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The Exile Conflict was a conflict between L'Manberg and the Greater Dream SMP, set off by TommyInnit and Ranboo's greifing of the King of the Greater Dream SMP's home.

The Robbery[]

On November 28, 2020, Tommy decided to rob George's house, which he had peacefully built during the events of the Manburg-Pogtopia War. While plotting out what he wanted to do, he convinced Ranboo, who was still new to the server, to join him. The two gathered leather for armor that Tommy then dyed black, and dubbed their "robber outfits", before leading them to George's home, being spotted by Nihachu on the way. Not knowing she had seen them, the two planned to blame it on her - knowing her hatred for the current king.

The two took some valuables from the chests after breaking in, before putting offensive signs on the walls, and placing Netherrack in different shapes and configurations before igniting it with TNT. However, while placing the Netherrack outside, Tommy lit the fire too close to the wooden roof of the house, causing a portion of it to catch on fire.

The two managed to put it out before retreating to where Niki and Puffy were on their date, hoping to still blame Niki for the crime while also using them as an alibi. However, the two confronted Tommy and Ranboo about George's destroyed house. Shocked that they had seen it and put out the fire, the two played dumb and left. Niki and Puffy continued on the date, knowing it was definitely them who griefed the house.


Dream logged on not long after Tommy left, finding what had happened to George's home, and figuring that it must be a direct attack from L'Manberg. When Niki traveled to the country, she found him placing obsidian walls, and called on Puffy, Tubbo, Fundy, and Ranboo to join her in approaching Dream.

The group met just in time to see Dream set Jack Manifold's house and nearby trees on fire. Dream explained to Tubbo that all the treaties between the Dream SMP and L'Manberg were null and void, as the country they were made with was forcibly overtaken by a new government. He then mentioned something about asking Tommy about his motives, and Niki deduced that the underlying reason for Dream's actions was George's house being griefed.

Punz later arrived with a warning, stating that he knew peace could never be achieved, even under someone like Tubbo, and left as well.

Niki and Puffy brought the group to the house and Tubbo stated that he didn't know why he thought making Tommy a VP was a good idea. He announced the Cabinet would gather the next day to assess the damage, and that he hoped to resolve the conflict peacefully. The group also attempted to discuss Ranboo's connection to the whole ordeal, but he stated he didn't remember anything and just walked away from the scene.

Trial Day[]


The next day, George logged on and fixed the damage his house sustained. Karl and Quackity jokingly tried to blame BadBoyHalo and Skeppy with little success. Dream continued building the wall, and the Cabinet gathered in the Camarvan to discuss matters. Tommy denied any connection he had to the crime, despite the others stating that they were suspicious of his involvement.

They later spoke with Dream, before he requested to speak privately with Tubbo. He then demanded that Tommy be exiled as a punishment for his deeds. He stated that if they don't do so, the walls would rise and the consequences would worsen. He continued to state that he'd only taken action because Tommy damaged the property of the King of Dream SMP.

While that was happening, George griefed the L'Mantree. Karl, feeling left out because he wasn't being included despite technically being a part of the Cabinet, allowed George to continue griefing it. Dream later returned the logs and leaves to the tree and apologized to the L'Manbergians for its temporary destruction.

The Trial[]

The Cabinet, along with Ranboo, George, Niki, and Karl, headed to the Courthouse to decide on Tommy's fate with Tubbo taking the role of the judge.

After both sides presented their perspective, with Tommy lying and blaming Niki although being quickly disproven, it was decided that Tommy would be stripped of his position in the Cabinet and put on probation, which meant reporting all his actions to Fundy. Though Ranboo was accused of being an accomplice, he argued that he was suffering from memory loss and couldn't remember what had happened. Tommy stayed quiet about Ranboo, and took complete blame for the case against him.

When the trial concluded, Dream stated that he didn't believe probation was enough for what Tommy had done, and said that he was expecting exile, but that he would give Tubbo time to think about his decision, and would meet on December 3 to discuss their terms. He then added that if he didn't want to exile Tommy, Tubbo could just give him Mellohi, one of Tommy's discs that he was in possession of at the time, in exchange. Tommy loudly protested at the thought, but Tubbo told him to be quiet, and that he needed to take responsibility for his actions, stating:

Tommy, there’s one big difference between you and Dream. Dream can go around killing people. Because guess what? He’s not the Vice President. You are. Actions have consequences, Tommy.


At one point, Tommy made it clear that he was really only in it for his discs, and didn't care about whatever fallout would take place afterward, and that he'd always handled the consequences before. The others were angered by this, and told him that his actions don't affect only him anymore, especially in his previous position as Vice President.

Shortly after that, the Cabinet returned to the Camarvan, and Tubbo made Quackity the acting Vice President. Tommy and Tubbo then walked through L'Manberg, talking. Tommy asked his friend to not let his nation and the old Wilbur down.

