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  • Wilbur expressed a wish to retcon Fundy being transgender if Fundy was uncomfortable with playing a trans character, or if trans fans had an issue. Fundy has confirmed he is fine with his character being trans. Please do not change this part of his character's history.[2]
  • Please refrain from changing Fundy's gender to "trans male", as transgender men are no different from cis men.

This page is about the character on the Dream SMP. For the streamer who plays this character, see Fundy.

At the start of the day, I wanted to say "Let's start a new chapter," but I don't think this one has ended.


Fundy (full name Fun Jonatahan micahel vincent georgina james sus Dy The Third[9]) is the twelfth member of the Dream SMP, who joined on July 7, 2020. He is currently a member of Las Nevadas. He was formerly the Secretary of State within L'Manberg and the son of the first President, Wilbur Soot. He was the Archbishop of Manberg prior to its dissolution and joined Pogtopia shortly before the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. He was also a member of the Dreamon Hunters.



Fundy is depicted as an anthropomorphic fox. He has orange fur with a white muzzle and white ears. He typically wears a white shirt with grey lines and a black jacket with black pants. He also wears a hat that matches the one worn by Jotaro Kujo from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, black with golden decals.


It has been stated countless times that his mother is a salmon, and his paternal grandmother is a refrigerator, although the canonicity of these statements is questioned by the community. It is unknown what species his paternal grandfather is. Wilbur has claimed that Fundy is a furry, but Fundy does not like being referred to by this title, so he is likely a fox - although it is unknown why he was born a fox. Like his father, Fundy did not inherit wings or the single canon life from his grandfather, however it is unknown if Fundy can live for centuries like Philza can.

His age also remains dubious due to conflicting reports. Wilbur said that Fundy is around 14 canonically,[10] however we don't know if this is his real age due to Wilbur's memory being affected. Fundy has given conflicting evidence himself, stating that his character was “around 20,” although immature for his age.[11]

As of December 1, 2021, it has been confirmed that his paternal grandmother is not a refrigerator.


Fundy is very creative and loves to set up structures and come up with elaborate schemes. He looks after his belongings and is loyal to a fault, as shown during the events of the Pet War. He usually refuses to forgive people for the wrongs that they have committed, preferring to get back at them in various ways. As an additive of this creativeness, he is very mischievous and enjoys playing pranks on others. His pranks are usually “very over the top,” but ultimately harmless, as are most of his schemes. He can also be a little stubborn at times and gives in easily to frustration.

Although Fundy was likened to a child, he is very capable and can manipulate situations to his own advantage, as shown by his sly behavior in the "bee game" with Punz and how he covered his position as a spy during his time as a high-ranking official in Manberg. He has a certain charm that is summed up in the following: he is a good liar who can come up with falsehoods easily and trick others on the spot, though not everyone falls for his trickery and scams.

Throughout his life, Fundy was treated as a child by Wilbur, even as he grew older and tried to take on greater responsibility in life. From the L'Manberg Revolution onward, he watched his own father focus his attention on Tommy and Tubbo; this treatment, on top of his tough relationship with a father who still treats him as a child, forced the two further apart. Ignored, he grew increasingly eager for approval, and wanted to be seen as his own person. Although he is able to act as himself and have accomplishments and has a lot of friends, he still seeks the validation of an authority as a replacement for the lack of it from his own father.

This key motive becomes the driving factor in his later decisions; although he originally intended to act as a spy against Manberg, he went to extreme lengths to earn the approval of Schlatt. His confidence in his beliefs wavered as Schlatt fed him the approval that he sought from Wilbur. Schlatt essentially became the "father figure" that he lacked by giving him credit and acceptance for what he did. As a result, he ceased to write in his diary for a while. However, deep down it seems that he didn't want Schlatt to fill that position, as after witnessing him kill a cat, he immediately returned to his original plan.

His desire for acceptance was also eventually severely destructive for his mental state. After a series of rejections and the realization that his actions meant nothing to anyone, Fundy snapped, turning to a villainous path because he thought there was no other way to get others' attention. While he was able to distance himself and heal, he still retains the emotional damage of many abandonments, which worsened his original insecurities, leading to the insecurities and mental state of present-day Fundy.

At his core, he is deeply insecure, alone, and fearful of abandonment, making it very easy to exploit his insecurities for personal gain. As depicted by his dream's landscape, he feels that after so much desertion there is no one there for him and there is no one he can truly trust. At the same time, however, he still searches for approval, making him very easily manipulated, as all people have to do is feed him the compliments he seeks and he will latch onto them, hoping for more approval.

Although Fundy and his father were not on the best of terms towards the end, Wilbur's death, alongside the status of his mother, are very sensitive subjects for him, as is his status as an orphan. He states that he dislikes his father for his unavailability and infantilization during the revolution and his subsequent disappearance from his life through his death, and claims not to want to bring his father back to life, seeing how he was at the time of his death. However, later glimpses at his inner mind hint at a desperate longing for the kinder, more available version of his father from his childhood, something that has long been locked away from him.

Wilbur has said that Fundy's D&D alignment is true neutral. [12]

Fundy is true neutral. Fundy is the most interesting alignment imo. He is almost chaotic by being bound only by his own want for acceptance. He follows no laws or statutes but still strives for one thing: to be loved by an authority. However, he strays from chaos in his attempts to rekindle with Wilbur during the war stream by sabotaging Schlatt. This forces him into the dead centre.



Fundy does not easily maintain healthy relationships due to others' constant rejection of him, and has difficulty being trustful of others. In the past, friends failed to support him if he switched sides or had conflicting views on a situation, instead electing to feel betrayed and leave him, which led to his vicious and self-destructive cycle of getting attached to someone and winning approval from them, then them leaving. Nevertheless, he fished for their approval, reflecting his childhood desire for acceptance, despite knowing deep down that they would leave and that he was being used.

