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The Early Dream SMP Arc was the first major arc of the Dream SMP, focusing on the earliest server members and their conflicts. The roleplay-focused aspects of the server that it later became known for had not started yet, resulting in regular conflicts and fights between members about items and griefing.

This arc saw the beginning of the server's longest conflict so far, known as the The Disc Saga. The first conflicts on the server took place between Sapnap, Ponk and George. Shortly after Tommy joined the server, he acquired the discs that later became the center of the saga. There were also several feuds involving multiple server members, especially Dream, Tommy, Tubbo, Purpled and Fundy.

Some of the server's staple builds were also established, including the Community House, the original Courthouse, Tommy's base, the Power Tower, the Prime Path, Punz's house, Tubbo's old house, and Purpled's UFO.


BT (Before Tommy) Era

The server was first created on April 24, 2020, by Dream and GeorgeNotFound. On the same day, Sapnap and Callahan joined, with Awesamdude and ItsAlyssa following shortly after. Over the next couple of weeks, BadBoyHalo and Ponk also joined the server.

During this era, staple builds like the original Courthouse and the Prime Path were established, and the first Courthouse trial took place. Ponk also built several lemon trees, which later became central to several conflicts due to people burning them down.

AT (After Tommy) Era

TommyInnit joined the server on July 4, 2020, sparking the beginning of a new era. During this era, the server saw its largest growth in members during a single era, more than doubling the previous player count. Over the next couple of weeks after Tommy's first time playing on the server, Tubbo, Fundy, Punz, Purpled, Skeppy, and Eret were added to the server. Wilbur Soot and Jschlatt also made their first appearances.

The beginning of the era was relatively peaceful as Tommy, Tubbo, Punz, Fundy and Purpled began to build their bases. Tommy also acquired the music discs that later became the central objects of the Disc Saga.

On July 8, Sapnap burned down Ponk's second lemon tree, causing Ponk and Alyssa to burn down his house in retaliation. Sapnap and Tommy teamed up against them, and killed them several times. They also killed Dream, prompting Dream to steal Tommy's music discs, which marked the beginning of the Disc Saga. Sapnap and Tommy managed to recover the discs, and Tommy hid the discs by covering his screen on stream. However, Dream managed to find them and steal them back.

On July 10, The Socializing Club Conflict took place between Fundy, Purpled, and Tubbo. Fundy had logged onto the server planning to kill Dream, but instead killed Tubbo due to Dream not being online. He later also tried to kill Purpled, and the Socializing Club was built in order for the three of them to resolve the conflict peacefully. They ended up killing each other multiple times, with Tommy also briefly getting involved, which caused more conflict over stolen items.

Purpled later built a trap inside the entrance of the Socializing Club, which multiple people, including Purpled himself, fell victim to.