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All banter and fighting seen in streams/videos are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. It is highly disrespectful to send hate towards anyone so please refrain from doing so at any point.
Non-canon notice:
This event is considered non-canon, meaning that it is unrelated to the overall Dream SMP storyline.

The Elytra Conflict was a conflict sparked by Sapnap over the elytra awarded to the winner of the Team Seas event.


Hannah was given the elytra as her prize for winning the event. Sapnap immediately asked Hannah to give him the elytra and offered to teach her how to use it. Hannah refused and looked for an ender chest before she got attacked. She arrived at Snowchester and Sapnap also arrived, looking at her stream. Hannah got into the basement of MICHAEL's house and put the elytra in an ender chest just before Sapnap killed her.

Sapnap tried to use Hannah's items to bargain to use the elytra once, while Dream spammed Hannah with messages saying not to trust him. They made a deal where Sapnap would give Hannah half her items, and she would give the elytra only for one use, before getting the other half of her items. But the moment she got the first half, she logged out, accepting the loss of the rest. After failing to convince Hannah to log back on, he finally quit, leaving the house.

Battle of Snowchester

Meanwhile, Foolish, George and Boomer located them from Sapnap's stream and reached MICHAEL's house. After Foolish asked if they were supposed to kill Sapnap, Sapnap challenged all of them at once, starting what he called the 'Battle of Snowchester'.

Sapnap and George started attacking everyone in sight. They first attacked Foolish, who dodged their arrows and took a few attacks while teleporting around. They then attacked Hannah, Eret, Foolish and Bad, and killed most of them. Foolish finally decided to attack back, almost killing George before he logged out. They then killed Foolish and took his items.


After other attempts to kill people, Sapnap and George decided to kill MICHAEL and found him in the attic. Meanwhile, Foolish was frustrated with the loss of his items and George offered to give them back if he killed MICHAEL. Foolish said he would rather blow up Kinoko, and started gathering TNT. George announced that MICHAEL was dying that day, one way or the other. After many attempts to get someone to kill MICHAEL, Sapnap and George decided to go back and protect Kinoko Kingdom.

Niki protested against Foolish attacking Kinoko because her house was under it, but allowed it because it could help save MICHAEL. Sapnap threatened to kill MICHAEL and destroy Foolish's summer house if Foolish destroyed Kinoko. George accidentally angered MICHAEL, who took Thorns damage before Eret splashed Harming potions on him. George ran away from MICHAEL, accidentally leading him out of the house where he got stuck in a boat. Sapnap and George started laughing at MICHAEL, throwing eggs and other random items at him.


Hannah proposed that George, Sapnap, Punz and her do a 1v1v1v1 in Bedwars and that the loser would have to kill MICHAEL. Eventually, they agreed on a 2v2 between Hannah+Punz and Sapnap+George, and logged off the Dream SMP to go on Hypixel. Eret decided to rescue MICHAEL, taking him using the boat to a faraway location, hiding the location in the stream.

Meanwhile, Foolish placed TNT on Kinoko Kingdom to threaten it to get his items back, saying that he was the one who built Kinoko Kingdom and he could destroy it. He said that if his summer house was targeted, he would just build something else. Bad helped Foolish in his scheme by placing more TNT.

The Sapnap+George duo lost the Bedwars match, but Sapnap tried to make it a best of 3. Hannah accepted, and the Sapnap+George duo lost the next match as well.


Sapnap refused to kill MICHAEL despite losing. Foolish told everyone to accept that no one was going to try to kill MICHAEL and everyone finally decided to abandon the idea. George, meanwhile, seemingly accepted the idea of killing MICHAEL, but found him missing, rescued by Eret.

Sapnap instead agreed to give Foolish's items back and Foolish quickly removed the TNT from Kinoko Kingdom without anyone noticing. George jokingly suggested that Eret and Niki might have acted like they liked MICHAEL, but killed him when they were playing Bedwars. The group reorganized and returned their items between them, except for Sapnap keeping some of Hannah's items.