke out of prison, it was assumed he wanted revenge on Sam and that their relationship would never be positive. However, after discovering Sam imprisoned in Pandora's Vault, Dream began to visit him and attempt to change his worldview. Dream has indicated he would be willing to release Sam from prison, with conditions, indicating their relationship may not in fact be permanently, fully, unsalvagable in the long term.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Prior to the events of the Disc Confrontation, BadBoyHalo had a positive relationship with Dream since the Badlands and Dream SMP had teamed up a lot previously, and Bad even helped Dream build Pandora's Vault. BadBoyHalo and several other members of the Dream SMP entered Dream's vault to rescue Tommy and Tubbo. There, Bad found that Dream had tried to capture Skeppy to have control over Bad, and Bad was one of the many that aided Tommy and Tubbo in the capturing of Dream. However, after visiting Dream in prison, Bad couldn't help but take pity on him and notice the awful living conditions that he's been living in. He has told Dream that he will try to provide comfortability for him once he officially becomes a prison guard, though he still adamantly believes that Dream deserves to remain in Pandora's Vault

Despite this, he later became a prison guard and did not act on his suspicions that Sam and an unknown outsider (Quackity) were torturing Dream. This suspicion would generate some degree of sympathy for Dream from Bad however, later causing Bad to hold back and only try to prevent Dream's escape from prison halfheartedly. Bad feels regretful about having not done as much as he potentially could have to stop Dream's escape, but also stated some hope that Dream may not hold his having worked as a guard against him on account of his having smuggled contraband treats in for him with his meals while he was working in that capacity. Bad still views Dream as a threat to the server, despite his concerns for Dream's wellbeing, and their relationship presumably remains generally negative.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Dream does not have much of an opinion on Eret. He considers them a pawn, dethroning and re-throning them whenever he pleases. The relationship grew very tense after Eret supported Pogtopia, but became neutral again after Eret was re-throned. Dream seems to respect Eret's neutrality and individuality to an extent, saying he would have less power with Eret on the throne than with George. He also thinks Eret makes a good king for the Dream SMP.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Eryn has been one of the only people Dream has interacted with positively since his escape from Pandora's vault. Dream briefly met with Eryn at the community house, and despite some initial hesitancy from both individuals, the two ultimately began trading, with Eryn initiating and first offering golden apples and then potions (both of which Dream already had in great supply). Eryn finally offered harming arrows, which Dream accepted, trading Eryn a totem of undying in exchange. Eryn received the totem excitedly, and later commented that Dream seemed cool, and he couldn't see how anyone could not like him. Eryn continues to question the demonization of Dream on the server, and currently seems to view him slightly positively.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Dream has consistently been at odds with Fundy, with Fundy being one of the few people loyal to L'Manberg throughout nearly its whole history. They fought on opposite sides in the first war, as well as in Manberg vs Pogtopia. Additionally, their relationship grew very tense during the Exile Conflict. Dream managed to convince Fundy and Tubbo that he supported L'Manberg after Tommy's exile, yet he secretly plotted to destroy it after getting Mellohi.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Dream and George are usually on good terms. They originally started the server together and stuck together for most of their adventures. They fought and stood beside each other during the Early Dream SMP arc and throughout the L'Manberg Independence War. But as time flew by, they seemed to get more distant. Dream did show some hint of caring for George by threatening to exile Tommy because he brunt down George's mushroom house, but it is hinted that that was just another reason to exile Tommy. However, Dream spontaneously dethroned George after he no longer remained neutral as Dream had instructed. George, along with Sapnap and Quackity, tried to regain kingship with a political protest against Dream's wishes. Later, their conflict was resolved with a deal, and George remained dethroned. However, this time, they left on seemingly neutral-negative terms. Dream expressed to Sapnap during his visit to Pandora's Vault that he would like George to come to visit him as well, likely wanting to make up with George, but he never seemed to make that plan into reality.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral Dream considers Ghostbur important to some extent, keeping Friend in his vault to control him. He has no problem taking advantage of Ghostbur's nature, telling him not to send the invites to Tommy's exile beach party and letting him get lost in the forest. Dream, in the end, killed Ghostbur without any qualms to resurrect Wilbur, showing that he viewed Ghostbur as nothing more than a useful tool.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Schlatt, before the events of the second war, gave Dream a book full of "dark secrets." However, he later betrayed Schlatt calling him "an idiot" right before his death. Dream personally does not like Schlatt, but as he gave Dream a book on how to revive people back to life, Dream fought by his side.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Dream seemed to get along with Mexican Dream well during Lani's visit. However, Dream arrested him after the creation of Mexican L'Manberg, souring their relationship. During Tommy's exile, Dream became more and more hostile towards him, eventually killing him, likely to ensure Tommy wouldn't be happy during exile. Dream also seemed strangely scared[19] and uneasy[20]near Mexican Dream, often backing away whenever he approached.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
When Niki first joined the server, she immediately joined L'Manberg, putting them on bad terms since the beginning and during the Manberg Rebellion, she actively supported Pogtopia. But when Niki changed her ideals and betrayed L'Manberg in the Doomsday War by burning L'Mantree, Dream supported her in this and seemed to be impressed. However, she helped arrest him during the Disc Confrontation. They also share the same point of view on Tommy - both trying to kill him in separate attempts, with Dream succeeding.

