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The Empowerment Arc is the fifth major arc to take place on the Dream SMP, following the Retribution Arc. It began on January 20, 2021, and ended on November 28, 2021. The arc is divided into two halves, the Red Dreams half and the Prisoners Favor half.

The Red Dreams half follows the imprisonment of Dream, along with the rise and fall of the Crimson. The imprisonment of Dream led to many members developing a sense of freedom, with Tubbo declaring independence for Snowchester and Tommy pursuing new projects such as the construction of a hotel. Many new factions begin expanding such as Technoblade and Philza's Syndicate, Karl's Kinoko Kingdom, and Quackity's Las Nevadas. Meanwhile Ranboo begins attempting to learn more about himself and his Enderwalk State. Meanwhile, the blood vines spread and allowed the possessed to develop a new faction led by the corrupted BadBoyHalo, the Eggpire.

The Prisoners Favor half of the arc is focused on Dream and Technoblade's favor agreement, Quackity building his forces, and the return of Wilbur. The Syndicate prepares its next move after Technoblade's imprisonment while Quackity and Tubbo build relations between Las Nevadas and Snowchester, all the while Tommy and Wilbur begins his "Big Plans."


Key Dates: January 7, January 10, January 12, January 15, January 18, February 4, February 14, February 24, March 3, March 5, March 6, March 8, March 26, April 1

After the Doomsday War, Tubbo set out to build a new place to live. With the help of his chat, he chose a location in the Snow biome, and called it "Snowchester". Snowchester's laws are based around consensus decision-making. However, Tubbo decides on most foreign relations, including Project: Dreamcatcher, and declaring independence, about two weeks after its founding. It currently serves as the home, or home of five people on the SMP, making it one of the larger factions in the SMP.

The nation has also been home to a science fair on January 30, and a talent show from Tubbo's discord community, the former of which won their idea being postered up near the community house.

Project Dreamcatcher

Key Dates: January 17, January 19, January 20, January 21, January 26, March 26, April 9, May 19

It turned out, later on, that Project: Dreamcatcher was Tubbo's reason for founding Snowchester. Snowchester is supposed to serve as a cover to trick the other SMP members. Tubbo's intention with the project was to be able to create extraordinarily powerful "nuclear" warheads. They could destroy vast amounts of entities, or smaller amounts of more powerful entities. The warheads are also capable of destroying multiple structures in a short amount of time.

Tubbo compared their plot to the real-life plan of the Manhattan Project, a World War 2-era USA project, where nuclear warheads were built in secret. Tubbo along with Jack Manifold built a nuclear silo and testing site in Snowchester. Tubbo insisted that they wouldn't be used and that they're only to threaten people and to gain power over Dream.

On January 17, 2021, the responsibility of Project Dream Catcher was given to Jack Manifold. He was afterward given the role of Minister of Science. Four buildings were created for the operation: the research lab, the control room, Silo 1, and Silo 2. The silos would be hidden within natural landforms in the territory of Snowchester. The control room would authorize the launch and detonation of the warheads.

On January 26, 2021, Jack Manifold and Tubbo launched the prototype missile that was developed by the project Dream Catcher, giving the server a 10-minute warning before they launched despite Jack Manifold trying to delay the launch for as long as possible. This was because of his plan with Nihachu to kill Tommy, Niki had recruited him in the aftermath of the Doomsday War.

However, this did not work, as Tommy was too busy talking about Avengers, walking off, and collecting wood for Sam Nook. After the two went to check out the damage of the missile, they discovered Nihachu and Tommy arriving at the same time. Missing the bomb by 30 seconds. Tubbo and Tommy laughed and checked out the crater noting how close Tommy was to his demise, much to the dismay of Jack and Niki. Luckily for Niki, she managed to lie her way out of suspicion with them, however Tommy started to find Jack's behavior odd.

The Snowchester Mansion

Key Dates: March 7, March 27, April 11

On March 7, Tubbo and Ranboo commissioned Foolish to build them a mansion, having seen the one Foolish built for HBomb in his savannah home, and became one of the biggest builds on the server, spanning across 3 chunks. The build of the mansion itself took around two months to complete, with the interior yet to be fully completed.

Following the completion of the build, Foolish was paid by Ranboo in gold blocks and other resources for the services provided.

The Crimson Egg

Throughout the Retribution Arc, the blood vines had been growing underneath the SMP in BadBoyHalo's statue room. It went unnoticed by most people, except for the Badlands, along with a few other people. They influenced Captain Puffy, BadBoyHalo, Ponk, and Antfrost originally, as they began to protect the egg inside the statue room. They let the vines grow around the SMP, and even planted seeds to further the spread of the vines, however it still went unnoticed for a long time, until it couldn't be ignored.

Captain Puffy and Ponk eventually snapped out of the influence and realized that the egg was bad. Skeppy became fully possessed by the egg, turning red, and in a moment of desperation, Bad let himself be fully influenced by the vines, to save Skeppy. He eventually formed the Eggpire, with Antfrost, Punz, and Puffy, who left the alliance after being outed as non-infected and a spy.


The Eggpire was originally a temporary coalition between Punz, BadBoyHalo, Antfrost, and Captain Puffy, in support of raising chaos in the Egg's name. Its headquarters currently sits as a giant egg, near the L'Canyon, with vines growing around it. The roundtable inside of it has a button that when pressed, drops a person inside an obsidian cage near the egg to corrupt them. The Eggpire first tried to target Tommy and Tubbo, but was stopped by Sam Nook. At the Eggpire's meeting, Sam was angered that the Eggpire would try and hurt Tommy and Tubbo further, whereas the Eggpire tried to convince him to help the Egg further. Puffy supportedb Sam, saying the Eggpire needed to stop. The Eggpire lured Sam into the trap, causing him to get locked up within the Egg. Antfrost attacked Puffy, driving her out of the Eggpire room. Puffy left the Eggpire, and met up with Tommy, entering the Egg to rescue Sam. There, Sam was very tired and ill (The Egg having made Sam eat himself to survive) and just wanted to go home, although he didn't mind the Blood Vines for a bit, once they consumed his base and threatened his beloved dog Fran, Sam snappted out of it. Sam and Puffy both left the Eggpire after the incident.

