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This page is about Ghostbur. For his living counterpart, see Wilbur Soot/SMP. For the streamer who plays this character, see Wilbur Soot.

T-Tommy you, you said it would be okay! You-


Ghostbur was the residual ghost of the person who was known as Wilbur Soot in life. He made his first appearance on November 17, 2020. He was said to have re-manifested due to having extensive unfinished business on the server - this unfinished business was assumed to be L'Manberg as a whole.

He is considered an entirely separate person from his alive self, who he referred to as "Alivebur". Due to the extensive traumas of his past, he suffered from severe retrograde amnesia, and could typically only remember happy things. Due to his first resurrection attempt, his spirit briefly developed a link to Schlatt's ghost.

After Tommy's second exile from L'Manberg, he accompanied him, intending to help him stay positive and recover, but was sent away by Dream. Later, after reuniting with civilization, he met up with the survivors of L'Manberg in the aftermath of the Doomsday War and asked them to attempt to resurrect Wilbur by killing him. Ghostbur still aligned himself with the intended ideology of freedom that L'Manberg was meant to embody, and never fully gave up on it, despite the country's dissolution.

Ghostbur briefly went MIA after his first resurrection attempt, which was recognized after the Disc Confrontation by Wilbur and Tommy. He reappeared on March 14,[2] a few days after Dream had said he would revive Wilbur.[3]

On April 29, 2021, Ghostbur was killed by Dream with the revival book, reviving Wilbur. He is now permanently in limbo and cannot return to the server. On November 20, 2021, his actor (content creator Wilbur) confirmed on the Dream SMP subreddit that Ghostbur is canonically suspended.



Ghostbur was a humanoid spirit, with light grey skin, black eyes, and brownish-gray hair. He wore a yellow sweater, black pants, and gray shoes.


Ghostbur did not possess any supernatural qualities or abilities, unlike the majority of other spirits said to exist on the SMP. He could not fly, turn invisible without potions, or pass through walls, being entirely corporeal to the mortal plane, as if he were a living player. However, he was dangerously allergic to water, and sizzled and melted should he have come into contact with the rain or snow - this didn’t seem to cause him much physical harm in short spurts, but slowly melted him if he stayed without cover for long. Apparently, this is because he was "semi-permeable".

Due to the extensive traumas of his past, he suffers from severe retrograde amnesia, and can typically only remember happy things. Dwelling on serious topics for too long usually results in him forgetting anything of value.

Ghostbur had a scar over his chest underneath his sweater, where Phil stabbed him. Despite being a ghost, it reportedly still caused him pain. The location of this scar could be on the stomach, but because the stab location changes in recounts so frequently, both are viable canon.

On the Christmas Eve stream, it was further explained that Ghostbur would burn from the inside and dissolve if he was exposed to alcohol (though the entire stream was out of character, and this information was debatably canon at best).

He once claimed he could not touch metal; this fact seemed to have been disproven by his later contact with gold armor. It was later completely disregarded as a plot point.

He was deemed effectively immortal, as it is not usually possible to canonically kill a ghost. Ghostbur was aware of this, and used it as an excuse to make people worry less about him when he got into rough situations. His memory loss did not appear to be a result of his death.

Ghostbur was able to be technically attacked by a physical weapon, as items did not phase through him, but the action wouldn't achieve much. It was debatable if he experienced pain from physical wounds. The first time he allowed himself to voice sadness resulted in a burst of coughing, implying that Ghostbur's fragile emotional state may have affected him physically.


Ghostbur acted similarly to Wilbur pre-presidency, most likely as a result of his spotty memory. He claimed to have let go of the majority of his lifetime struggles, attempting to find peace again. Despite this, in his own words, existence was pain. He seemed to struggle with the realization of the fact that there was no afterlife for him, talking frequently about the fraudulence of religion.

Despite his calmer state, he seemed to be very sad underneath his smile, trying not to focus on deep emotional things as a whole. His main goal was to make everybody else happy. He claimed that he didn't see a point to most superficial things, such as marriage, and asserted that since there was no real afterlife, there'd be no point in being anything but kind. As a result, he was a lot nicer than he was directly before his death, treating most of his old lifetime friends with a tentative and hopeful new approach. Ghostbur used to not want to be revived, as that would mean his death, but after Doomsday, he came to the conclusion that people would prefer it if Wilbur came back, and became reluctantly enthusiastic about the idea of his second death.

Ghostbur seemed to be very tentative, doing his best to stay out of the way of large-scale meetings, dodging serious and heavy topics, and avoiding any and all mentions of his past. Whenever reminded of his history, he became very uncomfortable, almost as if he was experiencing some sort of emotional distress at the idea of remembering. His memory wasn't entirely gone - he attempted to list the things he could recall in his book, What I Remember. He detached himself from his living counterpart entirely, asking to be referred to as Ghostbur, and referring to living Wilbur as a separate person, often using the name "Alivebur". Despite this, Ghostbur was determined to make up for Wilbur's antagonism.

Although he was rather melancholic, Ghostbur actively portrayed himself as innocent or unaware - it is not clear if this was consciously, or subconsciously. In times of trauma or tension, Ghostbur was unable to analyze or be sensitive about the situation, most probably due to his conscious repression of anything negative. For example, during Technoblade's execution, he fixated on "Friend", unable to comprehend the negative events that were happening around him. Due to his forced innocence and active memory repression, Ghostbur could be easily manipulated, never once doubting people's words as more than what they appeared to be on the surface level. This could be seen especially in the failed beach party event, when Dream took advantage of this - he didn't once consider that Dream might be trying to push him out of the way in order to harm Tommy.

Ghostbur retained his old affinity for tricks and pranks, and he enjoyed messing with his friends in little ways - usually by going invisible and punching them, or by placing menacing signs around them. He also demonstrated a new affinity for building, making a variety of structures around New L'Manberg. He later lamented their destruction.