Niki later participated in the Syndicate's effort to break Dream out of prison, aiding Technoblade and Philza. She provided distractions to keep other members of the server occupied as long as possible to prevent them interfering with the escape. Her involvement was mentioned in front of Dream, so it's possible this was appreciated.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
After Tommy betrayed Technoblade and rejoined L'Manberg, Technoblade and Philza joined forces with Dream to declare war on L'Manberg. Philza saw this cooperation with Dream as a necessary evil and a means to an end. In the aftermath of L'Manberg's destruction, he had stated that he views this cooperation with Dream as 'just business.'

When chasing Tommy, Dream seemed to have quit chasing him after Tommy approached Philza. Phil explains that he has no care for Dream and that he helped in the prison break only because he was helping his friend Techno. He also expressed anger for him not only tormenting Tommy but it being the first thing he did once he got out and he said he would "Kill that fucking green teletubby" if he saw him again so he very clearly isn't on good terms with Dream. He also helped Tommy protect himself from him. Dream apparently found out about Tommy going to him for help, and placed a sign claiming to have kidnapped Phil right after Tommy went to see him. This was found out to be a lie to scare Tommy as Phil was in the new world, but it shows their relationship has soured.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Ponk was very friendly with Dream, as Dream helped Ponk during the disc war. However, he assisted Punz, Tommy, and Tubbo in the imprisonment of Dream during the Disc Confrontation, so their relationship is most likely negative.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Dream seemed to take a liking to Puffy immediately, following her around for no apparent reason, even without armor, which is rare as Dream is a very cautious person. Due to this, Puffy called him her "little duckling." However, Puffy was one of Dream's main apprehenders during the Disc Confrontation, meaning whatever bond he had is likely completely broken. However, Dream and Puffy haven't spoken since, and Dream has shown no dislike towards Puffy, so it's safe to assume they're on neutral terms.
RelationshipExtremelyPositive LargePixelArt.png Very positive
Punz was the only person Dream trusted fully. Due to Dream's worry of mounting anger against him, he and Punz planned a "falling out" that would keep Punz safe and allow him to work as a spy. In addition, when Dream mentioned he might have to leave for a while, he left Punz in charge of keeping the Dream SMP in order.

However, this relationship would later appear to change as Punz pondered upon his relationship with Dream. When Tommy gave him a chest full of diamond and gold blocks, netherite ingots, and other valuables, he, as a mercenary, claimed that Dream had never awarded him with so many valuables, and chose to be on Tommy's side.

Punz also assisted with Dream with his revival book experiments on Vikk and Lazarbeam.

