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"Take the first punch, Tommy."


The Duel at Pogtopia was a minor conflict Technoblade & TommyInnit fought to the death in a trial by combat to settle their dispute after the Manberg Festival.



During the Manberg Festival, Jschlatt imprisoned Tubbo on-stage due to his betrayal to Manberg and forced Technoblade to kill him. Technoblade agreed as a result of the peer pressure, but Tommy still thought he shouldn't have done and was angered at Techno.


Back at Pogtopia, Tommy confronted Techno and demanded that he be punished for his crimes of treason. Technoblade defended himself by saying that he was peer pressured into it, and if he didn't do it, both he and Tubbo would've been killed by the 12 players in attendance. Tubbo had already forgiven Techno for killing him, and Wilbur reassured Tommy that he didn't mind Technoblade's actions, and that it was actually the right call. However, Niki, who had also been a target in a later execution, was on Tommy's side. Wilbur was also disappointed he couldn't blow up Manberg because the button disappeared, this caused conflict between him and Niki who had no idea of this plan. Tommy, still wanting punishment, discovered a button in Technoblade's inventory, leading him to believe that Technoblade was the one who broke the button. This button, however, was a random button that was washed away by his water bucket and not the actual one.

Giving In

Wilbur eventually gave in and had Technoblade and Tommy fight to the death in a trial by combat to settle their dispute, mining a small pit for them to fight in. Tubbo, while defending Techno, also gave in. Tommy and Techno agreed to make it a fistfight, taking off their netherite armor & unequipping their weapons.

The Fight

"It stays in the pit."


Tommy throws the first punch

Before the fight, Techno purposely damaged himself to secretly drink a suspicious stew, which allowed him to subtly have high amounts of natural regeneration during the fight.

As the both stared against each other in the eyes, Tommy repeated: "You betrayed us" before Technoblade restating that he was peer pressured. After another 5 seconds of loud arguing, Tommy eventually came in first and threw the first punch in anger. Wilbur exclaimed "Yes!" to the sight, and kept reminding Tommy to think about what Techno did to Tubbo to try to rile Tommy up. Though the fight went on for long, Tommy was no match for Technoblade and died. After Techno had won, Tommy still said that he betrayed them, before Technoblade saying: "It stays in the pit."


"The thing is, Tommy - you're using words... but the thing about this world, is that the only universal language is violence, and we've had that conversation - in the pit. On to a new day, to a new plot - to destroy Manberg."


After their fight, Wilbur stated how he was satisfied and happy with how the day went, as Technoblade stated that the conflict has been resolved, and it will stay in the pit. Tommy continuously tried to remind them that Technoblade still executed Tubbo and betrayed them, but Wilbur and Techno ignored him and focused their attention on their plans of destroying Manberg.

Tubbo and Niki, who had been forced to watch the fight, silently agreed that Techno and Wilbur had gone completely crazy. In the end, the three of them stood outside watching the sunset. Niki reminded them that there was still hope that L'Manberg could come back.