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This page is about the character from the Dream SMP. For the streamer who plays this character, see JackManifoldTV.

"That's the problem. All the time you belittle me, you dismiss me, you drop me in a pool of lava. I'm the only person who tried to visit you in exile and you just forget me like I'm nothing. I launched nukes at you and you didn't even care."


Jack Manifold, also known as Jack and formerly known as Thunder1408 or Thunder, is the eighteenth member of the Dream SMP, joining on August 3, 2020, and was the leader of Manifold Land and formerly a citizen of L'Manberg. He is the first ever person to have been revived on the server. Currently, he is the Minister of Science for Snowchester. He was also the first employee of the Big Innit Hotel and later took it over.


Jack is a human with light skin, a brown buzz cut and red and blue heterochromatic eyes. He usually wears a striped blue and black hoodie, camo pants, knee pads, and black shoes, as well as 3D glasses and a black headset. Similar to Philza's crows or Ranboo's ender particles, Jack's twitch chat is represented by voices and snippets of conversation that occasionally come through his headset.


Jack is a clever teen with a knack for throwing quips at whoever he may be speaking to. His pompous, overconfident personality paints him as a somewhat silly, comic relief style villain, although he has proven himself to be incredibly cunning and resourceful when needed. He also has a very strict (if somewhat grey) moral code, and craves respect and companionship. Over his time on the server, he has become resentful and prone to lashing out at others due to their abandonment and lack respect for him, with these feelings specifically directed at Tommy, his former friend. He also feels like he's been cast aside and left out, like a side character in his own life.[8]


Jack's main flaws are his stubbornness and gullibility. He often refuses to admit defeat, even when proven wrong, and is prone to holding prolonged, self destructive grudges. He is also fairly gullible, quick to trust people who treat him with any amount of friendship or respect and quicker to do what they tell him to do, making him an easy target for manipulation. His various unresolved mistreatments and grievances with people on the server have led him to develop a victim complex, which often skews how he views the world around him. Jack has stated that he doesn't want to be a bad guy, and in many aspects of his life strives to "Be Better" than those who have hurt him. However he often uses the concept of "necessary evils" to justify his own misdeeds to himself when he commits them.


L'Manberg Independence Arc

Joining the Server

During Tubbo's stream on July 31, 2020, Tubbo was speaking with Jack and Tommy. George happened to be active because he had ended his livestream a few hours before, so the three set out to try to convince George to whitelist Jack, getting #ThunderforServer trending on Twitter. George responded by presenting them with the question of "What's 9 + 10" as the question to decide whether or not he would join the server. After they got the answer wrong by saying 19, George showed Tubbo that he didn't have the power to whitelist him, regardless of whether or not their answer was correct.

After a few more hours, during Tommy's stream, Dream announced that Jack would be whitelisted after the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War. Tubbo gifted him a mushroom named "The Manishroom" upon his arrival, which still remains in his ender chest.

Jack was originally good friends with Tommy and Tubbo, the three calling themselves the "Triple T's", and was intended to be L'Manberg's ambassador following the events of the independence war. While an ambassador booth was built for him, it never saw use, and was torn down following the election.


Jack supported POG2020 during the SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election. After the election and the transformation of L'Manberg into an empire, Jack remained a part of the newly renamed Manberg along with the other original L'Manberg citizens, and presumably kept his role as ambassador despite Wilbur and Tommy being banished from the nation.

Manberg Rebellion

Inactivity and return

After Ninja's visit on the server, he went inactive for about a month and a half, which he has described as his character "going into hibernation." in Manberg. When he returned, everyone had departed Manberg due to Schlatt being a dictator, with him left alone as the only true resident of the nation apart from Schlatt himself. He decided to stay neutral in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War until the day it took place, as he both felt resentful towards L'Manberg for leaving him behind, as well as towards Schlatt for ruining L'Manberg. Instead, after he fully returned to the SMP, on November 15, 2020, he developed Manifold Land intending to become independent and be the best leader he could be.[9]

He claimed the now destroyed Su Puta Madre as part of the region. However, Manifold Land was annexed by L'Manberg after Quackity and Fundy bullied Jack into submission. They went under a compromise, where Jack Manifold was able to keep his territory as landlord but was officially under L'Manbergian rule. During the preparation for the battle, Wilbur killed Jack for no apparent reason other than enjoyment. Jack was confused - as he was fighting for Wilbur and now he'd suddenly killed him and taken a canon life.

