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Quackity: It's time to say goodbye, and rename it to El Rapids, baby! Have you ever seen El Rapids, Ghostbur? Ghostbur: Yes! I'm- I'm just chilling there! Quackity: YEAAAAAAAAAAAH![7]

El Rapids, formerly known as Mexican L'Manberg, El'Manberg, Mexico and L'Manberg Mexicano, was a nation founded by George, Sapnap, Quackity and Punz. It overlooked L'Manberg and was directly next to Boomerville and Party Park, and over the top of Purpled's Cabin. It was recognized as an independent nation by the Dream SMP after a major skirmish took place between El Rapids and the Dream SMP. It is the second of only two countries so far to have been recognized by the Dream SMP as being an independent nation (the first being L'Manberg).

To become a proper citizen of El Rapids, one had to inhale a line of 'string' and take the Bite of Truth (a spider eye). Members were given a Spanish version of their names.

El Rapids was abandoned due to the loss of interest, morale, and unity following the destruction of L'Manberg, their parent nation. On February 9th, Karl, Sapnap and George officially disbanded the nation as it was no longer partaking in major events. On March 16th, Quackity took the landmass down after learning of the country's dissolution.


Mexican L'Manberg Formation

On December 1, 2020, George decided to build a new country on the SMP that would be able to compete with L'Manberg[VOD 1]. He hired Sapnap and Punz to build the country with him and offered to make Quackity 'President' to convince him to join as well. Quackity initially refused, as it would create unnecessary competition for a recovering L'Manberg, which was against his duty as Acting Vice-President. George convinced him by pitching the idea as extra real estate for L'Manberg. They together built a 1-block-thick platform overlooking L'Manberg with a massive stair-well type hill leading up to it. They also added a waterfall, called the 'Waterfall of Metaphysics'[8] or the Prime Waterfall, which acted as an easy way to enter the country.

Dream Gets Involved

Quackity and George later named the plot of land Mexican L'Manberg and declared it as its own country[VOD 2]. The first block placed that would symbolize the nation was a wooden slab for the president to sit on. They then mined it, vowing to protect it. Together, they planned to build the country by constructing a restaurant/presidential residence that was a complete recreation of Quackity's bedroom in real life, but were distracted several times by spleef attempts, explosions, and discussions about fruit juice.

Dream temporarily stole the first slab of the country, which caused George, Quackity, and Sapnap to panic, only for him to eventually return it. He walked to the spider farm to fix up his armor, where Quackity tried to make Dream join Mexican L'Manberg. After some time, Quackity left and later, Mexican Dream joined, trying to recruit Dream for Mexican L'Manberg by insinuating he was racist.

Later, Girl Dream entered the farm. The three of them immediately took a liking to her, calling her Señorita, and then Mamacita. She joined Mexican L'Manberg by eating the Bite of Truth and doing a 'line' before leaving. The three then tried to get Dream to do drugs before Dream revealed that he was "with the police the whole time". He began chasing the three of them through the Overworld and the Nether. Eventually, the three returned safely to Mexican L'Manberg and finally began starting the first building in the country.

Alliance with L'Manberg

When Tubbo joined the server the day after, Quackity showed him Mexican L'Manberg, and talked about its government and about how it was a separate entity from L'Manberg. Tubbo declared his support of the new country and Quackity made him Secretary of State of Mexican L'Manberg. Quackity claimed that the country was his literal baby, which confused Fundy immensely, who wasn't sure that a separate country that was also Quackity's baby was a good idea. [VOD 3]

Quackity began working on building a store in Mexican L'Manberg after the exile meeting with Dream and the ensuing fallout. He talked about the possibility of Tommy joining Mexican L'Manberg in exile and the possibly disastrous placement of George as Vice-President. He also tried recruiting Ranboo into Mexican L'Manberg.[VOD 4]

Dethronement of George

On December 3rd, Dream decided to dethrone George from the position of King of the Dream SMP and reinstate Eret as the King[VOD 5]. He said that George hadn't been as neutral as Eret recently, and moreover had been attacked more times as King than Eret. George, to Dream's surprise, became very sad and traveled to Mexican L'Manberg with Quackity and Sapnap. They plotted to make Mexican L'Manberg the most powerful faction and later retake the throne. Mexican L'Manberg tried to ally with the Badlands, but BadBoyHalo asked for recognition of the Badlands' claims by Dream SMP if George became King. They refused because the claims included practically the entire server and tried to negotiate down to 50% but Bad didn't budge, making the Badlands' intentions clear. Eventually, he said the Badlands would consider the deal. Dream arrived at Mexican L'Manberg and started attacking them in response to the plans. He later warned them not to test him.

After the exile of Tommy, Quackity spoke to both Sapnap and George about joining the Butcher Army, saying to George that it could help him gain much more power than what George used to hold as King and overthrow Eret easily.

Karl was also initiated later on as Karlos Jacobos and 'boner' became the national horse of Mexican L'Manberg.

Mexican L'Manberg vs. Dream SMP

Quackity formed a plan to get Mexican L'Manberg recognized as a country and to properly isolate itself from L'Manberg[VOD 6]. Quackity placed TNT underneath the path to Eret's castle and arranged a strike against Eret's kingship at that spot. When Eret arrived there, the TNT would detonate and kill the strikers. They would use the deaths to frame Eret as a bloodthirsty warmonger, calling his eligibility as King into question and gaining enough support for Dream to recognize Mexican L'Manberg. Karl agreed to lose a canon life in the explosion if he could become Vice-President of Mexican L'Manberg after George's coronation.

Eret and the newly knighted Captain Puffy saw Sapnap and Karl putting protest signs all over the place[VOD 7]. The strikers accused Eret of usurping the throne. George detonated the TNT, and Karl died as arranged. George accused Eret, while they griefed the castle, stole the throne and ran. In retaliation, Dream, Eret and the Knights of Eret blew up massive parts of Mexican L'Manberg.

Dream met up with Quackity, Karl, George, and Sapnap in the Holy Land. After lots of negotiation between the two factions, they eventually agreed that Mexican L'Manberg would apologize and repair damage, return Puffy's items and the throne, and rename the nation. In return, Dream SMP would recognize the nation as independent, something they had only done for L'Manberg so far. The Mexican L'Manbergians rebranded the nation as "El Rapids" after being recognized.

Abandonment and Dissolution

El Rapids never truly established its own government or laws, similar to Rutabagville, despite the massive conflict and recognition as independent by the Dream SMP. It remained, but was slowly being forgotten as tensions rose in L'Manberg. After the Doomsday War, El Rapids remained intact despite L’Manberg being obliterated by withers and TNT. Quackity abandoned El Rapids for the time being, while Karl remained nearby. George and Sapnap went their own separate ways. El Rapids was officially dissolved on February 9, 2021, when Karl decided to move his library (after visiting the Inbetween) with George and Sapnap far away to a new land, where they would found a new nation[VOD 8].

On March 15th, Quackity learned from George about the dissolution of El Rapids. The next day, he took down the landmass of El Rapids as it no longer served a purpose[VOD 9]. He destroyed the man-made mountain, closed off the Waterfall, and then took down the sign that welcomed people into El Rapids.


On March 31st, the ghost of Mexican Dream visited George and said that he wanted to see El Rapids again[VOD 10]. However, he found out that El Rapids had been destroyed. He furiously interrogated people before learning that Quackity was the one who destroyed the country. He then burnt down Quackity's old house in anger.


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