The next day, Tommy wrote Fundy his first report, and unsurprisingly, it was unsatisfactory. Fundy and Tubbo decide to let him off just this one time. Later on, Tubbo ordered Ranboo to take down Tommy's bulletin board of things banned in L'Manberg. Tubbo and Ranboo then went to build a meeting room in the confines of the Holy Land to prepare for the meeting taking place the next day.

The Meeting[]

Pre-meeting Tensions[]

On December 1, 2020, Tubbo met with Quackity and Fundy before the meeting the next day to discuss what would happen. They were introduced to Mexican L'Manberg by Quackity before convening at the Carmavan to discuss the possible outcomes of the meeting. Tubbo stated that in the best-case scenario, they would be able to have the walls taken down and Tommy would issue an apology to Dream, and in the worst-case scenario, they would be forced to exile him.

They then discussed the reports that Tommy had been turning in, and despite them being confusing, were satisfactory. Connor, who was mostly confused about what was happening, wanted to join in on local government and began tagging along with them. They headed to the Holy Land, discussing where Connor would sit outside before realizing that they had to first locate Tommy.

Together, they went towards Tommy's house to meet up with him. The group met up at the Camarvan, where they once again discussed what would happen and what they should plan for before heading off to the meeting location.

Reports and Deliberations[]

Once inside the Meeting Room, each took their seats in chairs, with Ranboo joining as a neutral party to take the meeting minutes. They discussed Tommy's behavior from the past few days and decided that for the next three weeks, Tommy would continue to be on probation, but if he "even breathed in the wrong direction", the probation would be moved until he turned eighteen in real life.

In agreement about the outcome, Tubbo wrote up the contract in the meeting minutes book, and the parties affected by the contract (Tubbo, Tommy, and Dream) all signed. Tommy then asked if they would take down the walls, to which they replied that it would be removed in three weeks if Tommy maintained good behavior.

However, Tommy began to act strangely and asked if anyone had an ender chest on them, to which Dream replied by placing one. Tubbo then placed the Agreement in chest inventory, and Tommy then stated that Dream didn't actually possess the discs and therefore had no leverage over Tommy. Tommy brought up that he had leverage over Dream by still retaining Spirit, the leather from Dream's first horse. Tommy continued to state that they could easily talk to Skeppy first and get the disc back while the others stated that he was being selfish and acting dumb, as Dream's retaliation on the rest of them could mean dire consequences.

A nervous Tubbo confided in his chat that things weren't going to plan, and that he was more sure than ever that he might have to exile Tommy. He worried that Dream might have something up his sleeve that would catch them all off guard.

Tommy then demanded that Dream take down the wall around L'Manberg, with Dream visibly angered and taken by surprise. Fundy and Quackity started seeing Tommy's argument and joined him. As Tommy began to gloat, Dream started taking down the walls, only to build them back up in a sudden action, and jumped down to confront Tommy.

I don't give a fuck about Spirit. I don't give a fuck about anything, actually. I care about your discs. I care more about your discs than you do. That's the only thing I care about in the server, actually.

I don't care about Spirit, Spirit was my horse. Died ages ago. I care about your discs because that’s what gives me power over you, your friends, and everybody that you care about, because you care more about your discs more than anyone else here.

So if you are not exiled from L'Manberg, I will build these walls until they’ve reach this block limit. I will keep everybody inside, I will hire guards, Punz and Sapnap, to patrol all around the walls, keeping them inside. No trade, no one leaves, no armor, or they get slaughtered inside.

Don't try and threaten me. I don't care. I have lost all care for anything on this server.



As Dream left them with the revelation, Tommy and Tubbo began to argue about Tommy's actions. Tubbo said, "You had one job. Be positive, Be peaceful, and you messed it up." They'd clearly managed to work out a deal that Dream agreed with, and Tommy still spoke out and ruined everything. Tommy tried to defend himself, saying that if the roles were reversed (Tommy being president and Tubbo being vice instead of Tubbo being prez), he would've sided with Tubbo and done anything to get him out of trouble, but Tubbo responded that if the roles had been reversed, he actually would've listened to Tommy and had respect for him. Tommy warned Tubbo not to become like Schlatt, the thing he feared the most, and Tubbo cautioned that Tommy was acting a lot like Wilbur.

Tommy then stated that he'd wanted Wilbur to be president, but Tubbo, as he'd said previously, and that Dream wanted the one thing he cared about (the discs), to which Tubbo responded, "Hm... The one thing you care about", believing that Tommy didn't even care about him. He then began a poll on Twitter[1] to determine whether he should exile Tommy, or not. He, along with Quackity, said that Tommy had been selfish by only thinking for his own gain at the moment, but Ranboo moved to defend him, revealing that he'd also been involved with the griefing and that Tommy had protected him the whole time.