Fundy is also very much in denial of his own trauma and emotional pain, and prefers to keep everything to himself. While he is subconsciously aware of his abandonment issues and internal turmoil, and even pulled himself out of a dangerous spiral, he is not much better off after it. He prefers to put up a cheerful front and pretend that he is happy with his circumstances, but when under stress, his true feelings are easily uncovered--he feels alone and terrified, desperately wishing for people to love him, and yet he knows that no one truly will. He also does not trust anyone with his feelings, believing that others will simply treat it as a joke and make fun of him about it, which locks his feelings further within himself.

Fundy is very playful and often presents himself as a trickster. It can lead to many people liking him, but it will also lead to unforeseen consequences when not kept in check. He often starts prank wars and pranks people on the server for fun, which can develop bonds with others. However, his pranking behaviors have become increasingly destructive; it is difficult for him to understand the line between a funny prank and an outright damaging action. This is in part because he has always messed around and been the butt of jokes on the server, and also because people tend to not take him seriously. It also leads him to believe that many things, even things that are outright terrifying such as his dream, are because people are "toying with him."


Early history

Fundy was born inside of the walls of L'Manberg to Wilbur Soot and a salmon named Sally.[13][14] He was assigned female at birth, but later transitioned to male.[15] - On June 11, Fundy has stated that his character being trans, he would rather have it as a headcanon for fans who want it.[16]

As a kid, Fundy visited Paris every year. It is unknown if he visited with Wilbur or just by himself. Other than that, not much is known about Fundy's childhood. Wilbur has said that he has Sally in a bucket somewhere, which made Fundy very angry.

Early Dream SMP Arc

Socializing Club Conflict

Fundy played an important role in starting the Socializing Club Conflict. Fundy plotted to kill Dream, but since Dream wasn't on, he shifted to planning to kill Tubbo. Fundy eventually killed Tubbo, but failed to use his new sword, so he targeted Purpled next. Purpled was tipped off by his chat that Fundy was coming for him, so he killed Fundy. Eventually, Fundy got into a conflict with Purpled. Fundy then led him to build the Socializing Club for them to conclude the conflict.

Post-Socializing Club Conflict

After the Socializing Club Conflict, Fundy started more harmless pranks such as filling Wilbur's Wooden Ball with water. He also made a tower near his cave base for a new home and took partial ownership of Tubbo's jungle base, building a note block contraption that plays the Able Sisters theme. In addition, he participated in fighting the first withers of the server.

L'Manberg Independence Arc

Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War

Fundy and Wilbur in L'Manbergian uniforms

Shortly after Sapnap discovered the Camarvan, Fundy discovered it and joined the new nation of L'Manberg. Fundy's uniform is the only one that is different from the others, being a "crayon" suit, which is lighter than the others. After the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War started, Fundy worked with Eret to trap Dream's base. When Dream demanded that L'Manberg surrender and ignited the TNT under the nation, Fundy was present. Fundy and the L'Manbergians eventually won their independence.


After the war, Fundy was often seen developing friendships and doing more pranks. A common victim of the pranks was Eret, and many of these pranks involved their new tower. He and Niki also pranked Tommy by giving his base, the BSA L'Manberg Embassy, a Nether makeover. Fundy also built the Outdoor Theatre Stage and joined in on Tommy and Tubbo's theatre company. It was during this time that Fundy gifted Niki a fox, which she named Fungi.

The Pet War

Shortly after Sapnap killed Fungi, Sapnap apologized, nearly ending the conflict. However, Fundy escalated it by forcing Niki to kill Sapnap's favorite fox, Sketchers. Sapnap killed Fundy's enderman as a response, and Fundy responded by taking his anger out on Punz, an ally of Sapnap, in a bee game. Fundy's bee game forced Punz to play a game of chance that killed his bee, Beenus. After the bee game, he lost his pants "drip but brown" and developed a negative relationship with Punz, painting him as a villain. Fundy declared the conflict as a war shortly after.

Fundy took the offensive against Sapnap when he used a screenshot from George's stream to track down Sapnap's pets then take them hostage. Fundy attempted to gain leverage by claiming he killed some pets, but it only angered Sapnap, leading him to kill Niki's chickens and steal her fish. In addition, Fundy also angered Punz by asking him about what happened to Beenus, leading to Sapnap blowing up Fungi's grave.

Fundy eventually challenged Sapnap to a duel and built an arena to resolve the conflict. He lost the duel and returned Sapnap's pets in return for Niki's fish.

Post-Pet War

After the Pet War, Fundy continued his habit of pranking, replacing the flooring of Walmart with magma blocks. In addition to the pranking, he also got involved in a mini conflict over stolen items that was resolved quickly with negotiation.

2020 L'Manberg Election

During the first debate of the election, Fundy attempted to form his own party with Niki, Coconut2020, but since they entered late, Wilbur denied the campaign for candidacy. The situation fractured their relationship, but Fundy continued his campaign. He built the Second White House on his own, calling the White House that POG2020 and Quackity built together ugly. On election night, he attempted to gain votes for his campaign, giving a speech that gained much support. However, since the party had no endorsements, their campaign failed, leading Fundy to use bots to rig the vote. Wilbur noticed and removed them, leaving Coconut2020 with only 9% of the vote. However, since then it has become unclear whether Fundy actually rigged the votes as whilst many other people, including Niki, believed it was likely him, he claimed to have no role in it.