The Eggpire spread propaganda throughout the SMP, trying to get people to join their side, only for their propaganda to be continuously vandalized by Ranboo. Currently, the Eggpire has hired Purpled as a mercenary, to kill Captain Puffy, although Purpled would later betray them. Awesamdude and Ponk are pretending to be aligned with the Eggpire, for their own reasons. However, Ponk ended up getting corrupted and is now an ally of the Eggpire.

The "resistance" against the Eggpire was a loose alliance between wary members of the SMP and enemies of the Eggpire. Puffy is the leader of it, and Techno and she made it official by calling it 'Pro-Omelette' in reference to Techno's idea of turning the egg into an omelet and eating it.

Bad and Skeppy's personal story


Big Innit Hotel

Construction & Opening

At the request of Tommy, Sam Nook, a robot created by Awesamdude, began working on a large hotel. Over the span of a few weeks, and with daily tasks given to Tommy by Sam Nook, the hotel was completed, to sit near the prime path in the main SMP area. During the hotel construction, Tommy was assigned a task to destroy the Egg that has been on the Dream SMP. After coming back from the egg with Antfrost and BadBoyHalo chasing him, Sam Nook protects Tommy and gives Tommy another task. When doing the new task, Tommy was curious about the egg and visits it again but now with Tubbo. Sam Nook then came to the rescue for the children after hearing they were visiting the egg again. Sam Nook saved them and told BadBoyHalo and Antfrost that Tommy and Tubbo were under his protection and that he was there to escort them away Tommy sent out invitations to people to join in its opening once it was completed.

Tommy logged onto the SMP to see his hotel built once the hotel was built, revealing that the hotel was to serve as a cover to scam people out of money. He later hired Jack and removed any negative feelings on him, leaving Jack to plot against Tommy. Tommy however, didn't feel at peace quite yet, and felt as if he should visit Dream in prison for the 'last' time, to finally be able to get closure.

Ranboo's Visit

On January 30, Ranboo went to visit Dream in Pandora's Vault like he had planned to after the Disc Confrontation. Awesamdude led him through the prison's security measures, making the exception for Ranboo to bring his memory book inside.

Upon reaching the cell, Ranboo was happily greeted by Dream, since they were, in Dream's words, "best friends." Dream asked why Ranboo was acting differently, implying that Dream is only "best friends" with Ranboo's enderwalk state. However, he still thanked Ranboo for the visit and for his help in the past (blowing up the Community House and protecting Tommy's disc). Ranboo decided that Dream must somehow know about the accusations made by the panic room voice and was just trying to manipulate him, but Dream's tone shifted as he replied that Ranboo did help him. Dream also started to refer to himself in the third person - just like the panic room voice would.

Ranboo kept denying that he'd helped Dream, saying that he got rid of the voice, but his attention was soon diverted from the argument when he was asked to look at the books Dream's been writing. The prison's book chest was completely filled with exact copies of Ranboo's second "Do not read" book, and when he went to check the book he brought into the prison with him, the first page was once again replaced with Dream's signature ":)" smile.

"Dream" told Ranboo that he needed to face the truth. It added that it isn't even the real Dream, fully revealing itself to be the panic room voice. Hearing this, Ranboo started to panic and insist that it had to be the real Dream, but the voice just continued on accusing him of helping Dream. It ended the conversation by repeating that it isn't real, and "Dream" disappeared from the cell, along with the voice.

Ranboo began to freak out, panickedly going through the chest filled with copies of "Do not read" again, and the screen started to wobble as he told himself over and over that he got rid of the voice. The prison started to crumble around him, causing him to fall to his death. While he continued to panic on the death screen, the glitching image of Dream's smiley face appeared again, this time without the crown - though the crown soon flashed on and off screen in morse code that translates to "NOT FREE YET."

After his nightmare, Ranboo decided to check the prison and make sure none of it had actually been real. He asked Sam if he could visit, not to see Dream, but just to investigate the inside of the prison. Sam allowed him in, and asked him the introductory questions, but when he got to the question of when Ranboo's last visit was, Ranboo stated that he had never visited before. Since he had actually visited while enderwalking, Sam argued with him over this, eventually concluding that if Ranboo was going to lie about not visiting, then he should leave. Ranboo kept insisting that he never visited, but Sam replied that he had signed forms from Ranboo proving otherwise, and once again told him to leave.

Sam later met up with him again after finding the signed forms he mentioned. They had been erased and rewritten in Ender language, as well as signed under his name, proving to Ranboo that he did indeed visit the prison while enderwalking. Sam tried to ask what Ranboo was doing, but Ranboo repeatedly avoided the question and stated that he couldn't tell Sam what was happening. Ranboo told Sam to never let him into the prison again, to which Sam agreed, and the two ended their conversation.

Ranboo remembered that Sam had apparently allowed him to take a memory book into the prison, and tried to check if he'd written down what he and Dream talked about, but couldn't find anything about it in his three memory books. He realized that his enderwalk state must have had a fourth memory book to write in, and that this book (depending on when it was created) could contain evidence of all of the ways Ranboo has been helping Dream in the past, like blowing up the Community House. He decided that no one else could be allowed to find this book, since if they did, he might be locked up in the prison. He still hasn't found the book, but since no one else knows where it is either, he opted to just not worry about it.

On February 10, 2021, after working on Karl's library, Sapnap headed to visit Dream in Pandora's Vault. Awesamdude warned Sapnap that Dream was not talking to anybody, which was proven to be true as Dream only talked to him through a book. Dream wrote to Sapnap that he "took so long," to visit, to which Sapnap answered that he had a hard time coming due to the fact he was hurt by Dream in the past. Dream attempted to convince Sapnap that eventually he would get out of prison, continuously writing "eventually," however, Sapnap threatened Dream that if he does escape prison, he will be the one to take Dream's last canon life. Dream also told Sapnap to deliver a message to Ranboo, saying ":)". After promising to be good and not throw away his clocks, Sapnap told Dream he would tell George to visit him. Sapnap then left and went to deliver the message to Ranboo. After reading the message, Ranboo's enderwalk state was triggered and he ran away. Sapnap, in worry and confusion, briefly looked for him before giving up.