Retribution Arc

The Egg

Jack Manifold was unnerved when he initially discovered the Egg, as he quickly left the room not wanting anything to do with it. After Ponk informed Jack of Church Prime's cleansing effects, Jack returned to the Egg with the intention of farming primes. The captivating effects of the Egg nearly corrupted Jack, but he was able to resist long enough to escape the room and cleanse himself at Church Prime.

Jack was vocally afraid of the Egg, especially after a red vine suddenly showed up in the hotbar of his inventory. Jack returned to the Egg for a third time with the vengeful goal of collecting vines to plant in Connor's home and spread the "bad juju." He was successful in his goal and still managed to resist the Egg's call.

Jack's newborn chicken, Timothy, had spontaneously died on the stairs of the Holy Land after a cleansing in Church Prime, and Jack blamed the Egg for the death, building a grave along the Prime Path which would later be torn down by Tommy.

Exile Conflict and visiting Tommy

After Manifold Land was almost burnt down in the crossfire of the Exile Conflict, Jack vowed to get back at both Tommy and Dream, who he soon learned were the two main participants in the event. He began planning and executing a series of pranks on both, such as placing blocks of clay in Tommy's old summer house and attempting to pin it on Dream.

Unbeknownst to him, Tommy had already been tried and sent to exile. When Jack learned this, he expressed sympathy for Tommy and made plans to visit him with gifts. Jack was in the Nether heading to Tommy's exile base in order to give him these gifts and speak to him when he met Tommy, who was in the Nether as well. He tried to talk to him and give him the gift, but a startled and angry Tommy broke the blocks underneath him, causing him to fall down into the lava. Jack attempted to get back up, but Tommy shot him and ended up killing him, which caused Jack's second canonical death.[2] Jack was confused and angry at this sudden killing and didn't know how to react about being murdered by the person he was trying to comfort. He attempted to confront Tommy about it, but was met with dismissal and accusations of "not caring" about Tommy, despite explaining that nobody had told him about exile. He proceeded to steal "Hot Girl" from Logstedshire as revenge, but Tommy was morose and unresponsive to the theft.

This incident led Jack to change the motto of Manifold Land from "Be Better", a reference to wanting his country to be better then the ones he'd suffered under, to "Be Worse", and marked the beginning of his descent into self proclaimed villainy. He began the construction of a secret underground lair, although this lair was never officially used.

Doomsday War

During the Doomsday War, Jack was on L'Manberg's side, not necessarily because he still felt patriotic towards the nation itself, but because of the people whose side he was fighting for, and he felt like he couldn't sit by and do nothing. For example, Tubbo, the current leader of L'Manberg, was one of the few people who had never wronged Jack, and he wanted to fight for these people.[10]

During the Withers' attack, Ze Haus was briefly targeted when Jack took shelter there. He spent the rest of the battle fighting the Withers, and was vocally surprised and hurt that Phil had aided Techno in causing so much destruction. Whilst riled up about having lost everything for L'Manberg yet again, he challenged Techno and almost killed him before dying a third canon death.[5][2]

After the fighting had largely ceased, Jack went to sit on the bench next to Tommy's house with Tommy, Tubbo, Quackity and Ghostbur, and they reminisced about what they had lost.[11] In this moment, Jack felt sympathy for Tommy, because all of them were in agreement that they were sad to see L'Manberg gone and mourning it together.[12]

Whatever karmic forces that denote canon lives delayed their judgment until roughly an hour after Jack's death to Technoblade during the fighting. Whilst walking and planning his next move, Jack fell through the Prime Path and seemed to keep falling infinitely. He described this void-like space as hell, considering it some kind of punishment for his actions, and it shared several connections to Ghostbur's description of the afterlife and Tommy's limbo. Jack logged out and back in, which has been described in-universe as climbing out of hell, and when he returned the glitch was gone. Jack then said he had returned to three canon lives.[6][7] While in the Afterlife, he realized that Tommy and Dream were the central reasons for the conflict on the server, which in turn was the reason why he kept losing everything. The short moment of sympathy he felt for Tommy on the bench was over, and he instead decided to return to life out of spite so he could enact revenge on Tommy and Dream.[13][14] Jack has stated out of character that his character's resurrection functioned similarly to the Determination function in Undertale, with his soul too full of emotion and determination to die.