Manberg Rebellion Arc

Schlatt's administration

After Schlatt won presidency, Fundy immediately followed his orders, helping tear down the walls of L'Manberg. He secretly approached Eret, asking for their opinion on the matter before revealing his plan to act as Schlatt's right-hand man to take the country down from the inside. Eret approved, but when Niki approached, he acted as a supporter of Schlatt, destroying most of the L'Manberg flag before being killed by Eret. To document his role as a spy, Fundy wrote A Spy's Diary, keeping track of Schlatt's moves and weaknesses.

To build trust with Schlatt, Fundy redesigned the flag, changing the blue to purple and removing two of the X's. While building the flag, he was targeted by Pogtopians, leading him to discuss the matter with Schlatt. Schlatt loved the flag and promoted Fundy to Viceroy Chairman of Manberg. Fundy later rebuilt the flag out of obsidian and magma blocks after his original one was burnt down by Tommy, leading Schlatt to once again promote Fundy, this time to Archbishop of Manberg.

Schlatt saw Fundy writing an entry in A Spy's Diary, which lead to Schlatt developing a suspicion that Fundy may be an enemy. Fundy managed to talk him out of his suspicion. As a result of this, Fundy built A Secret Bunker near the base of the flag to write entries. After starting the bunker, he attempted to move Beelloon. However, Beelloon disappeared on a boat trip back to Manberg.

Fundy also helped Karl and Quackity build Party Island to welcome Pokimane.

Fundy eventually revealed his role as a spy to the Pogtopians, joining them and deciding to fight against Schlatt in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. In the build up to this, he came at odds with other members of the Pogtopians, especially Niki. Despiter this however she invited him to her birthday party where Wilbur attempted to blow up L'Manberg soon after Fundy left. After Dream revealed that their was a spy in Pogtopia, not too many people seemed to suspect Fundy although their general wariness of him increased.

Manberg vs Pogtopia War

Fundy met with Techno, Tubbo, Quackity, and Niki at the end of the docks to discuss what was going to happen that day. They all made of list of everyone on the server and whose side they are supposedly on. A few admit their own doubts about taking part in the war, and Fundy stated he did not trust Eret, but was outnumbered by the others.

Fundy met with his allies in Pogtopia where Technoblade revealed his secret base filled with gear for them all to use. Now equipped with powerful weapons he and the others set off to start the war. Fundy helped the Pogtopians fight throughout the battle until Dream surrendered and took them all to the Camarvan where Schlatt was. Schlatt berated everyone around him, and Fundy stepped up berating Schlatt for ruining was Manberg could have been with his tyranny. Soon afterwards, Schlatt had a heart attack and died.

Everyone celebrated and Wilbur appointed Tommy as president before Tommy reappointed Wilbur and then Wilbur appointed Tubbo, something which Fundy felt betrayed by. Fundy's grandfather - Philza - joined the game for the first time as Technoblade killed Tubbo and began a massacre, Fundy fought against Technoblade. Wilbur detonated the hidden TNT and blew up L'Manberg and Fundy watched as his home was destroyed before his grandfather killed his father per the latters own request. Fundy helped to kill the withers that Technoblade set off and regrouped with his allies at the L'Mantree where he supported the idea to rebuild the country.

Side stories

During the $10,000 Dollar Taco Bell Gift Card hunt, Fundy tried to cheat which led to him be disqualified from the hunt.

The Dreamon Hunters

One day, Fundy noticed something strange within Dream. He consulted Tubbo, who happened to be knowledgeable on Dreamons, and the two performed an exorcism on Dream in front of Skeppy's Mansion. Unsure if it worked, they build a trap with an iron door to invoke his emotions. This enraged the Dreamon, who attacks them. Fundy desperately told Tubbo to find a diamond, and he went to rebuild the car where he proposed to Dream during their date. Tubbo gave Fundy the diamond, and with Dream chasing after him, Fundy tried to get Dream to remember the date and his proposal. The plan succeeded, liberating Dream from his Dreamon.[17] After this incident, Tubbo and Fundy decided to form the Dreamon Hunters.

Retribution Arc

New L'Manberg

Fundy joined the new L'Manberg as Foreman of the State. Fundy helped clean up the rubble from the crater and built the foundation that would hold up the new podium and stage. He then began work on his house, a two-story abode which resided in the L'Manberg Residential District. Disgusted that Quackity built his house in front of his, he built a penthouse above Quackity's house that would make Quackity's house Fundy's property according to Dutch laws.

Fundy then held an auction in the penthouse the next day with one attendee: his grandfather, Philza. Fundy auction items like a grass block (which later lost its grass properties), wooden planks, Boogey (Karl's pet polar bear), and a golden shovel.

Fundy is in the beginning stages of being adopted by Eret, as Fundy became an orphan due to Wilbur's death. Both of them agreed to the adoption, but Fundy stated that he needed Phil, his grandfather and legal guardian, to approve it first. Phil approved of the adoption soon after. However, on the day of the adoption, Eret failed to appear. This made Fundy extremely upset, thinking that no one cared about him. To make him feel better, Phil took him out fishing, which he always wanted to do with Wilbur. Ghostbur however, kept 'haunting' them and tried to join in, making Fundy very annoyed and angry. Fundy eventually shouted at Ghostbur over his parenting, but Ghostbur quickly avoided the subject.

Fundy shows Niki around the newly rebuilt L'Manberg, as she had gone MIA from L'Manberg since the war, unable to process her grief. He credited Ghostbur for most of the renovations and was shocked when Niki didn't know Wilbur was dead. When she refused to believe it, he took her to Ghostbur's house, but Niki convinced herself it was a memorial for Wilbur. Fundy gave up trying to convincing her ghosts were real, and let her believe he was completely dead.

Later, Fundy started an ice cream shop with Ranboo, attempting to steal Niki and Puffy's Flower Shop before forming an agreement to stay away in return for supplies.