He had a continued interest in literature, collecting every book he found in his personal library. He was fond of reading them to people he liked, even if he didn't remember the context behind some of them. He used this literature to study L’Manberg’s history and core ideologies. Ghostbur retained his drive to preserve L’Manberg’s purpose of freedom, even calling Tubbo, someone he considered to be a friend, into question on occasion.

Mental health

Much like his living self, Ghostbur appeared to be rather depressed, stating frequently that his existence is pain, everything is meaningless, and that he would like to stay dead. His sadness was hinted at by his allusions to expressing it.[4] He had selective memory loss (dissociative amnesia), likely due to the trauma he suffered throughout his life. When actively attempting to recall information, he struggled to remember the negative experiences of his past. The memories were not entirely gone, though, as Ghostbur somehow alluded to them in his final version of the L'Manberg Anthem, implying that his mind consciously blocked them out as a natural coping mechanism.

Ghostbur actively denied his sadness, dodging around the topic whenever he let details slip by accident, or was questioned about them by family. For example, both Fundy and Tommy asked about the nature of his "blue", a substance that supposedly begins transparent and clear, changing with the sadness it absorbs. The "blue" that was handed out by Ghostbur, however, was always a solid, opaque blue color and has never been seen in its initial transparent form. It could be deduced that he actively forgot things as a coping mechanism, unwilling to face anything that stressed him for fear of turning back into Wilbur.

Alongside his active repression, it alluded to that Ghostbur's memory was actively deteriorating as a result of said dissociative amnesia, or was, at the very least, fluctuating heavily depending on his levels of stress. He failed to remember writing a book of his memories, and stated that he didn't remember half of the things written inside, despite having written them recently. He also tended to forget the names of people and places, often forgetting and remembering people sporadically when his mind registered them as being distressing. Usually, this forgetting process was instantaneous, as Ghostbur struggled to grasp onto anything that troubled him.

Despite not being fully aware of his traumas, Ghostbur seemingly had a continued lack of self-preservation that carried over from his living state. Despite being aware that rain and snow may melt him, he frequently ventured outside in said weather conditions before, and purposefully touched rain. It would appear that, with his resurrection attempt plans, Ghostbur had a complicated relationship with his continued state of being. He believed himself to be weak, and recognized that the server needs strength, believing that he, in his spectral form, was not enough to help anyone. Despite fearing death, as a result, he accepted it as necessary.

The sound of explosions seemed to cause distress in Ghostbur, and he didn't like being around them.


Much like Wilbur, Ghostbur valued the core ideology of L'Manberg very highly, having done a great deal of research into the nation's history. He believed in the concept of true freedom and emancipation, and voiced discontent at the new angles the current administration was taking, especially the execution cage and the house arrest of Phil. He didn't seem to be able to keep on the heavy political topic for long, but he voiced his concerns to Tubbo before, questioning if he had changed as a President. He had a peaceful mindset, as seen by how he attempted to enforce the 'no armor in L'Manberg' rule.

Ghostbur disliked Wilbur, and demonized him whenever possible, but he acknowledged the lengthy period of peace that the nation enjoyed under his leadership. Ghostbur seemed to hope for peace to return, though he complied with the new government in an attempt not to upset them.

Ghostbur disapproved of the destruction of L'Manberg in the Doomsday War, and grew angry when he realized that Phil - someone he once considered a hero of the SMP for killing him - helped the terrorism progress. He continued to hope to rebuild L'Manberg, despite its dissolution, and was resistant to the idea that it may be gone for good. He believed that the world required strength and leadership, something that Wilbur may be able to provide for it, seeing his personal interference as nothing more than a display of weakness.

Ghostbur was willing to follow the desires of the people around him, and preferred to take the route that would lead to the most happiness in the world.


Retribution Arc

Initial post-mortem

During his death, Wilbur supposedly experienced the afterlife, coming to the conclusion that religion was false due to the fact that he saw nothing while there. Somehow, he returned to the server as a ghost. He claimed to have found peace after blowing everything up, though his subsequent despairing language calls this claim into question. Ghostbur showed a tentative new kindness to the citizens of L'Manberg, and requested a small area of land to build on, which he received. He offered his advice about rebuilding L'Manberg to the new President Tubbo, complimenting his leadership. Later, he expressed a desire to be resurrected to Tommy and Phil.

Using his small area of allotted land, he set up a place of residence for himself - a crane, with a small underground sewer-based living space. In the sewer, he moved the majority of his preserved documents into a barrel, which was later renovated into a personal library. He then took an hour to compose two more verses for the final version of the L'Manberg National Anthem, delivering it to Quackity for him to sing it.

Later, while relaxing, he mentioned to Quackity that Tubbo wanted to take down the Ninja Alleyway. After talking about the state of L'Manberg briefly, Quackity attempted to forcefully remind Ghostbur of his final explosion plot, but Ghostbur denied having ever detonated the TNT, claiming he would never do such a thing.

After collecting more lost documents and setting up a potion brewing service, Ghostbur compiled everything he could remember into a journal named What I Remember. It covered a loose recollection of his past both during and before L'Manberg, before ending in hastily typed ellipses (it is disputed whether or not this was intended to be morse code), and a loosely written 'I don't know'. Notably, he seemed to believe he won the Election. The only seemingly negative things he remembered while writing the book were Phil killing him and a large explosion (it is unclear if this is a memory of Dream's first detonation of L'Manberg, or his own). Shortly afterward, he forgot having written said book.

Attempting to settle down

Ghostbur requested for Tubbo, and then, later, Jack Manifold, to write custom books, in order to add them to his collection. He assisted Fundy in helping tear down the Orphanage structure erected around his house by Captain Puffy. Later, he would request for another book - titled Arrival - to be written, this time by Philza. He spent some free time with his father, playing music in central L'Manberg, reading some of his book collection, and working on Phil's house together.