Kinoko Kingdom

Unbeknownst to most of the server, Karl had the ability to time-travel, but lost more of his memory and identity every time he traveled. He would store the stories he gathered in a library, but it soon came to be overun by the Blood Vines.

After learning about the necessity to protect his library, Karl started the process of relocating the library with Sapnap and George on February 9, 2021. The trio first decided to dissolve El Rapids as it had become a stagnating nation. After finding a location for the library, Karl decided to form a new nation with his friends, who had all previously been part of El Rapids. Karl also developed the only rule of the nation: Do not pick flowers. If flowers are picked, they would have to be replaced. Karl travels back to his library after almost every Tales from the SMP episode.

Tommy's prison trapping

Tommy felt as if he needed to close "a story" to be at peace. That story being everything that happened when Dream was free, and outside of prison. Tommy eventually went to prison, and visited Dream.

Dream and Tommy talked for a bit of time, as Dream tried to convince Tommy to visit him more. After Dream started to say he had changed, Tommy started to argue with Dream. Tommy then yelled for Sam, to let him free. However, a prison error happened, and TNT went off, forcing Tommy to be trapped. The waivers he signed at the beginning of the visit, stated that he would be stuck in the prison for a week. During this period, Jack Manifold seized control of Big Innit Hotel, making it "Big Manifold Hotel", and Tubbo and Ranboo would get married, adopting a child named MICHAEL.

After the one-week period was over, Sam still did not let Tommy out of the prison. After a back and forth between him and Dream, on the legitimacy of the Resurrection Book, he was beaten to death. He then ended his stream on his death screen. The server entered a period of mourning, and many built memorials in his honor.

Tommy however, was later revived by Dream using the book. This prompted Tommy to try and convince Dream to not bring back Wilbur, as he said some morally wrong things to Tommy in the afterlife. Tommy got out of the prison, and met several old faces. Later on, Tommy, Ranboo, and Tubbo planned to kill Dream, and started to gear up for days on end, building a tower next to the prison.

The Syndicate's First Meeting

The Syndicate is an underground organization started by Technoblade and Philza on January 18, 2021. Members of the Syndicate promote anarchy and wish to diminish tyranny in all its forms. The Syndicate's base is located in the arctic north near the homes of Technoblade, Philza, and Ranboo. Its meeting room is in a stronghold and features immovable end portal frames, although the members of the Syndicate are unaware of their true nature, and use it as their meeting table.

The first meeting was held on March 6, 2021 and was attended by Technoblade, Philza, Ranboo, and Niki. During this meeting, Philza revealed the meeting room and its features, like the meeting table (made out of an end portal that cannot be activated), the secret entrances and exits, the qualities of the room, and the enderpearl stasis chambers. The meeting room is located in the stronghold under the ocean near Technoblade, Philza, and Ranboo's bases. They discussed the following:

  • The Egg and the Eggpire: Brought up by Phil, they discussed their preference against the Eggpire and their personal experiences with the egg. Technoblade suggested talking to people not directly involved with the egg. Phil said that there is the possibility that the Syndicate would have to make an 'omelette', referencing the new subfaction 'Pro-Omelette'.
  • Snowchester: Technoblade brought up rumors of a new nation forming in the snowy forest to the west of L'Manberg. Niki confirmed his suspicions and the members agreed that they would have to investigate if it was a government.
  • Tommy's death: This fact was brought up by Ranboo. All members (except for Ranboo) agreed that it was virtually impossible for him to die, and that they were not convinced he was dead.

After the events of the first meeting, the Syndicate set out to investigate Snowchester. Upon arriving at Snowchester, the group met up with Tubbo, who gave them a tour of Snowchester. Tubbo told them that Snowchester was not a country, but simply an isolationist and militaristic colony. Tubbo also shows the members of the Syndicate the nukes, and when the group asked why Tubbo would need nukes, Tubbo cited that it is simply for self-defense. This made the Syndicate extremely suspicious of Snowchester. However, since Snowchester had not done anything with the nukes, they accepted the self-defense excuse.

Quackity's quest

Key Dates: March 16 (Las Nevadas (Series) - Episode 1), April 12 (Las Nevadas (Series) - Episode 2)

On March 16, Quackity launched his new series, Las Nevadas, taking him through the trials of building his new nation.

Episode One

The first episode took place on March 16, 2021. Quackity spoke with BadBoyHalo, who was under the influence of the Egg at this time. Quackity then showed Bad the country/city of Las Nevadas, a entertainment hub based primarily around gambling for the first time. The episode then cut to Quackity receiving a note from the spirit of Jschlatt. The note lead Quackity to a underground gym where Schlatt's spirit, or "Glatt" was. Glatt and Quackity spoke for a while, with Glatt mentioning the people who had come to his gym, (the souls of the dead players on the server) before Glatt asked Quackity to revive him from the dead. The two then made a bet, if Quackity won, Glatt would have to work for him in Las Nevadas, whereas if Glatt won, Quackity would have to revive him. Although the results of the bet were unknown, it would be strongly implied Quackity lost the bet, as he would be shown trying to gain the Book of Necromancy.

Quackity met with Sam, his business partner in the Big Innit Hotel and asked him to visit the prison. Sam declined, stating nobody was allowed to visit the prison at the time, due to Tommy's death. Quackity convinces Sam to let him visit, suggesting he hold netherite tools within the prison as he visited. Sam was at first still reluctant, but soon started to be convinced. Sam asked Quackity to get him the Book of Necromancy from Dream, to which Quackity replies that he will try for as long as it takes to get Dream to hand over the book. Quackity also promises Sam that he wouldn't kill Dream. Sam warns Quackity that if Quackity tries something untoward, then Sam would have to kill Quackity, to which Quackity accepts the risk. Sam asks multiple times if he is sure about this, before then leading him towards the prison. As they walk over, Quackity reminds Sam that as long as Dream holds the book, he still holds power.