After Dream's escape from Pandora's Vault, Punz secretly met up with Dream and revealed he had continued to support Dream the entire time, and his public disdain for Dream was part of a planned rouse agreed between the two. Punz provided Dream with a new set of netherite armor and some blocks, and the two agreed to meet again later in Punz's tower on Dream's signal.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Purpled is Dream's mutual friend, though they haven't interacted much. However, Dream did fall victim to Purpled's pitfall trap and later pushed Purpled into it as well.

However, Dream is aware of Purpled's attachment to his tamed wolf, Dogchamp, and has reserved a spot in his vault of attachments for Dogchamp. Purpled was not part of the coalition that turned against Dream in the Disc Confrontation, so it is unlikely that he knows of this.

Relationship SwornEnemy LargePixelArt.png Sworn enemy
Though Quackity previously had a somewhat neutral relationship with Dream, it turned negative after the Exile Conflict, when Dream gave Tubbo's cabinet an ultimatum to either exile Tommy or face the consequences. This negative relationship was furthered after George was dethroned by Dream in favor of replacing him with Eret, and Quackity, along with Sapnap, took George's side, launching an attack on Dream SMP to frame Eret as a warmongering tyrant in the process of fighting for the independence of Mexican L'Manberg. Dream joined the conflict on the Greater SMP's side and negotiated against Quackity. During this time, Dream believed that Quackity's "number-one goal" was to cause problems on the server and declared him to be "the biggest enemy on the SMP" during that time, i.e. the greatest threat to his power, as Tommy was still in Exile and 'out of the way' at that point.[21][5] However, Quackity managed to negotiate with Dream and secure independence for his new country, though abiding to their agreement to rename it to El Rapids.

In Dream's vault of attachments, as seen during the Disc Confrontation, Dream had not reserved any spots for Quackity's "attachments", suggesting that he does not know of boner (now Ossium)'s existence. Since Quackity was among the members of the server who were part of the coalition that rose up against Dream, it is likely that Dream also looked upon Quackity in a negative light.

Weeks later, when Quackity visited Dream in prison, he was done with him, telling him that he was going to come to the prison every single day to torture him until he got the knowledge of what was inside the Book of Necromancy. After months of being stuck in the prison, Dream appears to have developed a deep fear of Quackity, as his presence alone makes Dream feel anxious, uneasy, and afraid. After Technoblade's escape, Dream begged Sam to not tell Quackity he was still in the prison, knowing that Quackity would not hesitate to kill him on the spot. The simple act of Sam considering telling Quackity sent Dream flying into a desperate panic.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Although Ranboo views Dream negatively, Dream seemingly interacts with Ranboo in his Enderwalk stat primarily. Dream sees Enderwalk Ranboo in a positive light, using his help to get Tommy's Cat disc from Skeppy and possibly blow up the Community House as well. When Ranboo visited Dream in prison, Dream called Ranboo his friend and was sad that he didn't visit more often, confusing Ranboo who had very little knowledge of the Enderwalk at the time.

Dream acts negatively towards Ranboo in the Prison break, and states that he did not care if Ranboo dies. It is unknown how true this is.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Sapnap, much like George, was also Dream's best friend, and he often followed along with Dream's actions.

However, Sapnap found out about Dream's monologue to Tommy about his relationship with the discs, and how they were the only thing he cared about on the server. George was then dethroned, and Sapnap took his place on George's side. The opposing sides had an argument, but it leads to both of them getting what they wanted.

Dream's relationship with Sapnap deteriorated tremendously in later months. Sapnap did not side with Dream on multiple occasions, including the Doomsday War against L'Manberg. During the Disc Confrontation, he was one of the people on Tommy's side, and personally took Dream to the Pandora's Vault himself along with other ex-Dream SMP faction members. However, Dream still appreciated Sapnap visiting him in prison. Sapnap also remarked that he would take Dream's last canon life if he escaped the prison before he was let out by the other members.

