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Every member of the Dream SMP have some item/items that are precious to them, and unique to them. Here are some of the most important items on the server, as they have either been around in the server since the beginning, have lore significance, are memorable to viewers, or brought in through creative mode.

Badboyhaloskin.png BadBoyHalo

Name Notes
BadBoyHaloSkull.png BadBoyHalo's Head Given by DreamXD.
CaptainPuffySkull.png CaptainPuffy's Head Given by DreamXD to Foolish. Exchanged with Foolish for Karl's head.
SkeppySkull.png Skeppy's Head Given by DreamXD.

Captainpuffyskin.png CaptainPuffy

Name Notes
Book and Quill.png Captain's Log Puffy's diary where she writes down her thoughts and ideas.

Dreamskin.png Dream

Name Notes
Book.png Revival Book A book containing instructions for resurrection that Jschlatt gave Dream in exchange for his allegiance during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. The existence of its contents were proven to be real, as Dream revived Tommy in Pandora's Vault after beating him to death 2 days prior. He later also revived Wilbur.

Eretkingskin.png Eret

Name Notes
End portal frames Obtained five from the Team Seas event.
Pig Spawn Egg Obtained from a chest inside a wall in the Greater Dream SMP.[1] Its previous owner or how it got there is unknown.

Foolishskin.png Foolish Gamers

Name Notes
AntfrostSkull.png Antfrost's Head Given by DreamXD. Lost it to DreamXD.
AwesamdudeSkull.png awesamdude's Head Given by DreamXD. Lost it to DreamXD.
Chorus fruit Given by Ranboo.
DreamSkull.png Dream's Head Given by DreamXD. Nearly lost it to DreamXD, but DreamXD let him keep it.
DreamSkull.png DreamXD's Head Given by DreamXD.
FoolishGSkull.png FoolishG's Head Given by DreamXD.
KarlJacobsSkull.png KarlJacobs's Head Given by DreamXD to Bad. Exchanged for Puffy's head. Lost it to DreamXD.
Limegreenshulker.png Lime Shulker Box A shulker box obtained by making a deal with Drista. Under an agreement with Ranboo, the shulker box is kept in Ranboo's possessions so that Foolish is not attacked in an attempt to steal the box.
White Shulker Box.png White Shulker Box A shulker box obtained in the Team Seas event.

Fundyskin.png Fundy

Name Notes
Written Book.gif A spy's diary A book detailing Fundy's experience as a spy under Schlatt's Manberg government.
Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif Axe Body Spray Netherite axe. Blown up by a creeper on the journey to Dry Waters.
Netherite leggings.PNG Drip but brown Netherite leggings. Lost to Punz, given to Sapnap during the Pet War, stolen by Tommy in the Battle of the Lake, and given to Philza.
Enchanted Netherite Shovel.gif Long schlong Netherite shovel.
Gold Leggings.png The Drip Gold leggings.

Georgeskin.png GeorgeNotFound

Name Notes
GeorgeNotFound's Head Given by DreamXD.

Hannahskin.png Hannahxxrose

Name Notes
ElytraNew.png Elytra Obtained from the Team Seas event.

Thunderskin.png Jack Manifold

Name Notes
Red Mushroom JE2 BE2.png Manishroom A named mushroom given to Jack by Tubbo and Tommy upon his arrival on the server. Tubbo claimed they had brought him to the server "just to give it to him". A sign of their friendship, it survived both L'Manberg explosions and is kept safely in Jack's ender chest.
Shulker Box A shulker box obtained in the Team Seas event.

Karlskin.png Karl Jacobs

Name Notes
Book and Quill.png Karl's diaries A series of diaries used to document his time traveling and help him keep track of his memories.

Nihachuskin.png Nihachu

Name Notes
Book.png Niki's Diary Despite only been seen once, Niki's diary takes an important part in her life as she carries it in her pockets everywhere. It takes the form of her chat, with its messages appearing as writing on the pages.
Sdfa.png Wilbur's coat Retrieved by Niki after returning to L'Manberg. She wore it everywhere in remembrance of her friend.

Philzaskin.png Philza

Name Notes
Chorus fruit Taken from Ranboo's chorus plant.
Emerald.png Friendship Emeralds Three emeralds Techno gave Phil as a token of their friendship. Phil gave one of the emeralds to Tommy.
Blue Dye.png Ghostbur's blue Two pieces of the "blue" handed out by Ghostbur. They're kept in Phil's ender chest, signifying their importance to him.
Lodestone Compass.gif Techno's Compass A lodestone compass pointing to Techno's cabin that Techno gave to Phil. Used by the Butcher Army to track and capture Techno.

Ponkskin.png Ponk

Name Notes
Ponk's Head Given by DreamXD.

Punzskin.png Punz

Name Notes
Shulker box cyan.png Punzo Shulker A shulker box that Drista gave Punz during her visit to Tommy. Dyed cyan (originally pink) by Punz.
Shulker Box A shulker box obtained in the Team Seas event.

