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This page is about the character on the Dream SMP. For the YouTuber who plays this character, see GeorgeNotFound.

When this was a simpler time, on this server, we all lived in harmony... and it was very nice, very peaceful, we loved it... and then... You came along. You started wars, battles, killings, the list goes on, and simply, my opinion on conflict is, we should keep it to a minimum, but clearly in your mind, you want it to the maximum. I don't agree with that, at all.


GeorgeNotFound, (seemingly named George Lore by his parents) is the co-founder of the Dream SMP, he is the server's second member, joining on April 24, 2020. He was once formerly king of the Dream SMP and a cabinet member of Manberg during the Jschlatt Administration. He was also the Vice President of El Rapids before its dissolution. Notably, he was married to Ninja, and is the son of Lore Man and Lore Woman. He is currently a part of Kinoko Kingdom.


George is a human with beige skin, black eyes and brown hair. He wears a blue t-shirt that has a red rectangle (referencing the street brand "Supreme") with a tiny white rectangle on it, jeans and white sunglasses commonly referred to as "clout goggles." During his kingship, he sometimes wore a golden crown with different colored gems engraved into it. During The Beach Episode, he still wore his clout goggles, but took off his shirt and put a blue towel on his left shoulder. He also wore jean-colored swimming shorts, that had gray laces.

Biologically wise, George is a normal human - however he has confirmed that, like real life, he is colorblind. He also has no fingers, as stated by himself. In addition, George has allegedly sewn a third ear onto his left leg, although the reasoning for doing this remains unclear.

At one point a witch cursed him into a pig. Due to the nature of the stream, this is dubiously canon.


George, though close with his friends, does not show much care to the happenings on the SMP, often sleeping through or ignoring important events on the server. He often followed his best friend Dream on the server, prior to George's dethronement. George seems to be able to move on quickly from his losses, and many members think he is naive and weak due to him not participating in most of the server's conflicts, he spends nearly all of his time dreaming, and it has been implied that he has a sort of derealization where he conflates reality with dreams.

King of Dream SMP

George took pride in being king, enjoying his title. As king, George started straying from neutrality, greifing L'Mantree and building Mexican L'Manberg. After he was demoted, he appeared sad. However, days later, he stated that he didn't care for the position.

Wilbur has said that George's D&D alignment is chaotic neutral.[1]


George's main flaw is his lack of care or emotion. He often does things without thinking, such as griefing, killing and more. He often doesn't like to show his emotions, so it is very unclear of his true intentions.


Early Life

George used to be a wheat farmer as a young boy, and worked alongside his parents.

Early Dream SMP Arc

George is one of the eight original SMP members, along with Dream, Sapnap, Callahan, Alyssa, Awesamdude, Ponk, and BadBoyHalo. He originally helped develop the Community House. Later on, he built a base underground, which can either be accessed via a water elevator underneath the nether hub or through a secret passageway in a lake. George later burnt down Ponk's first lemon tree as revenge for Ponk trapping his base.

During one of George's streams, Sapnap tried to nudge him off a crafting table in the Community House, creating the infamous "crafting table" meme.

L'Manberg Independence Arc

Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War

During the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War, George followed Dream as second in command. He assisted in the griefing of L'Manberg, and along with Sapnap, they killed Tubbo repeatedly during the fighting.

2020 L'Manberg Election

George initially played a large role in the L'Manberg Election as the candidate for Vice President for SWAG2020. As the running mate for Quackity, he debated during the L'Manberg Presidential Debate against Tommy and spread the message of SWAG2020 throughout his socials. However, his reputation and trust with Quackity fractured after he failed to show up on election night.

Manberg Rebellion Arc


George was made co-Vice President by Jschlatt. However, despite being in this position, George did very little for Manberg. He eventually moved away with Awesamdude to his faraway base, as he thought he was too weak to play a role in any current conflicts.

Around the same time, George was the first person to complete HBomb's Leap of Faith parkour course. He also lost a bet to Andrea Botez while competing in a chess match against her, and was forced to build a large "I ♥ ANDREA" sign in the sky near the Reverse Coaster as a result.