Fundy was heavily angered by Tubbo's decision to exile Tommy, comparing him to Schlatt. He calmed down, but made it clear that he wouldn't support Tubbo if he did more things like the exile.

Fundy revealed he had a hit list of people that pose a threat to L'Manberg. The two living targets are Technoblade and Dream, with two deceased targets, Schlatt and Wilbur. Given that he is an orphan, on top of Techno's other actions that threaten L'Manberg, he is completely on board with killing Techno. He helped create and spread the Butcher's Army propaganda.

Dry Waters

After a lot of thought, Fundy decided to join Niki in the building of a new city, Dry Waters. Tubbo gave them permission to take leave from L'Manberg temporarily to establish Dry Waters. While they were preparing to leave, Fundy convinced Nihachu, to give Ranboo a fake position in the country in order to help them. Ranboo agreed to help them, and they went along their way to Dry Waters. They ended up forgetting the location and Niki and Ranboo returned to L'Manberg. Fundy eventually found it but abandoned it later on to focus on L’Manberg’s affairs, as this was around the time of Technoblade's execution. Niki ended up opting out as well, permanently moving into her underground city.

Butcher Army

Fundy was recruited by Quackity as one of the members of the Butcher Gang, who tried to kill Technoblade on December 16. While interrogating Philza at his house, he unsuccessfully attempted to pressure him into revealing where Techno was by saying that as his grandson, he had a right to know. After Phil continued to refuse to disclose the location, he joined the other members in ransacking and trashing his house, smashing the flowers outside. While leaving, he quickly threw an "I still love you grandpa!." which Phil did not take well.

Fundy joined the party in tracking down Technoblade, and was non-canonically killed by him once during the ensuing fight outside his house. He was present during the failed execution that was interrupted by Punz.

Later on, he attempted to apologize to Philza by offering him some "Brown." This was thrown away a few minutes after he left, however.

Mob grinder

Fundy built a mob grinder on the server, and had saved the first gunpowder he had collected from it. He was very proud of it, even showing the grinder to Philza, but was disappointed when he didn't give it much praise, saying it was "alright." He ended the stream, and later tweeted about it.[18] Ranboo came by afterwards and reassured him that it was cool and that he liked it.

L'Manberg terrorism attack

Technoblade along with Tommy were on their mission to retrieve all of his items back. These included the Orphan Obliterator and the Axe of Peace. They met up with Ranboo and Fundy in L'Manberg. Techno threatened to spawn a wither. He gave them a choice, either give him his items back and he helps to kill the wither and spare their lives or get killed by the wither as well as Techno and Tommy. Ranboo gives him his stuff but Fundy keeps the nether star with him. This infuriates them both and they corner him in a house and order him to give the star as Techno wanted to craft a beacon. After a lot of shouting Fundy ends up giving the nether star but starts crying. Vikkstar breaks the block under Fundy causing him to fall into the lake below. Fundy keeps crying and makes no effort to surface out. He eventually dies by drowning. This gave the lake the name Lake of Tears.

The backstab

On the day of the Doomsday War, Fundy made a plan to permanently destroy L'Manberg as he was fed up from fighting over the same land again & again. He sabotaged all the important supplies of L'Manberg and asked Niki for assistance, which she agreed. They didn't actually side up with Technoblade but also didn't support the L'Manbergians. Fundy & Niki looked at the destruction of their country and caused some minor chaos. Niki burned down the L'Mantree, and although Fundy wasn't there, he approved of it. They were then assumed to enter a villainous role, however Niki made it clear she did not agree with Fundy's ideology leaving their partnership up in the air.

Empowerment Arc

Return to the SMP

Despite being expected to enter a villainous role he instead immediately had a vendetta against the Egg. He then started forming a plan with Puffy to connect all the plotlines and hopefully find the cause of everything that was going on. He then talked to Tommy who asked what the Egg was which Fundy responded "red cum." Tommy accidentally let this spill to BadBoyHalo who responded with "Fundy will be taken care of."

Fundy also connected the room in which the Egg is housed to the room he requested BadBoyHalo mine out for the Dreamon Hunters, quietly remarking "I remember this place." After hearing more and more of the Egg, he attributed it to Dreamons, explaining to Puffy what a Dreamon is and what the Dreamon Hunters do, seemingly intrigued and passionate, saying "So would you say it's... unexplained?" The continuation of the Dreamon Hunters plot is not concrete, but is being hinted at through these statements and a few others by Tubbo.

The next day, Fundy, Philza and Ranboo met up in the SMP and attempted to use TNT to clear out some of the Egg vines. Fundy seems to dislike the Egg, especially after seeing Antfrost's infected eyes. Antfrost, after seeing Fundy blow up some of the Egg vines, made him follow Fundy. They went to the Eggpire meeting room where Antfrost trapped Fundy in the Egg briefly. However, Philiza and Ranboo used a water bucket to rescue Fundy from the Egg.

The experiment

Fundy had come up with a social experiment he wished to make. It was a simple button in the Community House. Pressing the button would give a 50/50 chance of blowing up the Community House, or would dispense diamonds, as Fundy wanted to see if people were greedy enough to fall for it and press the button. He visited his mob farm, showing the chests full of gunpowder he had, but he still needed sand to create TNT. At first, he attempted to trick HBomb into thinking the TNT would be used for a 'giant firework' but once that proved useless Fundy called for HBomb to be his maid. Once the two gathered up enough sand, HBomb left and Fundy finished his social experiment. CaptainPuffy would go to press the button for a sub goal, blowing up the Community House once again.

Fundy's mind

Content warning:
This page/section describes topics that may be uncomfortable or upsetting to some readers. Readers' discretion is advised. Avoid this page/section if you are sensitive to topics of derealization or suicide.

