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The following page contains spoilers for the plot of the Dream SMP.

The Final Pet War is the final conflict in the Pet War series involving Sapnap and TommyInnit taking place on November 15, 2020. In the conflict, the two attempted to negotiate for their pets. Tommy wanted Juorse, and Sapnap wanted Mars.



On November 15, 2020,[VOD 1] Tommy planned to confront Sapnap for Juorse. After preparing, Tommy and Technoblade met with an unarmored Sapnap in Manberg. However, upon meeting, Sapnap stated that he wanted to use words instead of fighting. Sapnap offered his hand in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War as long as they were able to negotiate a fair trade. Tommy agreed, but secretly didn't trust Sapnap due to past betrayals in The Disc Saga. Techno, wanting violence, killed Sapnap to verify that he wasn't going to scam them. Techno then left Tommy, allowing him to meet up with Sapnap privately.

After respawning and meeting, Sapnap led Tommy to Juorse. Sapnap rode Juorse to the Community House for the ender chest. After arriving at the ender chest, Sapnap got off Juorse and gave him to Tommy. However, Tommy refused to return Mars. Sapnap, upon hearing this, killed Juorse immediately. Allowing no chance for Tommy to grieve, Sapnap proceeded to armor up and attack Tommy. In response, Tommy quickly revealed his distrust in Sapnap, causing him to chase him. Tommy subsequently ran away, calling for Techno's help and hid near his holiday home.


Dream and George then joined the server. Initially, Tommy believed that they were teaming with Sapnap, but Dream reached out to Tommy asking where Sapnap was. Dream clarified that he wasn't on Tommy's side, and that he and George simply wanted to kill Sapnap. Suspicious, Tommy began questioning why they were fighting with Sapnap, though this was never answered. Jack Manifold also joined them, but provided little in terms of power and arguably more in terms of comedy. Dream jokingly killed Jack Manifold, causing him to lose all of his belongings.

The group soon reached Sapnap, who was now unarmored and standing on top of Punz's tower. Quackity also joined the group, as he wanted to witness the arising events. Sapnap then threatened to jump off the tower if they were to climb it. Although Tommy attempted to de-escalate the situation, Sapnap jumped anyway, killing himself.

After Sapnap respawned, Dream and George then lead the group to Sapnap's secret base behind Church Prime. Everyone followed the two, and there, Sapnap encouraged Tommy to kill the pets in his base in retaliation for Juorse's death. However, Tommy refused to kill them, not wanting to become the so-called "new Sapnap".


After much bantering with Karl and Punz, Sapnap and Tommy agreed to a duel in order end the conflict immediately since there was an upcoming war the next day. The two agreed that if Tommy won, he would get all of Sapnap's armor, and if Sapnap won, he would get Mars back.

The two dueled valiantly in Eret's museum. Tommy lost quickly and anticlimactically. A majority of the people in the call swiftly realized that Tommy had lost his every duel and began laughing at him. Tommy conceded and stated that he should never duel anyone again.

Duel aftermath

Settling down from the uncomfortable situation, Tommy and Sapnap spoke privately. Sapnap gave Tommy his respect. Tommy proposed that Mars be released into the ocean in order to finally end all the pet wars between them. Sapnap agreed to this proposition and offered to do it himself. Tommy proceeded to give Mars back to Sapnap, and he contently released the fish into the ocean near Rutabagville. The two former enemies bonded with each other and opened themselves up to being allies after the substantial war that was to come, and their relationship was healed.


  • During the bantering, Dream mooned the group as a joke.


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