Manberg Rebellion

During most of Schlatt's presidency, George slept and played no role in the politics of Manberg, as a result, Quackity became annoyed with George. Eventually, Quackity started blaming George for putting Schlatt in power, since he didn't show on Election Day. On the day of the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, George was present on the server, but instead of fighting in the war, he built a house with Callahan far away from the action. As a result, he was mostly unaware of the action going in Manberg, only seeing the death messages. George was also made king of the Dream SMP before the fighting and after the word of Eret's betrayal reached Dream. George didn't ask any questions and happily, if somewhat blindly accepted the position, leading to his coronation, where he was assassinated in a successful, but non-canon, attempt by Technoblade and Philza.

Retribution Arc

House griefing

Tommy and Ranboo griefed George's new house on November 28, 2020, looting his possessions and leaving offensive signs. While trying to leave netherrack towers with fire, they burnt down sections of the house. Dream noticed the damage first, and immediately took action against Tommy before George noticed. When George logged on, he was shocked, but fixed the damage easily. George took no major role in getting Tommy exiled, being happy with putting Tommy on probation alone, but Dream had used the griefing as a major point to have him exiled.


George was constantly attacked and targeted by many different parties after he became King. Dream also noted that he wasn't performing his duties as King, and decided that he cared too much about George to watch him constantly be attacked. He decided to dethrone George, and crown Eret as King again. George was saddened by this decision, and joined Quackity and Sapnap in Mexican L'Manberg to plot a revolution.


George, along with others, decided to form a new nation. They started to build several buildings, forming the land of the nation. They came up with the name "Gogtopia" for the country, naming it after one of George's nicknames, Gogy. However, things turned south. They had a timer for how long they had to build the land of the nation, and Karl Jacobs being unsatisfied, took TNT out of his ender chest, blowing up the land.

Empowerment Arc


After not being on the server for a while, missing the Doomsday War along with the Disc Confrontation, George logged on during January 29th, 2021. He robbed several places such as Sapnap's secret base and Callahan's house in an attempt to get iron to make armor. He eventually met up with Sapnap and Karl, and they informed him about everything that happened while he was gone, including showing him the Blood Vines.


George, feeling somewhat of a guilt-like madness, decided he wanted to visit Dream (in Pandora's Vault) on impulse. It is unclear why he wanted to do this, as George and Dream had left off on bad terms. He went to the prison, and out of anger of his ex-best friend being locked in the prison, attempted to break a block. After a block broke, he passed out and was threatened by Sam.


George, bored on the server as normal, decided to build a McDonald's after being banned on the well known app TikTok. He got help from DreamXD, Quackity and BadBoyHalo to do so, and burnt down the Deal or no Deal building. However, during the building process, conflict arose between him and Quackity. Quackity, eventually logging out, was seemingly trapped due to George and DreamXD digging under where he last was. George and DreamXD then put lava where they had dug, and placed obsidian creating a torture device. George, begging Quackity to log back in for almost an hour, accidentally fell in. He acted sad, and seemingly cried over it. However, he got over it, and DreamXD seemingly tortured Quackity until he was dead.

Kinoko Kingdom

George, following in his friend's footsteps, as usual, joined Karl's new nation with Sapnap. He helped build Karl's new library and named a horse Sapnap caught. He is marked as the first citizen of the nationt.

The shield

Tommy and Tubbo, after seeing George at McPuffy's with Lil Nas X, decided to walk into McPuffy's and assassinate George. George lost one of Dream's shields, which he seemed to be upset about. However, the shield was taken by Lil Nas X until later he gave it to Karl.


Drista, playing through Dream's account, decided to make a deal with George after Foolish Gamers obtained a shulker box from her. George was required to trade almost his entire ender chest and if he won he would get an entire set of maxed out Netherite armor and sword or pickaxe. However, if he lost then he would lose most, if not all of his items in his ender chest. Some of the items that George put on the line consisted of Fundy‘s bath water, one enchanted golden apple, multiple music discs, some mending books, and Taco Bell by Dream from the Mr. Beast event. Dream, in real life, flipped a Dream 20 million celebratory coins. Whichever side it landed on would determine if George won the deal or not. In the end, George lost, and his items were burned.