Fundy headed to his base and asked Niki and Ranboo, who were also on the server at the time, to sleep. Fundy started dreaming. In the dream, he woke up in his bunker, and walked outside. The outside of his bunker seemed to be in a desert, and Fundy quickly found a replica of the drug van from L'Manberg. In disbelief, he started muttering that it was not real, and walked towards the drug van. He found two nametags: his IGN and Wilbur's IGN. He started repeating that the van was fake, and tried to enter it. He, however, had no success. In the distance, he found another building - one leading to a room in the ground. Fundy went into the room, and eventually found a book. In this book, it said that he had wrote it. It kept on telling him that everything around him was not real, and that he wasn't real. Fundy continued to through the pages, and they all told him to "wake up." as a heartbeat noise grew louder.

Eventually, Fundy woke up again in the same dream, and walked outside. He went to the drug van once again, but this time, he only found his nametag. Fundy kept repeating that it wasn't real and that he was being pranked once again, and decided to visit the other building from before. However, this time, the cave had a skull in it, and the book was different. The book read that Fundy did not need to know the truth about himself, and repeated that he had to "wake up" once again. As a heartbeat noise grew faster, Fundy woke up in the dream again. Fundy, being incredibly scared and questioning reality, opened the door to get out of his bunker again, trying to convince himself it was all a prank being played on him. He found the drug van no longer there (blown up), and the other building being closer to his base. Fundy went inside of the other building once again, and found a different book than the last two times. This time, the book asked him several questions, told him he will be hurt by "it." told him to enjoy life and kept on telling him to "wake up" once again. As the heartbeat noise grew louder than ever, a new book dropped down. This book told him that he needed to be safe, and that he suffered from insomnia.

Fundy woke up in his dream for the last time, crying as he questioned everything. Fundy, wanting the dream to be over, opened the door. He found a dark and weird figure, who chased Fundy as he ran screaming to get to the top of his base. Fundy eventually got to the top where a black bed that was not seen there before was laying, but the figure seemingly followed him as he tried to force himself to sleep. The screen then faded to black as Fundy screamed, and Quackity's face seemingly appeared with casino sounds.

End of content warning.

Wilbur's revival

Not long after Wilbur Soot was revived from the dead, Philza came to break the news to him, this deeply saddened and angered Fundy, who said that Wilbur should stay dead. Fundy opened up to Philza about all of the nightmares he has been having, and that he can't sleep. Philza offhandedly mentioned that Wilbur had won the elections, but Fundy corrected him, causing Phil to find out that Wilbur had been lying to him in his letters. Fundy would say goodbyes to Philza, and Fundy would destroy his old base and moved to a small cottage in the woods.

Las Nevadas

⁷On May 22, 2021, Fundy had a nightmare that saw him meeting Quackity outside his cottage in a mesa biome, with Fundy very confused about how he was there.[19] Fundy went through the biome, containing various historic structures of L'Manberg. Quackity brought Fundy to a crumbling Eret's tower and told Fundy that he and his memories didn't matter, and that nothing would ever matter, as it would be at one point forgotten by time. Quackity told him that he needed to change, that it doesn't have to be this way, as he had big plans, and said he was inviting Fundy to the new nation. He also told Fundy he would die if he didn't join him, counting to ten before Fundy woke up. He found himself back in the woods, and Quackity came up to his door.

Two days later on May 24, 2021, he met with Quackity, telling his chat that he didn't remember most of his dream.[20] Fundy said that he had not seen Quackity since the L'Manberg days [TBA]

Confrontation with Wilbur

On May 22, 2022, Fundy was in Pogtopia when Wilbur arrived. The two had an awkward greeting as Wilbur, who had been expecting to meet Niki, realised Eret had lied in order to facilitate the meeting. They began to talk and Fundy mentioned Quackity causing Wilbur to try and leave sparking an argument. The two fished together and when things started to seem like it may be going well, Wilbur caught a salmon causing things to become awkward again. They played catch together and whilst Wilbur reminisced about Fundy's childhood and Ghostbur, Fundy lamented that he felt abandoned by Wilbur and refused to accept Wilbur's apology, asking him to leave him alone. Wilbur left, and when his back was turned, Fundy jumped off the bridge taking his second canon life.


Personal items
Name Notes
Gold Leggings.png The Drip Mending

A pair of golden Leggings with the Mending enchantment. This has been a valuable item of his, and he has owned it since his early days on the server.

Enchanted Netherite Shovel.gif Long Schlong Crafted during the Socializing Club Conflict to kill Tubbo. He forgot to use it to kill Tubbo, leading him to use the shovel to kill Purpled.
Written Book.gif A Spy's Diary "A spy's diary" was created by Fundy to track and record his progress as one of the HR's (High Ranks) of Manberg, but mainly his long-term betrayal of Schlatt. Though his name is left anonymous in the book, it is fairly easy to recognize it is him due to the fact that a lot of the information is very detailed, providing information such as positions, buildings, and promotions.

The book was destroyed during the Doomsday War.

Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif Axe Body Spray During the journey to the Dry Lands (Future place for Fundy's new city) Fundy accidentally threw his Axe in the ground right next to a creeper, ending up with the creeper blowing up and his axe being destroyed.
Enchanted Netherite Leggings Item.gif Drip but Brown Protection III, Unbreaking III, Mending

Stolen by TommyInnit. It was named after The Drip, a pair of enchanted gold Leggings that Fundy has had since his early days on the server. The Leggings have been missing for a while and are presumed missing or destroyed.

Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Shclatt Fire Aspect II, Looting III, Mending, Sharpness V, Unbreaking III

A maxed-out sword dropped by Schlatt after his death. It's now one of Fundy's most valuable items.