After retrieving Fundy's lost items, he attempted to return them in hopes of repairing his relationship with his son. Fundy informed Ghostbur that Eret had proposed the idea of adopting him, and that Phil would likely agree to it. Upset, he went to ask Phil about it, learning that Phil was still in the deciding stage, but would lean towards approving it. He pleaded for Phil to explain his bad history to him, but backed out of the conversation when things got too dark. Ghostbur went for a silent walk in Pogtopia before leaving when that also overwhelmed him, coming to the resigned conclusion that Fundy needed a dad, and he would do whatever he could to make up for his past.

Ghostbur accidentally stumbled across the old button room, but when Phil and Tubbo offered to explain it, he backed out of the conversation immediately. Later, when Phil was consoling Fundy about his failed adoption, Ghostbur attempted to engage conversation, tagging along in secret to their fishing session. After being discovered, Fundy demanded to speak to him, and the two went down to his sewer to talk properly, but Ghostbur refused to acknowledge the darker topics, stating he didn't remember doing any of what he was being accused of. He claimed to have forgotten the adoption process entirely, and attempted to deflect with another fishing offer before escaping with an invisibility potion.

After hearing about Techno and Phil being somewhere out of L'Manberg from Tommy, Ghostbur went to try and find them at Techno's old base. He met up with them despite Tommy's vocal dislike of Techno. Ghostbur didn't seem to grasp the divide between the group, hoping that everyone could re-befriend each other in a conversation, before leaving with Tommy upon his insistence. While returning, Tommy tried to explain Ghostbur's past to him without explicitly saying any names, in hopes of jogging his memory. Ghostbur voiced that he believed he did remember the history of L'Manberg, and recounted all he remembered in response, but his recount was still flawed, and he failed to remember who blew the land up.

Tommy and Ghostbur encountered Connor and later Sapnap, and they planned to make some apology drugs in the Camarvan for Tubbo to try and prevent Tommy's exile the next day. Ghostbur expressed confusion at Sapnap being part of L'Manberg, stating he remembered seeing him on the other side in the war for independence, and accused him of being a traitor, like Eret. Once again, Ghostbur described death to Tommy upon his request, and then swore on demand. Ghostbur told Tubbo about the gift, accidentally ruining the surprise, before returning to help complete the brewing process despite Tommy's irritation at him. He showed off a flying strider he tamed with Fundy to the small group, before they went to gift Tubbo his drugs, supporting Tommy.

Ghostbur and Tommy separated from the group after the exchange to speak about how badly the gift giving went. Tommy asked Ghostbur for advice on what to do if he was exiled from L'Manberg, and asked if he would still be there for him. Ghostbur proposed that Tommy should make a house outside L'Manberg. Ghostbur expressed that he didn't wholly understand the ongoing drama, but voiced that he would be wherever he was needed. Tommy questioned why Ghostbur was still in existence, and Ghostbur explained that he tried not to think about it, in an attempt to avoid forgetting further. He continued to try and reassure Tommy through his distress, coming to the conclusion that Tommy needed his help more than L'Manberg now. Ghostbur proposed the idea that he should pretend to be like his alive self in order to go and help Tommy make a new nation, and stated he would follow Tommy, no matter what happened the next day.

Tommy's exile

Ghostbur willingly followed after Tommy, after Tommy was exiled from the entirety of the server - though, he didn't seem to properly grasp that Tommy had been permanently exiled. He asked why Tommy got thrown out, but never received a clear answer. Along the way, he tried to cheer Tommy up, despite not fully understanding the situation. While Tommy and Dream spoke, Technoblade contacted Ghostbur in private as they set up a new spawn, asking for their coordinates.

Ghostbur in exile

The two started afresh together, 2,000 blocks away from spawn, having lost almost all of their items to Dream's TNT. Hurt from the past ordeal, Tommy asked why Wilbur made Tubbo president, and Ghostbur expressed that he genuinely didn't know, entirely separating his current self from his living self. He tried to distract from the conversation when Tommy seemed upset at him.

Ghostbur proposed they make a house to stay in, but Tommy declined, declaring they were only making a campsite, and Ghostbur agreed with the sentiment. Ghostbur spoke up about what he remembered of Pogtopia, noting the similar situation, wondering how it went, and Tommy explained that it went badly. Tommy blamed Tubbo's presidency on living Wilbur, accusing him of having orchestrated this outcome, to which Ghostbur tried to backpedal once more, explaining he did not like to think about his living self. Ghostbur told Tommy about Techno's contact, and seemed confused by why Tommy hated him, before declaring to Tommy that he was going to make up for whatever Wilbur did to him.

When Tommy declared he needed his discs, Ghostbur questioned him about their worth. When Tommy mentioned Tubbo, Ghostbur tried to recall his past motives about promoting Tubbo in the first place, wondering if he may have made Tubbo president because he wanted someone with discs to be in charge, or if he'd had faith in his leadership skills. Later, Ghostbur reminded Tommy of his initial victory in the War for Independence, recounting the duel between Tommy and Dream, and when he gave his discs up for L'Manberg on two occasions, praising him for his past, and offering him reassurance about his bravery.

When Techno joined the call, Ghostbur greeted him fondly and invited him to join them, describing his location aloud to him, despite Techno and Tommy clearly disliking each other. Ghostbur voiced that he only had good memories of Techno and Phil, saying that he wanted the group to reunite once more in exile. When he visited briefly, Ghostbur greeted and chatted to Technoblade with joy, despite Tommy's anger at his presence, and stated that he hoped to go back to L'Manberg soon with them. When Techno mentioned they were anarchy brothers as he left, Ghostbur reacted with confusion, to which Techno reassured that he would explain later. Ghostbur went back to trying to make Tommy feel better, trying to distract him from the drama going on. Together, they named the new settlement Logsted, formally known as Logstedshire. Ghostbur constructed the majority of the new settlement’s base, and Dream gifted Ghostbur a book to write in, and some drugs. Upon Tommy’s request, though, he gave the book to him.