Niki, who had burned down L'Mantree in a fit of rage, showed Jack the ruins and helped him realize that he was being ignored and mistreated by the New L'Manbergians. He laid out that he hated Dream, Technoblade and Tommy, that he didn't believe Niki was entirely wrong in her beliefs, and that he was otherwise conflicted about who to trust. The two of them plotted, and Jack reflected angrily on Tommy's consistent mistreatment of him such as taking his second canon life for no reason. They both decided to make them realize that there was more to the world than themselves, and sometimes moving on was not the best tactic.

Broad daylight

Jack Manifold’s Snowchester house

On his second day of coming back to life, he spent the majority of his time grinding for netherite. Due to his loss of almost everything he owned spent on aiding the now destroyed L'Manberg, he had to care for himself. As he was fixing up Manifold Land, he was welcomed with company from Tubbo, who began coaxing him to come live on Snowchester alongside Tubbo. Hesitant, Jack refused, saying that he had better things to do, such as fixing his land. Though he was insistent on preserving Manifold Land, Tubbo had told him to give up his land, for it had decreased in land value and wasn't even considered Manifold Land, since it was no use trying to restore it from the ashes of the explosions. Pressured to decide, Jack decided that accepting the deal would benefit him and Niki to progress closer to Tommy. They had planned to rid of Tommy beforehand, and this deal would only help. He accepted the deal (but secretly preserved Manifold Land) and moved to Snowchester to build his Snowchester house with Tubbo. After learning from Tubbo that he and Tommy were planning on taking down Dream, he decided to pretend to be on good terms with Tommy until he could get rid of Dream before then betraying Tommy. Jack didn't want to kill Tommy outright, as this would have caused Tubbo to hate him for killing his best friend, and Jack, who considered Tubbo his best friend, wanted to avoid this. He believed that killing Tommy would ultimately be in Tubbo's best interests, as he believed that Tommy had manipulated Tubbo into being his sidekick for the Disc Wars, and Tubbo didn't actually care for the discs himself.[15]

Planning with Niki

Jack and Niki, agreeing that Tommy needed to be taught a lesson for being the cause of many issues on the server, decided to take care of him once and for all. Jack wanted to get back for Tommy being the cause of one of his previous canon-lives and the perceived cause of all Jack's misery and struggles on the server. In Niki's secret city, he told Niki about Project Dreamcatcher, Tubbo's plan to use nukes against Dream. Although he didn't tell her absolutely everything, only what he thought she needed to know. Unbeknownst to him, she worked this out. He and Tubbo were the only one with keycards that would blow the nukes up, as Tubbo trusted him.

The plan they created, was that Niki would earn Tommy's trust, and Jack would be continuing to get into Tubbo's good graces. On the day of the nuke testing, which was January 26, Niki would bring Tommy to the testing area, "accidentally" getting him killed by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Empowerment Arc

Attempted assassination

On January 26, the plan started slowly, with Jack being forced to stall as Niki couldn't find Tommy. Niki found him, and told Jack and both were positive that the plan would go well. However, Tommy kept on walking off so they ended up being late to the nuke test, which did not kill Tommy as it was detonated 30 seconds before he arrived. Tommy was on a quest from Sam Nook, and was rambling too long for it to work. Jack initially blamed Niki, but soon calmed down and stated they needed to come up with another plan.

They were forced to bitterly celebrate in Snowchester, as they did not want the plan to come to light.