Gunpowder.png First Gunpowder UwU The first gunpowder retrieved from his mob farm. Currently in an item frame on a diamond block near the farm.
Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Slayer of BeachBoys Smite II, Unbreaking II

Created very early on the Dream SMP and was the first netherite Sword Tommy had made and named. Temporarily in Tubbo's possession, and currently in Fundy's for an unknown reason. He renamed it Shclatt on March 18, 2021, in order to trick HBomb into thinking it was Schlatt's sword, and gave it to him as part of a business exchange. HBomb gave it back to him shortly after.

Enchanted Diamond Sword.gif Fly smacker Bane of Arthopods V, Looting II, Sweeping Edge III, Unbreaking III

Given to HBomb on March 18, 2021, as part of a business exchange. HBomb gave it back to him shortly after.

Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif MELON HARVESTER Gifted to LazarBeam as an enchanted diamond axe by Sam so that he could harvest the melons from his melon farm. Lazar then upgraded it to a netherite axe, making it the first netherite item that he had ever made. This axe was then stolen, with the two main suspects being Karl and Tubbo. The axe is currently in Fundy's possession for unknown reasons.
Enchanted Netherite Helmet Item.gif Fundo Helmo Aqua Affinity, Mending, Protection IV, Respiration III, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Chestplate Item.gif Fundo Chesto Mending, Protection IV, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Leggings Item.gif Fundo Panto Mending, Protection IV, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Netherite Boots Item.gif Fundo Bootso Depth Strider III, Feather Falling IV, Mending, Protection IV, Unbreaking III
Enchanted Bow.gif bow Flame, Infinity, Power V, Unbreaking III

Used to ignite the TNT that blew up his house on May 3, 2021.


Name Status Residence Notes
Tabby Cat.png Boots Alive A member of Fundy's cat trio.
White Cat.png Mittens Alive A member of Fundy's cat trio.
White Cat.png Socks Alive A member of Fundy's cat trio.
Bee.png Beelloon Dead (September 28, 2020) Beelloon's secret shelter Beelloon was a pet bee belonging to Fundy and Niki adopted during the Pet War. Nihachu took him to a place opposite the lake in L'Manberg, where they hid him in a cave covered with andesite on the outside and obsidian on the inside as a safety shell. The inside was decorated with cyan wool and flowers so he wouldn't starve and was left there for about a month until Fundy had remembered him.

On the boat ride back to Fundy's secret bunker, Beeloon disappeared. It is assumed that he drowned, as he has not been seen ever since.


Deceased Fundy's secret base Killed during the Pet War by Sapnap after Fundy killed his pet fox, Sketchers.
Skeleton Horse.png Unnamed skeleton horse Unknown Stolen by TommyInnit after his banishment from Manberg and taken to Pogtopia. Their current location is unknown.
Fox.png Obnoxious Unknown A fox Fundy had bred from Sapnap's foxes for the purposes of a Fox Cafe to rival the Catfe built by Eret, Sam, and Karl. Obnoxious was left by the abandoned Fox Cafe. Obnoxious was named such due to the troubles Fundy faced leading the fox back to the cafe.
Fox.png Annoying Unknown A fox Fundy had bred from Sapnap's foxes for the purposes of a Fox Cafe to rival the Catfe built by Eret, Sam, and Karl. Annoying was left by the abandoned Fox Cafe. Annoying was named such due to the troubles Fundy faced leading the fox back to the cafe.
Baby man.png Baby Man Deceased Near Party Island A drowned baby zombie that held a trident. Burned to death in the sunlight.
Snow fox.png Apples Unknown Broke free from their leash on Doomsday, their current location is unknown.


Name Notes
Snow fox.png Yogurt Yogurt is a snow fox that Fundy adopted as his son. He named it Yogurt when he found it near Las Nevadas alongside Tubbo. Yogurt is currently located in Las Nevadas.


Relationships with members


RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
When Awesamdude first met Fundy, Fundy scammed him many times. Awesamdude knew that Fundy was up to something, so he didn't show him his actual base and only the decoy base. Fundy also detected that Awesamdude was hiding a secret, but decided not to investigate further.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Puffy pranked Fundy by encasing his house in obsidian and calling it an orphanage after Fundy became an orphan. Fundy also took down her turkey statue as retaliation. Fundy planned on taking over Puffy and Niki's flower shop with the help of Ranboo, then Puffy threatened Fundy, taunting him about his daddy issues.

Recently they are currently working together to try and connect all of the plots that are going on to hopefully get a sense of what's going on.

RelationshipExtremelyNegative LargePixelArt.png Extremely opposed Fundy is against the Egg due to him thinking it makes the server "ugly." He is currently blowing up the vines of the Egg as he's concerned about his ice cream shop in the Dream SMP. He decides to try and regroup the Dreamon Hunters to study and hopefully find a cause and a solution to the Egg problem.

After returning back to the SMP, Fundy has a more opposed feeling to the Egg. Blowing up the vines he sees, helping Foolish get rid of the vines from his house.

At the Red Banquet, the Eggpire tried to sacrifice the guests to the Egg including Fundy.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Although the two begun as enemies during the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War, Fundy seemed to take a liking to Dream. However, over time, Dream revealed his true ambitions by supporting Manberg in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War and demanded that Tommy be exiled from L'Manberg. As Secretary of State of L'Manberg, Fundy refused to give into Dream's demand, supporting Tommy and wanting to start a revolution against Dream.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Eret and Fundy are close friends, often playing pranks on each other.

Eret was the only person who knew of Fundy's true intentions in regards to Schlatt during the Manberg Rebellion, though they were still upset at Fundy for burning the flag, and didn't completely trust him after that.