On March 31, 2021, George, going into a deep slumber, started lucid dreaming.[2]

George, in the dream, walked around as his conscious talked to him. A man named Lore Man started talking to George, and said that he would kill George. George traveled with Lore Man, and they met at Fundy's battle arena to fight. George decided to travel to the L'Manberg crater, and stated that L'Manberg could have been a great nation if it hadn't caused so much conflict.

He ended up at Wilbur's resurrection shrine, and Mexican Dream's voice quickly replaced his conscious' voice, saying to George that if he had become the Vice President of L'Manberg, El Rapids would have never existed. George traveled to a field near his old house, and found Lore Woman, a mysterious figure with Lore Man. He saw Quackity, and he and George forgave each other for all the wrongdoings they had caused.

After a few small fights, Lore Man stated that he and Lore Woman were George's true parents. George was then handed a sword by Lore Man, stating that he wanted George to kill him. In the dream, Lore Man stated that he had one canon life left, and George killed Lore Man in both real life and in his dream.

After the dream

George eventually woke up, and noticed that he was holding the same sword he had killed his father with. George's conscious then stated that he had to make his father proud, and George walked off into the sunset.

He went to El Rapids[3] and met Mexican Dream's ghost, Nihachu, and BadBoyHalo. Mexican Dream started crying and yelling that El Rapids had been destroyed, and demanded to know who had done it, blaming George at first. Bad first blamed it on George, but then changed tracks and told them the truth that Quackity had destroyed it.

The four of them traveled to the L'Manberg crater, and Mexican Dream was happy about it having been destroyed. They then went to Karl's old house, and burnt Quackity's room underneath it. Bad decided that they should blame this on the egg, and that it should be a warning to Quackity as to what would happen if he messed with the egg. Bad then tried to take George and Nihachu to the egg, but before he could do so, DreamXD appeared and George told him about what had happened. DreamXD killed Bad, and told George to take his items, but George hesitated, which upset DreamXD. Niki and Bad left, leaving George to talk to DreamXD.

DreamXD and George went around doing several "pranks" on Bad and Niki though George quickly noticed that DreamXD was not capable of telling what pranks were supposed to be, and kept taking it too far and intimidating them. Eventually, wanting to make George laugh, DreamXD dropped Niki out of the world into hell as another prank.

George stated he was finally done with DreamXD, and ran away to his melon farm. DreamXD followed him and said he would give George anything to make him accept him, and George asked him for netherite armor. DreamXD gave it to him, and George said they were now friends forever.

George met up with Quackity, and passed out. He woke up and checked to see if the armor he had gotten was real or not. He seemed to question reality, and passed out again.

Old friend

George headed to the prison, and saw Quackity. Quackity and he discussed where George, Karl and Sapnap had been, and Quackity felt sad that they had left him behind. This made George feel awkward, and he ran to Kinoko Kingdom.

Fake Escape

George, in a dream, sees Dream escape. He, Sapnap and Karl take Dream to Kinoko Kingdom, and George seemed happy to see Dream. They then traveled around the server, and eventually met up with BadBoyHalo. George then woke up next to Fundy's base, and became very confused at what had happened.

Return of the shield

On August 28th[4], George happily met up with Karl on the Prime Path. George expressed excitement over having won MCC 16 despite not actually winning the event. Karl and George visited Master Oogway and tried to set him free by breaking the fence but they depart shortly after realizing the turtle did not wish to be free.

Karl then insisted he had to give something to George and brought them to Kinoko Kingdom in search of an ender chest. Upon realizing Kinoko Kingdom had no ender chests Karl took them back to the community house where Sapnap joined them.

Sapnap lead them to his base where they saw his dogs and he let them use his ender chest. Beckerson the fish momentarily fell on the ground with no water panicking George, Sapnap, and Karl but he was saved and placed back in Sapnap's ender chest. Karl sent Sapnap away so he could speak to George in private and returned Dream's shield to him much to George's shock and joy. Sapnap returned halting their conversation and they left his base for a moment. Karl asked George if he wanted to use the ender chest subtly suggesting to him he should put away Dream's shield and George went back and put the shield in the ender chest for safe keeping.

George and Karl then went to rob Punz of his belongings. Punz arrived and killed George for stealing from him. George broke down into sobs over losing a canon life. George, however, calmed down when he suddenly remembered he had six canon lives and is now down to five.

