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All banter and fighting seen in streams/videos are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. It is highly disrespectful to send hate towards anyone so please refrain from doing so at any point.
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Currently, there is no official name for this event, faction, or location. The title is what it's been dubbed as by the community.

The Green Festival, L'Manberg Festival, or the Winter Festival was a festival hosted by L'Manberg. The festival was planned by the Butcher Army as a secret plot to execute Dream. However, it abruptly ended after the damage to the Community House was revealed, leading to further conflict.



The festival was conceived by the Butcher Army with the intent to kill Dream after Quackity suggested that the sole reason Technoblade escaped his execution was aid from Dream. He and the Butcher Army then came to the realization that Dream was behind all the chaos on the server and decided to put an end to Dream's grasp over L'Manberg and the Greater SMP by killing him in a festival reminiscent of the Manberg Festival. Ranboo and Fundy were given the role of the event organizers and Quackity was given the role of executioner.

In the process of planning, Ranboo built different games for the festival guests to play. Lani, while visiting Dream SMP through Tubbo's account, decorated some houses. In addition, Fundy also did some last-minute decoration and game-planning for the festival.

Minor Terrorism

On January 4, 2021, Technoblade terrorized L'Manberg by spawning a wither to get his sword and axe back. The wither did some damage to the nation and the festival's decorations. In addition, knowledge of the festival was shared to Technoblade, TommyInnit, Vikkstar123, and Punz. Later that night, Ranboo repaired the damages in time for the festival.

The Festival

Last minute details

Before the festival began, Tubbo held a conversation with Ranboo in which he said that Ranboo was the perfect example of Law 5: "Be Loyal". The other members of the Butcher Army began arriving, and they spoke amongst themselves in the Camarvan and agreed that what they were doing was right and would work.

The festival commences

After their meeting, the L'Manberg Cabinet gathered at the podium, where Tubbo gathered everyone and gave a brief speech about his desire for everyone to band together as a community and have some fun. The group started playing several rounds of ring toss, which consisted of an ice playing field and a button set in a location as a goal. Players were instructed to throw different color-coded objects into the "ring", and whoever got closest would win the prize of a cookie. Punz won the game several times, much to the surprise of the other players.

Stalling for time

While the others played happily, Quackity pulled Tubbo to the side, beginning to worry about Dream having not shown up yet. Tubbo reassured him and himself that Dream said he'd be there after it started, albeit late, and without armor, their plan would still be underway. Needing to stall more time, they moved on to play Ranboo's trident game along and showing off the ice cream stand.

Despite killing more time, Dream still had yet to show up, and Tubbo and Quackity once again met in private, this time in Ghostbur's underground home. Tubbo then received word that Dream would be running a little late, leading Quackity to burn more time by offering the crowd snacks by instructing them to line up but only giving one to the first in line before fleeing. After the crowd pursued Quackity for snacks, Tubbo suggested that they play manhunt. He put the target on Fundy, and Quackity and Tubbo snuck away to discuss their next move. Puffy quickly caught and killed Fundy, and Ranboo used the opportunity to sneak away to meet with Tommy and Technoblade and inform them of everything that was going to happen at the festival. After losing interest, everyone then regrouped in L'Manberg. There, they found Ponk kissing a cat and began to make fun of him. Niki defended Ponk, but everyone also ended up taunting her for it.

With everyone distracted with the pets, the Butcher Army then met together to discuss the final details of the plan. They agreed that Fundy, Quackity, and Ranboo would be on the podium giving a speech, while everyone else, including Dream, would be standing in the center without armor. Tubbo would then pounce Dream, taking him by surprise and killing him. They then discussed a signal for when Dream arrival, but were interrupted in their efforts with Dream logging on.

Dream's Arrival

Shortly before Dream's appearance, the army began passing around the item frame page with the word "cock" to use as the signal. However, they were interrupted by obsidian walls beginning to be built around L'Manberg by Dream. The cabinet began to question Dream as to what he was doing, and Dream immediately began stating that Tommy had messed up for the last time, much to their confusion. Dream believed that they were lying and lead them to the Community House. There, they saw for the first time that it had been completely destroyed. The festival abruptly ended, and the crowd began traveling to the house to observe the damage.

