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The Items Conflict was a minor conflict between Punz, Sapnap, Karl Jacobs, Antfrost, BadBoyHalo, Eret, and Awesamdude during the Manberg Rebellion.[1]

Hide and seek

Sapnap, Karl, Punz, Eret, and Bad were preparing for a game of hide and seek in Eret's castle, while Punz was playing to get his things back from Sapnap, who had previously taken them. Before the game started, Sapnap went AFK, and Punz saw a chance to reclaim them by suffocating him and killing Karl in the process. He then took Sapnap's things and logged out. An angered Sapnap threatened to burn down Punz's house, forcing him to return.

Sapnap's arson

Eret, Karl, Punz, Antfrost, and BadBoyHalo then began to cover the entirety of Punz' house with water. Punz and Sapnap argued while they were covering the house, and Karl jokingly stated that they were fighting over him.

They were all lead to believe that everything was solved before hearing the lighting of fire, realizing that Sapnap was burning the interior of Punz's house. They rushed inside and tried to save it, but Punz said there wasn't any hope as the fire was spreading too quickly. Eret's game crashed, and Bad killed Sapnap to keep him away. Karl and Antfrost were left to save the house themselves.

While the house burned, Punz's parrot and some bees were killed. In addition, Sapnap attempted to kill Punz and Bad's horse. Bad managed to kill Sapnap and keep him away from the house as the rest of them looked for a saddle so that they could hide the horse. Eret gave Karl his sword, and Karl and Bad then worked to keep Sapnap away from the house. Sam then provided a saddle, allowing Eret to hide the horse in a secret location.

Sapnap goes mad

Sapnap then became more enraged and put on Punz's gear before returning to the house. Karl, Sam, Bad, and Ant then attempted to kill him but failed due to his armor. Eret then asked for Karl to return his sword while Sapnap demanded the location of the horse.

Sapnap said that Karl betrayed him, and Karl then asked for his things back before sternly reminding him of their marriage. Sapnap then killed Karl and anyone else that came close to him including Ant and Sam while demanding for Punz to return and face him. Punz refused to give into the demands.

Threatening Fran

Sapnap then threatened to kill Fran, Sam's pet dog and oldest pet on the server, which caused everyone involved to rush to his location to try and stop them. Fran was placed in a hole that could easily be accessed. Sapnap killed Ant after he got in the way while Eret messaged Sam to dig a tunnel to retrieve Fran while stalling Sapnap with Karl. Sam dug over to Fran and stood her up only to be killed by Sapnap. However, Sam successfully teleported Fran when he respawned and hid her away which was successful.


Punz finally logged back on and agreed to return Sapnap's things for his own, and everyone's respective items were returned. Eret gave Punz the location of his horse. Karl was upset by Sapnap's actions, but he was also upset with Punz as Punz hadn't appreciated his help.