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Kanaya and Precious Jewel Amor


Ian Has Opinions


Amanda Fagan


Dream SMP animated series

The Dream SMP animated series is an upcoming animated series created by the YouTube channel of the same name The Dream SMP Animated Series. They have been producing the series since October 2020 with over 100+ community animators and artists, musicians and songwriters, voice actors and more. An official teaser trailer was released on the YouTube channel and there is another video, showcasing the official voice casting by Ponk himself, as himself.

Written Lyrics

Multiple Mysteries L'Manberg National Anthem Renditions

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(Before the war)

I heard there was a special place

Where men go and emancipate

The brutality and tyranny of our ruler

This place will be real, you needn’t fret,

With the help of Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, Fundy, and Eret

It’ll be a very big and very grand L’Manberg

It’s L’Manberg, It’s L’Manberg. It’s L’Manberg, It’s L'Manberg

(During the war)

We won't stop fighting for a special place

Where we can go and emancipate

The brutality and tyranny of our ruler

We’ll win the war, you needn’t fret

I have the help of Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, Fundy, not sure about Eret

It’s a very big and very grand L’Manberg.

For L’Manberg, for L’Manberg, for L’Manberg, for L’Manberg.

(After the war and before the election)

I heard there was a special place,

Where men can go an emancipate

The brutality and tyranny of their rulers

This place is real you needn’t fret

With Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, Fundy, f*** Eret

It’s a very big and not blown up L’Manberg

My L’Manberg, my L’Manberg, my L’Manberg, my L’Manberg

(After the election and renaming)

There used to be a special place

Where men could go and emancipate

The brutality and tyranny of their ruler

This place is no longer real, I fret

There’s no more Wilbur or Tommy, yet there’s still Eret.

After he tore down the walls and renamed it Manberg

Now it’s Manberg, now it’s Manberg, now it’s Manberg, now it's Manberg

(After Wilbur concocts his plan)

I heard there was a festive place

Where men could go and celebrate

The brutality and tyranny of their ruler

This place will be gone soon, you needn’t fret

Even if I won’t have the help of Tommy, Tubbo, Fundy, or Eret

It’s a very big and soon to be blown up Manberg

Goodbye Manberg, Goodbye Manberg, goodbye Manberg, goodbye L’Manberg

Neogg's L'manberg National Anthem Revision

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These proposed new lyrics for L'manberg's national anthem formalises much of the contents into a more poetic interpretation of the song.

Verse 1

O hark the call of paradise,

Where liberty has been realised,

From bloodshed and tyrannic reign of old rulers

For this place exists, you needn't fret,

With Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, Eret,

'Tis the ever wide, unbreakable L'manberg.


My L'manberg,

My L'manberg;

My heart ever--

For L'manberg.

Verse 2

The fallen heroes' souls remain,

Beyond thy hills and flag in vain,

Naught tramples of this nation we created

Those days of torment, we recall,

Retreating from our realm athrall,

Of once, with fervour, we called home---L'manberg.


Verse 3

Withal, our hearts for old dreams yearn

To spread our splendid wings aburn;

O had it blest the pillars of this nation!

And did L'mantree gladly gaze

This mighty fortress we had raise,

An oracle of truth to dwell forever.


Dream SMP News

Dream SMP News is a weekly fanmade newspaper based in Reddit. The team recaps the weekly events from the perspective of the citizens of the Greater Dream SMP (as well as L'Manberg before its destruction). Creator290, the founder of the group, explained that the goal of the project was to inform viewers about the weekly events in the smp as well as show the effects of media bias. New and archived versions can be found on u/Creator290's reddit profile.


CowBoyMooMan's Manberg Civil War Theories

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The Manberg Civil War is the most commonly used name for a potential civil war or internal conflict in the new Manberg government under President Jschlatt, where the Schlatt Administration may be kicked out and replaced either by a civilian goverment, Quackity's more liberal policies, or even a return of the Wilbur-Tommy administration. It is also possible that Schlatt will win a potential Manberg Civil war.

There are many hypothetical situations that may spark a Manberg Civil War. Examples include:

  • Pogtopian Return
  • Schlatt's Failiures
  • Big Q's Revolution

Pogtopian return (AKA: Operation Red).

