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Factions refer to groups of allied players within the Dream SMP. These groups are formed for various reasons; some are formed as nations and control territories while others are formed to further a purpose or a goal. Currently, there are eight factions on the server, all varying in size, power, influence, and player count.

Current Factions

Greater Dream SMP

Despite its name appearing to signify the entirety of the server, the Greater Dream SMP refers to many of the unaligned characters on the server. This faction controls the general spawn region as its territory, essentially a neutral faction for those who are not part of other factions. Though Eret is the King, Punz holds the true power as Dream's successor. For a large portion of time, the Dream SMP was opposed to L'Manberg until L'Manberg was destroyed in the Doomsday War. Later, their own leader, Dream, was overthrown by the people. Currently, the faction is completely inactive and has become one of the weaker ones on the server.


The Eggpire is a faction formed between some members of the Badlands and other members of the server to serve the Egg. The keystone of the alliance is the Egg, which is meant to be a source of chaos and a way to subdue the rest of the server. The egg also acts as the power behind the alliance, although the Eggpire proclaims that it is leaderless and makes decisions based on what the majority wants. The Eggpire is currently inactive after its defeat in the Red Banquet and will probably dissolve sometime after L’Sandburg’s creation.


Snowchester is an underground research facility disguised as a safe haven founded by Tubbo. Snowchester has recently moved away from their research projects to undertake the defense of the colony and their independence. Despite not having been recognized by the Greater Dream SMP, it is still considered an official nation by most players, similarly to L'Manberg. It was the first faction to be formed after the Doomsday War, and was one of the largest factions on the server.


The Badlands were created by the coalition of BadBoyHalo, Antfrost, and Awesamdude, after they decided to 'intervene' in the conflict happening on the server. Their claimed territory consists of everything north of Eret's castle and everything south of Bad and Skeppy's mansion.

The Syndicate

An underground organization of anarchists that wish to see the destruction of all governmental factions. Unlike other factions, they do not control or seek to control any territory. There are no official leaders and each member can make their own free choices, as is the ideology of anarchy.

Las Nevadas

Las Nevadas is a nation created by Quackity. It was created at some point between January 23, 2021 and March 16, 2021. It is meant to be an entertainment and gambling haven. It is currently the largest faction (player-wise) on the server.

Kinoko Kingdom

Kinoko Kingdom was originally supposed to be a movement of Karl's library, but Karl later turned it into a nation. It was to get away from any "drama" (in Karl's words), and resides around spawn. Its one rule is to replace flowers after picking them.

New Manifold Land

New Manifold Land is a faction located far away from the world spawn in a secret location. It is meant to be an area solely for Jack Manifold to live away from everyone. It is kept completely secret and no other members are allowed.

The Revengers


Future Factions


L'Sandberg is a nation created in the future after the Egg storyline. It was founded by BadBoyHalo after he claimed land in Foolish's summer house. Later, he added a tower and toll gate to charge people to go through the country which caused a lot of conflict which was later resolved. Currently, two people, BadBoyHalo and Tubbo claim to be the leader of the nation with their own separate administrations, citizens and territories. The country was blown up by Foolish and its citizens have made no attempts to rebuild, so the faction is considered dissolved.

Defunct/Fallen Factions


Soot Administration

L'Manberg was a nation that declared independence on August 2, 2020. It was formed by Wilbur Soot and TommyInnit to be separated from the Dream Team SMP. The first administration was the most peaceful and the nation was the most stable during this time, although it was essentially a dictatorship.

Transfer of Power and Dissolution: September 22, 2020

Jschlatt Administration

L'Manberg was renamed Manberg by Jschlatt on his first day as president. It previously had many citizens under its allegiance, though almost all left in favor of Pogtopia. It was invaded and politically disbanded by Pogtopia during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.

Invaded and Disbanded: November 16, 2020

Tubbo Administration

The true successor to the first L'Manbergian Administration, L'Manberg was re-established by the Pogtopians. At one point, this L'Manberg had the most members of any faction and also was technically on par territory-wise with the Greater Dream SMP. After the Green Festival, Dream and Technoblade declared war on L'Manberg and destroyed the nation with Philza's help in the Doomsday War.

Invaded and Destroyed: January 6, 2021


Pogtopia was created by Wilbur Soot, TommyInnit and Technoblade after Wilbur and Tommy had their L'Manberg citizenship revoked by Schlatt. They formed the faction in a ravine far from civilization and plotted to overthrow Schlatt's administration. Over time, they began to gather supporters and allies from all sides willing to support them, including almost all Manberg citizens. They eventually invaded Manberg and successfully overthrew Schlatt, before Wilbur and Technoblade betrayed them during the war.