After Dream's escape of Pandora's Vault, him and Sapnap meet at Tubbo's vault due to Sapnap taking Dream's old set of armor. Sapnap continuously states that he would love to have Dream around living in peace, but believes Dream is beyond that. He hints at wanting to fight and take Dream's last canon life, seeing it as a necessity because he believes Dream will just hurt more people.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
While their opinions on each other are mostly unknown, they made a deal with each other that ended with both getting what they wanted, implying that they work together somewhat well.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Technoblade and Dream had a friendly rivalry. Technoblade fought alongside Dream in the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower while they assisted Pogtopia's efforts. During the final battle, Technoblade did not agree with reinstating government, so they both created a mini group called "Team Chaos" and spawned withers that destroyed L'Manberg.

Later, Technoblade and Dream met up on top of a mountain for Dream to give the former a woodland mansion map to get Totems of Undying, which saved Technoblade from dying in his execution. Additionally, Dream assisted Technoblade via Punz's distraction in his escape after the execution. Dream personally rescued Techno's horse, Carl, removing the Butcher Army's leverage over him.

However, Dream figured out that Technoblade was working with Tommy and was lying to him about not knowing where Tommy was. Dream reminded Technoblade that he owes him after saving him at his public execution, implying that Dream has a mutual understanding with him.

Techno once again teamed with Dream for the Doomsday War, working together with Philza to destroy L'Manberg again. However, Dream has also made plans to use Techno's attachments against him as seen in his vault of attachments, which has spots reserved for Carl, Techno's horse, the Axe of Peace, and his piece of bedrock that he got from Drista. Dream has mentioned that he is thinking of using his favor with Techno to escape prison.

When asked about Techno by Quackity, Dream stated Techno was one of his only allies remaining. When Techno came to visit Dream and became trapped Dream was panicked, as he viewed Techno as one of his only allies and chance to escape. Techno seems willing to work with him and possibly help him escape but seems to have no strong attachment to him.

On June 21, 2021, Dream tried to clone Techno with the revive book, but Dream summoned DreamXD instead, and techno asked for a wish. He wished for a bell, and Dream was angry because they could've gotten out of Pandora's Vault if Techno wished differently. Despite this, they still seem to get along well in prison together.

On September 15, 2021, They were visited by Quackity. Technoblade was about to be killed by Quackity, but Philza teleported him out before he got killed.

On November 28, 2021, Techno broke Dream out of Prison and brought him to his abode. After that, he told Dream to leave, saying that he owes him a favor. Dream supposably repays this by giving him the Axe of Peace.

Dream provided Techno with a series of books containing information on members of the server. Techno utilized one of these to track down Sam and ultimately imprison him. This may indicate the two are still, at some level, working together and have plans in common.

Relationship SwornEnemy LargePixelArt.png Sworn enemy
Tommy and Dream had arguably the longest and worst rivalry on the server. They got into a lot of conflicts, and most notably were embroiled in The Disc Saga. They fought on opposite sides as leaders of armies during the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War Dream, at first, supported Tommy during the Manberg Rebellion, fighting for him during the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower and the Battle of the Lake. However, after getting the revival book from Schlatt, he switched sides, supporting Manberg. He additionally played a huge part in the destruction of L'Manberg, by giving Wilbur TNT, making a deal with him to blow up L'Manberg and attacking L'Manberg along with "Team Chaos" after Tubbo became President.

Their relations soured once again when Dream demanded Tommy's exile and removal from office after he griefed George's house. After it was decided that Tommy would only receive probation as punishment, Tommy attempted to blackmail Dream with Spirit, which backfired and angered Dream. After this, he demanded Tommy be exiled from L'Manberg. Dream made a dirt hut for Tommy several thousand blocks away from the main server, prohibited him from visiting L'Manberg and forced him to destroy all of his items. He visited Tommy to make sure he wasn't planning anything, and exploded all of his items every day. He also made sure no one would visit him, by keeping the invites to a party Tommy had started at his exile home. However, not long after, Dream found out Tommy was hiding chests full of items he hid so Dream couldn't explode them for pleasure. Dream was very angry at this and out of anger, he blew up Logstedshire and prevented anyone from visiting him until he "learned his lesson." An hour later, he returned to Logstedshire to check on Tommy and discovered that he was missing from the area.