Conflict at the Community House

Tubbo explained that L'Manberg didn't know that it was going to happen and had nothing to do with it. Dream retorted that it had everything to do with Tubbo because he had one Tommy's discs, which still connected him to Tommy and gave Tubbo responsibility to enforce the exile. Dream then demanded that Tubbo hand over the disc to give Dream full power to enforce the exile.

However, the meeting was interrupted by a previously invisible Tommy. Tommy denied the accusations that he had done the damage and asked Tubbo to not hand over the disc. Technoblade then appeared as well to say that it wasn't Tommy's fault, which Dream rebuffed by claiming that Tommy was the biggest liar on the server. Techno denied the claim, stating that Tommy would never lie to him personally. Tubbo opened the ender chest to take the disc only for Tommy to push him away and express that Tubbo has been a bad friend despite Tubbo's belief that Tommy was the one at fault. He cited that Tubbo didn't know the terrible things that happened to him in exile and still wouldn't care now. Tommy asked Tubbo to trust him, but Tubbo replied that he did once, when George's house burned down, and that he wouldn't make that mistake twice. Tubbo then took Mellohi out of his ender chest, and Tommy yelled at Tubbo, expressing that Tubbo had betrayed him. They then began a confrontation with the crowd observing:

Tommy: Tubbo, you betrayed me. You know that, right? You betrayed me.

Tubbo: Yeah, well at least I'm not-

Tommy: Did you just get out your axe? What are you trying to...you betrayed me Tubbo.

Tubbo: I didn't betray you! You betrayed everything you had built with presidents prior.

Tommy: You betrayed me! You betrayed everything.

Tubbo: I don't think I have.

Tommy: You know what? You've got your axe up.

Tubbo: Mm? What.

Techno: Tommy...There's like 30 people here, Tommy. Make this decision wisely.

Tommy takes the first strike

Techno splashes potions

Techno: Oh god!

Tubbo strikes back

Tommy: You betrayed me, Tubbo!

Tubbo: No, you failed the nation!

Tommy: You betray me!

Tubbo: That is just not true!

Tommy: You did! You did! You betrayed me!

Tubbo: No I didn't!


Tommy: Everything. This is what Wilbur wanted. He wanted you to betray everyone, to give up on what was right.

Tubbo: You gave up on the nation! No, no!

Tubbo: You betrayed everyone, when you went off and teamed up with the very person that blew up the nation.

Tommy: You left me to die.

Tubbo: You teamed up with Technoblade, I didn't leave you to die, I wasn't invited...Where are you?

Tommy: You betrayed me.

Tubbo: I didn't betray you, you teamed up with the very person that destroyed our nation!


Tubbo: No- wha-

long pause

Tubbo: You meant...

Tommy: Just...

Tommy: Give him the disc.

Dream obtains the disc

After Tommy demanded that Tubbo drop the disc, Dream hopped down into the center asking for it. Tubbo dropped the disc, and he and Tommy began to apologize to one another. Tommy realized that he wasn't the person he wanted to be, and he was becoming worse than everyone he wanted to be better than. To prevent himself from becoming any worse, he told Techno that he wasn't going to help him anymore. Techno gave him one last chance to rejoin his side, but Tommy declined.

Dream then began to berate Tubbo for giving him the disc, pointing out how horrible of a president he was and how easily he let himself be pushed around. He said that even Quackity was a better president than he was. Dream continued by saying that he wasn't friends with Tubbo, and never had been. He continued by revealing that he had simply been using Tubbo to get the disc this entire time. Then, Dream exposed Ranboo as a traitor to L'Manberg by handing Tubbo a copy of Ranboo's memory book titled "do not read".

