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The following page contains spoilers for the plot of the Dream SMP.
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Bloopers from Tales from the SMP can be found on the respective episode pages.

Throughout the events and storyline of the Dream SMP, there have been mishaps and funny moments that came from many of them. Below are some of the most memorable bloopers that have occurred in the SMP.


Bloopers marked with a bolded asterisk (*) indicates that they were integrated into canon.

Manberg Festival

  • * Technoblade was supposed to execute Tubbo under Jschlatt's orders and flee. However, everyone underestimated the power of his firework launcher, and Techno killed Jschlatt and Quackity in the same explosion. He then turned around and fired into the crowd, killing five more people.[1]
    • Wilbur said that Technoblade was initially only supposed to execute Tubbo. However, he thought the deaths of Schlatt and Quackity along with Tubbo were cool and made their deaths canon.[2] However, Quackity's death has since been retconned.[3][4][5]

Manberg-Pogtopia War Era

  • * Technoblade performed an "epic speech" before spawning two withers in L'Manberg to destroy it even more. However, he misplaced a head, and a torch was under the arm of one of the withers, delaying him from spawning them.[6]

Reconstruction Era

  • Tommy's mother told him to empty the dishwasher in real life during the Exile Conflict while he was discussing with Tubbo, Fundy, and Quackity.[7]

Post-Banishment Era

  • After Tommy's bunker in Logstedshire was discovered by Dream on December 15, 2020, Dream planned to blow everything up. In the process of blowing up the items, he accidentally blew himself up. The two laughed about it shortly before returning to the bit.[8]
  • Shortly after, Dream blew up Tnret, which contained Tommy's bed and his spawn point. As a result, Tommy respawned at the world spawn of the Dream SMP after dying to a zombie. After respawning, Tommy called Dream on Discord and requested he be teleported back to his exile.[9]
  • The same day Tommy was supposed to find his way to Technoblade's cabin after he realized that Dream was manipulating him. However, Tommy had forgotten where it was and had to pull up the coordinates after wandering for twenty minutes.[10]

Vengeance Era

  • Tubbo accidentally equipped Philza's "Monitor Helmet" instead of dropping it. The helmet was enchanted with Curse of Binding and could not be taken off until broken or the player wearing it dies.[11]
    • Tubbo did this again shortly after being killed by Technoblade.[12]
  • * When Tommy and Technoblade took Connor hostage, Tommy kept shooting people accidentally with invisibility arrows. Every time it happened, they would have to wait for the arrow's effect to wear off before continuing.[13][14]
    • * In addition, due to Optifine adding Santa hats for the holiday season, the hats were still on despite the player being invisible, making the situation even more awkward.[14] This also prevented Tommy and Technoblade from using invisibility potions because they would be seen.
  • During negotiations, Tubbo, while low on health, punched Technoblade. Due to the Thorns enchantment effect, Tubbo accidentally died and paused the negotiations as everyone waited for him to travel back.[15]
  • Shortly before the Doomsday War, Ranboo and Dream's voice had a conversation in the panic room. In the middle of this conversation, Dream's Discord began having some issues so the conversation had to be paused until Dream fixed his Discord.[16]
  • While Ghostbur spoke to Tommy requesting that Tommy, Tubbo, and Quackity revive him, Tommy was unexpectedly struck by lightning and died.[17] Quackity, Tommy, and Ghostbur later also were struck by lightning at the same time, and Quackity and Ghostbur died from it.[18]
    • On March 17, it was revealed on the Eboy's Podcast that Dream was the one who caused the first lightning strike. He says that he didn't cause the second strike, so it was likely natural or a trident enchanted with channeling.[19]