George and Karl were then joined by Badboyhalo and Antfrost. George stole some of Antfrost's weednip to try and make Antfrost and Bad agree to help furnish his and Karl's house in Kinoko Kingdom. George ran to the nether and threatened to jump in lava with the drugs if they wouldn't agree to help decorate because he doesn't care about losing another canon life since he has five remaining. They agreed to help furnish the house and Karl took the group back to Kinoko Kingdom to show off his and George's house that they wanted help with decorating. George then left the group and returned to his beds at spawn so he could go back to sleep.

Gambling with DreamXD

On October 21st[5], George arrived to where Tubbo was making a pumpkin farm and saw gambling with DreamXD occurring. George wanted to gamble as well but his items were of lesser value than Tubbo, Ranboo, Foolish, and Ponk's so he was unable to gamble for the high stake items they were. George's gamble was six diamond shovels for his own head making his bet 1 in 6 as opposed to the 50/50 others were betting against, George won his bet and received his own head. DreamXD then suggested George could gamble all the contents of his ender chest for a contraband item but George refused and would not say what he had in the ender chest.

George attempted to steal the items other people were winning or betting so DreamXD made him fall out of the world but George kept returning to cause trouble. DreamXD locked everyone but George into a bedrock box to complete a gamble with Foolish for the head of the ender dragon. After this DreamXD put George into a box with a viewing hole so he was unable to interfere with the proceedings. DreamXD proclaimed George the king of chaos during all of this as well.

Trident Hunting

On October 22nd[6], George woke up from his sleep and realized he had no items on him. George then went to go find some items for himself and ran into Tommy and Awesamdude on the prime path. Tommy asked George what he was planning on doing to which George responded he wanted to spend the day looking for a trident to enchant. Immediately afterwords Tommy died in a trident accident and George used that as an opportunity to steal his trident and other belongings.

George and Awesamdude met Tommy at his home where Punz also arrived to see what was going on. They took a visit to the balls to conduct business and Tommy placed tnt that Punz set off killing the fish living inside the balls and Tommy. George tridented away afterwords and told Tommy to meet him at the court of justice. George and Tommy debated over if George was in the wrong for stealing Tommy's things. Punz decided George was in the wrong and spleefed the blocks underneath him sending George to the ground causing him to die of fall damage and drop the stolen items. Punz also spleefed Tommy causing him to fall to his death.

George ran from spawn back to his death location racing Tommy who wanted to collect his things. When George arrived he was unable to see Tommy, Punz, and Awesamdude. George assumed they had invisibility potions before they walked into his vision and then vanished again. Tommy tried assuring George everything was going to be okay but George was alarmed and frightened by their consistent disappearances from his vision. When George attempted to pick up the items on the ground he was unable to touch them.

After that Tommy left the group and George enlisted Awesamdude and Punz's help in finding a trident. As they made their way to an ocean George stopped to stare at the entrance of Pandora's Vault before moving the group along. George and Awesamdude went out on a boat looking for drowneds with tridents or as they call them 'gurgerlers'. Punz went ahead in different areas using his trident to help them. After a period of time George was able to get a trident and Awesamdude took him to get it enchanted. George named his trident, 'Try Dent' and they returned to the main part of the server.

George joined many members of the server in welcoming the new member, Eryn. As a greeting George non-canonically killed Eryn for the first time. George spent time with other members of the server before going to find Tommy at his request. George introduced himself as the king of the server still and gifted Eryn a glass block before departing.

Elytra Hunt

George spent the first part of his day cleaning the oceans with Sapnap[7]. After the proceedings were done he messed around with other members of the server such as Jack Manifold, Eret, Punz, Foolish, Callahan, Connoreatspants, and Boomer. George once again experienced people disappearing from his field of vision with Foolish and Boomer. Foolish and Boomer led George to Snowchester where they met up again with Eret and Sapnap. George proceeded to kill Boomer, he and Sapnap attacked Foolish, and then George attacked Hannah who died trying to run and George stole her things. George used Hannah's diamond helmet and boots to repair his own diamond helmet and boots.