Quackity went through the procedures of the prison, Quackity however did not sign his name on the page of the first book, but just signs the book itself. As Quackity was about to enter the cell, Sam told Quackity that if he was to do what he was planning, that he should do it right, and hands him a pair of shears, as well as the warden's sword and axe. Sam also hands Quackity some item frames and tells him to hide the items before he enters. Quackity spoke with Dream, with Dream saying he had lost track of time and Quackity slightly taunting him. Dream asked what people thought of Tommy's death and revival, but Quackity asked him where the book was. Dream told Quackity he burnt it but kept the knowledge inside, but this did not stop Quackity as he asked for whatever Dream knew. Dream refused, only for Quackity to pull out the netherite tools, causing Dream to panic. Quackity then told Dream his last living days would be hell, and the stream faded to black as Quackity began to torture Dream.

Quackity, leaving the prison for his first visit and covered in blood, went to destroy the now abandoned nation of El Rapids, tearing it down as he had flashbacks of the El Rapids days, as the country was torn down. It then cut to a calendar, marked to visit and torture Dream every day.

Episode Two

The second episode on April 12 was a prequel to the events of the first episode, showing the days prior to the events of Episode One.

The stream starts with a jump cut scene of two hooded people riding horses running across the land in the rain. They are joined by a third hooded person on a skeleton horse taking the lead. They arrive into the Greater Dream SMP, and ride through the castle before stopping at the opposing entrance, each of them drawing out their swords. Sirens start to go off as the 3 horsemen ride down the prime path in the direction of the prison. The stream then cuts to Quackity inside his base, emptying out chests and walking across the server in all weather conditions at all times of the day and night to the prison, returning day after day as he had promised, meeting Sam at the entrance each time and reading through the waivers and being taken through the prison. At the point where Quackity is revealed to the main cell, Dream shows his anguish at being visited by Quackity, hiding in the corner of the cell as Quackity comes closer, with the days flicking through from 1-29, and the four items Quackity had on his possession each time; the sword, the axe, the shears and a potato. All of the scenes showing Quackity's visitations and travel are then reversed, leading into the first chapter.

We cut to 72 hours before the visit, not long before news of Tommy's revival had spread. Quackity sailed to a small island, where Sam was. Here, Sam now lived a humble and mournful life, retreating from the main SMP. Sam then toured him around his residence, showcasing his humble residences as well as a grave built in Tommy's honor. Quackity would try to convince Sam what happened wasn't his fault, and at first Sam didn't listen. Quackity told Sam that what happened wasa product of Dream, and Sam has to accept that to move forward. Quackity said that the island wasn't Sam and represented how broken he was, Quackity then told Sam he could have stopped Tommy's death by killing Dream, stating that Dream had killed it before, and could kill again; killing Dream would be the only way to stop him. Sam gathered his warden gear, and agree to not let anybody visit the prison. A vengeful Sam wanted to kill Dream constantly, but Sam becomes reluctant as they approach the cell. The two then argue about what Tommy would have wanted, and Quackity gives up. Quackity told Sam Dream would pay, and Sam needed to get it together, as there was no room for emotions in Las Nevadas.

A day later, Quackity would thank somebody for giving him a spot and began to dig down, hoping it wouldn't lead him into a trap. Quackity found himself in a red nether brick base, confusing and annoying Quackity as he was looking for The Egg. Quackity pulled out 3 stacks of TNT, and found the Egg, causing him to cover it in TNT. As the Egg was covered, BadBoyHalo and Punz (both under the Egg's influence) appeared, as Quackity retreated. Quackity tried to convince Bad to join him, as they could do big things together and let go of the Egg, Bad said he couldn't get in the way of the Egg, as Punz tried to convince Bad not to. uackity and Bad both told Punz to leave, which they did. Quackity and Bad argue for a while, before Quackity lights up the TNT, blowing the Egg up and nearly killing it.

The day before the visit, Quackity would travel towards the prison, where he would meet up with GeorgeNotFound. The pair happily greeted each other and caught up, having been a while since they last spoke. George asked about the scar on Quackity's eye, and Quackity started to explain about his fight with Technoblade, but stops mid-sentence, and continues to greet him, saying they have a lot to catch up on. Quackity spoke about not having seen George, Sapnap, or Karl in quite a while, and excitedly explained his plans for his new nation of Las Nevadas, stating he had made casinos for George, Sapnap, and Karl. George asked what it meant for Kinoko Kingdom, confusing Quackity. George told Quackity it was a new nation him, Karl and Sapnap just made. Quackity was angry because nobody told him, but George said Karl had told him (due to Karl's memory issues caused by time-travelling, he forgot) the two argued, and George invited Quackity to join Kinoko or visit. Quackity declined, and pretened to be fine before leaving, in truth, Quackity was devestated, thinking his friends had abandoned him.

We then see a flashback of the server during the SWAG2020 VS POG2020 Election, cutting to a clip of the L'Manberg Presidential Debate. We then see Quackity and Wilbur on a hill outside L'Manberg, with Quackity wanting to get to know Wilbur and explaining Quackity knew what Wilbur is trying to do by protecting his people and saving his nation. But whilst Quackity says to Wilbur he doesn't hate Wilbur, or that he's trying to overthrow Wilbur, or that any of this was about fighting, Quackity recognizes there is a big difference between himself and Wilbur. Quackity continued, saying that he likes to see the good side of people, and that everyone has a side to them that is wanting to see a better future for everyone, that he wanted the best for the nation and for nobody to feel like a outsider again. Wilbur however disagreed with everything that Quackity says, saying his aspirations of optimism are not going to be the subject of L'Manberg's security. Quackity tries to agree to disagree, but Wilbur continues on:

You say everyone has a good side Quackity, and you're right. You're right. Everyone has a good side. But that good side is only there to help themselves. If you want to really help people, you're gonna need power, Quackity. You can make a movement, you can make a resistance right, you can go out, and you can come back and they'll give you a ticker tape parade. They'll cheer for you in the streets, but you will change nothing. If you have a revolution, everyone will hate you. You will sacrifice everything and you will lose everything you've ever had. But you'll come back, and everything will be changed. And Quackity if you wanna change things, you're gonna need power. That's what you want, really, isn't it? Look at me.

And power isn't gained from diplomacy, and bureaucracy, and giant courthouses suspended in the sky, blah blah blah. It's gained from swords, Quackity. It's gained from blades, it's gained from steel, iron. Even if everyone has this good side that you're talking about, then anyone who wants to prove it has to show their dark side first. You're going to have to kill, you're going to have to torture, You're going to have to maim. When I look at you, as a fellow outsider, you're not ready for that.