Ranbooskin.png Ranboo

Name Notes
Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Blockbeard's Sword A sword obtained in Tales from the SMP.
Bedrock.png Bedrock A bedrock block given by Drista.
Chorus flower block Given by DreamXD.
Chorus fruit From the chorus flower from DreamXD.
Chorus plant block Given by DreamXD.
Endstone block Given by DreamXD.
Book and Quill.png ⟒⌖⌿⟒⍀⟟⋔⟒⋏⏁ ⌰⍜☌ The book Ranboo uses to keep track of his "experiment log". He stated that he does not let his ender particles see the book, whose existence was revealed on May 21, 2021, but despite this, page 1 was shown on May 22, 2021.
Book and Quill.png Memory Books Ranboo owns several memory books, which he uses to record important events and happenings so he doesn't forget them due to his memory issues. Three of the books have been shown and used on stream, and another fourth one exists, though it has never been shown. The fourth book is used by Ranboo when he is in his enderwalk state, and it is currently hidden in an unknown location.
Ranboo's Head Given by DreamXD to Foolish. He lost it to DreamXD and Ranboo won it back and lost it.
Spawner.png Spawners Four spawners obtained by having (coded-in) silk touch hands.
WilburSootSkull.png WilburSoot's Head Given by DreamXD to Foolish. He lost it to DreamXD and Ranboo won it back and lost it.

Sapnapskin.png Sapnap

Name Notes
Enchant neth armor.png Nightmare Dream's set of enchanted netherite armor. Obtained after the Disc Confrontation and stored in Snowchester's vault. Taken by Sapnap after Dream's escape.
Enchanted Bow.gif Sap Lazar Beam Prized bow.
Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Sapnap's Schlong Netherite sword. Used by Tommy after the Battle of the Lake, went missing after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War.

Skeppyskin.png Skeppy

Name Notes
TommyInnitSkull.png TommyInnit's Head Given by DreamXD.

Technobladeskin.png Technoblade

Name Notes
Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif Axe of Peace Technoblade's powerful enchanted netherite axe. Created by Technoblade and gifted to Tommy as a sign of trust, although it passed through Tubbo's hands during the Connor hostage situation. Sapnap acquired it during the Doomsday War and returned it to Tommy for the Disc Confrontation. Dream stole it from Tommy's hidden chest in Logstedshire and later gave it back to Technoblade.
End Rod.png End Rod An end rod given by Drista.
Bedrock.png Only Peace of Bedrock! A piece of bedrock Drista gave to Tubbo that was stolen by Techno. Techno and Tommy dubbed themselves the "Bedrock Boys" due to the two of them possessing the only pieces of bedrock in the Dream SMP.
Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Orphan Obliterator Max-enchanted (except knockback) netherite sword. Lost to L'Manberg after his execution. Reclaimed from Ranboo by spawning a wither in L'Manberg before the Green Festival.
Enchanted Crossbow.gif Rocket Launcher Enchanted crossbow designed to fire fireworks, formerly named "Subscribe to Technoblade." Reclaimed from Tubbo after the Connor hostage situation.
Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gif Toothpick Enchanted netherite pickaxe. Used as a weapon to canonically kill Quackity in the Final Control Room after the attempted execution of Techno by the Butcher Army.

Tommyskin.png TommyInnit

Name Notes
Barrier block.png Barrier A barrier block given by Drista.
Bedrock.png Bedrock A bedrock block given by Drista.
Enchanted Crossbow.gif DEFINITELY NOT PENIS A crossbow Dream gifted Tommy when Tommy and Wilbur were exiled from Manberg. Various characters, including Schlatt, Eret, Phil, and Tubbo, possessed the crossbow, but Tommy ultimately used it during the Disc Confrontation to take one of Dream's lives. Currently lost after Tommy died while taking down the remains of Ponk's fourth Lemon Tree.
Emerald.png Friendship Emerald Given by Philza while Tommy was in exile.
Enchanted Netherite Shovel.gif Linda An enchanted netherite shovel. Tommy lost it while gambling at Las Nevadas and was willing to take Slimecicle hostage to get it back.
Music Disc Cat.png Music discs Tommy's Cat, Mellohi, and Blocks discs, all of which are in Tommy's possession. Tommy owns other less important discs as well.
Enchanted Golden Apple.gif Rapple An enchanted golden apple given by Ranboo. Later burned by Philza.
Spirit Dream's dead horse, Spirit. The remains of the horse are safely in Tommy's ender chest.
Bow.png Twitlonger Bow Unenchanted bow with low durability that was created earlier on in the SMP. Whoever shoots the bow has the right to make a TwitLonger and later cancel the person who is shot.
Lodestone Compass.gif Your Tubbo A lodestone compass pointing to Tubbo's spawnpoint at the White House in L'Manberg that Ghostbur gifted Tommy during Tommy's exile. It was likely blown up in the Doomsday War.

Tubboskin.png Tubbo

Name Notes
Pufferfish Spawn Egg Given by DreamXD.
Tubbo_'s Head Given by DreamXD.
Lodestone Compass.gif Your Tommy A lodestone compass pointing to Tommy's Logstedshire base that Ghostbur gifted Tubbo during Tommy's exile; destroyed by accident in a creeper explosion.
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