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Fiction notice:
All banter and fighting seen in streams/videos are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. It is highly disrespectful to send hate towards anyone so please refrain from doing so at any point.

The Estate Conflict was a conflict between Purpled, Ponk, Antfrost, and Jack Manifold, in which Purpled and Ponk attempted to scam Antfrost out of his Gingerbread house. This conflict resulted in tension between the two parties. Though it appears to be resolved for now, it is likely that this conflict will continue going forward.


The new business

As he entered his defaced home, Purpled was upset about the constant mistreatment of his property happening without the batting of an eye. Starting with the constant stealing from his former UFO home, and now the colonization of his own land by other server members (referring to El Rapids), Purpled realized that many things have changed since he first joined. Being a veteran on the server, he was used to being on top of the world for having the best gear, worrying very little about being challenged. Since he wasn't active for many of the major events, he had a lot to catch up on. Purpled particularly noticed that nowadays, simply being a confident speaker can get you to the top. Purpled soon decided to start a brand-new Real Estate business. Along with that, he took pride in the idea of finding a recognizable location and making the building as low effort as possible since he believed that all of the good looking buildings were left unused on the server.

While looking for somewhere to put his business, Purpled spoke poorly of the various businesses lining the Prime Path. Ponk spotted Purpled and greeted him merrily, inviting him to a picnic he was having and giving him some pie. Purpled thanked him, but he continued on his way, stating that he was busy being an "entrepreneur." Purpled was having difficulties finding a spot in the exact area he wanted until he finally decided that the smartest plan would be to put his business directly on the Prime Path. In the prime path area between Skeppy's mansion and the former L'Manburg Embassy, he began building. Ponk visited him again and hit him off the prime path. Purpled was taken aback, more so at the fact that Ponk seemingly disappeared than the fact that he hit him. He then resumed building before Ponk came back, giving him blackstone before leaving again.

First encounter

After finishing the build with a front desk and a breakout room, he waited for a customer. Antfrost then walked by, curious about the new build. Purpled then asked Antfrost to take him to a house he made. Ant took him to the Gingerbread house. Purpled then claimed his house with signs and said that he'd have to "pay him a whole lot" if he wanted it. Ponk came around this time, backing Purpled.

Help from a friend

While trying to scam Ant out of his territory, Jack Manifold then came. Purpled and Ponk then left to speak amongst each other for a bit whilst adding onto the new estate building. They jokingly made an exit in the breakout room. After that, Jack and Antfrost returned. The two sides negotiated a bit until Jack and Ant mentioned Ponk's Thiccatron, and that it was in Badlands territory since it was nearby Sam's house. The other duo then went to speak privately in the breakout room. Purpled asked Ponk if Thiccatron had a sign saying it was his, and Ponk said it did not. Purpled then yelled to escape out the breakout room. He didn’t intend to use it so the breakout room exit was filled with dirt and it didn’t have a way out so he had to mine out. Jack and Ant then rushed for the community portal with that head start. Purpled, being unfamiliar with the layouts of the new server, couldn't find it. Ponk got there, but not in time, allowing Jack and Ant to break the portal. Since neither Purpled nor Ponk had a flint and steel, the two were stalled.

Territory tensions

Purpled privately told Ponk a plan where the two opposing sides merged businesses. They presented the plan to Jack and Ant, who hesitantly agreed. Jack then began heading back. When he came back however, he had created a new portal, and Purpled, using this as an excuse, went through the portal with Ponk. Purpled then lied saying that Jack broke the portal as Ponk placed a boat, the two then left the VC, leaving the other duo taken aback. They then rushed through the nether to Sam's area. Purpled was completely unfamiliar with the place so Ponk gave him his boots and told him to rush through the water tunnel, giving him directions. Purpled, however, got stuck a few times and had to come up for air a lot. Ant quickly caught up to him. Purpled and Ant then raced to Thiccatron, where they both placed down signs at a similar time. Ant placed a sign on the stairs, and Purpled placing a sign on the tree. They were at a standstill.

Jack then caught up to Purpled and Ant. Jack and Ant quickly realized that Purpled was outnumbered, then killed him and took his items. Purpled and the other two argued over the signs until Ponk then finally came. Feeling more confident, Purpled then put up a sign claiming that "Antfrost sucks ass". Ant disputed that claim, and Purpled then placed another sign; "at minecraft" next to it, forming "Antfrost sucks ass at minecraft". Antfrost disputed that as well. Purpled then challenged him to a duel to see “who really sucks ass at Minecraft”. Jack then pushed for a 2v2 rather than a 1v1 with Ponk jokingly requesting that their cannon lives be put on the line.


The rules of the duel were implied but not specifically said. Every person had a wooden sword and iron chestplate, and it was implied that they were only allowed to use the items provided.

Ponk and Purpled dominated round one, initially planning to get Ant first. Ponk switched to Jack midway but that seemed to work as well.

In the second round, Ant splashed himself with a potion. However he didn't technically cheat, as the rules regarding the usage of outside items were implied and not specified. Purpled and Ponk, taken aback and at a disadvantage, lost. Purpled then specified that "no external armor" be used. Ponk however, switched out his iron chestplate for a netherite one in battle. When confronted about it he complained that Purpled should’ve used basic English as he didn’t understand what external meant. Nevertheless, the Duel was quick and ended in a draw. No one won the duel.

Ant and Jack then claimed the Thiccatron since Ponk cheated, but Purpled offered that they just all got their land back, and in return, Ant and Jack would give him 9 iron blocks as reparations. Jack had 6 and Ant went to get more. As he went to get more Purpled, threatened to kill Jack, saying that if he moved an inch, he would kill him. Purpled then pushed him around, repeatedly reminding him that he can't move despite the pressure. Purpled started counting down from 90, and Jack, feeling even more pressured, claimed to not be able to count that high, causing Purpled to lower it to 45.

Ant finally came back as the count ended, but he could only come up with a few ingots.

Catching fire

As they began arguing more, Jack took Ponk's netherite axe "Bebbles' Might" while Ponk managed to steal Ant's sword and trident and most of Jack's items. After finding out, Purpled was chased by Ant and Jack, barely missing the portal and then proceeding to ender pearl back to the Thiccatron. Purpled suddenly began setting part of the staircase of Thiccatron on fire, as Purpled had initially thought that the tree was built by Ant and Jack since they wanted to claim it so bad. Purpled began to stop the fire after Ponk claimed that he built it.

Meeting after

After stopping the fire, Purpled privately spoke with Ponk, letting him know that the damage of the Thiccatron is repairable. He continued by stating that it was necessary to burn it in order to show his power over Ant and Jack. Later, Ant and Jack planned ahead at Sam's spider XP farm to get back at Purpled and Ponk and reclaim their gingerbread house. Jack accidentally renamed Ponk's axe to "s Mightww", a mistype of "Manifold's Might". He then returned to Manifold Land and showed Ant his secret lair. There, he wrote the Document of Manifold Citizenship and handed it to Ant to sign. After signing the contract, Ant was given dual citizenship of Manifold Land and the Badlands.