Afterwards, Jack and Tommy were left alone together and Tommy began mocking Jack. The two of them started to fight and Jack quickly gained the upper hand, almost killing Tommy. Then, Sam Nook intervened and killed Jack. Tubbo and Tommy then proceeded to steal all of Jack's stuff including his trident and make fun of him as he was unable to get them back.

Big Innit Hotel

After having all of his stuff stolen by Tommy and Tubbo, Jack hated Tommy even more. Taking the opportunity, he got a job at Tommy's hotel where he could gain his trust. Although having a good start, Jack grew slowly more frustrated with Tommy who took it upon himself to annoy Jack as much as possible, belittling him, demeaning him, and forcing him to sign contracts essentially providing free labor. Jack grew very angry at him yet managed to keep his cool. Though, attempts to stay calm made him suspicious causing Tommy to start to have doubts about him. Despite this, Tommy still trusted Jack enough to make him an employee at his hotel, and revealed to him the true purpose of the hotel, which was to scam people out of their money. Jack later claimed the hotel as his because of Tommy's imprisonment, and renamed it "The Big Jack Manifold Hotel," because he had had everything taken from him and felt he deserved to have something for himself, and taking it from Tommy would be especially meaningful to him.[16] He also made several rules in an attempt to become richer while doing so, such as charging people with diamonds if they visited, with minor success. He did managed to rent out almost every room, with Tubbo owning a large majority and Foolish owning the penthouse.

Main character day and trying to overthrow Eret

During a day where few people were online, Jack briefly dubbed himself the "main character" of the SMP, and proceeded to do what he thought were "main character" things. Jack searched Eret's castle for gold, but instead went mining for gold in the nether after an unsuccessful search. Jack added a picture of himself wearing a crown on Eret's throne. He crafted a gold helmet and added a resource pack that makes it appear as a crown. HBomb then met up with him at the castle and accidentally touched some of the blood vines at Eret's castle, causing Jack to bring him to Church Prime for cleansing. Jack explained that he wanted to investigate the Egg, and the two then went to the Egg room.

Jack traveled to Foolish's summer house and became impressed by Foolish's building skills. He secretly renamed it "Jack Manifold's summer house." Jack later met up with Ranboo near Tommy's hotel, and Ranboo played around with his silk touch ability in front of Jack. Jack tried to prove that he had the same powers, but failed. Ranboo then started attacking Jack trying to break his crown. Jack tried to convince Tubbo (who was in VC) to return his trident. Tubbo stated that he'd only return it if Jack won in a duel against Ranboo, but Ranboo won this duel quickly. Jack then returned to retrieve his stuff from Ranboo. Jack also tried to persuade Ranboo to give him his netherite hoe to use to remove blood vines, but Ranboo refused.

Team Rocket

Throughout this time, Jack was still infiltrating Snowchester to kill Tommy. However, he slowly shunned Niki - the person who got him into this in the first place - and began to befriend Tubbo despite his agenda. Whilst his partner in crime's mental health got worst, Jack's increased as he began to slowly gain Tubbo and Tommy's trust. The name 'Team Rocket' was adopted by Niki for the duo but it seemed unlikely that they were even a duo anymore. Jack stopped sharing plans with Niki and no longer referring to the two of them within plans and saying that it was his own ideals - seemingly forgetting her input entirely. This effected Niki heavily, whilst Jack began growing very close with Tommy and their rivalry began bordering friendly fighting from rivals.

Grieving for Tommy

After Tommy died, Jack realized he had somewhat liked being around Tommy, as he had been alone for so long. He realized that the majority of his time was spent thinking about Tommy and how to get back at him, and with Tommy gone he had no purpose. Jack then had a deep down debate on if it was actually worth it to try and kill him, and came to the conclusion that while he was sad at Tommy's death, it was something that would benefit the server in the long run. He talked to himself and thought about if he should feel pride. He walked around L'Manberg and realized that he was lonely and hurting, and that killing Tommy wasn't what he wanted. He wanted to move on, so he burnt down Manifold Land with him inside. When Jack arrived back all of it had been destroyed apart from one block. The one block that was left standing had an insulting sign that Tommy had left for Jack in the early days of L'Manberg. He realized that Tommy was the closest person he had to a friend, and wished that he could go back to the early days of L'Manberg, before he had been abandoned and killed, back when he had had friends that treated him well. Jack put on his original L'Manberg uniform, reflecting on the irony of losing everything for the country, and was comforted by Awesamdude and Foolish.