After Dream blew up L'Manberg, Tommy confronted him on the obsidian grid, where Dream said that while L'Manberg's story was over, the story between them was not. Dream said that Tommy was 'fun', most likely meaning that they would continue fighting.

Tommy and Dream's relationship reached its ultimate low when they engaged in the Disc Confrontation, where Dream threatened to kill Tubbo if he dared to take his discs back multiple times. However, Dream was killed twice by Tommy and was later sent to Pandora's Vault against his wishes.

Tommy was planning to leave and visit Dream for the final time to have closure. Tommy entered the prison and refused to agree to visit Dream again, but due to a security threat, Tommy ended up trapped in the prison with Dream. Sam visited him after 8 days and refused to let him out of the prison as the security issue hadn't been resolved. Dream and Tommy got into an argument, and Dream ended up killing Tommy, taking his final canon life. Dream then resurrected Tommy and asked him about the Afterlife and who was there. Tommy, still surprised and just came to his senses told Dream about the afterlife. Tommy told Dream to never punch him ever again, as it reminded him of how Dream took his final life. Tommy then told Dream to never revive Wilbur and to swear on it. Dream swore that he would use the revival knowledge however he wanted. When Sam rescued Tommy out of his cell, Dream was bitter, perhaps due to him not being able to speak with anyone anymore.

When Dream broke out of prison on November 28th 2021, he met Tommy in Logstedshire and chased him until Tommy went into Phil's house. This furthers that they despise each other.

RelationshipExtremelyNegative LargePixelArt.png Very negative
Tubbo and Dream originally got along until the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War. They were on mostly bad terms for a while, but after Dream joined Pogtopia, they were on better terms. Their relationship soured once again after Dream betrayed Pogtopia.

After Tubbo became president of L'Manberg following the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Dream had high hopes. As Tommy caused problems for the SMP, Dream took his chance to be rid of the problem. He pushed for Tommy to have a severe punishment, suggesting exile from the beginning. Tubbo was hesitant, and tried to find a less severe punishment. This failed when Tommy tried to blackmail Dream after a meeting to discuss his probation. Tubbo was forced to exile Tommy, making Dream very happy. Dream's relationship with Tubbo worsened during the Disc Confrontation when he threatened to kill Tubbo and take his final canon life.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Wilbur Soot and Dream's relationship had a rocky start, as they were the commanders of the opposing nations in the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War. For a while, they became a sort of allies, as Dream planned to assist Wilbur in detonating Manberg during the Manberg Festival. At the climax of the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, it was revealed that Wilbur was the traitor and that he and Dream had come to an agreement and had been allies. After talking to a revived Tommy, Dream said that he was thinking about reviving Wilbur, leaving it up in the air to torment Tommy, because of the knowledge he might have gained in the afterlife. He also described Wilbur while he was alive as "awesome." Dream's threat to revive Wilbur was not empty-handed; he went through with it on April 29, 2021.
Relations with factions
Name Status Notes
Badlands flag 2.png Badlands
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
The Badlands' goal is to induce and maintain chaos, for which they have cooperated with Dream in the past, aiding him and his other allies in the destruction of L'Manberg immediately following Tubbo's inauguration. Some members of the Badlands, such as Antfrost, continue to use Manberg's war banner on their shields. Members of the Badlands have also aided Dream in the construction of his prison, Pandora's Vault, and one of them (Awesamdude) had been appointed its Warden. The Badlands have not revealed their true intentions to Dream about their plan to take over the entire server, so Dream still believes that they are a trustworthy faction. However, the members of The Badlands confronted him during the Disc Confrontation, and are now responsible for keeping him inside of the vault, so their relationship is presumably negative.
Dream SMP
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Dream had a lot of control and power within the Dream SMP faction, the most known use of his power being crowning the king. However, the people of the faction were tired of Dream's scheming and eventually overthrew him during the Disc Confrontation.
L'Manberg.png L'Manberg (past)
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Whilst Dream had briefly supported Pogtopia due to Wilbur's lack of ambition, he only fully supported L'Manberg after its president, Tubbo, had exiled Tommy from the nation. However, it was all an act to trick Tubbo into giving Tommy's disc. Afterward, Dream, alongside Technoblade and Philza, destroyed the nation completely.
The Syndicate
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
The Syndicate were responsible for breaking Dream out of Pandora's Vault, and collectively instigated and facilitated his getaway. Dream has worked with members of the Syndicate in the past in events such as the Doomsday conflict, and has frequently partnered with the organization's Recruiter, Technoblade, against common enemies. Despite strained relations with certain members, Dream's relationship with the Syndicate has been generally positive, and the possibility for potential future further alignment remains open


