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This page is about the character from the Dream SMP. For the streamer who plays this character, see HBomb94.

Bad deeds cause bad people to do bad things.


HBomb, also known as HBomb94, is the twenty second member of the DreamSMP, joining on September 22, 2020 and is a former citizen of Boomerville and of the Dream SMP. He currently resides in a far-away Savannah Village, away from the main area of the SMP. As a neutrally aligned character, HBomb rarely fights or gets involves in any conflicts or wars. He also used to be knighted by Eret.


HBomb is a human with tan skin, blue eyes, brown hair, and a beard. He can usually be seen wearing a red flannel shirt, dark grey pants, and brown shoes, reminiscent of a lumberjack.

As a Minecraft coach, he wears a red shirt, black and white jacket, jeans, and red shoes. He also wears a red bandana-like head accessory and red wristbands. He can often be seen smoking a cigar.

At times, he changes his skin to a catgirl maid version of his original skin, which consists of a blue Japanese-like uniform, make-up, cats ear and a cat tail. He also changes into a simpler version of his regular skin, which is him wearing black overalls and a white shirt.


HBomb is friendly to everyone, and is willing to help anyone who asks like Niki. He doesn't hesitate to back up his friends, (ie. helping Eret during the coup to dethrone Eret.) However being on the server, it's slowly declined his willingness to trust people, as he feels many people don't "want" him to be around them. Unlike other neutral characters, he rarely ever joins conflict no matter what; keeping to his own morals. He's stated he dislikes the amount of conflict that the server has, as he joined the server to make friends.

Other than that, he likes to poke fun and joke around, creating bits like the Maid Bit.

Post Doomsday

HBomb has turned to alcohol in his savannah village, to get away from the conflict. Usually, he is confused and does irrational things due to him being drunk.

Alter egos

Cat Maid HBomb

Cat Maid HBomb is an alter ego of HBomb that continuously makes many sexual jokes and references to annoy people. She most commonly works for Fundy, but has appeared in streams along with George and Foolish as well.


Thevir is an alter ego that appeared once on the server, on April 9. He refers to the Dream SMP as "Dreamland" for an unspecified reason. He also says he needs to find the "green blob" for money. Thevir is horrified at what people on Twitter think of him and has a huge fear of being canceled. When he wants to "claim" something, he pees on it. The "pee" is wheat.


L'Manberg Independence Arc

Joining Dream SMP

HBomb was added on the day of the L'Manberg Election results, September 22. He had asked Dream to whitelist them if they wanted to add any new people. Upon joining, he was given a tour by Nihachu, and was the target of an assassination attempt, courtesy of Smajor1995 subbing to Tubbo telling him to kill HBomb.

He was then almost immediately bombarded with the results of the election coming out, he stayed behind at the podium with Fundy and Nihachu, as the rest of the attendees began chasing after Tommy and Wilbur on Jschlatt's orders.

He took no official stance in the matters at the moment, and took up residence in Eret's castle. [1]

Manberg Rebellion Arc

Parkour tower

HBomb, who stated that he wasn't any good at PvP, which was a main staple of the Dream SMP in terms of content, decided to build his Parkour tower and Leap of Faith course as a scheme to raise the death counts by counting them. The tower is a massive structure made out of glass, with two scaffolding towers spaced out on either side, along with two slimes blocks, and a target block at the end.

The point of the course is to leap from the tower, hit a slime block, grab a bow from a chest at the top of the jump, fall down onto another slime block, grab an arrow from the top of that jump, and then shoot a target in order to open a one by one block of water to safely land in.

Maid scandal

HBomb posted a tweet on Twitter asking for ideas of things to do on the SMP in October of 2020.[2] Fundy replied, saying that HBomb should be his maid for the day, to which HBomb agreed. [3] He then dressed in a cat-girl maid costume and followed Fundy around, referring to him as "Master" and causing more problems than solutions as he helped Fundy transport his pets back to his base. During this time, HBomb relied on euphemisms and being oblivious to his own jokes to both annoy Fundy and create a good amount of humor. [4]

HBomb later did something similar with Quackity, making lewd jokes and referring to him as "Master." Quackity was somewhat confused and uncomfortable, but eventually took it in a similar manner to his own characterization. He also did the same bit with GeorgeNotFound, as well later on. [5]