The return of WilburSoot, and TommyInnit as the rightful (or not, depending on your view) President and Vice President of a new, revitalized, Second L'Manburg Republic either through war or through heavy charismatic democracy with the help of rebels inside of L'Manburg, most likely Nikki and Tubbo. Operation Red is the one that most viewers of this grand show hope will happen, as there are many talks of "Reclaiming L'Manburg" in the rapidly scrolling twitch chat. However, due to the changes of heart in WilburSoot, the Second L'Manburg Republic may not be a democracy or republic type government, but instead as a single-party communist system where the leader of the nation is crowned for life.

Schlatt's failures (AKA: Operation Blue)

The scenario is if the citizens of Manberg vote out or impeach Schlatt without external influence from Pogtopia. In this scenario, Big Q or even one of the rebels creating a civilian government (most likely Nikki or Tubbo) will most come in power. The Civilian Government may then bring back Wilbur and Tommy.

Big Q's revolution (AKA: Operation White)

Theoretically, Quackity may also be supported by Nihachu, Fundy, and Tubbo while potentially having Eret on his side as well. This is due to the several disagreements Quackity and Schlatt have and the unpopularity of Schlatt's dictator-like policies. Tubbo's status as a spy, and Eret's general displeasure with the Schlatt Administration are also factors of this scenario.

Edit: after the Manberg Pogtopia War it was clear that the fall of Manberg was a mix of Operation White, Blue, and Red. Im happy to say My theories were partially right

CowBoyMooMan's Theories regarding the future of L'manburg

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With the dust settling from the Manberg Reclemation War. and Tubbo rebuilding L'manburg, i can see three outcomes for the future of the plot, And with Wilbur taking the backburner for now, and the story in the hands of the actors fully. An unpredicatble and messy story might be born on this "Third Season" of the Dream SMP

(From this point i shall be reffering to Tubbo's L'manburg as New L'manburg, as to make the distinction easier)

1. L'manburg moves on

Sometimes people move on, and fictional minecraft nations do to. In this scenario L'manburg moves on past the scars of it's past and becomes a new revitalized "Greater L'manburg" of sorts. with Tubbo at the helm, Forging a new path of friendship and hope! and making giant cities of cobble and! and it'll be so great and we will all live in peace!

yeah. unlikely.

No, if Tubbo wants L'manburg to move on and be sucessful, there will be challangers i bet. New ones or Old ones. Definetly Technoblade though. he definetly has unifinished bussines.The city of spruce he made will see more fighting. Maybe some new challanges will appear. Perhaps Tommy's, still ongoing arc for his discs will plumet New L'manburg into an unwinabble war. If DreamSMP Invades, and Techno too. Its game over. or at least a high chance of losing it all again. and if they lose it all again. Who will want to rebuild it?

2. Anarchist State

Technoblade is insanely strong, 5 sets of Netherite Armour strong, 29 Enchanted Diamond Swords strong, Spawned two withers named one of them "Subscribe to Technoblade" strong. huh

Nevertheless. Techno will come knocking if he sees a democratically elected government. And what that means for New L'manburg is uncertain. Perhaps Techno wrestles away power from Tubbo, and declares himself, Emperor of L'manburg before promptly dissolving the nation. Maybe he will remodel L'manburg into a anarchic commune, where everyone is equal, "The United Communes of L'manburg", what a good name

Even if Techno doesnt fully take power. He will be a prickly thorn. If Quackity continues his aggresions, it may cause Techno to butcher the butcher army. Or maybe The Rogue Hog will finally be tamed by the will of a New L'Manburg? i dont know honestly. A lot of variables are at play. But as always, The Blood God Thirsts for Blood.

3. It was never meant to be

What if Eret was right. What if the revolution was a mistake, What if L'manburg was doomed to fail? What if all three iterations of this nation, L'manburg, Manberg and New L'manburg. all three of those failed

Now, to some of you this may seem outlandish, and to be fair. It is a bit. Altough it can happen. A mix of outside pressures and inside conflict might rip apart New L'manburg. Some major factors i can see are:

Internal Pressures:

  • Tommy's craving for the discs
  • Infighting between the ministers of the state
  • Tubbo somehow goofing up something major
  • Someone planted another mole into New L'manburg

External Pressures:

  • Technoblade the anarchist, Techno will either Raid or straight up Invade L'manburg if the new Government consolidates power
  • DreamSMP Invades, Dream and his friends would invade, If this happens, New L'manburg would surely be ravaged again, possibly leading to another "Great Reconstruction". But how many Reconstructions would you need to make a stable society?