  • Wilbur Soot (Founder, leader, exiled from Manberg, traitor)
  • TommyInnit (Founder, right-hand man, exiled from Manberg)
  • Technoblade (Founder, traitor)
  • Ponk (Doctor)
  • Tubbo (Former Secretary of State of Manberg, spy in Manberg)
  • Niki (Defected from Manberg due to conflict with Schlatt)
  • Quackity (Former Vice-President of Manberg, defected due to conflict with Schlatt)
  • Fundy (Former Archbishop and Vice-President of Manberg, spy/double agent in Manberg)
Annexed by L'Manberg: November 16, 2020


Sapnap and Karl formed the faction known as Rutabagville after becoming tired of not knowing who they were allied with. It became a district of Manberg after they made a pact with Manberg. It was abandoned after the annexation.

  • Karl Jacobs (Founder, leader)
  • Sapnap (Future First Man)
  • Nihachu (Builder, abandoned after finding out they allied with Schlatt)
Annexed by Manberg: November 8, 2020


Logstedshire was a faction formed by Tommy and Ghostbur after Tubbo was convinced by Dream to exile Tommy from L'Manberg. Dream sent Tommy to an unknown location far from L'Manberg with Ghostbur accompanying them, and took most of their valuables. Tommy and Ghostbur decided to create a campsite to be their home called Logstedshire though Ghostbur was still allowed to roam L'Manberg as he pleased. Logstedshire was destroyed by Dream with TNT, and the faction was thereby disbanded.

Destroyed: December 15, 2020


Boomerville was created by Vikkstar and Lazarbeam as a way to get away from Tommy and other "Zoomers" on the server. It was adjacent to what was El Rapids, and had an established religion centered on Channel Memberships. Boomerville had been opposed to the late L'Manberg's cult-like government, but had no formal alliances or enemies. It had shown support for the anarchists' cause. Currently, Boomerville stands completely abandoned, as its members have not logged in for months.

Abandoned: January 19, 2021

Dry Waters

Dry Waters was Niki and Fundy's planned town, but it was never built and has since been abandoned. Niki and Fundy both left Dry Waters due to the tense situation in L'Manberg at the time.

Disbanded: After December 15, 2020

Little Penis Land

Little Penis Land was a faction formed by ConnorEatsPants located next to L'Manberg. It was abandoned after Connor decided to start anew somewhere else.

Abandoned: February 1, 2021

El Rapids

El Rapids, formerly known as Mexican L'Manberg, was created by Quackity, Sapnap, and George, overlooking L'Canyon. It has an antagonistic relationship with The Greater Dream SMP, as it staged a terrorist attack on Eret's castle. It was the second independent nation to be recognized as such by the Dream SMP. Its fate was uncertain after the Doomsday War, as its parent nation, L'Manberg, no longer existed. The nation was finally disbanded by the citizens on February 9, 2021. Currently, the only major nation to have been peacefully disbanded.

Disbanded: February 9, 2021

Manifold Land

Manifold Land comprises of Jack Manifold's house and what was formerly Su Puta Madre. Jack Manifold fought alongside Pogtopia to secure independence for Manifold Land. After Tommy's death, he decided to burn down his house, the only structure in Manifold Land and the only original L'Manberg structure still standing at that point, because he wanted to move on.

Disbanded: March 1, 2021

Tales From The SMP factions

These factions are seen in one episode each of Karl Jacobs' Tales from the SMP series. Thus, these factions are separated from the factions related to the current Dream SMP storyline. There is not enough information on these factions to warrant a page, since these factions are only seen in one episode.

Gogtopia/The Town That Never Was

Gogtopia is a town that, according to Karl, was made long ago in the past, but was actually made in the present-day, by Karl Jacobs, George, BadBoyHalo, Fundy, and Awesamdude. It was blown up later by Karl so that it would never turn into leverage and would always remain in history.

Subben Empire

The Subben Empire is an empire that was seen by Karl a hundred years in the future. At the time of Karl's visit, it was ruled by Porkius the VII. It is an extremely large faction compared to the ones currently seen in the world spawn region, consisting of thousands of people, mostly women. It also has advanced technology compared to the present-day, being able to construct loops of water in mid-air. Porkius also talked about other empires that existed outside the Subben Empire.

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