George then decided to go looking for Michael the zombie piglin baby. George ran around the mansion in Snowchester calling for Michael in a menacing way while Niki pleaded with him to stop. Sapnap found Michael in one of the side houses and George and Punz joined him there to threaten killing Michael. They kept trying to goad others into killing Micahel as well for example telling Foolish he can have his stuff back if he kills him. Sapnap gave Hannah a spruce plank and George told her to bludgeon Michael to death with it before swapping out for a raw pork chop saying it would be more ironic if she killed Michael with that. All the while Eret and Niki watched from the roof and Niki begged them not to hurt Michael. George threw an egg as Michael which made him hostile and Michael attacked George who had to flee because his armor had the thorns enchantment.

They continued to play around with Michael who was angry and George and chased him outside much to the amusement of George and Sapnap but worry of Niki. Hannah and Eret were able to get Michael in a boat and push him back inside where George continued to throw eggs at Michael and look around in Tubbo and Ranboo's things. George, Sapnap, Hannah, and Punz left to come to an agreement over who would kill Michael. While they were gone Eret was able to take Michael to safety somewhere where George and the others could not find him. The group interested in killing Michael abandoned their plans and travelled back to the main SMP. Punz attacked George who retreated to the Holy Lands and tried to bait Punz into killing him. They entered Church Prime to ring the prime bell. George asked for Foolish, Punz, Hannah, and Bad to meet him at the community house where he suggested a game of them killing each other.

George then continued hanging out with Hannah and Foolish. George practiced his bowing skills by firing at Hannah who was flying through the sky, hitting her successfully a few times. [8]


Personal items
Name Notes
Shield.png Dream's shield Dream's shield is one of Dream's many shields. It was given to George by Dream himself and was Georges's only highly valuable item. George lost the shield after being killed by Tommy and Tubbo, and it was taken by Lil Nas X. However, Lil Nas X gave the shield to Karl Jacobs. Karl decided to give back Dream's shield to George, however, Sapnap took the shield. Sapnap then shoved it into his ender chest, leaving it in his possession.

On May 18, Drista was playing on Sapnap's account and gave the shield back to Karl so he can give it back to George.

On August 28th, Karl gave the shield back to George, and George put it in his ender chest.

Enchanted Diamond Sword.gif Lore Sharpness IV, Unbreaking III

Previously owned by Lore Man.

Diamond Shovel.png Holy Spoon A shovel given by DreamXD.
Netherite Sword .pngNetherite Helmet.png DreamXD's Netherite Set A full set of netherite tools and armor given by DreamXD.
Enchanted Trident Item.gif Try Dent A trident George obtained with the help of Punz and Awesamdude on October 22nd. Enchanted with Riptide III, Unbreaking III, and Mending


Name Status Residence Notes
Clownfish.png Beckerson Alive Sapnap's ender chest Beckerson is the first-named fish in the Dream SMP, named after a donator and shared by the Dream Team. During the Disc Confrontation against Dream, Beckerson was among the "attachments" that Dream had collected. Beckerson was retrieved by Sapnap and now belongs to him.


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Awesamdude was George's roommate. George reluctantly decided to become roommates when Awesamdude saw how weak George was and offered him a home. George moved out on the day of the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, but Sam wants George to move back in.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
During the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, they built George's house together, and when George was crowned king, Callahan became his squire.
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
George and Puffy were on opposing sides in the Mexican L'Manberg Political Protest. Puffy also has killed George multiple times on the server, so it is likely that they have a slightly negative relationship. Besides that, they have not interacted much.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Dream and George are usually on good terms. They originally started the server together, and stuck by each other's side during events such as the L'Manberg Independence War. But as time flew by, they seemed to get more distant. Dream did show some hint of caring for George by threatening to exile Tommy because he burnt down George's mushroom house, but it's hinted that burning down George's house was just another reason to get Tommy exiled. However, Dream spontaneously dethroned George after he no longer remained neutral as Dream had instructed. George, along with Sapnap and Quackity, tried to regain kingship with a political protest against Dream's wishes. Later, their conflict was resolved with a deal, and George remained dethroned. However, this time, they left on seemingly neutral-negative terms. Dream expressed to Sapnap during his visit to Pandora's Vault that he would like George to come to visit him as well, likely wanting to make up with George, but George never seemed to make that plan into reality.