Disunion Era

  • During their search for Ghostbur's pet sheep friend, Wilbur "canonically" accidentally kicked his router, causing his internet to cut off and thus losing connection to the server.[20]
  • After finding the end portal in the stronghold next to their base, Phil and Techno ended up finding out that the stronghold was under the igloo used to find the Woodland Mansions. Shortly after, Dream joined on his alt, DreamXD, and destroyed the end portal frames in creative mode. Phil and Techno then explained how they were not going to travel to the End and were going to act as though their characters in the story did not know what its function was, turning it into a table. Dream logged back on as DreamXD and placed the end Portal frames back, but with all but one frame misaligned so that the portal cannot be activated.[21]
    • * Though this event was not canon due to them having to break character to explain their intent to Dream, DreamXD became canonized as the protector of lore.[22]
  • When Dream went up the elevator after Tommy killed him for the second time in his vault, he got knocked off the elevator, causing him to die.[23]

Imprisonment Era

  • When Tommy and Puffy were going to save Sam from the egg room on January 25, 2021, Tommy accidentally fell down the tunnel, killing himself and giving Sam his items.[24]
  • Whilst heading into the prison to take a tour on February 1, 2021, Ranboo encountered a creeper within the nether section of the entrance to the prison. He then pressed Q to throw his sword instead of using it. The creeper then shattered the portal, blew up Ranboo's sword, and damaged some of the interior design of the entering portal.[25]
  • After clearing the blood vines from his base and deep within the lore of his stream on February 2, 2021, Sam had to break character because a real-life delivery he needed to sign for arrived at his door.[26]
  • Midway through Bad showing Techno the egg on February 13, 2021, and whilst the blood vines were speaking to Techno, donations interrupted the voices, leaving a temporary pause whilst Techno tried to turn the donation sounds off.[27]
  • While Ranboo was trying to leave the blood vines area and the blood vines were speaking to him on February 13, 2021, a creeper showed up and blew up part of the egg. After the damage was done, Ranboo was "compelled" by the egg to fix it even though he didn't want to.[28]

Prison Lockdown Era

  • * Whilst trapped in prison, one of Tommy's cats near the Big Innit Hotel had teleported inside of the prison cell, presumably due to it being hit by something (potentially Georgenotfound). Tommy and Dream played it off as Sam having given them both the cat to keep them company.[29][30]

Mourning Era

  • While Ranboo was talking with Sam near the Big Innit Hotel about Tommy's death, a creeper snuck up behind Sam, blowing up part of the Prime Path and interrupting the discussion until it was fixed.[31]
  • When Ponk tried showing a lore video on March 3, 2021, the video was interrupted by a Skype call. Following the interruption, he uninstalled Skype and stated the video isn't canon - instead promising to have a revamped version of the video on his next stream.[32][33]
  • While Sam was rescuing Hannah from the egg on March 10, 2021, he began to take damage from the egg because he was removing the blocks Hannah was trapped in and died. He then respawned at the world spawn point and had to quickly return to the egg room to continue the bit.[34]

Post-Lockdown Era

  • When Quackity visited Dream on March 16, 2021, the bridge moved across automatically instead of the lava lowering. As a result, Quackity was pushed down and got stuck so Sam had to teleport him out.[35] This was because Tommy accidentally lowered the lever on his way out in his previous visit.
  • While Puffy was decorating the egg into an Easter egg, she died while trying to clear away some of its vines. She lost 54 levels as a result.[36]
  • As Fundy started his lore stream on March 30, 2021, he played a clip that was muted, forcing him to start again. He asked his chat to ignore the first time the video played.[37][38]
  • As the words "a strange metal" were flashing on the screen on April 5, 2021, Tubbo accidentally read it aloud instead of saying he needed gunpowder.[39]
  • During Tommy and Ranboo’s simultaneous streams on April 5, 2021, whilst moving and rescuing Friend, Tommy and Ranboo (joined by Jack and Foolish) found that Friend kept disappearing despite none of the four on the server at the time taking them or moving them. Tommy even phoned Dream for advice, and Dream suggested that it might have been an issue to do with Optifine.[40] Friend eventually reappeared just after Tommy had stopped streaming.[41] After the stream, Tommy deleted his Twitch VOD and did not upload it to his VODs channel.
    • Foolish revealed during his stream on April 6, 2021, that before he joined the group, he hid Friend in the quartz mansion on both occasions that Friend went missing before returning him.[42][43]
  • * During Quackity's confrontation with Bad and Punz about blowing up the egg, Bad's dog, Rat, can be heard barking. Quackity played off it by calling Rat his "ugly little beast."[44] Bad later explained in his own stream that Rat wanted to be let out of his room to play with his roommate.[45][46]