After the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Eret had considered adopting Fundy, since Wilbur was now deceased. Fundy happily agreed to sign the "Certificate of Adoption." but pointed out he cannot do so before his last legal parent, Phil, has agreed to the document. However, Eret failed to show up to finalize the adoption, leaving Fundy to feel like he was abandoned by another father figure and souring their relationship.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Fundy disliked Ghostbur due to him and Wilbur leaving off on bad terms. Ghostbur wanted to restore a happy relationship with Fundy, while Fundy didn't listen. Fundy still cares about Ghostbur and thinks of him as a dad more than Eret, as Fundy was offended when Tubbo said his dad was dead.[21]
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Fundy originally loved and agreed with everything Schlatt stood for. They worked together during most of the original war, and Fundy followed Schlatt throughout it. However, Schlatt and Fundy's relationship began to sour after Fundy realized what Schlatt's true goals were, leaving Fundy hating Schlatt and even writing how he hated him in his spy diary.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Niki and Fundy are close friends, and they ran together in the SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election as Coconut2020. After Schlatt's rise to power, their relationship was strained as they had a disagreement on how to handle the power shift. In addition, Fundy burned the flag that Niki built and helped with her imprisonment. Niki was unaware of his plans to betray Schlatt and break the nation down from the inside. It was presumed that they are friends again after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.

After L'Manberg was reconstructed, Fundy and Niki ran away together and formed Dry Waters far away from the general area of Dream SMP, however Fundy forgot where Dry Waters was causing Niki to abandon it. The two didn't speak much after that, but they were respectful whenever they did.

When the Green Festival happened, they were at immediate opposition - with Niki arguing that they should not fight for L'Manberg. This meant a lot of people turned on her, Fundy being the main one against her. This caused the two to have a huge falling out and Niki considered it as another 'betrayal'. On the war the next day, Fundy told her how he had come around to her ideas and agreed with her. She was extremely doubtful of him until he gave her proof and the two made up and created STEAS. When Niki burned down L'Mantree and quoted Wilbur and Eret, Fundy was happy for the chaos it caused, but she disapproved of him and abandoned STEAS.

The two haven't spoken much other than a few passing comments after that, but seem to view each other in good light.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Fundy is Phil's grandson. Phil took Fundy under his wing, acting as his guardian after Wilbur's death. Despite his initial reluctance to take him in at first, the two seem to get along very well. After Eret didn't turn up for Fundy's adoption, Phil offered to let him stay with him and they went fishing together.

Phil has declared Fundy as being dead to him due to Fundy joining the Butcher Army to execute Technoblade. He also threw away the brown dye Fundy gave him as what seemed to be a peace offering after the failed execution, indicating that he is on rather negative terms with him. They have a mutual dislike for the crimson vines and Phil protected Fundy from Antfrost but they were still on negative terms as Phil was upset by Fundy trying to experiment on Ranboo. However, Fundy tried to make up with Phil later, asking if they were friends, to which Phil agreed, adding that he wanted to make sure Fundy was safe.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Fundy didn’t have much relation to Punz personally until the Pet War, where he killed Punz' favorite bee in his bee game and manipulated everyone into destroying a part of his tower and taking all his items. Fundy seemed to enjoy getting under his skin early on. However, the events of the Pet War was a long time ago. The two now joke and bicker from time to time, Punz even offering to be his girlfriend when he claimed to be alone. Punz comforted Fundy after the interrogation with Tommy.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Quackity and Fundy have a positive relationship. They often worked towards the same goals as part of Tubbo's L'Manberg Administration. They also worked together as part of the Butcher Army when trying to execute Technoblade.

Although they were originally going to fight on the same side on doomsday, Fundy turned. He just sat by and watched everything happen while Quackity tried to fight back. When the withers were killed and the TNT had stopped, Fundy told Quackity and others that he was more than happy with what happened. Quackity was disappointed and asked Fundy if his actions really mattered in the end, leaving Fundy speechless.

Fundy saw Quackity in his dream and that Quackity reminisced on their shared past before telling him that he's worthless unless he joins him. He then woke up to Quackity at his door. Quackity convinced him to come to visit Las Nevadas and told him that he should join after working on himself and developing more self-worth and gave him a plot of land to build anything he wants to on.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Fundy and Ranboo had a very positive relationship. Fundy joined the server during Ranboo's first day there, and even helped tour him around with Niki. The next day, Ranboo helped Fundy build an ice cream shop to rival Niki and Puffy's flower shop, and Ranboo even comforted Fundy when Dream seemingly mistyped Fundy's name in chat.
When Ranboo was revealed to everyone as a traitor Fundy was very disappointed. He really cared about Ranboo from all the time they had spent together. At the time, Ranboo believed that they were not friends but Fundy said that he admires Ranboo still and that Ranboo was completely right, betraying L'Manberg with Niki and Eret. After the chaos was over Fundy and Ranboo talked. Fundy said he wanted to team up, and Ranboo said that wasn't what he was supposed to say. Ranboo yelled at him calling him a coward saying that Fundy did pick a side, the one that was never going to lose, but still failed in the end. Ranboo was very disappointed in Niki and Fundy for their Betrayal, mad that they unintentionally picked a side.