Repairing relationships

Ghostbur traveled back to L’Manberg briefly in order to retrieve some of his books from his home library and take screenshots to hang around Logstedshire. He offered to take Tommy with him, but Dream convinced him not to. Ghostbur later made a lodestone compass that would point directly to the White House, where Tubbo lived, and gave it to Tommy as a gift. Later, in a visit to L'Manberg, Phil gifted him a Friendship Emerald from Techno. He then took Tubbo to Logstedshire while Tommy wasn't there in order to show him around. Tubbo offered to explain the events properly to him, but Ghostbur said he'd rather keep avoiding the sadness. Ghostbur asked what Tubbo did to Tommy, and acted encouraging when Tubbo expressed a desire to fix their relationship, complimenting his presidency.

After discussing his old Presidency, Ghostbur expressed vocal sadness at the fact his living self never received a gravestone, talking to Tubbo about how he had supposedly come to peace with the fact that his old self was "awful". Tubbo tried to explain that it was because he was still around, but Ghostbur replied "I'm not him." He led Tubbo back to his L'Manberg base in order to give him a present - a lodestone compass that would point directly to Logstedshire, where Tommy lived.

The next day, Ghostbur readily helped Tommy and Dream beautify the Logstedshire beach, in preparation for a beach party (or as Phil called it, the “beach episode”). He happily agreed to hand out the invitations, handing out half of the invites as requested, but Dream interrupted, offering to take his role. Informing him that Tommy didn’t want him there, Dream sent him far into the snowy wilderness, where he got lost for about a month.

Return to society

Ghostbur came back on the day of the Butcher Army's attack, arriving at Techno's base in an attempt to shelter from the rain and help him, but Techno sent him away with a task to lead a blue sheep away in an attempt to protect him.

Unaware of the conflict, he led the hunting party straight to Technoblade, visibly confused about the mixed stories he was being told - Techno told him the butchers would kill him, but the butchers told him that Techno would hurt him. He tried to keep the butchers away anyhow, struggling to keep up with the situation. He watched the conflict in the background with Phil, and followed after the group, providing them a lead in a trade deal. On the way, he voiced concerns about the sight of the destroyed Logstedshire, but was shut down by the butchers calling him senile.

Upon witnessing the display of violence, he asked Tubbo if he'd changed. Concerned, he offered the butchers blue, to which they asked if he was sad, and he once again deflected. He voiced concern about Logstedshire to Phil, going into his house to shield from the rain, wondering what had happened to Tommy. He voiced that he was reading history books, and noted how the land was built on the idea of freedom, voicing concerns on how L'Manberg was being run in a way countering its core ideology. He also questioned Techno's lack of freedom, and his status as a fugitive, and their attacking Phil. Ghostbur questioned Tubbo's morality, to which Phil told him that Tubbo was no longer the good guy.

Ghostbur voiced that he believed Phil to have been right in finally ending Wilbur still, but stated that he had noticed that L'Manberg had enjoyed peace longest under his leadership, and voiced that he believed Eret to be a terrible person. He noticed Tommy arriving, and leapt to talk to him, asking about the beach party, to which Tommy explained that Dream had never been on his side. He started mentioning how invitations went out but were never received, but Tommy left before he could hear it, and wondered aloud if everyone was angry at Quackity.

He sang the anthem with Phil while looking at the cage, voicing that writing it was a happy memory. He decided to get rid of the cage, voicing disapproval at Phil's house arrest. Upon seeing Fundy, he tried to act friendly, but Fundy denied his advances. He started talking about L'Manberg was losing its freedom, and tried to convince the cabinet to let Phil out, as their decree broke the core ideals of emancipation. Ghostbur remarked on Ranboo's loyalty, likening him to Aaron Burr. After realizing it had been a month since he died, he celebrated the fact with Phil and Ranboo briefly. He then decided he would go and find Techno.

Ghostbur accidentally killed Friend while trying to move him, and was immensely wounded by it, stating it was the worst thing he'd ever seen. He voiced he had another bad memory, calling back to the fishing trip with Fundy and Phil, but failed to recall the details of the event, having forgotten Fundy's accusations of him, and convinced Phil to join them despite his house arrest.

In the snow

He forgot about killing Friend almost immediately, giving Ranboo the resultant mutton while traveling with him to meet Techno. The two got lost on their way, and bonded over their memory loss and aversion to rain. They walked in on Techno and Tommy's discussion, and Tommy voiced his anger at Ghostbur for the beach party. He explained his absence to Tommy and said that he could not go back to Logstedshire or his sewer. Tommy offered him a room next to his raccoon hole, but Ghostbur decided to build a new house next to Techno's.

After a few days, Ghostbur decided to search for the reincarnated version of Friend, accompanying Tommy on his search to gather oak wood. Upon voicing concerns about Tommy preferring Wilbur, Tommy told Ghostbur that Wilbur was a terrible person, and that his death was the best thing ever, which seemed to cheer him up. He advised Tommy to simply deny the existence things that troubled him, describing it as one of his go-to coping mechanisms, before explaining the history of Friend to him. He left Tommy to search further for Friend, but it started snowing, so he had to go inside.

Later, he encountered Dream, who had brought Friend with him. In an act of hospitality, he lead Dream to the cabin, unaware of Tommy's runaway status, though Tommy was quick to inform him. When Dream arrived, Ghostbur attempted to cover for him by pretending that Tommy wasn't present. However, his lies had several holes in them, and weren't very believable. During the visit, he voiced his mild fear and appreciation for Dream, who seemed to "appreciate" it. Though Dream seemed to see through the lies, Ghostbur managed to safely send him away, saving Tommy for the day.