Banquet Aftermath Era

  • While Tommy was trying to face his fears with Ranboo and Tubbo, Tubbo died, forcing Ranboo and Tommy to leave Tubbo the scene temporarily.[47]
  • * When sneaking through the prison in his plan to kill Dream on April 29, 2021, Tommy got left behind in one of the rooms whilst Ghostbur and Sam carried on through to the next procedure of the prison. Sam pulled the wrong lever in order for Tommy to walk through, and they continued.[48]
    • During the same visit, Dream crashed and left the game.[49]
  • * In a meetup with Tommy and Wilbur on May 5, 2021, Skeppy accidentally killed Friend the sheep.[50]
  • * During Slimecicle's stream in Las Nevadas, Quackity accidentally left the game. Slimecicle then also left because he remained in character and followed Quackity's actions.[51]

Las Nevadas Era

  • During Tommy's and Wilbur's stream on May 31, 2021, Tommy approached Wilbur to start the day. However, Wilbur had his default skin on instead of his resurrection skin. After Wilbur changed his skin, the two pretended to start the stream over.[52]
  • During Tommy's and Wilbur's stream on May 31, 2021, while they were traveling to Las Nevadas and shortly after Wilbur mentioned Quackity, Quackity died to a zombie, prompting Wilbur and Tommy to laugh.[53]
  • During Nihachu's stream on June 1, 2021, she accidentally played heavy metal music in the background.[54]
  • During Technoblade's stream on June 6, 2021, Philza's internet crashed in the middle of a conversation with Technoblade, causing Technoblade to have to wait for Philza to rejoin.[55]
  • During Ranboo's stream on June 18, 2021, Ranboo's house alarm went off within the middle of a conversation with Charlie. Ranboo had to leave momentarily whilst Charlie entertained Ranboo's stream.[56]
  • While Wilbur explained his plan to Phil inside Phil's house on Wilbur's July 25, 2021 stream, an enderman climbed up the ladder from Phil's pumpkin farm after Phil activated the trapdoor with a pressure plate while leaving the house. The enderman became stuck on the trapdoor until Phil walked back into the house and activated the pressure plate again, which allowed the enderman to climb to the attic.[57]
  • During Jack's lore stream on August 3, 2021, Jack accidentally hit his "Boy What the Hell" sound effect button.[58]

Breakout Era

  • While looking for Dream during Sam's lore stream on September 14, 2021, Sam accidentally ender pearled into the redstone of Pandora's Vault.[59]
  • During Sam's lore stream on September 14, 2021, Sam punched Dream who was on half a heart, killing Dream.[60]
  • During Technoblade's lore stream on November 28, 2021, Technoblade discovered that a piece of his blueprints hadn't been put up and joked that it was the one thing they needed to look at on it.[61] After discussing the plan, the members of the Syndicate ran back to Phil's base to grab a stick to craft an item frame to repair the blueprint before continuing with their mission.[62]
  • During Niki's lore stream on November 28, 2021, Niki accidentally joined the wrong voice channels. In one of the channels, Techno and Dream could be heard escaping the prison.[63]

Freefall Era

  • During Tommy's lore stream on November 28, 2021, Tommy died from ender pearl fall damage while trying to outrun a newly-escaped Dream.[64]
  • While Sapnap confronted Dream in a lore stream on November 28, 2021, Technoblade, who was spectating from a distance, was heard typing with the keyboard in the VC, which interrupted the conversation between Sapnap and Dream.[65][66]
  • Around the 29 minute mark on Jack's lore stream on November 28, 2021, Jack was confronting Niki in her city when Eryn suddenly joined voice channel and started chatting to them, unaware they were in lore. Niki was unable to stop laughing, and Jack switched to his camera to explain to Eryn that it was horrible timing.[67]


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