Maybe this whole "L'manberg" thing doesnt work out, Maybe 3, or 4, or 5, 6, 12, 100 months of work will ammount to nothing, and in the end L'manberg will not stand the course of time. Constantly falling and getting back up in amalgamated deformed forms. Made of Spruce, made ofof Cobble, made of Dirt, made of Nothing. With the land scorched beyond recognition, Is this the way to go? If things go for the worst, how many times are they willing to rev it back up? How many leaders have to die, how many elections must be held, How many sets of armour must be used. How many stacks of TNT does it need to blow the place up forever?

What if it was never meant to be.

In the end, it may not even happen. Maybe im a bit too pessimistic. Maybe Tubbo will defeat Dream and Techno, somehow. i guess, nevertheless the plot is incredibly intresting. and once again remember this is all screenplay. they are all good friends and none of this is real

Trqitor's Theories Regarding the Future of L'Manberg

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Alright. Let's get started. Don't worry, I'm not going to have as bad grammar as CowBoyMooMan up there (no offense :)) but I will still be pessimistic. Maybe I might not. I don't care. Alright. Back to the topic.

1. Utopian L'Manberg

Remember in the midst of the Great War (irl) the Russian Tzardom was disbanded and a communist state took place. The state here was supposed to be a utopian place where everybody would get along and stand as a bastion against capitalist and imperialist movements. What if that happened in L'Manberg, but didn't become the tyrant government we see as today. Well, to start off L'Manberg would be a shining beacon of light against anarchists, the Greater Dream SMP (imperialism), and other governments that have failed, were ineffective, or were corrupt. Utopian L'Manberg would've been the second superpower on the Dream SMP, the first being the Greater Dream SMP. People would've flocked to L'Manberg's cities on stilts, and those who couldn't live there would still have a nice life in the Slums district. Dream would be envious of this land, which would turn into hate, which would lead him to enact a frontal assault on L'Manberg. However, L'Manberg would already have a capable force of soldiers, including Purpled, Phil (probably), Tubbo, Tommy, Fundy, Quackity, and maybe even Technoblade if he realized that he was doing something wrong and intervening with just a small group of people who wanted to have fun on the SMP.

Obviously this is the most unlikely answer, a utopian L'Manberg probably would've never existed, just like the Soviet Utopia.

2. L'Manberg Carries On Like Before the Election

L'Manberg continues to be an insignificant speck on the map of the Dream SMP. Without a significant or even simply strong army, the L'Manbergians would be reduced in territory after a third great war or even just Dream running around and swiping back territory that was "rightfully his." Eventually L'Manberg would have to sign a treaty, to go back to its borders before the election and before the Manberg vs Pogtopia war. The only territory they would actually have left is the Central L'Manberg district and the embassy. L'Manberg would be humiliated by this treaty, but would be too timid to do something about it. Maybe a rebellious Tommy would spark the flames to rise L'Manberg to glory. Maybe Technoblade helps the L'Manberg collective against imperialist government and acts as a mercenary against Dream as the powerhouse of L'Manberg. Nevertheless, L'Manberg would be as I said, too insignificant.

This is one of the most likely answers as L'Manberg has some skilled members, but not many.

3. Rogue Party

Quackity is "ambitious." He wants power, but is too weak to obtain it. He wants powerful weapons, but he is too inexperienced to even know how to obtain them. The only things he are really good at are being a political figure and being a diplomatic envoy. However, he can utilize these skills to make secret allies to overthrow Tubbo. We already know this due to people pledging loyalty to Quackity on the day of Schlatt's funeral. Quackity would use this foreign party to overthrow Tubbo and install himself as Supreme Dictator. Quackity would do anything with his new power, maybe even going as far as going to war with Technoblade and the Greater Dream SMP and the Badlands. Quackity would obviously lose these fights, due to Tubbo's declared allies and friends siding with him to leave L'Manberg and flee to the wilderness or something. The rogue party would remain weaker than L'Manberg, but stronger than the Schlatt Administration. Who knows what the future holds in this scenario, maybe the rogue party throws out Quackity because they want power for themselves. And after that Quackity would have no allies, no skills, and no power.

