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All banter and fighting seen in streams/videos are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. It is highly disrespectful to send hate towards anyone so please refrain from doing so at any point.

The Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War, also known as First Great War of the Dream SMP or L'Manberg War for Independence, is a war that took place from July 29, 2020 to August 2, 2020. Dream started the war after Wilbur Soot declared L'Manberg's independence from the Dream SMP.


Drug van

Wilbur arrived on the Dream SMP when many of the other players had already established their roles on the server. He looked to gain power and rival the "big dogs," and decided that he would do this by creating a drug (potion) empire. He built a caravan (named "camarvan") to make drugs in, and disguised it as a hot dog van.

After recruiting TommyInnit, the two of them decided to scam people out of their potion-brewing materials in order to be the only supply of potions in the market. However, while scamming Tubbo, Sapnap became suspicious and started to investigate. Sapnap quickly discovered that Wilbur and Tommy were dealing drugs illegally and attempted to arrest them with the help of Tubbo, Purpled, Ponk, and Eret. As the two sides scuffled, Wilbur recruited Fundy, Tubbo, and Eret. While no one was truly arrested or tried in court, the drug empire fell apart, and Wilbur began forming a new plan.

Motives for independence

Following the fall of the drug empire, Wilbur realized that all of their enemies had been American. On this basis, he began drafting ideas for a server separate from the Dream SMP where Europeans could live without persecution. He brainstormed names with Tommy before settling on "L'Manberg", with "manberg" coming from the fact that all the Europeans on the server were men, and "L" to make the name sound more European. Together, they recruited Eret, Fundy, and Tubbo into their new server, and started building a yellow-and-black concrete wall around their land. Eret later replaced this wall with a larger wall made with blackstone bricks and yellow glass highlights.

During this time, Wilbur also created revolutionary skins for the people of L'Manberg. Wilbur, Eret, Fundy, Tommy, and Tubbo all had their own revolutionary outfits, with Fundy's being the only different one. Of the five of them, Tommy would keep his outfit on the longest.

Declaration of War

We have no mercy! No mercy for you!


At first, Dream did not object to the new server and even tried to work with them by naming Tommy's home the BSA L'Manberg Embassy.[1] However, this changed when Wilbur wrote a formal Declaration of Independance. Right after it was signed, Dream, George, Punz, and Sapnap delivered the L'Manbergians the Declaration of War.

First skirmishes

On August 1, 2020, Dream blew up the Cuck Shed.

Dream destroyed Tommy's base. Wilbur talked to Tommy afterwards, nudging him towards the idea of destroying Dream's base in revenge. However, Tommy refused to attack Dream back, saying "You don't fight fire with fire." Wilbur was impressed and asked Tommy to be his right-hand man, which Tommy accepted.

On August 2, 2020, Dream sent Wilbur a video message. In it, he delivered his famous speech:

"Tommy, Wilbur, and the rest of L'Manchildberg. We are at war. There is no mercy. We have burned down Tubbo's house, we have planted TNT canons around your land, we have cobblestone-walled the outside, and we have shot one warning shot inside your walls. We have no mercy! No mercy for you! We will burn down your houses, we will kill everything inside your walls, and we will take back the land that is rightfully ours! If you do not surrender! I wanna see white flags, white flags outside your base by tomorrow at dawn, or you are dead!"

Final war for independence

Battle of the Power Tower

The final war for L'Manberg's independence took place on August 2, 2020. The first official battle took place in Tommy's Power Tower, located right outside the embassy. It occurred thirty minutes before the war had been slated to start.

Tubbo had been grinding away potions and other items needed for war when the Dream Team had found him in his jungle base thousands of blocks from spawn. Tubbo had built his base so that it was only easily accessible through a Nether portal on the Nether roof, and realized that the only way for him to return to the main server was for him to die and lose all of his items or to return through the Nether portal. Tubbo managed to put some items in his ender chest before the Dream Team killed him over and over again. Then, he broke his bed and respawned at the server spawn.