During his speech, future scenes of Technoblade's execution, Wilbur blowing up L'Manberg, and Quackity torturing Dream in the present day. And after he finished his speech, Wilbur leaves, and whilst Quackity looks towards the sunset, more scenes appear depicting Quackity's history on the SMP so far; first of Schlatt yelling at Quackity as they take the white house down, the Dethronement Fallout, when Dream tried to destroy Mexican L'Manberg, the duel with Techno after his attempted execution, and the Mexican L'Manberg Political Protest.

In the present day, Quackity is seen on his horse outside Wilbur's resurrection memorial, and writes a book to Wilbur, saying that Wilbur was right all along, revealing that what happened with George and Kinoko had broke Quackity, and left it in a chest in the middle of the memorial. Sounds of sirens could be heard as he rides off, as a black hooded figure riding his horse past the Cafe back toward the Greater Dream SMP.

Enderwalk Saga's Beginnings

On April 23, 2021, Ranboo awoke in MICHAEL's room and went to meet with Foolish about the progress of the mansion. During their meeting, Foolish thanked Ranboo for making a deal about a "green cardboard box" (likely referring to their agreement over the lime green Shulker box), though Ranboo did not appear to know what Foolish was talking about. Ranboo then recalled a phrase - "Lesson 14: If you have the opportunity to gain a favor, take it". He had no idea where this phrase had come from and started to panic, quickly excusing himself from the meeting with Foolish.

Ranboo walked around the server and tried to think over what had happened, but then remembered another lesson, "Lesson 27: do not reminisce on what you have lost or it will weigh you down", and started panicking once again. He mentioned some sort of experiments which he believed to be the cause of these sudden memories. (The specifics of these experiments are unknown, but they are likely Ranboo's attempts at controlling or stopping the enderwalk state.) He decided that he had to confide in someone and get help, but was soon met with another lesson, "Lesson 53: Never fully trust anyone" and changed his mind.

He remembered yet another lesson not long after this, "Lesson 67: Leave no evidence of what you have helped with.". Though he at first tried to calm himself by blaming these incidents on exhaustion or hunger, he now knew full well that it must be some side effect of his experiments. He scolded himself for provoking his enderwalk state again when he had been living peacefully.

Although Ranboo had only recalled the other lessons as out-of-context phrases, the next lesson "Lesson 94: DO NOT LET THEM KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE" appeared differently. Ranboo remembered it written on a page of a book. He realized after this that these lessons must be excerpts from the fourth memory book, and hurried to the prison, where he asked Sam to let him inside - not as a visitor, but as an inmate. Sam reassured Ranboo that he didn't deserve this, but Ranboo kept insisting he did; however, when he tried to tell Sam what he'd done, he was unable to get the words out. When Sam kept refusing, Ranboo begged to be locked in, even going as far as to threaten to break in and trapping himself. Eventually, however, Ranboo backed down, returning to his house in the arctic.

As a final, desperate attempt to get answers, Ranboo decided that he had to confront himself. He created a splash-potion water bottle and splashed it on himself, triggering his enderwalk state.

Fundy's Dreams

Content warning:
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Fundy headed to his base and asked Niki and Ranboo, who were also on the server at the time, to sleep. Fundy started dreaming. In the dream, he woke up in his bunker, and walked outside. The outside of his bunker seemed to be in a desert, and Fundy quickly found a replica of the drug van from L'Manberg. In disbelief, he started muttering that it was not real, and walked towards the drug van. He found two nametags: his IGN and Wilbur's IGN. He started repeating that the van was fake, and tried to enter it. He, however, had no success. In the distance, he found another building - one leading to a room in the ground. Fundy went into the room, and eventually found a book. In this book, it said that he had wrote it. It kept on telling him that everything around him was not real, and that he wasn't real. Fundy continued to through the pages, and they all told him to "wake up." as a heartbeat noise grew louder.

Eventually, Fundy woke up again in the same dream, and walked outside. He went to the drug van once again, but this time, he only found his nametag. Fundy kept repeating that it wasn't real and that he was being pranked once again, and decided to visit the other building from before. However, this time, the cave had a skull in it, and the book was different. The book read that Fundy did not need to know the truth about himself, and repeated that he had to "wake up" once again. As a heartbeat noise grew faster, Fundy woke up in the dream again. Fundy, being incredibly scared and questioning reality, opened the door to get out of his bunker again, trying to convince himself it was all a prank being played on him. He found the drug van no longer there (blown up), and the other building being closer to his base. Fundy went inside of the other building once again, and found a different book than the last two times. This time, the book asked him several questions, told him he will be hurt by "it." told him to enjoy life and kept on telling him to "wake up" once again. As the heartbeat noise grew louder than ever, a new book dropped down. This book told him that he needed to be safe, and that he suffered from insomnia.

Fundy woke up in his dream for the last time, crying as he questioned everything. Fundy, wanting the dream to be over, opened the door. He found a dark and weird figure, who chased Fundy as he ran screaming to get to the top of his base. Fundy eventually got to the top where a black bed that was not seen there before was laying, but the figure seemingly followed him as he tried to force himself to sleep. The screen then faded to black as Fundy screamed, and Quackity's face seemingly appeared with casino sounds.

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The Prison break-in and Wilbur's revival

On April 29, Tommy broke into the prison to kill Dream behind Sam's back, using Ghostbur as a decoy. To do this, Tommy used potions of invisibility to sneak in as Ghostbur went through the prison procedures, and following Sam to make sure during item checks and other such checks, he wouldn't be killed. Ghostbur entered the prison as normal, going through all the procedures without much trouble. Tommy then pulled out the Axe of Peace, but was too early, meaning he couldn't reach Dream yet. Sam rolled back the platform to get him away from the cell and Ghostbur ended up stranded with Dream. He started panicking and calling out for Tommy, saying he told him nothing would happen to him. Tommy attempted to calm him down by counting to ten. Dream began to threaten Ghostbur with resurrection if he was not released, and Sam refused to comply. The two argued, with Tommy Tommy begged for Sam to let him kill Dream and/or bring Ghostbur out of the cell, but Sam refused, adhering to his protocol. Dream used the resurrection book to kill Ghostbur and bring Wilbur back to life.