Dream then asked Techno if he had any withers, and Techno happily replied by asking if Dream was calling his favor. Dream replied that he wasn't, as it would be seemingly pointless to claim it when it was something Techno already wanted. He then stated that L'Manberg would be destroyed at 3 p.m. EST on January 6th, just about 21 hours away. Dream then left the ruins of the Community House. After Dream left, Techno asked Tommy for his axe back, telling Tommy how he hadn't been worthy. Tommy refused, and Techno told him that he respected his opinion due to the nature of anarchy. Before anyone could attack him, Techno left the scene.

Call to action

After Dream and Techno left, Tommy stood in front of everyone and tried to band everyone together to fight against Dream. He apologized to everyone for everything he had done and told everyone that they needed to put things aside so that they could save L'Manberg together.

Punz declared that he was on Tommy's side, and that Dream had taken things too far. Unbeknownst to everyone else in the group, Punz and Dream had already planned a fake "falling out" so people wouldn't suspect Punz as a spy for Dream. Tommy thanked him and placed chests on the path in front of them, assigning things they would need to prepare for the fight for L'Manberg.

Sapnap expressed his opinion that he couldn't go against one of his oldest friends in the SMP, Dream. Tommy told him to hold that thought, and that he would talk to him before the battle tomorrow. Niki expressed her thoughts as well, voicing that she wouldn't work with someone who blew up the Community House. In response to the remark, Fundy expressed that stopping Dream was more important. Sam then asked Tommy to swear on something important that he didn't do it, and that if Tommy was lying he would help Dream destroy L’manberg. Tommy then swore on Church Prime that he was innocent, and the others believed him.

Eret then offered his fortress to be their base of operations before declaring tomorrow to be "Doomsday".


Tubbo and Tommy attempted to get in a call with each other, but quickly agreed they weren't able to go through their emotions today and would speak tomorrow instead. Tubbo then met privately with Quackity, who was livid about Ranboo's betrayal. Quackity wanted to execute Ranboo, but Tubbo was hesitant, citing his memory problems. In addition, he pointed out that he doesn't want history to repeat itself. Tubbo then stated that if Quackity were to execute or hurt Ranboo, it would be treason. Quackity decided that the ruling was too much for him and stated that he would leave L'Manberg. He continued by expressing he still considered Tubbo a friend but couldn't let Ranboo go consequence-free, leading him to decide to not fight with L'Manberg. Quackity ended by stating that Tubbo was still a friend and offering advice to not trust anyone.

While Tubbo met with Quackity, and Tommy left, everyone else met together to have a conversation. Niki once again mentioned that she didn't want to work with Tommy because all he does is take from other people and cause problems. Fundy replied that he wasn't fighting for Tommy, who he also doesn't agree with; he was fighting for L'Manberg, and Niki should do the same. Niki then reminded everyone that Ranboo was involved in burning down George's house, and that he is a traitor, sparking agreement amongst everyone else. Ranboo interrupted her and said that he never pretended to be on anyone's side, and that they should pick people over countries. Eret agreed with him and reminded everyone that the destruction of L'Manberg would negatively affect everyone. However, Ranboo disagreed with what Eret said because he felt like Eret was still picking a side. Ranboo then said that everyone was screwed. Fundy asked for clarification about what Dream said regarding Ranboo's betrayal, and Ranboo explained that he writes his memories in a book. Ranboo continued by expressing that Dream somehow stole it, and that it is now in possession of Tubbo. He then explained that the problem is that people chose sides, and Eret countered saying that it cannot be avoided due to friendships. In response, Ranboo exclaimed that stopping Dream wouldn't solve anything because Dream will always have power. Niki once again said she didn't want to fight for the people who have continuously betrayed her, but Ranboo said that she should try and protect people. Niki ended up screaming at Ranboo before walking off.

After finishing up with Quackity, Tubbo joined the rest of the group and made a speech saying that he was happy that not just people from L'Manberg were standing with him. After being asked by Ponk for a name, he dubbed their efforts, "Operation Don't Let Our Home Blown Up" and declared it a go. The war the next day would be dubbed the Doomsday War.