Later, Jack bumped into Quackity, who was in high spirits, unaware that Tommy was dead. Quackity spoke about how Jack should ask Tommy to sign a contract so Jack can have the hotel and asked for a tour. Jack explained to Quackity that Tommy wasn't in prison anymore, but Quackity misunderstood him. After a long talk, Jack finally got Quackity to listen and told him that Dream had killed Tommy. Quackity encouraged him to keep working on the hotel before leaving.

Discovering Tommy's revival

After Tommy's death, Jack decided he needed to go mining and move far away from any land touched by other members. He met with Niki, and she showed him her underground city. Jack started to think that he should not abandon his friends, and went back to Snowchester. He stated that Ranboo and Tubbo were "cool," and said that the only thing he wanted was friends.

However, when Tommy came back to the hotel, Jack got extremely mad about him being alive. He stated that he shouldn't be back, and wanted to kill him once again after Tommy told him that he wished to have the hotel back and Jack's pay should be decreased to nothing. Tommy said that Jack should listen to him because he came back from the afterlife, and Jack argued back saying that he'd been to the afterlife as well and nobody mourned him or even noticed. He and Tommy then fought, and Jack attempted to voice his feelings of mistreatment and betrayal to Tommy, even admitting that he tried to kill him. However Tommy didn't acknowledge him at all, instead talking over him and insulting him. This left Jack even more enraged, and reignited his desire to kill Tommy. He then visited Niki, who explained that she no longer wanted to kill Tommy, and had made new alliances, although she didn't tell them what they are. They had a brief argument, where he questioned the effectiveness of anarchy and threatened to steal her things and slaughter her animals to prove laws were needed for order. She asked him to leave, but as he did he apologized to her, saying that he had gotten angry and she could have her own beliefs. Niki said she forgave him and that he would always be welcome in her city.

New plan

On March 21, 2021, after learning that Pandora's Vault was in search of a new prison guard, Jack decided to make it his new mission to get hired at the prison. He knew that Tommy was going to return to the prison, so he decided that getting a job as a guard would make it easier to kill him. After several mishaps on his way to Antfrost's base, including him dying several times in a water tunnel due to server lag, Jack talked to Antfrost and discovered that the new prison guard would most likely be British, as they needed somebody in an earlier time zone than the current guards, who were all American. Jack made a plan to help Sam find his stolen cameras in order to get on Sam's good side, and wrote a new manifesto in which he outlined all of his current goals and plans - killing Tommy, getting revenge on Dream, and improving the former Big Innit Hotel.[17]

On March 25, 2021, Jack went to Sam, and followed him to his base. Jack kept on trying to convince Sam that the prison needed a new guard, and changed into a detective outfit. Jack said he would find who stole Sam's cameras, but in return, he would have to get a favor from Sam (unknowing to Sam, it was to be a prison guard). Jack began gathering evidence, and took some of the items from Sam's base. He came up with three suspects, CaptainPuffy, Ranboo and Hannahxxrose. Jack went to Puffy and labeled her "suspect number one," as he knew some of the evidence pointed to her. He continually argued with Puffy, but Puffy didn't budge. She didn't give him a clear answer, instead speaking in somewhat of a riddle-type tone.

On March 26, 2021, Jack and Tubbo found one of the two nukes for Snowchester missing. Jack, attempting to calm Tubbo, changed into his detective outfit once again. He said that he would find where the nuke was, and started theorizing that Ranboo stole it, although Tubbo vehemently denied that Ranboo could have any connection to the theft.

After learning he had missed Tommy's visit to the prison, Jack presumably abandoned his detective job.