Ghostbur attempted to give Tommy a tutorial on building, giving him advice on making non-square structures. Seemingly unprompted, he stated that he didn't want to be brought back to life, explaining that he was scared of dying, and reviving Wilbur in his place, as most people preferred him as a ghost. In an attempt to help him, he pointed Tommy in the direction to his old base, letting him know that most people might assume that he'd committed suicide.

Back in L'Manberg

Later, Ghostbur moved Friend to Phil's house in order to have him look after him. Despite trusting Phil, he would repeatedly check in on Friend, to Phil's annoyance. This led to him saying "yes" (even if he was unsure of Friend's status) every time Ghostbur asked if he was alright, until he went to check on him to find him gone. Fortunately, Ghostbur was able to find Friend at the Camarvan. Irritated, he called Phil a horrible pet-sitter, ignoring him when he complained that he never asked to be one. One of the reasons why Friend kept escaping was due to Ghostbur consistently breaking Phil's front door, claiming it got in his way or that Friend didn't seem to like going through open doors.

When Fundy asked about Friend in chat, he stated "He is the girlfriend of mine," in Dutch, implying that the two moved past the platonic stage of their relationship and have since begun dating. Though it is possible that Ghostbur meant the female variant of a platonic friend, his usage of predominantly male pronouns for Friend in the conversation, and his subsequent clarification in English, calls that assertion into question.

He watched Tubbo give Phil a cursed monitor anklet, questioning why he was being nice, and offered to kill him canonically as retaliation with his crossbow. He fired a single shot as a warning, before apologizing immediately. He offered to enchant a fake monitor helmet for Phil, after accidentally making the decoy plan known to Tubbo.

When given the cursed helmet to look at, Ghostbur equipped it, and it got stuck, so he was placed under mock house arrest with Phil. He offered to shoot himself or get Antfrost to kill him in order to remove it. Ghostbur voiced concern about Tubbo changing ideologically and altering L’Manberg’s idea of freedom, but the topic was lost, and he instead opted to praise Tubbo’s presidency, avoiding the topic.


After having spent a little time away from the community, Ghostbur arrived at L'Manberg just in time to see the aftermath of the Doomsday War. He was spotted by Nihachu, who didn't know that he existed, and assumed that he was a hallucination, prompting her to blow up her bakery and set fire to the prime path. He voiced despair at Friend’s death, and yelled at Phil after discovering that he’d helped destroy L’Manberg, finally spilling his frustrations. He joined the fleeing L’Manbergians, letting Tommy know that he’d finally decided he wanted to be revived, and that only Dream could help him.

He asked for opinions on the issues of Schlatt’s and Wilbur’s presidency, before Fundy arrived in order to explain his antagonism. Ghostbur acted uncomfortable around his son’s distress, leaving Quackity to talk. While talking, Quackity lied to Ghostbur about the continued existence of the Community House. Quackity told Ghostbur that he was upset when Wilbur died, prompting Ghostbur to wonder how disliked he really was. After meeting Eret on their walk, Ghostbur voiced his weird opinion on him, claiming to like him. He then kept saying that he wanted to be killed (resurrected) in a lighthearted voice.

When trying to find who could revive him, Eret suggested that Phil could bring him back. Having already forgotten his argument with him, he contacted his father in an attempt to get resurrected. He and Phil planned to attempt the resurrection on the 10th of January. After asking Phil his opinion on the detonation, he asked for his opinion on rebuilding, but talked over Eret’s hesitation. On his way out, he came across the real Community House, but didn’t think much of it.

First resurrection attempt

Shortly before his revival, Ghostbur turned up at the scene, searching for Friend. He mentioned how he found Friend the last few times, to which Phil and Eret questioned aloud if Dream had lied to him about the legitimacy of Friend's identity. Despite that, he decided to go out and try to find the reincarnation of Friend while the setup for the resurrection continued, describing how he initially spawned in the arctic, and how Dream found him in L'Manberg.

Upon the completion of Eret's resurrection shrine, he, Phil, and Ranboo made their way towards it in order to begin the resurrection. They went through the process, only interrupted by Ghostbur's fear of death, but the resurrection did not work. Ghostbur found himself in some sort of state of death, coming into contact with two figures (presumably Schlatt and either Mexican Dream or Wilbur), but he didn't have time to identify them before returning to life. Frustrated, the group decided to go and find Friend, worried they'd missed something. While there, Fundy tagged along, willing to lend a hand.

They returned to the shrine for the second time, upon which they sped through the ritual once more. However, it failed once more. Ghostbur disappeared, and the voice of Schlatt rang out, as if the resurrection process had disturbed him. When he came back, he stated that he'd only seen one figure, instead of two, and began to act strangely, as if Schlatt had left a strange impression on his spirit. Shaken, he initially wanted to go and do it again, but the group decided to hold off on it so that they could get a totem of undying for the next attempt. Feeling unwell, Ghostbur agreed, leaving for the rest of the day.

Empowerment Arc

Second return

Ghostbur later appeared on March 14, after Tommy's return to the server, after a long absence. He strangely claimed that it had been days since he last spoke to Tommy, despite Ghostbur being absent and Tommy being locked up for the past few weeks. Ghostbur had a conversation with Tommy, seemingly struggling to grasp Wilbur’s worse state, and sometimes forgetting L’Manberg’s state of destruction. Tommy asked Ghostbur if he knew about him talking to Wilbur in the afterlife but Ghostbur told him he had no idea Tommy had even died. He also seemed okay with the Blood Vines, saying that it was "like blue but wrong."

He traveled to Snowchester to see MICHAEL, and came across Connor on the way back, having entirely forgotten his presence. Connor returned his knife to him, and Ghostbur asked for his crossbow, Chekhov's Gun, back, only to find it’d been destroyed.

Ghostbur accompanied Tommy to his prison watchtower and watched it being built. He continued to hang around with Ranboo and Tubbo, complimenting Ranboo’s appearance. Ghostbur claimed to have been sleeping for a long time when Ranboo asked where he’d been, citing his resurrection as a stressful time. He claimed that he returned when he learned that Tommy needed him, because Tubbo told him about it. He proceeded to ask Ranboo more about the plan to kill Dream, openly wondering about what Ranboo was so scared about.