The decision about Tommy's fate would be made Friday.

Future Plans[]

After the group broke to do their own things, Tubbo spoke to Quackity, saying that exiling Tommy was the worst-case scenario, and that if they could, he wanted to stage the exile, to which Quackity agreed. He then said that he respected Tommy's courage standing up to Dream, but that Tommy hadn't thought of the consequences it might cause. Tubbo noted that Tommy had made it clear that he had never wanted Tubbo to be president, and he didn't quite know how to feel about it. The two agreed that they didn't have the resources to face Dream in a war so they would have to solve their problems diplomatically.

At Tommy's base, Ranboo and Tommy had a conversation about what had happened, and Tommy said that the reason he'd chosen Wilbur to be president instead of Tubbo was that he knew Tubbo becoming president would pull them apart, and that now he was watching Tubbo choose his nation over him. Ranboo promised to try and talk to Tubbo before Friday to try to sway him in Tommy's favor.

Day of Exile[]

Quick Catch-up[]

On December 3, 2020, Tubbo, Quackity, and Fundy met up on the Prime Path outside of L'Manberg, and Quackity filled the two in on what had happened the night previous during the Dethronement Fallout. The two of them were equally taken aback and by surprise by the turn of events, and Quackity said that it was an injustice that Dream randomly stripped it away, for what he believed, was no reason. He also said that Dream threatened Quackity and everyone else, and that he couldn't stand for that any longer. Tubbo warned him not to do anything stupid, as it could threaten L'Manberg even further. Quackity agreed not to, for now, but he wouldn't ignore the threats.

Tubbo went over the percentages in the background, saying that it didn't look good for Tommy, but that it ultimately came down to the decision of the cabinet. Quackity also mentioned how confusing things had become, as with George no longer king, the conflict as a whole seemed null entirely, but that Dream might've been still angry about Tommy's threat over Spirit. Tubbo then took the moment to tell the two that he was disappointed in how quickly they'd gone to side with Tommy, not considering the logical outcome of their actions.

Tubbo restated his belief that Tommy made decisions based on his emotions, and with how Dream acted, they needed to show no sign of weakness. Quackity them mentioned how he'd argued with Dream the night before, saying how Dream was trying to justify his actions, and how stupid it was that he tried to involve himself in every conflict. He also mentioned how Dream had mentioned his involvement with putting Schlatt in a place of power, which Quackity accepted as truth, but that Dream didn't have the right to insert himself into every problem.

While trying to come up with a plan, Tubbo remembered their idea to stage the exile, but knew that Dream was too smart, and was always one step ahead. They begin to wonder what Dream would do, and Tubbo said that Dream would be planting seeds around the SMP, for later use. Quackity candidly stated that he believed that Tommy's probation was a mistake, and the more they negotiated with Dream, the more high ground they were giving up to him.

Quackity told the two that he was nervous for the event to come, and Tubbo agreed, still unsure. Fundy said that they had two options, exile Tommy to make Dream happy, or beg for forgiveness. They all agreed that they'd come up with the best solution for the nation, and Tubbo reminded them that they needed to keep the nation in mind, and promise to always put L'Manberg's best interest first.

A Patchy Plan[]

The three cabinet members then met up with Tommy, where Quackity updated him on what had happened the night before, and how George was no longer king. Tommy was as equally surprised as Fundy and Tubbo, but was preoccupied with the coming announcement. He said that it was entirely up to Tubbo's decision, Tubbo replied he didn't want to exile Tommy, and Tommy reminded him that he didn't have to.

Tubbo read off the results of the poll, stating that 466,000 people voted, with 43.8% voting against exile, and 56.2% voting for it. In response, Tubbo said that the people must believe that Tommy was a liability. Quackity told the others that he was tired of letting Dream pull the strings, and Tommy repeated what Quackity had said before, that he no longer wanted Dream to push them around.

Tommy stated that he wanted them all to meet before Dream arrived so that they could be reminded of the past, that they hadn't gotten this far by just standing by and listening, they had fought and rebelled. He told Tubbo that it was in his best interest to make a stand against him, and that tonight would be the night of war. There was only one Dream, and that if they were to get Technoblade or the Badlands on their side, they could easily destroy Dream's rule. Tommy warned that if Dream learned he could just tell Tubbo to do things and get away with it, he could destroy L'Manberg as they knew it if he wanted.

Quackity joined in with Tommy, saying "f*ck the exile", and that he was done with Dream as the puppetmaster. Fundy also agreed to fight, and that they could easily face Dream, only for Tubbo to not be sure. He worried about Techno killing them after helping, as they'd once again be instilling another government, but Tommy cleared up that Techno didn't want a mega-government, but would be fine with a small one, and eventually, they'd double-cross him anyway.