Tommy then left the prison, and met up with Tubbo and Ranboo before heading to where Wilbur should have respawned, the button room (now a shrine for him) in L'Manberg. There Wilbur was, appearing disoriented, voicing that he felt numb. Wilbur was at first very confused, but after realizing where he was and what happened to him, he became extremely excited. Wilbur then spoke to Tommy that his Afterlife was not a void like Tommy's, but a train station he could not escape. Wilbur then told Tommy that Ghostbur had arrived in the Afterlife to replace him, and that Dream was "conducting the train". He expressed great respect towards Dream for bringing him back, stating he had found a brand new reason to live in the horrors of it, and spoke with excitement for the future before running away to begin work on his new plans.

The same day, Ranboo visited Phil to inform him of the news. Phil expressed happiness, and after discussing what had happened, Phil then stated that Wilbur might have become a different person, as that long of a time alone can hurt. Phil said that he needed to be ready for when Wilbur would visit him. Phil told Ranboo that he might know where Wilbur could be, and then headed off to go find Wilbur, leaving Ranboo at his base. Phil then came to the ruins of L'Manberg, meeting up with Fundy (who was still suffering from his dreams) there. Phil told Fundy about the news, and Fundy was deeply upset by it. Fundy opened up to Phil about his dreams, as Philza and Fundy then looked around the crater to find Wilbur, to no avail. Fundy then informed Phil that much of the information about the Election and Pogtopia days Wilbur had written about in his letters were incorrect, shocking Phil. Fundy returned to his base, blowing it up and moving to a cottage in the forest.

After turning back up, Wilbur re-approached Tommy, attempting to apologize to him. He toured around the SMP, meeting up with Skeppy (who killed friend), Ranboo, who Wilbur came to dislike due to him not choosing any sides and being weak, and Philza who confronted him about the letters. Wilbur told Philza he didn't want Phil to know how bad things were getting on the SMP, and then asked Phil to let him live with him to get back on his feet, Phil then agreed to let Wilbur live with him, and forgave him for what happened.

Splitting ways to travel alone, Wilbur went to L'Manberg in order to investigate something he saw - the letter Quackity left for him. He read the message aloud, and repeated the lines he said to Quackity back during the war, about power being won through blades, before leaving. He later traveled out to Las Nevadas in order to meet with Quackity in person.

Many days later, at Technoblade's birthday party, Phil and Ranboo would inform Techno and Niki about Wilbur's revival. Techno was largely apathetic towards this, whereas Niki was enraged.

Red Banquet

Thank you for coming everybody... Prepare to die!


The Red Banquet was an event by the Eggpire as a way to corrupt the entire server with Blood Vines and feed them to the Egg. It was stated to be part of the Eggpire's "final phase". Multiple "guests of honor", all of whom were part of the resistance and/or uninfectable, had been invited. The Banquet was actually a trap, and the Eggpire intended to sacrifice the attendees to help hatch the Egg. A rescue team of Quackity, Technoblade, and Purpled interrupted the Banquet, however, and managed to free most of the attendees and gain possession of the Egg.

Badboyhalo, Antfrost, and Ponk finished the preparations and began to let the guests (Niki, HBomb, Sam, Puffy, Hannah, Foolish, Fundy, and George) in. As they arrived, HBomb set up equipment and acted as DJ for the banquet as some of the guests danced together and had fun. Ranboo observed the participants from a distance, but was not seen by any of the guests. After some dance and conversation, Bad called all participants to the table, where food is provided to the guests. Most didn't eat or drink the soup provided, although a few had some cocktails.

The members went around making speeches; Bad continued to affirm that the banquet was set up in hopes of "turning a new leaf". Foolish, Puffy and Eret expressed hope for a brighter future, though both remembered the damages inflicted upon their respective properties.

Bad finished the round of toasting with a second speech, promising that the banquet would be an event that no one would ever forget.

As Bad continued to speak, lava began flowing down and created barriers around the guests, trapping everyone in the room. Bad concluded his speech by saying, "Thank you for coming, everybody...Prepare to die." After this, Ranboo was not seen; it is unclear if he stayed for the remainder of the event. Puffy is disappointed, but admitted that she planned for this occurrence and hid a stash of equipment before the event. However, when she opened her stash, it is empty. Hannah stepped to the Eggpire's side, and announced that she had to serve the Egg and tipped them off beforehand. Sam activated his final backup plan, deploying TNT directly on top of the Egg; however, the explosions dealt minimal damage and the Egg rapidly regenerated. Bad explained that, after Quackity's attempt to destroy the Egg, they took "proper precautions". He revealed that the banquet was a ruse, and that the egg required energy gained from death to hatch.

Eret spoke out against them, calling them monsters because they betrayed everyone. Bad mocked Eret, calling it ironic that they said that when they betrayed before, but Eret said that they now knew it was wrong, as Hannah should. Hannah then guided Eret to a sacrificial pit, where Bad prepared to kill them. Foolish stepped forth and asked if the Egg could withstand a barrage of lightning; however, as everyone looked at the Egg, no lightning appeared. Powerless, upon Puffy's shocked gaze, Foolish took Eret's place as the first sacrifice and was slain by Antfrost whilst Puffy screamed at them to stop.

As Bad gloated over the first death, Quackity broke through the wall of the banquet room, demanding that he stop. He demanded that Bad re-evaluate what he was doing, and believed that Bad was letting himself be manipulated. During his speech, he stealthily gave an axe to Puffy. Bad explained that the Egg would give him something that no one else could, and so he couldn't consider stopping. He pointed out that Quackity was outnumbered, and that he should've brought an army if he wanted to stop them. Quackity, undeterred, said that he didn't come alone. Technoblade and Purpled entered the room behind Quackity, accompanied by members of the Hound Army. Furious, Bad accused Purpled of being a traitor, as they had hired him to attack Puffy, but Purpled said that Quackity had the better offer. Beyond that, Bad was in shock that Techno would choose to side with Quackity, given their long history as enemies, but Techno stated that the Eggpire needed to be stopped, and that he was willing to work with Quackity to make that happen. Bad gloated that they outnumbered them 4 to 3, but Puffy exclaimed 'Well actually...Antfrost you're dead!' and murdered Ant with the axe.