  • "Look, George. Everything the light touches is our kingdom. A king's time as a ruler rises and falls like the sun. One day, George, the sun will set, and my time will rise with you, as the new king."
  • "We have no mercy! No mercy for you! Do you understand? We will come, we will burn down your houses, we will kill everything inside your walls, and we will take back the land that is rightfully ours, if you do not surrender. I wanna see WHITE FLAGS, white flags, outside your base, by tomorrow, at dawn, or you are DEAD!" —after burning down Tubbo's house with Sapnap before the L'Manberg Independence War[22]
  • "Tommy, I'll tell you the reason I'm on your side. I really like destruction, I like destroying things."
  • "If respect is the only thing protecting you from a knife in the back, respect is nothing, right?" —to Eret before the Manberg vs Pogtopia War[23]
  • "Tommy... I've never been on your team." —Dream after betraying Pogtopia during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War
  • "There wasn't a traitor, Wilbur. I lied." —after Schlatt's death in the Camarvan during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War[24]
  • "I don't give a FUCK about Spirit, okay? I don't give a fuck about anything actually, the only thing that I care about are your discs! [...] DON'T TRY AND THREATEN ME! I don't CARE! I've lost ALL care for ANYTHING on this server!" —to Tommy during the Exile Conflict[25]
  • "L'Manberg can be independent, but L'Manberg can't be free." —to the L'Manbergians during the Exile Conflict[26]
  • "You're like a little annoying bug in my room, and it's- you piss me off! So I take you and I put you outside... and that's what I did... and now I'm just making sure you stay outside." —to Tommy during exile[27]
  • "It's not your time to die yet, Tommy." —to Tommy during exile[28]
  • "You are an absolute idiot. And you have no power, and you are the worst president that has ever been—because you’re no president at all! [...] Quackity is more of a president than you, I'M more of a president of L'Manberg than you! [...] You just gave me the ONE thing that I needed to destroy L'Manberg. I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU. [...] The only reason I had not destroyed L'Manberg is because you had the disc. I had to be friends with you to get the dumb disc back. I don't care about you! I'm not your friend! [...] You can't even run your own nation right! RANBOO IS A TRAITOR! ONE OF YOUR MOST TRUSTED FRIENDS!" —to Tubbo at the Green Festival[29]
  • "We're gonna finish Wilbur's job." —at the Green Festival, referring to his and Technoblade's threat to L'Manberg[30]
  • "In all destruction, there is a new beginning. Beautiful. You know, the unfinished symphony, right? The server will be at peace now." —to Tommy during the Doomsday War[31]
  • "Tommy, I'm not done with you, okay? Y'know, our story's not over. L'Manberg's story is over, but, y'know... our story isn't over. [...] I don't think our story will ever be over. I think that... you're just too fun." —to Tommy during the Doomsday War[32]
  • "Tubbo thought I was his friend, Tommy. What an idiot, right? He thought I was his friend. You thought I was your friend. You both thought I was your friend!" —at the Disc Confrontation[33]
  • "I made sure nobody showed up to your party, so that you had no friends but me." —to Tommy at the Disc Confrontation[34]
  • "I had to lose everything to gain everything." —at the Disc Confrontation[35]
  • "If I control the things people are attached to... then I can control the server again! Because this isn't Tommy SMP or Tubbo SMP. It's DREAM SMP, right?" —at the Disc Confrontation[36]
  • "Tubbo isn't fun. He's a pawn. He's a follower." —to Tommy at the Disc Confrontation[37]
  • "Tommy, you wanna be a hero, right? You wanna be a hero. You wanna be the hero of the server. And every hero needs an origin story. Right? I mean, Batman had his parents, Spider-Man had Uncle Ben... You can have Tubbo." —to Tommy at the Disc Confrontation[38]
  • "Even when I'm in here, I'm more powerful than you are... when you are outside."
  • "I'm never gonna use the revive book. I will never use it on you, I will never use it on any of your friends, I will never use it to save.. ANY of you."
  • "If you can't kill me, what does that make me? Some kind of god?" —shortly before killing Tommy in Pandora's Vault[39]
  • "Why don't you go see [Schlatt] in person?" —immediately before killing Tommy in Pandora's Vault[40]
  • "Tommy, I will get out, and when I do… I'll get my revenge."
  • "I... I'm a god!" —after reviving Tommy in Pandora's Vault[41]
  • "I was your only friend, I was the only one who came to visit you, YOU betrayed ME!"
  • "When Tubbo dies, you come here BEGGING me. You come here BEGGING me and I tell you: “Let me out. Let me out. Otherwise, I’m not using it.” And Tubbo will be dead forever."
  • "Because in the end... chaos wins!"
  • "How do you not see that's a security flaw?"
  • "You're acting like this is a vacation, Techno."
  • "Welcome back to exile." —after Tommy came back to Logstedshire to get the Axe of Peace
  • "Maybe I'll kill you again...and then I'll revive you and kill you again and revive you and kill you again and revive you and kill you again." —tormenting Tommy after he escaped prison
  • "You know, YOU FUCKED ME TOMMY! You put me in prison, I rotted in there, I WAS TORTURED, by Quackity, I'm sure you knew about that... I'm sure you let it happen, I'm sure you wanted it to happen. Tommy, I'm going to make every day for you a living hell on this server." —confronting Tommy in Logstedshire after escaping Pandora's Vault
  • "You're going to be a living reminder of why people shouldn't FUCK WITH ME, Sam." —stating to Sam why he was going to kill him


