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The Dreamon Hunters are a group consisting of Fundy, Tubbo, and Sapnap. The members found that every person on the server might have a Dreamon in them, or an evil demon alter ego.


Exorcising Dream

While on stream, Tubbo and Fundy began to believe that there were demons on the server after building the "Demon Repellent Tower" in front of Skeppy's mansion.[1]

The two found Dream and declared him to be a "Dreamon". They then found that by hoeing the ground, they could create a "protective circle". Strength potions also seemed to work as a barrier against the demon. With this knowledge, Fundy and Tubbo performed a ritual in which Dream stood in the middle of the alter and repeated phrases Tubbo gave him. While Dream did this, Tubbo and Fundy pelted him with eggs before logging out. Tubbo logged back in early, only for both him and Dream to die by TNT as the ritual was being finished.

Fundy and Tubbo then toured a confused Dream through the server, trying to jog his memory. They showed Dream Ponk's lemon tree, which he didn't remember, asked if he liked fire, which he replied was "scary", and asked what his IQ was, to which he replied "75". Eventually, Tubbo and Fundy realized that they would have to use Dream's worst fear, an iron door, to hopefully return him to normal. This eventually backfired on them, as after Dream was trapped in the iron door room, the Dreamon side took over, and he busted out and began killing Fundy and Tubbo. The two were killed several times before respawning far enough away from Dream to come up with a plan.

Fundy said that the only way to get him back to normal was to recreate his proposal to Dream, meaning that they'd need a ring, a car, and some Mexican food. Tubbo and Fundy managed to successfully gather the materials for the car and the ring, but Tubbo was killed before they could retrieve the food. Fundy then stalled Dream by showing him things to try to get him to remember their date watching Treasure Planet as Tubbo rushed to pick up some bread. Tubbo managed to get the bread in time to give it to Fundy, who then presented it to Dream. Dream accepted the bread, before ascending into the sky and exploding. When Dream returned, he declared that he felt better, and no longer felt the presence of the Dreamon.

Tubbo and Fundy declared their job well done before realizing that they'd just split Dream from the demon, creating a regular Dream, and a Dreamon (DreamXD).

Future hunting

After their success, the two of them decided that they should start a "Dreamon hunting" business together, hoping to emulate the style of Stranger Things. Ponk was possibly possessed by Dreamons after he repeatedly attacked Eret, but this has not been confirmed, since Ponk only said that he "sold his soul for science".

Gaining allies

Fundy and Tubbo began working on their Dreamon Hunter campsite, creating three small tents for them to live in and one large green tent. They also procured Dreamon Hunter uniforms and began wearing them while working.[2][3]

Eventually, Sapnap logged on, and the Dreamon Hunters went to question him since Sapnap was friends with the Dreamon. After some questioning, the two realized that Sapnap hadn't been affected by the Dreamon and was completely human. During this time, Sapnap asked if he could join as a Dreamon Hunter. Fundy and Tubbo began to consider him as a candidate, initially unsure but eventually deciding to allow him to join after realizing that he'd be a good networker. Sapnap then happened to save Tubbo from a creeper, solidifying his position on the team.

After Sapnap was allowed on the team, Fundy spoke with BadBoyHalo, who'd been working on mining out the previous place they were supposed to stay. Sapnap then donned his own uniform as Fundy returned. The three of them started making crossbows, before planning to confront both Dream and his Dreamon the next time they met.

After Tubbo became president of L'Manberg, he said that he would give the Dreamon hunting business government funding.[4] However, during his time as president, Tubbo failed to return to the Dreamon Hunters and provided no evidence of funding.


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