Last revised: August 21, 2021

The Dream Team Wiki strives to create a welcoming, conflict-free environment for all editors, commenters, and posters. To do so, the wiki must set and enforce rules. Here is a list of rules that every user of the Dream Team Wiki must follow.

General rules

  1. Treat other members with respect, and respect others' opinions.
    1. Do not engage or incite fights with other users.
    2. Harassment, intimidation, and stalking are prohibited.
    3. Slurs, hate speech, and offensive language are not tolerated.
    4. Treat all users equally, whether it is a commenter, small editor, regular contributor, or admin.
    5. Remember that conveying messages online is different than conveying messages in person. People may take your messages in a different tone than what you think you are writing.
  2. Don't take matters into your own hands. Large conflicts and disagreements should be reported to administrators.
    1. Do not provoke, promote, or engage with trolls in any way, as they feed off of engagement. Report them to admins through appropriate forms.
    2. Do not engage in edit wars. If there is conflict or disagreement, contact the other editor(s) to try to resolve the issue, or contact the admin team to resolve the issue.
  3. Any decisions made by the administrators cannot be overturned without permission.
    1. Any attempts to bypass page protections and admin-controlled content (ex. canon lives/deaths, editor notes, deleted pages) will result in punishment.
  4. All terms specified by Fandom's Terms of Use apply to the Dream Team Wiki.
  5. Any and all official communications on behalf of the wiki come from the wiki staff and the wiki's social accounts (@DreamTeamWiki on Twitter and @dreamteamwiki on Tumblr). Do not claim to be sending messages "on behalf of" or "representing" the wiki without consensus and permission from the wiki staff.

Account rules

  1. Accounts with misleading or inappropriate names are not allowed.
    1. Impersonation will result in a permanent block.
  2. Sockpuppet accounts (alternate accounts created to bypass blocks) will result in permanent blocking for both the sockpuppet and main accounts.

Content rules

  1. Spamming of any kind is not allowed.
    1. Edit farming is a form of spamming in which multiple edits are done in close proximity to each other with little changes. Please avoid edit farming by trying to make all of your changes in one edit if possible.
    2. Unproductive posts that solicit upvotes will be deleted.
  2. Advertising is not allowed.
    1. This rule is exempt on user pages.
    2. Fan-made content related to the wiki's subject are exempt from this rule on the wiki's discussion page, Fan Content, user pages, and user blogs.
  3. Content added to the wiki must be appropriate.
    1. Respect creators' boundaries. If they have asked for something to not be posted or shared, respect their request.
  4. Content added to the wiki must pertain to the Dream Team or Dream SMP.
    1. Off-topic posts and content will be removed.
  5. Plagiarism of any content is not allowed. Do not upload content that does not belong to you without proper attribution.
  6. The spread of misinformation and disinformation is not tolerated. Please take the time to verify information before sharing and posting.

Editing rules

  1. Edits must be factual. Nonsense edits (ie. edits inserting random, unrelated, or spam-like information) are not tolerated.
  2. Do not blank pages or remove major sections of information without justification.
  3. When undoing edits of other users, a justification must be provided in the edit summary after the automatically generated text.
  4. Re-creating already deleted pages without permission from administrators is not allowed. When asking for permission to create deleted pages, provide reasoning for the page and examples of content that will be added.
  5. Assume good-faith edits. The user may be new to the wiki and editing, and the person may be unaware to wiki policies and decisions.

Editing guide

The Dream Team Wiki also has an editing guide. While the policies on that page are not as strictly enforced as the policies listed on this page, they are still essential to ensure that the wiki provides quality content for readers. Please review the page before editing. Repeat violations after warnings can result in punishment.

Staff contact

Any violations of these rules will result in a block. Administrators have the duty to enforce these policies with blocks, and the time range of the block can vary depending on the severity of the violation.

If you would like to contact the admins of this wiki for any reason (such as reporting users, block reversals, conflict resolution, questions, etc.), visit the page Dream Team Wiki:Staff for a list of staff. In addition, you can also contact staff through the Dream Team Wiki Discord server. If there is any issue that requires immediate response, send a message on Discord through the proper channel, and ping the wiki admin role.