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  • Schlatt's deaths are currently listed as death from Technoblade's rocket launcher, White House assassination, and heart attack. In addition, Schlatt has mentioned that he was canonically dead during Wilbur's resurrection.[1] However, Dream has only listed the latter death in a Twitter thread stating the deaths. Upon being questioned, Dream has said that it is a question for Wilbur.[2] The wiki admins have decided to keep the deaths as is until further clarification is provided.
  • Please refrain from adding information about Schlatt's "canonical resurrection" on January 23, 2021. It has been confirmed that his appearance on the server is not canon.

This page is about the character from the Dream SMP. For the YouTuber who plays this character, see Jschlatt.

You know what I said the day I got unbanned from the Dream SMP? I said things are going to change... I looked every citizen of L'Manberg in the eyes and I said 'You listen to me, this place will be a lot different tomorrow.' Let's start making it happen.


Jschlatt, also known as Schlatt (or post-mortem; Glatt), is the fifteenth member of the Dream SMP, and was banned from his join date on July 16, 2020, to the POG2020 VS SWAG2020 elections. He was the president and self-proclaimed emperor of the then-renamed nation of Manberg. He served as the antagonist of The Manberg Rebellion.

During the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, he was cornered by all the SMP members after Manberg's surrender and died due to a heart attack as everyone watched with confusion.

He was later given a funeral where the attendees disrespected the former emperor.


Schlatt was a human with tan skin, black eyes, brown hair, and a beard. He wore a black suit with a red tie and black shoes.

Schlatt was most likely born a biological human. However, in A spy's diary, Fundy explicity states that Schlatt had an 'aching body', which helped motivate his alcohol and smoking addiction due to wanting to suppress this feeling. In addition, Schlatt was incapable of swimming - and Fundy believes that this was due to some form of muscle atrophy. Fundy adds that Schlatt used protein supplements to regain his strength, however it is implied that these slowly lost their effect over time. As a ghost, Schlatt temporarily sported translucent red ram horns, supporting the popular theory that his character was a ram hybrid.

As a ghost, Schlatt has explicity made it clear that he is incapable of going outside. However, this might either be a placebo effect or a simple lie, as Schlatt did go outside during The Haunted Mansion, and he was able to go to Las Nevadas in order to gamble with Quackity.


Normal personality

Schlatt was a charming, self-centered, tyrannical leader with a knack for manipulation. He was a calm and calculated individual who is rarely brought to anger, making the majority of his movements from behind a podium. As a leader, he preferred having absolute control, only pretending to take on the suggestions that his cabinet offer. He was very confident to the point where he would confront his enemies without a single piece of armor or a single weapon on his person.

He did not have much patience, becoming tired of activities that took too long. Schlatt also lacked professionalism at times, even going so far as to drinking whilst performing a presidential speech and allowing an underage child to drink alcohol at an event.

It is hard to gauge when Schlatt trusted or distrusted someone, as he guards his perception of his people very closely. Even when it appears he fully trusts someone, he keeps a close eye on their actions just in case. It is not clear where Schlatt's trust lies, if he trusts anyone at all.

Wilbur had said that Schlatt's D&D alignment is lawful evil. [8]

Schlatt is VERY lawful evil. Schlatt follows one creed; "I was elected fairly. I will rule until I lose the next election". He uses this power malevolently to assert dominance and punish rebellious factions.



As a ghost, he has taken a liking to his 'ghost' name, Glatt, and likes to repeat it at random moments. His personality is similar to the regular, out-of-character streamer Jschlatt, but he retains his interest in protein powder, alcohol, working out, and cigarettes. Wilbur's first attempted revival allowed Schlatt to appear in the living world as Glatt, later being found working out in a cave filled with workout equipment by Quackity. Glatt explains that he had spent nearly all of his time working out (and learning Spanish on the side), due to claiming that he was incapable of leaving the cave. Occasionally, he is joined by Tommy (during his temporary death), Wilbur, and Mexican Dream at his gym. Glatt also mentions that Dream visits him on occasion, although this may have been a misspeak/misunderstanding, as he could have actually been referring to Mexican Dream.


Schlatt's ultimate flaw is his independent attitude. He centralizes power into a single position so he could "rule better than the two tyrants," even though he himself is becoming a dictator, with no power to alternate positions of "vice president," "secretary of state," or "archbishop." He doesn't ask for help due to him believing that he could take on the world, though this oversight would eventually lead to his demise.


Pre-Dream SMP


Before joining the Dream SMP, Schlatt and Connor were business partners on SMPLive,[9] co-owning a company known as Schlatt & Co, which sells a cryptocurrency known as SchlattCoin.[10]

Early Dream SMP Arc

On his first day in the SMP, he joined and was toured by a few others including TommyInnit, Tubbo, Fundy, Sapnap, Wilbur Soot, and GeorgeNotFound. During this visit, he built The Cuck Shed. Later, almost after the visit, he was banned by Dream since he didn't know Schlatt at the time.

L'Manberg Independence Arc

Election in L'Manberg

Jschlatt was unbanned on September 20, 2020 to "endorse" POG2020 as their second endorsement after Vikkstar.

A very intoxicated Schlatt then began endorsing Coconut2020 before deciding to run his own campaign, Schlatt2020. Dream immediately endorsed him, giving him weapons and helping hunt Wilbur, Tommy, and Quackity. While running away through Tommy's tunnels, Wilbur proposed a compromise with Quackity and asked if they wanted to combine their parties into SWOG2020. Quackity considered it, but decided that POG2020 was just using him due to the conditional nature of the proposed coalition, instead deciding to combine his campaign with Schlatt's to create SchWAG2020.