Wilbur's apology

Following the revival and return of Wilbur, Jack was approached by him while at the "Big Jack Manifold Hotel". Wilbur apologized for abandoning him, forgetting about him, and not allowing Manifold Land its independence (despite the fact that Manifold Land was declared on November 15, when Wilbur wasn't president of L'Manberg). Jack was floored by the idea that someone had apologized to him unprompted, and was excited at the thought of having a genuine friend. He returned to working on his pub, which he planned to invite Wilbur to upon its completion.

New Manifold Land



Name Notes
Enchanted Trident Item.gif Manifork Mending, Riptide III, Unbreaking III

Jack's trident. Stolen by Tubbo shortly after Jack become a Snowchester resident, and later shortly given to Tommy before coming back into Tubbo's possession. It is currently assumed to have been accidentally blown up by Tommy on May 7, 2021.

Red Mushroom JE2 BE2.png Manishroom A named mushroom given to Jack by Tubbo and Tommy upon his arrival on the server. Tubbo claimed they had brought him the server "just to give it to him." A sign of their friendship, it survived both L'Manburg explosions and is kept safely in Jack's ender chest.


Name Status Residence Notes
Snow fox.png Godzilla Alive Jack Manifold's Snowchester house Jack's fox.


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Jack helped Antfrost during the Estate Conflict, Antfrost was given dual citizenship with Manifold Land afterward, and later advised Jack on how to become a prison guard. Jack currently does not know of Ant's connections to the Eggpire.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Puffy continuously disagreed with Jack trying to take over the Big Innit Hotel. She removed some of his signs that claimed ownership and added ones for Tommy.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Opposed Jack has hated the Egg since he discovered it, wanting nothing to do with it. After he was informed of Church Prime's cleansing effect, he returned to the Egg, nearly getting corrupted. However, he was able to resist long enough to escape the room and cleanse himself at Church Prime.

He is vocally afraid of the Egg, especially after a red vine suddenly showed up in the hotbar of his inventory. Jack returned to the Egg for a third time with the vengeful goal of collecting vines to plant in Connor's home and spread the "bad juju." He was successful in his goal and still managed to resist the Egg's call. He also blamed the Egg for his new chicken, Timothy's death.

Relationship SwornEnemy LargePixelArt.png Sworn enemy
Jack disliked Dream even before the Doomsday War, for all the times he had caused conflict on the server. But after he canonically died for the third time and was sent to 'hell', he realized that Dream and Tommy were the main reasons he had lost everything and built up enough anger and hate to bring himself back purely out of emotion. He has stated that his only purpose in life after revival is to kill Dream and Tommy.[18]
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Jack and Foolish interacted whilst getting materials several times. They usually have a good time doing so, leaving their relations to be positive. Jack built him a custom, godly TV for when Foolish uses his room at the hotel. This TV plays the movie Jaws and only the movie Jaws.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
The two did not interact much, but when they did, they did not show much emotion towards each other.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Jack and Niki have always been respectful to each other. Following the events of Doomsday, Niki and Jack formed a tentative alliance with the goal of killing Tommy, who they both saw as a bully and threat to the server. The two have worked together for a while, and generally get along okay. Although at first they didn't trust each other, eventually they came to consider each other friends. Even after parting ways ideologically following Tommy's revival, with Jack still seeking revenge and Niki embracing healing and forgiveness, they still maintain a fairly positive relationship.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Jack helped Antfrost, when Ponk and Purpled were bullying him. Other than that, it is not clear what their relationship actually is as they have rarely interacted.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
During the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, Purpled and Jack made an alliance to help each other when needed on the server, considering they were both old members, but still neutral ones. It is likely their relationship soured a bit after the Estate Conflict as they were on opposite sides of the conflict.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Ranboo and Jack have decently interacted, and most of their interactions have been good. Ranboo was one of the only people to recognize how often he loses his belongings and express sympathy for him.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Jack often upsets Sam Nook because of his attempts to take over the hotel and change it without Tommy's permission. Sam Nook threatens to kill him if he is a threat to Tommy or Tubbo in any way.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Jack considers Techno an enemy, he tries to scrap with Techno quite a bit. He is seen targeting Techno in the Doomsday War. Techno took Jack's last canon life during the said war, resulting in his death and eventual revival from hell.
Relationship SwornEnemy LargePixelArt.png Sworn enemy
In the early days after the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War, when Jack first joined the server, he and Tommy had a positive relationship, and were close friends. There were several skirmishes between them, which often ended in Jack losing his things, but ultimately. Jack decided to forgive Tommy for what he had done, and still considered him a friend, which was why he went to visit Tommy while he was in exile.[19] However, after being needlessly and brutally killed by Tommy in this attempt and losing all his belongings yet again, Jack ended up harboring hatred in Tommy and even desired to kill him, because, after this death, Jack realized that Tommy was one of the main reasons why he kept losing everything, and was hurt by this as he had considered Tommy a friend.[18]