When he and Fundy parted after their argument, Fundy said that Ranboo "[needed] to be fixed," saying that Ranboo trying to solve everything on his own was unhealthy and something akin to depression. He said that he and Ranboo will need to have a talk at a later date.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Not much is known of Fundy's relationship with his mother. He tells Tommy and Jack Manifold that she raised him the best she could, and that he is very proud of her.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Fundy and Sapnap seem to dislike each other. Despite the duel largely resolving the conflict of the Pet War, Sapnap still told Tommy that if he wanted Sapnap's vote, he would have to publicly denounce Fundy. They seem to get along better lately with Sapnap joining the Dreamon Hunters.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Skeppy and Fundy have interacted only once, and both of them were trying to troll each other. They seem to be on fairly good terms, for the most part.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Fundy and Tubbo have been allies and friends for a very long time. They joined the server on the same day, and although their relationship was tense after the Socializing Club Conflict, they rekindled over time and fought together in the L'Manberg Independence War. After the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Fundy became one of Tubbo's cabinet members and joined him in the Butcher Army. They also created the Dreamon Hunters together, and seemed to have a pretty solid bond for the majority of their time together, even if they did occasionally butt heads on the political front.

On the eve of the Doomsday War, Fundy destroyed all of L'Manberg's supplies and refused to fight in the battle. While this likely drove a slight wedge between them, Tubbo seemingly did not care very much since L'Manberg was gone either way, though it led to him not trusting Fundy as much.

While Tubbo was building his outpost near Las Nevadas, Fundy said that he was quite sure Tubbo respected him after their time in the New L'Manberg cabinet together, and that they were "bros."[22] That same day, Tubbo began spying on Fundy, making invisibility potions to spy on him because he was "acting suspiciously," and once Fundy had discovered Tubbo they had a small lighthearted dispute over tolls on the path into Las Nevadas.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Fundy has had a very complicated relationship with his father. Wilbur cared about Fundy to the point where he said he built walls to save him, while Fundy was always a bit hesitant about Wilbur. Fundy started to dislike his father right before he rose to power, and eventually started following Schlatt, Wilbur's biggest enemy. However, he ended up disliking Schlatt and appearing at Wilbur's original revival attempt, showing that he likely missed Wilbur.
Relationships with Factions
Name Status Note


Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Fundy was originally neutral about the egg, but after the Red Banquet, it is implied that Fundy has become very adamant about the Eggpire and its members.
Dreamskin.png Dream SMP
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Fundy has interacted positively with several Dream SMP Faction members, so it is assumed that he is on neutral terms.
Las Nevadas
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
L'Manberg.png L'Manberg (past)
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Fundy has shown frustration over the government of L'Manberg. During the Manberg-Pogtopia era, Fundy burns the L'Manberg flag. Although it is most likely to get on Schlatt's good side, it is implied that the burning of the flag also expresses Fundy's mistrust of L'Manberg and his frustration on the conduct of his father, Tommy, and later President Tubbo. Fundy expresses that he misses L'Manberg very much deep inside, even though he is shown to have neutral feelings about it. In a dream, Quackity shows Fundy snippets of L'Manberg and Fundy expresses joy and fondness, reminiscing about his times in L'Manberg.


  • "Little green boy!"
  • "Man to man, I will stay on your side...' — to Schlatt.
  • ''Gentlemen. I would say, so far, this has been a really fine evening... and what a fine evening for some good old double-crossing, huh?''
  • ''He is unaware of how in reality, he stands alone. Schlatt has no power, his entire stand is a facade. In fact, he is at his weakest point as we speak.''
  • “Schlatt you fucked up the country, you fucked up everything. You had a dream and I followed it but you brought it downhill. Everything, you ruined it. You ruined everything we had. I thought you were something.” — During Schlatt's final moments.
  • "I needed him to be my dad!" — Responding to Tubbo when he asked what he had wanted Wilbur to do.
  • ''You were there for me for a very, very fucking long time... and then when I needed you the most, you skedaddled the fuck out of my life, and died.''
  • "Do you know what this looks like? You're acting like Schlatt, Tubbo.'' — To Tubbo during the Exile Conflict.
  • "Never, never ever has any action that I've done mattered! I've befriended Schlatt only for him to die... I've tried bonding with Wilbur only for him to commit suicide, by blowing up L'Manberg and DYING by the blade of his own father! I've befriended people that ended up being traitors. Nothing I've done mattered, not a SINGLE THING! Today is gonna matter. Today, if I can't make people smile... heh... if I can't make people smile... I will make them cry..." — During the final hours of L'Manberg
  • "They're toying with me. They're actually- everyone is toying with me, they are ALWAYS TOYING WITH ME! EVERYONE IS! I'm always being played with! Why? Why always me?” — Whist stuck in his dream.


  • Fundy's skin is a reference to Jotaro from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
    • Despite this he hasn’t watched the show or read the manga
  • Fundy likes playing pranks on others.
    • Fundy and Eret were in a prank war.
      • Fundy once tried to prank Eret by adding more rainbows to their castle.
      • Fundy pranked Eret by building many different types of flamingos with wool, wood and buttons in their castle. The 'Mingos were then destroyed by Callahan when George became the new king.
    • Fundy also "pranked" Dream by building a vacation house made out of metal doors. When someone gets in the house they can’t get out unless they destroy a door.
  • Fundy enlisted Iskall85 for help with a redstone contraption.
  • Fundy has stated that his mother, Sally, was an accountant.
  • Fundy's engagement/marriage to Dream is not canonical to the Dream SMP lore, as clarified by Dream in a tweet.[1]
  • Fundy has managed to add his Twitch subscribers into the Dream SMP via a mod. He later named them "mini subscribers." and they follow him around.
    • They are different colors, and can say messages.
    • They can wear certain items such as wings, cat ears and more.
    • They can merge with each other, as shown by Fundy during streaming.
  • On a lore stream on March 3, 2021, Fundy stated that Bad had lured him and a few others into a "red room." It could be possible that he had predicted the Red Banquet.
  • Fundy used to visit Paris every year when he was a kid.
  • It was revealed on June 9, 2021, that his full name is "Fun Jonatahan micahel vincent georgina james sus Dy".
  • When Fundy was young, Wilbur used to sing Dear Theodosia to him.


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