In December, Fundy got another 3 hours of HBomb being his maid as Ranboo cashed in his iron ingot called "you get maid for one hour" from winning L'Cast and HBomb gifted Fundy 2 more hours as a christmas gift. [6]

In June of 2021, He uploaded the highlights from an April 14, 2021 stream in which Foolish redeems a catmaid ticket for help with building the mansion for Tubbo and Ranboo. [7]

Retribution Arc

Knights of Eret

HBomb was recruited to the Knights of Eret, along with CaptainPuffy, and later on with Punz on December 6, 2020. As the two of them did not already hold loyalty to any of the factions on the server, choosing people who had been neutral and willing to help him. The two of them were knighted as his knights on a makeshift platform in front of the construction of the museum. A while later on the same day, Eret knighted Punz.

On the same day, the Knights of Eret began their first mission. A TNT Explosion occurred outside Eret's castle in an attempt to frame Eret for Karl Jacobs's murder, to retake the throne for George. Eret realized the people of Mexican L'Manberg's plan to frame him for murder.

In an act of retaliation against Mexican L'Manberg, HBomb assisted Eret and his fellow knights in assaulting Mexican L'Manberg's territory. Dream joined them on the warpath, remaining invisible and helping them light the place up with TNT. The mountain was then subsequently destroyed, and the people of Mexican L'Manberg retreated to the Holy Land, to wait out the talks.

Everyone in the conflict met up in the Holy Lands for peace talks, with Quackity and Dream talking everything out. After a while, the talks ended, and the Knights were dismissed temporarily until the next mission.


After the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, HBomb started a podcast on the Dream SMP titled L'Cast. He built out a lake near his UwU sign for the set. The episodes have featured Niki and Wilbur, Ranboo and Fundy, Punz and Antfrost, Ponk and Awesamdude, Puffy and Bad, Foolish and Jack, and Niki, Puffy and Hannah. Currently, he streams L'Cast on certain Sundays, and uploads edited versions onto his channel a few days later.

Giving Christmas gifts

On Christmas Eve and Christmas, HBomb gave out gifts to some of the other members on the server.

Social experiment

After watching the Hermitcraft World Tour and finding out that Cubfan had built an Ancient Debris wall with over 1000 pieces of Ancient Debris, HBomb commented that the wall wouldn't last a week on Dream SMP. A couple of days after watching it, on January 1st, HBomb went out and mined 32 Ancient Debris, enough for one Debris for each person on the server, and made a wall out of it. He left a sign saying that everybody could take one piece of Debris. The experiment was to show who would break the rules the most and take the most Debris. HBomb and his chat both decided that Fundy would take the most, with HBomb thinking Tubbo would take the second most. He mentioned that "Ponk is the type of guy to take 3," saying that he didn't think 3 would be the most Debris that would be taken.

Over the next three days, Eret, Puffy, Ponk, Jack, and Ranboo each took one Ancient Debris. On January 4, Fundy took the rest of the wall down, predictably.

Green Festival & aftermath

HBomb came to the Green Festival, thinking it would be fun, and different from the previous festival. Afterward, he didn't want to involve himself in the war, because he knew that the L'Manbergians were all thinking and fending for themselves in the war. The morning of the war, he discussed his feelings and thoughts with Niki, wondering why he should give himself to the cause, when L'Manberg has done nothing for him. [8]


On January 19, HBomb left his residence in Eret's castle, planning to start anew somewhere else. This came after Tommy accidentally mistook his stuff for Eret's things, as HBomb had previously lived in Eret's castle.

He talked with Niki for a while, who told him about the plan to kill Tommy. HBomb attempted to talk her down from the plan, stating that it would be too dangerous, but settled for asking her to not take it too far. He gave her most of his items, trying to go back to simple single player survival, only keeping 2 discs on his person. He moved out into the savannah biome, and decided to settle there. His new goal is to keep the village safe.


On April 9, HBomb was playing with Niki. Then his game crashed and someone with the name "Thevir" came on to the server. For the context of who this is and what this came from, Thevir is HBomb's Dungeons and Dragon's character here. He refers to the Dream SMP as "Dreamland" for an unspecified reason. He also says he needs to find the "green blob" for money. Thevir is horrified at what people on Twitter think of him and has a huge fear of being canceled. When he wants to "claim" something, he pees on it. The "pee" is wheat. He has peed on a lot of things that he "claims." Thevir was being chased down by Tubbo and Foolish, thinking Thevir was HBomb, about the stolen nukes from Snowchester. Thevir was unsure of what to do but he was hiding in the corner of a wall at Niki's place.