This caused chaos, and Hannah started to flee leaving the rest of the Eggpire confused. In the ensuing battle, Quackity, Techno, and Purpled forced the Eggpire into a retreat. Purpled chased them for a time, but wasn't able to track where they went. Quackity, Techno, and Sam stayed behind to discuss options to contain or neutralize the Egg, as Purpled led the survivors to safety.

After their retreat, Bad, Ponk, and Hannah split off and went into hiding. As he traveled, Bad became distraught over the loss of the Egg and told himself that he needed what the Egg could provide, but didn't want to hurt anyone; reflecting on the death of Foolish, he wondered if he was in the wrong.

Eret built a statue in Foolish's honor on Cloud Prime. They recalled how Foolish always seemed to know more about Eret than they did themselves, and how Foolish tried to save Eret in the Banquet.

Ranboo logged on, and collected items from his base before heading out. The first letters of the items collected spelled out "I won". He was also missing his "Do Not Read" books, though he didn't notice this. He met up with Sam, where he indicated that he had no memory of being at the banquet. Sam also explained that he planned to move and contain the Egg for the time being.

As Puffy emerged into freedom, she immediately separated from the others and went on a walk of her own. she slowly internalized what happened in the Banquet. She started to realize how sad it was that she saw her son die, and killed one of her closest friends. She began to search for where Foolish had respawned, hoping to make things right.

Banquet Aftermath

After respawning from his death at the Red Banquet Foolish awakes at his summer home. He finds the Egg speaking in his mind claiming it's "in his soul." It claims that Foolish knew of it before but has forgotten as it is even more ancient than him and knows who he is. Foolish explains that he has chosen a life of building to repent against the time where he was reckless with his power and to feel in control. It asks him to join the Eggpire but Foolish continues to refuse to say he no longer wants to be a totem of death and tells the Egg to "go to hell." He escapes the voice for the time being by entering the holy water of Church Prime. Puffy, the day after the Banquet, reflects on what happened while walking down the Prime Path. She feels like it is her fault that the Banquet even happened, and that she failed as a parent, friend, and protector. Any trust that Puffy had left for Ant and Bad is now gone, since she believes that they chose to kill Foolish first in order to hurt her. She no longer thinks of them as friends, or even humans. While she does not regret it, Puffy is willing to face the consequences of killing Antfrost.

She goes down to her room under Eret's castle, takes a look at her old signs, and realizes that everyone on the server has a dark side and could turn at any moment. Puffy then rewrites the first page of her Captain's Log. Instead of what it means to be a knight she writes about what it means to be a villain, noting that no one on the server is to be trusted, -- even herself. Puffy tells herself that if she knew what was going to happen at the Banquet she would have killed them all. She claims that trust is the biggest weakness there is and that the Banquet was her last straw, now wanting to bring an era of bloodlust to the server.



The Rise of Las Nevadas

Key Dates: May 22 (Las Nevadas (Series) - Episode 3),


The Walltown/Cookie Outpost Conflict

Key Dates: June 18


(Un)Healthy Competition

Key Dates: July 25, July 30, August 3, August 4


The Prison Trap

Key Dates: June 1, June 6


On June 1st, Phil, Ranboo, and Niki threw a surprise birthday party for Techno. During the party, Techno saw Quackity watching them, and walked off to talk to him. Quackity told Techno that Dream wanted Techno to visit him in prison. Quackity claims that Dream wrote Techno a note, but Sam wouldn't let it out of the prison. Techno asks if Dream's being treated well, and Quackity says he is. Techno agrees to visit the prison soon, and asks Quackity if he's lying. Quackity says he isn't.[1]

On June 6th, Techno decides to visit Dream. Before leaving, he gives Phil a book and says it's his will, and that Phil is to open it if Techno doesn't return home for a few days. Phil expresses worry, but Techno goes to prison regardless. While in the prison, Techno compliments the build. As Techno takes the bridge across the lava, Dream yells at him to stop, and that it was a trap. Dream yells that he didn't write the note, that Quackity had been torturing him, and that Sam and Quackity are working together. Techno asks when he will be let out, and Sam responds that he could do with a nice long stay, lowering the lava. Dream panics, but Techno is calm, saying he has friends and they're not out of options. He tells Dream to write down everything he knows about the prison.[2]

The Return of Mexican Dream and the Search for Quackity

Key Dates: July 20


The Legacy of L’Manberg


Around the time of the anniversary since the creation of L’Manberg, Phil started to terraform in and around the crater where L’Manberg used to lie, mainly untouched since the Doomsday War.

With help from Foolish, the remains of the blood vines were removed at the bottom of the crater and around the flag, before continuing with terraforming other areas.