Also one of the most likely answers. Quackity has already had people pledge loyalty to him to resurrect Schlatt and overthrow Tubbo.

4. Nothing

The world is over. Withers rain their barrage of skulls from the sky. There is no ground. The land is gone. The only things that remain are bedrock, lava, fire, and water. Among this world, survivors sit in small bunkers, only knowing that the clock is ticking and the world will fall upon them. Technoblade watches upon the only piece of land left as the world slowly burns. A smile comes upon his face, as he knows he did the right thing. L'Manberg, the Greater Dream SMP, the Badlands, and every other future government is abolished, leaving the world in an endless apocalypse. There would be no resistance against the strongest member of the server who isn't an operator.

VERY UNLIKELY. lmao. This would be the most unlikely part in my theories. Technoblade doesn't want the world to burn, he just wants governments gone. But if he wants the governments away and done with, he will do everything in his power to destroy them.

Rant Over

Alright. Those are my theories. I put some thought but I could've written these in like 5 minutes if I wanted to. 2, 3, and 4 are based on real world events whereas 1 and 5 are utopian and apocalyptic fan fiction.

The Battle of L'Manburg - A Dream SMP fanfic

This story by CasualLattice25on Wattpad is one of the more famous non Y/N Wattpad Dream SMP fanfics. It is a romanticization of the events of the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War. It currently has over 46.1K reads. It also has a sequel, chronicling the events of The Election and events after that.

An Anonymous Theory of Dream SMP after Manberg-Pogtopia War

Since the events in the Manberg-Pogtopia war, I believe things will go uphill. The new L'manburg will likely gain more allies as it seems that the 'only europeans' rule has been scrapped. As Sapnap and Tommy are thinking about becoming allies, that'll probably tie in others, like Karl and Punz, Karl is already allied with L'manburg but as Punz and Tubbo used to be good friends he might become an ally as well. Purpled being part of L'manburg would also be really good as he's a powerful person and would be a strong ally.

There is the small problem of Eret's kingship, as he still wants it back, and the Badlands threat.

Tobi's Theories About the Crimson Corruption

Possible that it has to do with dreamons? possible dreamons include: jschlatt, dream, tommy, maybe tubbo turns into one?

Imcreepyawman16's Theories About the Egg

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Theory 1: The Crimson Egg manipulates enough people causing a war with all members of the server involved.

Hear me out, what if the egg becomes strong enough to bypass the decontamination chamber that BBH made, and spreads to the xp farm then an innocent member gets easily manipulated and secretly makes a tunnel that causes a leak and makes attempts of creating a new egg causing it to spread and manipulate more and more until half the population is pro-egg and the other half notices and tries to stop it.

Theory 2: The Badlands discovers how to control it making it extremely possible to achieve their goal of world domination.

We know that BBH is trying to research the egg, but what if he essentially ends up stumbling upon controlling it leading to the ability to manipulate people due to the egg's ability to manipulate people into loving it and the BBH decides to hide it from everyone except Badlands members leading to the eventually leading towards The badlands as the only faction except from people who are far away from "the mainland"(eg.Anarchist or Logsted. if it still existed or returned)

RadicalPower’s superb theories

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Part 1: “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire”

So: The Dream SMP takes place after some major, world-ending event. Personally, I think it could be a nuclear bomb, but it could also be a rapture-type situation. Either way, it’s still probable. Here are some reasons:

<nowiki>#</nowiki>Drugs. I know this sounds stupid, but besides the discs, which is also a point, drugs are the main driving force for the series. It caused the creation of L’Manberg and El Rapids, and maybe led to ALL of Quackity’s actions in the series. Drugs were likely to have been used before the nuke. I’m just using a real world parallel here. This is probably the weakest link.

2. The Discs. Why is, or was, Tommy so infatuated with getting them? Well, if He was born 5 years or so before the nukes, they would be all he has to learn of the past. It also might be a sort of comfort for other humans, as the discs remind them of home.

3. Factions. The use of factions is purely related to previous SMPs, but if we say the Dream SMP is post-apocalyptic, that gives the use of factions a whole new light! It shows that anybody who “starts”, as in Greater DSMP’s case it just sorta happened, a faction is trying to restart or restore civilization.