Ranboo explained to Ghostbur that Dream was manipulative, to which he seemed confused, asking again what he could do. Ranboo talked about resurrecting people, and Ghostbur missed his point, assuming that Mexican Dream was the main threat. He wondered about the Wilbur resurrection, mentioning that some people were still keen on it, and voicing that he was scared of death.

Ghostbur mentioned reading Wilbur’s now-destroyed memoirs, and talked about how, prior to the Election, he was actually alright. He also brought up how he was likely scarred, and that he had good intentions. Ghostbur reiterated his belief that the world needs a leader, and decided he would help the person who ended up in charge however he could. Later, Tommy asked Ghostbur if he remembered Friend. Ghostbur admitted that he did, but he wished he didn't, because Friend was one of two bad memories he still had. He reportedly started to hang around L'Manberg, citing that he was drawn to it.

While Tommy and Tubbo were planning to build TNT cannons on April 22,[5] Ghostbur hung around the two, though he wasn't actively participating in their mission initially. Tommy advised that Ghostbur shouldn't go near L'Manberg anymore, and asked why, upon which Tommy asked if he knew what happened during his death. Tommy explained that he'd died, and spoken to Wilbur, upon which Ghostbur changed the topic forcefully, helping to get sand for the duo to make TNT and selling his netherite pickaxe for five codfish.

When setting up the TNT cannon, Ghostbur was distressed by the sound of creepers and TNT going off. He voiced his concern about the "fireworks", and Tommy warned him that he'd need to get used to it before he excused himself abruptly.[6]


Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo, and Ghostbur came up with a separate idea to enter the prison without TNT - Ghostbur would visit the prison, and sneak an invisible Tommy alongside him. They ran through a preparation first, and Ghostbur voiced a variety of concerns, including having to lie to Sam and his potential resurrection. Despite his worries and being vaguely spaced out, he went along with the plot anyway.

Ghostbur entered the prison as normal, going through all the procedures without much trouble. When Tommy was discovered, though, Sam rolled back the platform to get him away from the cell and Ghostbur ended up stranded with Dream. He started panicking and calling out for Tommy, saying he told him nothing would happen to him. Tommy attempted to calm him down by counting to ten. Dream began to threaten Ghostbur with resurrection if he was not released, and when Sam refused to comply, Dream used the resurrection book to kill Ghostbur and bring Wilbur back to life.


Ghostbur replaced his alive counterpart in the Afterlife, and was described as crying when arriving there on a train conducted by Dream, tears steaming off his face that was burning him. In Ghostbur's experience of the Afterlife, the station is darker and damper, and the dot matrix occasionally displays a text saying what everyone he loves is saying about the regular Wilbur's return, with Phil's response breaking his heart. He spends his time with his eyes closed, imagining that someone came back and he's safe with Friend back home. In spite of his usual forgetfulness, he has never forgotten what happened that led to his death, believing he had failed Tommy.[7]

Ranboo's ghost form, Boo, brought up Ghostbur to Tommy and Phil, saying he saw him crying in the Afterlife and was not sure how to approach him.


Like his living self, Ghostbur had a continued interest and passion for literature, and has spent a long time reading about the past of L'Manberg. He continued to create important documents where possible, and was rumored to be working on more unrevealed books. Almost all of his written work and collection was destroyed in the Doomsday War, along with his house.

L'Manberg National Anthem - Originally started by Wilbur, this is a formal written version of the L'Manberg National Anthem. It was finished and published by Ghostbur after his death.

What I Remember - This was a personal list of Ghostbur's memories, compiled in response to his increasingly faulty recollection of the past. Ghostbur would forget to write this book shortly after its signing, likely due to the emotional strain of authoring it.


Unlike Wilbur, Ghostbur had a much higher amount of personal tools that he kept on his person, named and attached to his identity. Alongside these items, since he had emptied his ender chest of literature into an actual library (that had been destroyed), he kept resources such as ores in his chest. Though the majority of his historical book collection has been lost in the Doomsday War, one book remained safe in his ender chest. It was not clear which book it was, though.

Personal items
Name Notes
Enchanted Crossbow.gif Chekhov's Gun Mending, Piercing IV, Quick Charge III, Unbreaking III

Given to Tommy through Connor, but was blown up by Dream in the Disc Confrontation. Usually loaded with Spectral Arrows, as Ghostbur mainly used these.

Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gif Ghostbur's Pick Efficiency V, Fortune II, Mending, Unbreaking III

Given to Tommy through Connor, but was blown up by Dream in the Disc Confrontation.

Blue Dye.png Blue A blue substance that Ghostbur gives out, saying "have some blue, calm yourself". It is said to start out transparent and turn blue when it absorbs sadness. Ghostbur's blue has never been seen in a transparent state. This might suggest that Ghostbur's sadness is so strong, that before he can give "Blue" to someone, it always fills up, or that Blue is not a real sadness absorber. It has been heavily implied that Blue is actually his blood.
EnchantedDiamondSword.gif Ghostbur's Stabbing Knife Sharpness IV, Unbreaking III

A sword personalized to Ghostbur's name. He doesn't seem to use it as much as the crossbow. It was later given to Connor before he gave it back. It seems to be owned by Wilbur now, despite it being Ghostbur's. It is implied to be in Dream's possession after he killed Ghostbur.

Enchanted Diamond Sword.gif lore Sharpness IV, Unbreaking III

A sword formerly belonging to Ghostbur and therefore passing on into Wilbur's possession after his resurrection,[8] taken from Wilbur by Tommy on May 6, 2021.[9]


Name Status Residence Notes
Blue Sheep JE4.png Friend Alive

(Died thrice, but supposedly has infinite canon lives)


Friend is a blue sheep Ghostbur took as a pet while on his way back from Technoblade's cabin for his execution. Ghostbur accidentally killed him, and immediately repressed the memory. Phil also mentioned that friend has infinite canonical lives. Dream rescued Friend after his respawn at L'Manberg and brought him to Ghostbur.