  • Dream does not have a house on the server. He was mocked by Techno for being homeless, so he constructed a house near Technoblade's cabin. However, he then later blew it up saying that he would build a bigger one. His "bigger house" is speculated to be the Pandora's Vault as it was revealed after his jailbreak that it was his plan to get locked up in there and the Pandora's Vault was originally built just for himself.
  • Dream writes often, but it is unknown what he is writing.
  • Dream likes to burn his clocks in his prison cell so to make Sam have to enter the cell to replace them. The Warden seemingly dislikes interacting with Dream.
  • Dream has a god-complex, shown by him being able to revive people, him claiming he is a god and more.
  • Dream was the first considered "Dreamon" that Fundy and Tubbo discovered.
    • Some people have speculated that Dream is a Dreamon himself. However, this has yet to be confirmed.
  • Dream has taken all of Tommy's canon lives. This includes his death in the Final Control Room, the final duel in the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War and in Pandora's Vault. This makes Tommy the only person to have all of his lives taken by one person.
  • Dream has taken the most canon lives out of anyone on the server, with a total canon kill count of 6 (12 when counting off stream kills) (3 from Tommy, 2 from Mexican Dream, 1 from Awesamdude, 3 from Vikkstar and Lazarbeam off stream).
  • Dream has the most negative relationships on the server, just above Schlatt.
  • Dream, Tommy and Mexican Dream are the only characters to lose two or more canon lives in one day.
  • Dream has a page on the Pure Evil Villains Wiki. To read it, click here.
  • Technoblade has labeled Dream as a heretic for not having access to Twitch Primes and not believing in the religion propagated by the Church of Prime despite having put the bell in there, an instrument Technoblade seemingly personally considers as a tool for religious ritual.
  • Because of Dream’s reputation on the server, he’s currently in hiding, in Pandora’s Vault and is using Punz (his right- hand man and acting leader of the Greater Dream SMP) to carry out his plans on his behalf

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