Tubbo contacted as many of his fellow revolutionaries as possible and hurried to the Nether portal closest to the jungle base portal in the Nether, the one in the Power Tower. With the help of Tommy, Tubbo trapped the Nether portal by surrounding it with obsidian and placing an end crystal inside. They hoped that the trap would kill every Dream Team member in one fell swoop.

However, this plan proved futile. The Dream Team had found another way off the Nether roof through a broken piece of bedrock Tubbo hadn't known about, which allowed them to escape and catch Tommy and Tubbo unawares. Fundy and Eret were able to escape back to L'Manberg, but Tubbo and Tommy were trapped on the Power Tower and killed by the Dream Team. Tommy respawned in the embassy and fled to L'Manberg after the others.

The Dream Team won the first battle of the war, and the L'Manbergians regrouped within their own borders. At this time, Wilbur logged in.

Initial negotiations

After Wilbur logged in, the L'Manbergians met inside the Camarvan to determine their next course of action. Wilbur proceeded to read the Declaration of Independance, but during this, the Dream Team effectively surrounded the L'Manbergians but climbing onto the walls of L'Manberg. Wilbur attempted to negotiate with Dream, but both sides were unwilling to compromise, and they arranged for their armies to meet at the L'Manberg embassy.

At first, Wilbur refused the armor the others gave him in order to uphold L'Manberg's ideal of nonviolence, but later put this armor on for his own safety. He also considered himself to be too old, and as a result put Tommy in charge of the army. Tommy declared them the "5th Battalion" and led them towards the Power Tower.

Battle of the Embassy

The Battle of the Embassy began as the two armies marched towards the battlefield outside the L'Manberg Embassy.

As the L'Manbergians arrived, they discovered that it was a trap. The Dream Team shot flaming arrows down from Tommy's Power Tower, setting off TNT that had been placed beneath the battlefield and forcing the L'Manbergians to retreat into the embassy. Once inside, the L'Manbergians attempted to return fire. However, they were scared and even attempted to retreat into the sewers before Wilbur commanded them to return. However, shortly after returning to the surface, the Dream Team began to retreat and headed in the direction of Ponk's tower. The L'Manbergians pressed this advantage and headed towards Punz's tower, the only other structure tall enough to rival Ponk's tower, and began firing down at the Dream Team.

Battle of the Two Towers

The Dream Team did not go into Ponk's tower as the L'Manbergians had expected. Instead, the L'Manbergians had the high ground and shot down at the Dream Team, who were unable to return fire due to the height of their opponents. Wilbur acted as a bait on Punz's nearby walls, however, and was nearly killed before the Dream Team decided to retreat.

After this, Eret suggested that the L'Manbergians regroup in back in L'Manberg, as they seemed to be gaining the upper hand.

The betrayal

Eret told the L'Manbergians that they had been grinding for the materials they needed to win the war. They brought them into an unknown, secret underground tunnel in L'Manberg and into the "Final Control Room". It was a small blackstone room with chests, each one marked with one of their names, and a button in the center. Wilbur realized the chests were empty just when Tommy pressed the button, activating a trap that Eret had set for the group.

The trap caused a series of piston doors to open in the walls, which revealed the waiting Dream Team. The L'Manbergians, too stunned to react, were slaughtered by the Dream Team's weapons and harming potions. Eret then said,

Down with the revolution, boys! It was never meant to be.


The L'Manberg forces lost all of their best armor and weapons, as they had not taken them off beforehand, and started to lose hope for the future.

Eret later revealed that they had betrayed L'Manberg as part of a deal with Dream in exchange for becoming the king of the Greater Dream SMP.

Second negotiations

Without any materials to continue fighting, the L'Manberg army was at a low point. Wilbur met with Dream and suggested peace and emancipation, stating that neither of them wanted to fight.

Dream, however, asked for white flags signaling surrender. He claimed that if this demand was not met in thirty minutes, he would blow up the entirety of L'Manberg. Wilbur believed that Dream was bluffing, so the two of them returned to L'Manberg. Both sides gathered on opposite sides of the wall and Wilbur gave his most famous speech as commander of the L'Manberg army:

Independence or death. If we get no revolution, then we want nothing. We would rather die than give in to you and join your SMP.


Dream placed a single piece of TNT and lit it using a flame bow.