Friend was killed a second time when L'Manberg was destroyed, along with Philza's House, he was later found by Philza during Wilbur's resurrection. His infinite respawning is also questionable, as both Phil and Dream may have lied about it to make Ghostbur feel better.

When Dream took Tommy and Tubbo down into the vault, he revealed all of the things that people on the server cared about. A version of Friend was there, but it is unknown if this was the actual Friend. Ranboo and Tommy later took this version of Friend to Tommy's holiday home before they took him to the Bee n' Boo hotel. He later died a third time once Skeppy stabbed him after Wilbur's revival.


Relationships with members
Name Notes
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative

Ghostbur followed after Dream as he banished Tommy, something that he thought was a holiday vacation initially, blissfully unaware of Dream's intent. Ghostbur tried to grapple with the idea that Dream was a bad guy, but the sentiment didn't seem to stick in his mind.

Although Ghostbur was supposed to give out the invitations to Tommy's beach party, when Dream stopped him, he followed Dream's instructions without a second thought, not seeing any reason to distrust him. Ghostbur didn't seem to understand that Dream was lying to him, even when being informed of his manipulative tendencies. He seemed to be fond of Dream and didn't refer to him as an enemy. However, he did feel fear towards him on occasion, recognizing his power.

As a result of Dream holding Ghostbur hostage and then killing him, it can be assumed that his mistreatment has finally settled in, and Ghostbur no longer holds Dream in any good spirit.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Ghostbur and Eret used to be on strained terms, as Ghostbur only remembered Eret's involvement in the War for Independence through his reading on the history of L'Manberg. He voiced his supposed dislike multiple times, especially after Eret's attempt to adopt Fundy. However, Ghostbur has come to like Eret, acknowledging that they must've done something bad, but lacking the heart to continue blaming them for it. Ghostbur has even offered to rewrite them into the anthem in a positive light, once again treating them like a good friend.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Ghostbur recalled Fundy fondly and made multiple attempts to connect with him, though Fundy was incredibly resistant to his advances, holding a lot of resentment towards him. Ghostbur was desperate to restore his relationship with Fundy. He didn't seem to fully understand the scope of his past neglect, though, and seemed to keep treating his son like a baby, much to Fundy's annoyance.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
When Ghostbur first met Lazar, the two were on good terms, and Ghostbur was even nice to Lazar by trying to sell him and Vikkstar a home. However, later on, Tommy and Ghostbur trapped Lazar in an alleyway and "mugged" him. Despite this, the two seem to be on neutral terms, and there doesn't seem to be any lasting hard feelings between the two.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral

Nihachu was close friends with Wilbur, and is one of the only people who Ghostbur completely remembers. This is because Wilbur had zero to no bad memories with her.

However, despite remembering her, Ghostbur and Niki have never interacted. This is because Niki does not know that he exists, and only recently discovered that Wilbur was even dead. The two have only ever interacted once, and the sight of him caused Nihachu to have a panic attack. She also thought she was hallucinating, which helped cause her spiral into villainy.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive

Ghostbur did recall that Phil was the one to kill Wilbur, but did not seem to remember why. It's hard to decipher how he felt about the situation with his now limited knowledge of the past. Despite that, Ghostbur seemed to enjoy spending time with Phil and was eager to be around him. Ghostbur set up a small noteblock piano in front of Phil as a sort of personal concert, and played "Mary had a Little Lamb". Phil placed a sign on the front labeling Ghostbur the "best musician in town", much to Ghostbur's happiness.

Ghostbur seemed to prefer asking Phil questions about sad things over anyone else. For example, after being yelled at by Fundy, Ghostbur's first instinct was to go to Phil to ask him how terrible of a person he was. When Phil responded honestly (and a little vaguely), Ghostbur expressed gratefulness towards him, instead of his usual resistance.

After L'Manberg was destroyed in Doomsday, Ghostbur was very upset at Phil for teaming up with Dream and Technoblade and destroying the nation; he also blamed Phil for the death of Friend. This interaction briefly hurt their bond, but Ghostbur promptly forgot it happening, and continued to think of Phil fondly.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive

Immediately after the events of the Manberg-Pogtopia war, they seemed to be on tentative new terms after Wilbur's reappearance as a ghost, though Quackity had some lasting issues with Wilbur as a direct result of its detonation. Ghostbur has expressed a desire to be Quackity's friend. After Technoblade's execution, he wondered aloud if everyone was against Quackity.

On Doomsday, Quackity shared his grief, and sang the L'Manberg National Anthem with Ghostbur one last time. Ghostbur properly expressed his desire to repair their relationship, and Quackity revealed that he'd been saddened upon Wilbur's death, which seemed to cheer Ghostbur up. The two split apart on good terms.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive

Ghostbur seemed to be fond of Ranboo, though he voiced concerns about his lack of moral ties, likening him to the character of Aaron Burr from the musical "Hamilton". However, when Ranboo explained that he only had loyalty to those who help him, Ghostbur seemed to understand. The two bonded somewhat on the journey to check on Technoblade after the butcher assault, finding common ground in their bad memory and their aversion to rain and water.

They later got a chance to bond more, and Ranboo warmed up to Ghostbur, trusting him to visit his son, MICHAEL. Ghostbur complimented Ranboo on several occasions, and generally showed a warm fondness and respect for him. Ranboo returned the friendly gestures, giving him gifts on occasion.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral

Ghostbur did not remember who Schlatt was at all, having blocked out all of his harmful memories. He seemed to be faintly curious about him, having no strong opinions either way on him. Ghostbur seemed to be more concerned with the idea that he may have at one point been worse than Schlatt in life. He later states that Schlatt was one of the "bad guys".

