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Fundy's bee game was an event hosted by Fundy on August 30, 2020, in which the fate of Punz's bee, Beenus, was decided by a game of chance. The bee game was a part of the Pet War, taking place after Sapnap's killing of Fundy’s enderman, and ultimately resulted in Fundy developing a negative relationship with Punz.



Fundy stole Punz's pet bee, Beenus, and for a chance to get the bee back, Punz was forced to play a game that had a 50% chance of killing it. Fundy also took Tubbo's empty bee's nest not knowing if it had a bee in it and brought both bee hives to a place near Punz' house, where he placed some netherrack and started a fire that surrounded him. When Punz came, Fundy said that if he tried to kill him, the items in his inventory including both the beehives would be burned, so Punz had to keep a safe distance and cooperate. Fundy then asked Punz to choose either the beehive in slot 1 or the one in slot 9 to spare, and Punz chooses 9. After burning the beehive associated with choice 1, Fundy and Punz went to Punz's tower to place the spared beehive. In all of this, Fundy said nothing about one of the beehives belonging to Tubbo.

Tommy and Tubbo

However, at the top of the tower, Punz accidentally punched Fundy off the ladder, killing him and taking Fundy's 'drip but brown', placing it in his ender chest. He used this as leverage, saying that he would return the armor if the spared beehive contained Beenus. After placing the beehive, Tommy and Tubbo climbed up the tower for unknown reasons and refused to say anything while staring at each other and back at Punz. Punz, not paying attention, accidentally fell off the tower and died so the two took his stuff. After Punz tried getting his stuff back, he was killed by Tubbo, and the two then questioned Fundy about what was happening.

Fundy's manipulation

When Fundy was questioned, Fundy said he wanted to see if Punz was selfish enough to sacrifice a L’Manburg bee. Punz tried defending himself, but Tommy and Tubbo both put in the chat, “Never fuck with L’Manburg’s bees”. Punz, confused, said that Fundy was the one that took the beehive. Fundy then responded by lying, stating that the beehive was a random one and that Punz fell for a trick.

Tommy and Tubbo, upon hearing this, said they trusted Fundy. They told Punz that even if it was a L'Manburg bee hive, it was wrong to take the choice of sacrificing a bee. Fundy had succeeded in painting Dream SMP and Punz as morally bankrupt.

Surrounded and unarmed atop the tower, Punz jumped off the tower into his fountain, shouting "SEE YOU LATER FUNDY YOU STUPID FURRY!" on his way down, leaving Fundy with a chance to further explain the situation with his own twist. He used the chance to push more blame onto Punz by stating that he could have opted out of the game, instead giving Fundy possession of both beehives forever and keeping them in his ender chest. Punz, now atop the tower again and still unarmed, defended himself by calling it cruel to keep bees in ender chests instead of out in the free world. He tried to convince Tommy, Tubbo, and Quackity (who joined the L'Manbergians) that Fundy's option was crueler, but failed, leading to Punz angrily calling the four clowns. This only escalated the issue, as Tommy, Quackity, and Tubbo all simultaneously typed out "Never call us clowns."

Declaration of war

Angered by the clown statement, the three began destroying Punz's tower. Upon trying to stop them, Punz was killed, leading him to call Sapnap for support. In response, Fundy said, "Oh yeah you're going back to that man huh? Sapnap out of all the people - do you know what he has done to us? Do you know what he's done to Niki, to me- to innocent animals?" After a bit more taunting and arguing Punz asked, “Fundy, what the hell, what’ve you started Fundy?” to which Fundy responded with, “Oh, it, it has three letters and I want you to say the word.” To which Punz responded in a monotone voice: “War” This was the formal declaration of war. After the conflict, Punz was still hopeful that Beenus was somehow still alive. However, Beenus was never seen again.