Dream detonates L'Manberg

The L'Manbergians believed that a single piece of TNT would not cause much damage. Unbeknownst to them, however, Eret had placed dozens of TNT under the ground of L'Manberg before his betrayal. When Dream lit the TNT, it exploded the vast majority of L'Manberg's land, including part of the camarvan.

Having leapt into the lake to avoid the explosion, the L'Manbergians grabbed the Declaration of Independance and fled to an emergency bunker under the camarvan that Tommy had prepared before the war. There, Tommy played one of his precious discs, which Dream wanted badly: Cat. Wilbur decided that L'Manberg had to surrender because its citizens were suffering so much, and brought Tommy to the negotiations.

The duel

The aftermath of the explosion was L'Manberg's lowest point, and Wilbur believed that he had to surrender to avoid any more casualties. Prior to meeting Dream, Wilbur warned Tommy not to do anything rash and reckless, such as challenging Dream on his own honor. Despite this, Tommy challenged Dream to a one-on-one bow duel and Dream agreed to the conditions, much to Wilbur's dismay.

The duel was a half a heart, one-on-one bow duel at ten paces. Both sides were present at this duel, which was hosted on a section of the prime path. If Tommy won, L'Manberg would be granted technical independence (its own nation, but still part of the Dream SMP server). If Dream won, L'Manberg would not gain independence and Tommy would give Dream the other of his most prized music discs, Mellohi.

With the terms set, the duel began. Although both Dream and Tommy missed their first shots, Dream shot Tommy and won.

This duel also ended the first chapter of a longstanding conflict between Dream and Tommy (over the music discs Cat and Mellohi) known as the Disc Saga.

Redemption and independence

Believing that they had lost, Wilbur, Fundy, and Tubbo retreated to L'Manberg to mourn. Wilbur told Fundy that one day Fundy would lead L'Manberg, and asked Fundy to read out the poem "Ozymandias". The poem detailed the fallen empire of a once-great king, which mirrored the story of L'Manberg.

However, while the others were mourning, Tommy entered one-on-one negotation with Dream. Overcome with guilt over losing the bow duel, he pledged to give up both of his prized discs in exchange for L'Manberg's independence. Dream agreed to the terms. After Tommy's sacrifice, the war was over.



Wilbur, overjoyed that Tommy had secured their independence, began writing the Decree of Independence to formally end the war and to annul the previous declaration of independence, which had included Eret's signature. All the other L'Manbergians signed. Wilbur then made Tommy the treasurer of state, Tubbo the secretary of state, and gave Fundy the title "little champion". The group pledged to rebuild the camarvan and to create a war monument, and Wilbur declared himself President Soot of L’Manberg.

Both sides claim victory in the war. L'Manberg claims victory because it won independence. The Greater Dream SMP claims victory because L'Manberg was only given technical independence, and was still part of the Dream SMP server (rather than the independent server Wilbur wanted L'Manberg to be).

Welcoming new citizens

After the war, Tommy welcomed Jack Manifold (Thunder1408 before changing his username) onto the server. Tommy attempted to recruit him for L'Manberg, but Dream donated large sums of money(Diamonds) in an attempt to bribe him to join the Dream Team. Ultimately, he joined L'Manberg, at the request of Tommy and Tubbo. Because Dream kept pestering Jack after his decision, he was sent into the Dream Team SMP server as a double agent.

Nihachu also joined the server, and was welcomes by Wilbur and Tommy. Due to currently being a pacifist, Niki didn't pick a fight with anyone and decided to remain friends with both sides no matter who she officially was with. She joined L'Manberg and started a bakery, however Wilbur tried to paint Eret as a murderous traitor to her. Instead, she became close friends with Eret and doesn't care that they betrayed the country.

To celebrate his promotion as king of the Dream Team SMP server, Eret built a large tower, the tallest in the entire server. Tommy, Jack and Fundy all expressed their annoyance with the tower, as it blocked the view of the sunset from within L'Manberg's borders.

Tommy joined forces with Jack and Tubbo to plot against Dream for revenge after the destruction of L'Manberg and its embassy, and to regain the music discs.