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George's house was a house built by George and Callahan during The Manberg vs Pogtopia War. It was the target for multiple griefings and led to major events such as the Exile Conflict. It was eventually destroyed and replaced with a cat maid Café.



George's house was build by George and Callahan during the Doomsday War on January 6, 2021. George had a room within Awesamdude's base at the time, but he cited the distance from the Dream SMP and complexity as his reasons to move out and build his own home. Since the build site of the house was far from L'Manberg, George and Callahan were unaware of the events at L'Manberg outside of seeing messages in the chat, allowing the two to peacefully build.[1]

Quackity and Ponk

On November 26, 2020, George killed Quackity and took all his items. Since Quackity wanted his items back, he threatened to burn down George's house. George managed to return his items before he could do any harm to the building, deescalating the conflict.

However, Ponk, who was also present, started threatening the house, citing George's destruction of his First Lemon Tree as his reason. Ponk damaged a few blocks before George stopped him by going to grief Lemon City.

Tommy and Ranboo

Tommy and Ranboo setting George's house on fire and stealing his items.

On November 28, 2020, Tommy stole items from the house and griefed the land, placing crying obsidian and giant netherrack L's. Ranboo also joined in the griefing, adding fire. In the process of adding fire, the home caught on fire, destroying major sections of the house.[2] This prompted an unfriendly response from Dream, who walled in L'Manberg with obsidian and demanded that Tommy be banished from the country.[3] George repaired the house the day after, but some of the damage remained, partially leading to The Exile Conflict.[4]

Sean Jacobs and Quackity

On December 5, 2020, Sean Jacobs and Quackity griefed George's house. Sean removed the floor of the house and set off one piece of TNT in the building. Sean built a house above George's house, much to the dismay of George.


On March 22, 2021, while making her path from the spawn to the main area of the Greater Dream SMP, Hannahxxrose destroyed the house's remains. [5]

Cat maid café

On March 23, 2021, Nihachu and HBomb built a cat maid café where the house used to be.


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