Ever since the first resurrection attempt session, it would appear that Ghostbur has become linked to Schlatt's ghost. It would appear that this is having a detrimental effect on Ghostbur, but it's not clear how he feels about Schlatt as a result. Ghostbur reportedly spent time with Glatt in his underground gym.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive

Ghostbur does not remember Wilbur's alliance with Technoblade. Despite this, he had a positive relationship with Techno. He reacted positively to Techno's suggestion of calling the Lads on Tour the "Clown Circus", almost adopting the name despite Tommy's protests. He also offered Technoblade some blue, which is often used as a symbol of his friendship, which was accepted.

Despite being in a high-stress situation, Techno took the time to ensure Ghostbur's safety during his preparation for the butcher attack, attempting to send him away to save him from the violence. Though Ghostbur didn't understand the weight of the execution, he accompanied the group all the way, excited to be around him. Later, when assessing the situation, he voiced a dislike for the attack on Technoblade by L'Manberg, taking Techno's side in the butcher situation.

After hearing of Technoblade's destruction during Doomsday, Ghostbur reacted with disbelief. It is unclear if he has altered his stance on his friend as a result, since he likely forgot about it quickly, similar to how he forgot Phil's involvement as well.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive

Ghostbur does not fully remember the context of Wilbur and Tommy's relationship. Ghostbur has stated that no matter what, he intends to support Tommy.

After Tommy's exile, Ghostbur followed him, reaffirming his intent to help, although he remained unaware of Tommy's permanent exile. Ghostbur considered Tommy to be a close friend, even though Tommy seemed to consider himself fundamentally alone.

Ghostbur was less insistent on being different from Alivebur when he was with Tommy, largely for his sake. He appeared to be less distressed about his past identity around Tommy, though it was not clear how much of his altered attitude was an act played in order to keep Tommy happy.

After breaking into the prison, Ghostbur displayed trust in Tommy, willing to help him kill Dream. After dying, he doesn't seem to put the blame on Tommy, and rather himself for failing him - he feels guilty for causing his friend suffering.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive

Ghostbur and Tubbo seemed to have repaired their relationship, and seemed to be on friendly terms, having come to peace even through Tommy's exile.

After the butcher execution, Ghostbur called Tubbo into question, wondering if he was straying from the beliefs that L'Manberg was built upon. Phil later informed him that Tubbo was no longer a good guy. It is not yet clear if Ghostbur has taken this to heart, but he does seem to have seriously considered the notion that Tubbo has changed for the worse, later remarking that Tubbo was "being mean."

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral

As a fully separate identity from his past self, Ghostbur lacked significant knowledge about Wilbur's actions. Regardless, Ghostbur is solid in identifying him as a danger to L'Manberg, and a villain to the SMP, leaping at any chance to slander his past identity and thinking of Phil as a hero for ending his life.

Despite being wholly against his past identity's life for the majority of his existence, Ghostbur acknowledged that Wilbur managed to lead L'Manberg through the longest period of peace the nation ever experienced, and as a result, his opinion of him is not explicitly negative. He later begins to show faith in his living self's ability to lead, and resisted the idea that he was a villain, stating that he has good intentions (as per his memoirs) and that his story was being left untold.


  • "Don't get me wrong, I'm super dead." - shortly after materializing as a ghost on the server.
  • "There's been so many great artists throughout history, there's been- Picasso, you got Van Gogh, you got Wilbur Soot, y'know- And they all went through a crippling depression." - when asked about Wilbur, shortly after initial arrival.
  • "How bad was I, Phil? How awful of a person was I?" - to Phil after hearing of Fundy's plan to get adopted.
  • "Fundy needs a dad. For sure. And I need to make up for what I did. I gotta make up for what I did." - after considering the circumstances of Fundy's adoption.
  • "The thing you're holding in your hand, Fundy... it's gonna make me act up if you keep holding that." - to Fundy, when he was holding a salmon.
  • "Don't tell Dream I have this. *Gives Tommy a picture of Quackity.* We'll be safe, everything will be okay." - to Tommy after the second banishment.
  • "Calm yourself, have some blue." - often said while handing out his "Blue".
  • "You haven't changed, have you, Tubbo?" - to Tubbo, after Tubbo bent L'Manberg's no-armor rules for his benefit.
  • "... I didn't know we were fighting." - when told that L'Manberg was never coming back after the war
  • "I sowed the seeds of peace, and yet I'm the one who pays for war." - to Phil, after L'Manberg's destruction on Doomsday.
  • "Who the fuck is this? Who the fuck are you? Who's Sally?" - when he was shown a fish named Sally at his resurrection.
  • "Every time go into the button room and I try my best but I don't succeed, I get what I want, but not what I need - it's Coldplay." - when he was reciting what he said in the button room.
  • "Phil, it- it was not meant to ever happen. WAIT - NO - It was never meant to be." - reciting his lines before Philza killed him.
  • "I'm still G-G-Ghostbur!" - after his second resurrection attempt
  • "Why do I want a cigarette? And whiskey? And protein powder?"
  • "A villain is just a hero you haven't convinced yet."
  • "History is written by the winners."
  • "Tommy, you said it would be okay!" - seconds before Ghostbur dies, and Wilbur gets revived


  • During his first life, Wilbur often refused to wear armor (initially due to a peaceful mindset, later due to a lack of self-preservation). However, Ghostbur did not seem to share this trait, readily wearing any armor offered to him.
  • After the first death of Friend, Ghostbur considered becoming vegetarian. This implies that ghosts eat.
  • Each time Ghostbur died, he joked that "another G is added to his name." He was killed three times, so his name would be GGGGhostbur.
  • Ghostbur stated that he couldn't smell anything.
  • Ghostbur stated he liked talking to Tommy.


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