Red Banquet

HBomb attended the Red Banquet along with many other guests, where the Eggpire tried to kill him along with everyone else.

HBomb was worried about the soup when the egg was exploding and before everyone evacuated, he made sure to grab all of it. After they left, he made sure everyone still got their soup.


Personal items
Name Notes
Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gif THICCAXE Efficiency V, Fortune III, Mending, Unbreaking III

HBomb's pickaxe. Currently in Niki's possession.


Name Status Residence Notes
Red Tabby Cat.png UwU Alive HBomb's abandoned house
Siamese Cat.png OwO Alive HBomb's abandoned house
Siamese Cat.png Ant Alive Savanna village
Tuxedo Cat.png Toby Alive Savanna village
Unnamed Cats Alive unknown Children of UwU and OwO.
Donkey Saddled.png Unnamed Donkey Alive Savanna village


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Sam and HBomb have a positive relationship, as HBomb helped him once. HBomb blew up Ponk's house in retaliation to Ponk killing 'Fran' during his Experiment.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Along with Captain Puffy, HBomb was knighted as one of Eret's knights. They seemed to have a nice time, joking with each other. HBomb calls Eret "Big Ert." HBomb also took residency in Eret's castle, living there rent-free for most of his time on the server.
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Foolish and Tubbo suspected HBomb of being involved with the disappearance of Snowchester's nukes. Tubbo and Foolish hunt Thevir down, thinking he is HBomb. Foolish thinks that HBomb may be innocent though and lists some other suspects.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Notably, HBomb became Fundy's maid during the Maid Scandal. While Fundy's reactions to HBomb's shenanigans were mostly negative, he had approached HBomb to team up for the Elytra Event, meaning their relationship on the server has grown positively since then.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
HBomb and LazarBeam were fellow citizens of Boomerville. LazarBeam was the one who welcomed HBomb into Boomerville and gave him a new home.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
On HBomb's first day, Niki gave HBomb a tour of L'Manberg. The day after the election, HBomb asked Niki for advice on who to trust on the SMP. They've stayed on relatively good terms with each other since the Election. Before HBomb left to start anew he gave all of his possessions to Niki.

When he was being chased by Foolish and Tubbo, Niki helped him hide from them and says that she doesn't believe that he was involved with the disappearance of the nukes.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Ponk and HBomb have a negative relationship following the events in Ponk's experiment.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Prior to Doomsday, Tommy and HBomb had a neutral relationship, with Tommy mostly being confused and taken aback by HBomb's manner and apparent 'loneliness'. HBomb gave Tommy Pigstep on Christmas, which Tommy was very thankful for as he could use it as a weapon to copy-strike people. HBomb later expressed that did not think Tommy would care if he lost his three lives fighting for L'Manberg and refused to join him in protecting it from Technoblade and Dream. He particularly disliked how people still listened to him after he betrayed Technoblade and killed Tubbo's dog during the Green Festival.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Tubbo, along with Foolish, suspected HBomb of being involved with the disappearance of Snowchester's nukes. Tubbo thinks Thevir is HBomb so Thevir is hiding from both Tubbo and Foolish not understanding what the situation was about.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
HBomb and Vikkstar were fellow citizens of Boomerville. Vikkstar introduced HBomb to Boomerville by showing him around the area and telling him the history of the place. They also competed together in the second MrBeast challenge to try and find the gift cards that Tubbo eventually won.


  • "I did my first murder! I did the thing, I murdered a man!" - after killing Tubbo shortly after joining the server


  • HBomb is one of few people who have Pigstep, and he has had 3 different Pigsteps in his possession. He gave one of them to Tommy, as a Christmas gift during Tommy's exile.
  • He has a severe distaste for the protection enchantment, saying that it's become a tradition for him to rant about it during L'Cast. [9]
    • This is because he says it's too broad and too powerful, as you wouldn't need to get fire protection, or projectile protection.


End of spoiler warning.