At the Green Festival, Tommy yelled that nobody, including Jack, had come to visit him, which angered Jack. Tommy would, later on, be the reason Jack was able to come back with three lives, as Jack would come back purely out of anger at Tommy and determination to kill the person causing him so much pain. Their relationship had grown closer in Tommy's eyes due to his hotel, but Jack obviously didn't feel the same and wanted to use the hotel to get closer to Tommy to plot his plan.

When Jack found out that Tommy had died, he was happy at first, but then reflected over his death. He admitted he was somewhat sad since they had been friends before everything, but maintained that overall, he was a happier man for it and the server would be better after Tommy's death. However, when Tommy returned to life, he got extremely mad at him and wanted to kill him again because Tommy continued to belittle and insult him. He even got angry at Niki for refusing to join him and kill Tommy again and said that he couldn't move on. He also feels that Tommy should not get special treatment due to his death, as Jack died and was revived as well but was not treated differently by other characters.

Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Tubbo and Jack are close friends, and Tubbo had mentioned that they talk quite a bit. Tubbo's even mentioned how they're like the Dream Team with Jack being the Sapnap of the trio.

Jack considers Tubbo a friend and wants to protect him, as Tubbo is one of the only people who has consistently been nice to him and never wronged him.[10][20] In return, Tubbo trusts Jack as part of Project Dream Catcher and one of the first people to move into Snowchester with him.

Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt.png Neutral/positive
Jack supported POG2020 during the SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election, and though they had had a lack of conversation they seemed to be on good terms. However, this soured somewhat when Wilbur killed Jack during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, as Wilbur seemed to have forgotten who Jack was, and Jack was hurt by this, as well as the actual death.[2]After Wilbur was revived he visited Jack Manifold and apologized to him for everything. Jack was heavily impacted by this as he felt as if nobody cared for him. Jack was happy Wilbur returned after this and Wilbur told Tommy that Jack was one of the three people he cared about.