George also seems to miss Dream and views DreamXD as a placeholder or replacement for him. Quackity saw George standing in front of Pandora's Vault with no explanation for why he was there, but it seems likely that he was considering visiting Dream.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
DreamXD seems to be rather protective of George often joining the server to aid him, however, he also becomes angry when George asks him for more materials after he had given him full netherite which scared George and made him question their friendship. George also seems to view DreamXD partially as a stand-in for Dream, usually referring to him as such.

In exchange for full netherite armor and tools, George swore to be DreamXD's best friend. However, he does seem to fear DreamXD.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Eret generally doesn’t like George for taking their place as king. Eret also hired Technoblade to assassinate George shortly after George was named king.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
George met Foolish for the first time while he was hanging around the server with other members of the SMP. Foolish took George to his summer house, and gave George several diamonds along with enough netherite to build a full set of armor. George made a full set of armor out of what Foolish gave him, and then left Foolish's summer house. The two have had a good relationship since.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
George and Ghostbur did not interact much, therefore much is unknown.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
George and Karl have a long history of joking with each other, and they often hang out. They have since grown their relationship, as Karl gave George custom yeezys.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Mexican Dream was on good terms with George because they came from the same country. Even after El Rapids, George was very happy on seeing him again and their relationship was not affected by its destruction.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Ninja and George are married. However, George believes that Ninja doesn't truly love him and that it was all just for show.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
George and Quackity ran together as SWAG2020 during the election, and as a result, they had a good relationship. However, this relationship was shattered when George failed to show up on election day, and many of the other important events on the server. Quackity blamed George for getting Jschlatt in power by not showing up on the election day, and even went as far as to make killing George one of his top priorities post-conflict.

However, recently Quackity and George made up, and are once again on good terms, though Quackity feels somewhat abandoned by not being told about Kinoko Kingdom.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Ranboo burned George’s house down. Ranboo has since apologized, and George accepted. However, George did seem a bit mad due to him losing almost everything he had, but lost any leftover anger he had.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Sapnap, being one of George’s best friends bicker and fight a lot. However, it is part of their friendship, and they often stick together in every war.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
When George was king, Technoblade assassinated him. However, the two made a deal, seemingly repairing their relations. Since then, they have not interacted much.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
George and Tommy ran against each other in the election and were on opposite sides in the Manberg Rebellion. George also sees Tommy as a nuisance to the server, saying the reason conflict happened was because of him. Tommy also burnt down George's new house and left offensive messages, leading to the Exile Conflict.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
George and Wilbur ran against each other in the election and were on opposite sides in the Manberg Rebellion. However, they never seemed to have negative opinions about each other. George, only somewhat knowing about his death, stated that he was a "good person."


  • "One big happy family!"
  • "Stop the conflict, Tommy..."
  • "What are you guys... scheming?"
  • "You didn't crunch hard enough!"
  • "Make sure this place is cleaned up, nicely..."
  • "Can you guys stop fighting?"
  • "The squire is not to be fought..."
  • "He just CAME in... and SLAUGHTERED ME!"
  • "Dream you didn't protect me."
  • "Say you hate me..."
  • "Why Dream? Is it because you are a horrible person?"
  • "Log in, log in..."
  • "If you don't log in, you are going to regret it..."
  • "You wanna know who's not safe?"
  • "I can't do this anymore..."
  • "I look down across, what it could've been. It could've been mine, it could've all been mine."
  • "We could've had an excellent presidency."
  • "I would rather be with Bad and the egg..."
  • "You just don't get it!"
  • "You just made it even worse, you double downed!"
  • "You took things too far to the point where- I don't even know how to deal with it!"
  • "I don't think you get it..."


  • George supposedly sleeps &/or procrastinates through almost every event on the server, which other members of the server often joke about.
    • This is probably due to George having an unhealthy sleep schedule in real life.
  • George is seemingly protected by DreamXD and Dream.
  • Contrary to popular belief, George was the first person to say the line "one big happy family," the line that would later be said by other members of the server.
  • George seems to have minor memory loss as when logging on after doomsday, had forgotten most of El Rapids and Mexican Dream.
  • He is colorblind.


End of spoiler warning.