4. Lost City of Mizu. Okay. Look at that artwork. It just screams, “Hey! Something happened, and now I’m underwater!” I understand that, because LCM takes place 100 years in the future, it could be some future civilization’s buildings, but 100 years in some world where most cities look like Tubbo’s Administration probably doesn’t equate to much.

5. Snowchester. THEY HAVE NUKES RIGHT THERE!!!! Come on! You can’t tell me that this isn’t post-nuclear detonation. And yes, you could argue that this is prior to all that, but the way that Tubbo and Jack Manifold talk regarding nukes doesn’t make it seem like this is some new invention. It makes it seem like both know what a nuke is, got their hands on some old, probably irradiated, blueprints, and just started making some for Project: DreamCatcher.

And 6. The Egg. What exactly is the egg? Well, it’s not natural, that’s for sure. If we use this theory’s context, perhaps the egg is actually a burned-out nuclear secondary. This is super out there, but think about it. Why would it try and mind control certain people? Well, perhaps their minds have been exposed to extreme radiation. Why is it an egg? Well, maybe it’s hallucinatory effects! This could also explain the vines, as maybe those are just hallucinations. In fact, they might even depend on the person, given how frequently they change. If this part is true, then the egg is probably based on the ‘elephant’s foot’ in Chernobyl. The elephant’s foot is a large amount of nuclear waste located in the Chernobyl reactor’s basement. If you stand near it for too long, you’ll die of overexposure to nuclear radiation. That would also explain the magma blocks nearby, as they’ll continuously harm any player nearby.

Part 2: “Here We Are in the Future”, drops on Friday afternoon, or evening.

The Technoblade Crimson Egg Theory

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Theory: When Bad took Techno to the egg, the egg said that he looks familiar, and tells him that it'll give Techno what he wants. I was thinking that Techno actually met the egg before or defeated it before but he forgot or the memory was erased, also Techno is also called the Blood God, and the egg is red and is similar to it. As the egg changes any red into white, and Techno is the Blood God, this makes me think that the egg wants Techno for its "Plan". Also, normal people don't hear the egg talking to them, so unless Techno is special, he wouldn't have heard the words and the egg probably wants Techno's power so that it can become more powerful.

Thoery 2: The blood vines turns anything red into white, I think it is gathering red colors, or as it thinks as blood, as when it met Techno, it spoke politely and told him it'll give anything he wants, so I suspect that the vines need blood to gather power, and rule the Dream SMP.

Video essays


Written SMP obituaries

DracoAri's Wilbur Obituary

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Wilbur Soot Obituary. Current State: Status: Deceased Species: Ghost Affiliation: New L'manburg

Wilbur went into this world as a main character in the Dream SMP. His first adventure before releasing his first video on Youtube, he lived in a hanging house under the bridge into L'manburg. Later, he started making drugs in the caravan, where he first recruited TommyInnit and later Tubbo and Fundy, who joined shortly after. When Wilbur Soot first declared independence for L'manburg, he made L'manburg's Independence, written by Tubbo. After it was sent to Dream, they immediately declared war against them. Wilbur, alongside Tommy, claimed L'manburg's Independence. After that they started building their empire, Later, Niki (Niki Nihachu) joined them. Wilbur then wanted to completely secure L'Manburg's government. He held an election, with Quackity listening in and deciding to run for presidency as well, which was then forced into a election between Pog2020 and Swag2020, and later Coconut2020 and Schlatt2020. The election was then held with Swag2020 + Schlatt2020 with 46% of the Votes while Pog2020 with 45% of the vote (Coconut2020 had 18% of the Votes). After having their citizenship removed by Jschlatt, Wilbur and Tommy were forced to flee L'manburg (Renamed Manberg By Schlatt himself), finding a new place to live in (later named Pogtopia). Wilbur began on his evil schemes (later turning mad over his loss of L'manburg). He started planning a rebellion, with the help of Technoblade, while with the support of Technoblade and Dream (who supplied Wilbur with TNT). After this he formed his revolution with Tubbo, Tommy, Eret, Niki, Fundy, Quackity, Ponk, then stormed Manberg. After the battle, when Jschlatt died of heart problems, his mission wasn't complete. After declaring Tubbo as President, Wilbur went off into the control room. While he was there, Philza came to persuade him but failed in the end and L'manburg was blown to pieces. Wilbur was slain by his father (Philza). Later, his Ghost form, known as Ghostbur, was formed. Only a few has seen Ghostbur, including: Fundy, Philza, Jack Manifold, Connor - Witness Invisible, Tubbo, Tommy, and Technoblade. Forever on will Wilbur be one of many who had power and knowledge for his land superior to all others.