Tubbo reminded them that he didn't want conflict, and had even stated so in his speech, but the three continued to explain that a war against Dream was the best option, and that in order to gain peace, they'd have to fight for it. Eventually, Tubbo reluctantly agreed, after Quackity said that Tubbo couldn't keep bending down to Dream, or else he'd have L'Manberg in the palm of his hand. Tubbo still worried that though they might think they have the upper hand, Dream always has something up his sleeve, no matter how clever they might think they are. Quackity reiterated that Dream had no one behind him, they could get the Badlands, George and Sapnap, and though he couldn't forgive Techno, they might need him in the long run.

Tommy made a promise to Tubbo to put his discs to the side one last time, and that he was aware of how he'd messed up, and that was sorry for what he'd done. He apologized several times for his actions, and seemed adamant about taking Dream down here and now.

Tubbo told the others that this, inherently, wasn't a good plan, and that it would go wrong. Quackity and Tommy replied that they were tired of being under Dream's thumb, and that they needed to act now. They agree on different positions to take after revealing themselves to Dream, Tommy would find Techno, and Quackity would take Tubbo and Fundy to speak with the Mexican L'Manberg citizens and the Badlands.

A Meeting goes South[]

The L'Manberg party met with Dream on top of the obsidian wall, with Tubbo addressing Dream cordially, only for Tommy to immediately call him a bitch. Tubbo asked Dream if he had any final thoughts, to which Dream replied that he'd calmed down, and just wanted to hear Tubbo's decision. Dream told Tubbo that he trusted him, and that he knew Tubbo would make the right decision.

Tubbo then told Tommy he was sorry, but that he knew that there was only one course of action that would be right for the country: exiling Tommy. He said that going to Techoblade for help was idiotic and misguided, and that conflict isn't what the nation needs. There were more than just the four of them living in L'Manberg, and it was his duty to put their interest first. Tubbo then called them out for undermining his authority since the beginning, warmongering after the war had just ended, thinking emotionally and not logically.

Tommy was completely taken aback, not believing that Tubbo could do something like this. He tried to remind Tubbo about the discs, and everything they'd fought Dream for. Tubbo shouted back at him, saying that they were only music discs, and that they shouldn't be able to change the fate of a nation.

Fundy then told Tubbo that he sounded a lot like another leader, changing plans without telling them, putting them in danger, that he was sounding a lot like Schlatt. Tommy tried to reason with Tubbo, saying that this was what Dream wanted, chaos and animosity between the two of them. Tubbo said that what he'd done, and what he'd wanted to do, wasn't the right way, and that the discs don't matter. Tommy replied that if they don't matter, then why did anything matter

Tubbo then asked Dream to detain and escort Tommy away, officially exiling him from L'Manberg.

The conversation went as follows:

Tubbo: Tommy. I am so, so sorry. Dream, I have come to the decision...that will be best for the nation, the most logical thing to do...for Tommy to be exiled from L'Manberg.


Tubbo: War is not the best for this nation. Nothing involving any kind of conflict is the BEST for this nation. You guys are thinking emotionally, irrationally. You need to think logically. There is more than us four that live here!

Tommy: What?

Tubbo: War is going to bring destruction, terror, a new regime that we don't want to enforce upon our citizens!

Fundy: Tubbo....

Quackity: We had just agreed on this-

Tommy: Tubbo what the f...Tubbo why?

Tubbo: Hey, everyone! That's enough, that's enough okay? You have undermined my authority form the get-go okay? All of you, no one here has respected me! You all jump on these merry little band-wagons of destruction... It's not okay! You definitely do not have this nations best interests at heart and you've made that more apparent than ever before today

Tommy: You agreed with us, you agreed with us! Why would you go back on the plan now? What the hell? WHAT THE F***?!

Tubbo: When I was sworn in I made a promise, to do what's best for this nation and right now YOU, Tommy, your presence here, is not the best for this nation.

Tommy: Tubbo, no, no...Tubbo this your not...no man. That's not right man, you agreed with us!

Tubbo: Dream, please detain and escort Tommy, out of my country.



Tommy was exiled into the untouched lands of the Dream SMP, accompanied by Ghostbur. Together, they created new land, in a similar fashion to when they'd created Pogtopia, this time naming it Logstedshire, or "Lads on Tour at the Clown Circus".

Tubbo and his cabinet created a new plan for L'Manberg going forward, with Quackity officially as Acting Vice President, and Fundy as Secretary of State. Their main goal was to take care of those left on the hit list, currently Dream and Technoblade. They would lie low, making Dream believe that they weren't a threat to his authority, before systematically taking out Technoblade, with the express purpose of gaining acclaim. Dream SMP also recognized L'Manberg as an independent nation, recognizing Tubbo as its official President.

Tommy's Homework[]


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