  • "Manifold Land consists of me, Niki, it's me, by myself - trying to do, I don't know, something!"
  • "Why! I don't know why - maybe I just thought that maybe if I did something good, they would respect me finally."
  • "I have time and time again. Time and time again had everyone I thought was my friend be the reason I lost every single thing I own."
  • "This was in the original L'Manberg and it's the last thing left! None of them even care, 'Oh L'Manberg is gone' they don't even see this."
  • "Maybe we should. Maybe we should make them pay."
  • "I think it's our turn in the spotlight."
  • "You want to build nukes?!"
  • "Dream is the worst of the worst at the moment. If you tell him that Dream made you they'll probably just believe you."
  • "Be worse."
  • "To have to go through all of this planning again and all of this getting close to tommy when I really don't like him again is just- is just tiring. It is just so tiring."
  • "It's the Wiki's job!"
  • "I have to re-iterate. When I joined the server we were- we were alright. Rest In Peace. Bless his soul. But...good day for the server!" - Jack's initial reaction to learning about Tommy's death
  • "It's kind of- it's just kind of hit me though. I've tried for nearly two months to get Tommy. I sat down, I thought about it, I planned and every time I made a plan to get Tommy and it was always foiled. It started out just trying to prank him but as it went on, when he got exiled I went to visit him and he threw me in a pit of lava and I lost everything. Then he pissed off Dream and Dream burnt Manifold Land down, which was also then Tommy's fault. He's caused every war, everything I ever lost was because of him. And he's dead, which I guess should be what I want, but...I'm happy? I'm mostly happy. But it feels kind of...dull."
  • "It's the reason me and Niki are close. It's the reason I got to live with Tubbo." - Jack realizing his hate for Tommy is the reason behind almost everything he does
  • "I finally feel like I've got my win after so many times of losing. So many times. And yet even still my win wasn't even my win." - Jack contemplating about Tommy's death
  • "Be worse and all that. Show Tommy we were worse that Schlatt."
  • "We shouldn't of- shouldn't have."
  • "Right now I look at this. I guess I should feel pride, but I do I fucking hate it. With every fiber of my being I never want to see this again. Ever again." - Jack before burning down his house
  • "Tommy invited me here and I betrayed him. I guess it all comes full circle."
  • "Maybe I was always really just upset because I always felt he cared more about the discs then anyone. And I guess I just enjoyed when we were friends. And I've not really had any friends."
  • "It really hurts me to say it, but at the end of the day, Tommy was kinda all I had. Not in a sense that we were friends particularly more of a personal kinda way but more of a everything I did was because of him sorta way."
  • "Dream didn’t bring back my friend with that book. He brought back a monster."
  • "*I did care! Despite the fact I was trying to kill you for two months I grieved."
  • "Niki, he's been through a lot but we've been through a lot too. And what we haven't done is sacrifice nations and people."
  • "Why is there a penis?"
  • "That's the problem. All the time you belittle me, you dismiss me, you drop me in a pool of lava. I'm the only person who tried to visit you in exile and you just forget me like I'm nothing. I launched nukes at you and you didn't even care. No ones done that on the server - I built a nuclear program!" - Jack in an argument with Tommy after his revival
  • "It's time to be worse, to make the world better."
  • "Look, I'm really happy for you that you've managed to find things to do, but the thing is I haven't, I haven't. I can't... I can't just to do things. I can't just go and do things while he's around! Running around and... EVERY time I try to do my own thing, alright... I got involved and entangled in his shit! Alright? I'm sick of it. The ONLY way to stop that, is to remove him from the picture. There's NO redeeming qualities left. I've tried, I've searched for them. He showed up today and he dismissed EVERYTHING I told him. I tried to open up. I told him about what he did to me and he shrugged it off as if it was nothing." - Jack talking to Niki after Tommy's revival
  • "I disappeared, because I had enough of everyone doing things, doing things that didn't involve me, and somehow I still felt the impact. So I went away, and it was fine that no-one came. No-one else came, and that was fine, that was fine. You were the one person who agreed with me on things. You were the only person there with me when Tommy was- when Tommy was a problem." - Jack opening up to Niki after the Prison Break
  • "I wasn't good to her, I wasn't there for her, the syndicate were and I suppose when you're that lonely it's enticing. Regardless of what they stand for. I can't- I can't blame her. I doesn't mean I agree with what she did, she's wrong and she put us all in fucking danger. As much I want to believe I can't think that people won't be dragged into a massive battle." - Jack reflecting about Niki and her actions in the Prison Break


  • On March 5, 2021, Jack did a stream explaining his character's full story and motivations.
  • Jack, when talking about his character on stream, said that he was more broken than angry.
    • Jack also confirmed in the same stream that he has three canon lives and that he could die in the future.
  • Jack lost his three canon lives to each of the founding members of Pogtopia (Wilbur, Tommy and Technoblade).
  • Jack said that he picked his origin (blaze) on the SMP with the Origins mod as a reference to his character "burning" (not literally, mentally) inside.
  • Jack has said that he enjoys the theory that his character is a robot, and said he may write something related to it in the future.
  • Jack has stated that he envisions his character similarly to Dr. Doofenschmirtz from the TV show "Phineas and Ferb," who, similarly to Jack's SMP character, always thinks of grand plans that end up being foiled by dumb luck.[21]
  • Jack stated in canon that the headset he wears is both strange and important to him, occasionally spitting out messages and bits of information he wouldn't otherwise have known. This was prompted by multiple incidents of Text to Speech donations metagaming or spoiling lore while he was in character.[1]


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