Hallow Dreams[MCYT Fangame]

Hallow Dreams is an MCYT/DSMP horror game, being actively developed. Not much is known about the game's story besides the following:

In the middle of a cross-country road trip, George finds himself stranded in the mysterious Fort Aper; a small town hidden deep in the mountains. At first, George stays for car repairs, but as Halloween draws nearer he finds there’s something familiar about this not-so-sleepy town, as well as its odd inhabitants. He finds that it’s up to him to investigate the strange happenings surrounding this town, as well as deal with new friendships, strange memories, and possibly paranormal occurrences.


More information is occasionally revealed on the Twitter page of the Project.

The game uses only MCYT/DSMP related characters, and is set to release near the end of 2021.

Dream SMP Fanmade Characters

Character by: Cumulus2913

Cumulus is a fanmade character for the Dream SMP. This character is in no why tied or related to the actual Dream SMP server and nothing said about this character is true to the lore of the Dream SMP. His IGN is Cumulus2913, gender is male, pronouns are he/him, alligence is with Las Nevadas, and does not abide by the three lives system. Cumulus' species is complicated, as he is not a real "character," but instead a defect of the game code who is not suposed to exist. He is also refered to as a "glitch" by others such as Quackity, Awesamdude, FoolishGamers, and Fundy. Since he is not suposed to be a part of the code of the game, he does not abide by the three lives system. This intales that he has only 1 current life and cannot be revived after death. Once he dies, the game will try to recorrect itself by sending him to a limbo in which there is no thought, no sight, and no sound. Only a void of nothingness.


Cumulus was added to the Dream SMP through a maleware in the system. After some time, he stumbled across the country of Las Nevadas where he met Quackity, Fundy, Foolish, and a dorment Slimecicle. He was eventually added as a citizen of the country and became a good friend of Quackity. He participated in multiple events of the server within the time he had. Eventually one day, he realized that he was starting to become more "distant" from the server itself. As if he was slowly fading away and starting to be sucked back into the game code. As this process continued, his appearence started to change. His skin was covered with the "glitch effect" which became more visable overtime. Eventually his appearence was covered with the glitch effect and he became transparent. He also started to comment about "feeling sick" and "wanting to puke," and started to sound different. It was as if anything could push him over the edge. One day, as he walked across the road of Las Nevadas, he saw a bolt of lightning smite the ground and he saw DreamXD emerge. DreamXD flew to him and told him he had 3 days left in the living world. He decided to spend the last few days with the people he cared for the most. He enjoyed his Birthday party with Quackity, Foolish, and Fundy, trying to keep the fact that he only had two days to live a secret. After the party, he went to the lake and contemplated his last days. Quackity found him and the two chatted. Quackity eventually asked about his sad mood, causing Cumulus to divulge his secret. The two decided to make his last two days count. Cumulus ended the day by visiting Slimecicle, who was still dorment. The next day was spent visiting the other members of the server as Quackity was preparing a secret for him. He visited Sam, Tommy, Tubbo, Boo, Michael, Techno, Phil, Niki, and Dream. He visited Sam at his vacation home, him and Tommy listened to Mellohi on the bench, him, Tubbo, and Boo visited Michael, him, Techno, and Phil had a firework party, he visited Niki in her underground city, and he confronted Dream, telling him that he had an "ugly face" and was the true defect of the server before being chased by him. The final day, he was waken up by Quackity, who, with the help of Foolish, made him a statue in the middle of Las Nevadas. He, Quackity, Foolish, and Fundy all gathered around the statue and said goodbye to eachother. DreamXD then started to restart the server. In his last moments, Cumulus told Quackity his final testament: "Thank you for creating my legacy." The server then restarted, and when everyone rejoined, Cumulus was gone.

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