Techno's Escape

Key Dates: September 14, 2021


Technoblade starts his stream with Dream slowly digging the obsidian in the Prisons toilet to make a path out. Dream then tells Techno to let him know when Quackity gets there so he can stop digging so they don’t get caught. Techno sees Awesamdude’s and Quackity’s name tag and tells Dream to stop digging. Soon after Dream gets mad because earlier he had to stop because Techno thought he heard a sound. Then the redstone breaks for a second so it went down but it went back up and Dream and Techno start laughing. After that Quackity starts going over on the bridge. Quackity asks them how they got a dog but Techno said that he doesn’t know and that it just showed up out of nowhere. Quackity then walks over to the entrance (the place where the bridge goes) and Techno tries to push Quackity in the lava. Quackity quickly gets mad asking Techno what’s wrong with him for trying to do that. Quackity then tells Dream that he is sick of the prison visits. Quackity then says that he has been trying to get the revival book for a very long time. Dream mentioned that Quackity said that he was not going to go to prison after Techno’s arrival. Quackity says that it has been a while since he last visited the prison. Quackity also says that he kept his word but now he’s back. Quackity asks if today (9/14/21) was the day when Dream would give up the book. Dream says that again and again, he would not give up the book. Quackity said that he might reconsider saying that this guy (Techno) was his only chance at getting out of prison. Quackity said that was the only reason why Techno was in prison. Techno quickly asks if that was why he was in prison. Quackity said that it was the perfect plan because the 2 of them were probably the most powerful people on the server. Quackity also says that they had nothing on their side. Quackity then tells Dream to give him the revival book or he will kill Techno. Techno said that saying that was harsh but then he tells Dream not to do it. Quackity said that giving him the book would be the only way for him to get out. Quackity also said that he wouldn’t care if Techno broke him out saying that the only reason he came there was for the book. Techno tells them to hear him out saying does Quackity have any leverage saying if Quackity killed him then Dream could just revive him. Quackity said that he wasn’t playing any more games as he said just to give over the book. Quackity then starts chasing Techno around the cell while hitting him. Techno said that for the last 3 months he and Dream were bonding also saying that Quackity had messed up. Dream said that if he gave Quackity the revival book then he would just kill him. Dream also said that the only reason that he was in the prison was because he had the book, also saying again if he gave up the book then Quackity would probably kill him and Techno. Quackity said that’s true also saying what if he just killed them both. While Quackity was saying what if he killed them both Techno said that he still wouldn’t get the book. After that, Quackity said if he killed them both then it would end all of this madness. Quackity also said then they wouldn’t have a friend that they had for the past 3 months also saying that he wouldn’t have a headache anymore. Quackity also said that the revival book brought both but problems anyway then right after pulling out a diamond sword saying that he will just kill them both. Then Quackity said that it would just be better than get rid of them both while hitting them then saying what will you do about it to them. Again saying that he had the 2 most powerful people on the server then saying what will happen if he would just kill them both. Dream then said just to give them time then saying to give them a couple of weeks. Quackity then saying what will I give you a couple weeks for? Quackity then said that he was in a good mood and that he might reconsider if Dream would just give him the book. Quackity then told Techno to tell Dream to give him the book. Techno says “Alright Dream you should definitely give him the revival book” while shaking his head. Quackity tells Techno to stop talking, saying that he was done playing games. While chasing and hitting Techno, Quackity says that he’ll start off with Techno then he’ll go on with Dream. Dream then tells Quackity to just stop. Quackity then said if Dream didn’t hand over the book he’ll kill them both. Then Dream said “I’M NOT GIVING YOU THE BOOK QUACKITY!” After that Dream tells Sam to tell Quackity to stop killing Techno but Sam does nothing. Techno then tells Quackity to stop saying that he had information. Quackity quickly stops hurting Techno. Techno said that it worked. Quackity then asked Techno if he had information, then saying what could he do with any of his information. Techno said that he had information that could affect Las Nevadas. Quackity then tells Techno about when he killed him he never forgot about that. Saying that he was not just going to walk away and forget about it. Then telling Techno that he’ll tell him something… “I have a Pickaxe… and I’ll put it THROUGH YOUR DAMN TEETH!” Techno starts running with Quackity chasing him saying “I’ll put it through your damn teeth Techno-“ Quackity stopped because Techno was gone…

Phil had finally read the book and used it, causing Techno to be teleported where Philza was. Techno told Phil that it had been 3 Months telling Phil that he was supposed to use the book if he didn’t come back within 3 days… But Phil thought he said 3 months until he realized that Techno had said if he didn’t come back within 3 days, he was to use the book.

Back at the prison, Quackity was confused. Shortly after, Dream said he had nothing to do with Techno’s disappearance. Quackity tells Dream if he didn’t find Techno the next time he was in the cell, he will kill him. Quackity then tells Sam to keep an eye on Dream. Quackity looks around the prison but tells Sam to look because he knows the prison better. Sam lowers the lava then Dream was gone… Quackity gets mad telling Adam that it was his prison. Sam keeps asking where is Dream. Quackity starts blaming Sam for Dream and Techno’s disappearance. Sam then tells Quackity to shut up then saying that it was impossible for them to leave. Quackity just keeps saying they’re gone while Sam keeps telling him to shut up. Quackity said that Sam just signed a Death Warrant on himself. Sam turns lockdowns the prison activating the alarms with it. Quackity saying “Good Job, Good Job Sam. You let the prisoners escape!” Quackity said that he needs to go to Las Nevadas to keep everyone safe. He keeps telling Sam to check over the prison again. Sam keeps telling him that he will. Quackity gets out of the prison off screen. When the screen comes back on there is a grandfather clock that the camera slowly zooms into. While playing clock noises there is a book that shows up a bit after the clock saying…






Meanwhile, Techno found a book with coords to the mountain where he and Dream had first met. The coords led to the exact block where Dream stood. When Techno broke the block it had a chest with Blueprints and a mysterious book he did not show…

Sam started streaming… He was looking for Dream. He looked in every crevice, every cell, even the exterior (where the redstone is). He finally thought it was time to look in the main cell. He used the bridge and went to the cell, everything seemed normal (he killed the dog), then he looked in the toilet where Dream was. Dream was still in prison… he was just crouching but Sam was worried about the hole he dug. Dream begged Sam not to tell Quackity where he was because he didn’t want to die but Sam said that he will tell Quackity. Dream tells Sam that he wanted to go to the courtyard because he wanted to see light, but Sam tells Dream that he closed it because it was Dream's idea to close it because of safety measures. Sam wanted to give the prisoner(s) cooked steak but Dream wanted to give the prisoner(s) raw potatoes. Sam had to agree with Dream for everything. Dream said that it could now go Sam’s way. Sam tells Dream that he wanted to do that stuff because Tommy was supposed to be in there but him. But after some convincing, Sam told Dream that he will not tell Quackity.

New Rules, New Events, and New Friends

Away from the main lore and storyline, there were developments on the SMP itself. On October 21, 2021, Dream made several announcements on Tubbo's stream, including the allowance of automated farms such as iron, gold and villagers, and the upgrade of the server to version 1.18 once it was released. There would also be an event taking place on the SMP; which was being run by MrBeast with the Team Seas event, which took place on October 30.

The last of these announcements was the news of 3 new members joining the SMP. This was followed up by Eryn joining the server for the first time on October 22 and was greeted by several members, such as Sam, George, and Jack, who killed him as soon as he joined, before hanging out with Tommy throughout his first stream on the server. TinaKitten (Tina) followed by joining the SMP on October 23 and BoomerNA (Boomer) on October 29.

Las Nevadas Finale


The Favour

See also: Dream's Escape Battle



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