Jschlatt won the election with 46% of the vote after pooling with SWAG2020. He first pronounced himself to be L'Manberg's emperor and revoked Wilbur and Tommy's citizenship. Later he renamed L'Manberg into Manberg, stating that the nation would no longer be "taking Ls".

Manberg Rebellion Arc


Schlatt brought in many rules as the emperor of Manberg. The rules being to raise taxes on Niki, build an apartment complex on the caravan, give every citizen of Manberg a suit, and drain every lake and kill all animals. He also ordered several actions, including imprisoning Niki for standing up to him, ordering Fundy to burn down the L'Manberg Flag in order to replace it and getting everyone to try and hunt down Wilbur and Tommy.

Manberg Festival

Schlatt called for a meeting in order to announce that Manberg would be having a festival in the name of democracy. He placed Tubbo in charge of the planning, trusting him to set the whole event up and giving him the role of a key speaker. His initial intentions with the festival were unclear, since Schlatt has always been vocally against democracy.

The festival began smoothly, and Schlatt oversaw the events in a good mood. However, his true intentions became clear once Tubbo's speech drew to a close. Schlatt enclosed him in yellow concrete, revealing that he knew about Tubbo's work with Pogtopia and his conspiring against Manberg. He sentenced him to immediate execution, making it clear that the festival was never intended to be a festival at all, but a public punishment of a traitor to the state. Schlatt ordered Technoblade to do the deed, pressuring him into using his rocket launcher to kill Tubbo. The explosions ended up killing Schlatt and Quackity as well.

Schlatt and Quackity reclaimed their position on the podium with Fundy joining them in Tubbo's empty space. When Wilbur arrived for a confrontation, Schlatt did not care for his theatrics, waving him away and referring to him condescendingly as 'lover boy'. As fighting broke out among the citizens, Schlatt took a step back.

Once it was over, he ordered the citizens to come back to their seats in order for him to make another speech. Niki started to speak up against him, but he shut her down by exiling her. He then asked for arrows in order to shoot her, but forgot that Tubbo was dead and so he had nobody to give him them. He turned to Quackity to ask him, but the confusion gave Niki enough time to escape. Schlatt then insulted Niki and Tubbo saying he was glad the festival ended in death and ruins, causing some conflict between him and the others.

Internal conflict

After telling Quackity to take the White House down, Quackity refused and challenged Schlatt's power. The two got into an argument over the amount of power Schlatt had, prompting Quackity to kill Schlatt and run. Schlatt ended up taking down the building with the help of Ponk, who was at the time, his only real supporter.

Schlatt agreed to meet Quackity to discuss the building of the Manberg Hotel. In actuality, the discussion was a part of "Plan Ass", an attempt for Quackity to secretly transferring all presidential power from Schlatt to him, thus securing Pogtopian control over Manberg once again. However, Schlatt saw through this plan and changed the topic of the contract to the TNT he had found under Manberg (placed by Wilbur) and accused Quackity for the TNT, claiming that Quackity hated Manberg and wanted to take Schlatt down with Manberg. He then proceeded to wound Quackity, but Wilbur had obtained an arrow of invisibility from Ponk that would allow Quackity to escape into the forest behind Manberg undetected. Deep in the forest, Schlatt caught up with Quackity and Tommy, the latter of whom was witnessing the event from afar. Schlatt coughed and laughed as he said that the TNT was no longer under Manberg, but under Pogtopia. This was later revealed to be a lie, but the claim left the Pogtopians in a newfound state of discord and panic.

The Manberg vs Pogtopia War

Before the war, Dream betrayed Pogtopia and allied with Schlatt and Manberg, in return for a mysterious book which he claimed to hold incredible power. During the Disc Confrontation, Dream used this book to negotiate into imprisonment, revealing that this book contained the knowledge of how to revive dead members of the SMP. It is not known how Schlatt came into ownership of this book, but the only ones who knew of this knowledge are Schlatt and Dream.

During the war, Schlatt did not appear on the battlefield at all. After Dream and the rest of the Manbergian forces surrendered to Pogtopia, the members of the server involved in the conflict found Schlatt drinking heavily while lifting weights in the Camarvan. Schlatt spent the last minutes of his life arguing with Fundy and Quackity and hitting them with a broken bottle, dismayed by their betrayal - shocked at Fundy revealing his true allegiance, and then continuing to insult Quackity. He then mentioned smelling toast and his arm not being able to function properly; it was there that he finally passed away from a heart attack or a stroke, depending on who you ask. Briefly after his death, his ghost seemingly returns to insult Quackity one last time, i.e. calling him a "flatty patty", to Quackity's dismay and everyone else's amusement.

Though there have been some rumors that he died of a drug overdose because he was in the Camarvan, also known as the "drug van" when he passed away, they lack any other substantial evidence.


Jschlatt's funeral

During his funeral, Schlatt's death was celebrated. Members that attended the event defaced his grave and played with his remains. After the funeral, Quackity took the remaining bones, apparently plotting to revive Schlatt to use as a political puppet. The other remains were secretly kept by Puffy.

Wilbur's resurrection appearance

When Ghostbur had been killed in the shrine as an attempt to bring him back as Wilbur, Glatt (the ghost version of Schlatt) appeared speaking as if he had possibly interfered as a side effect in Wilbur's failed resurrection. Ghostbur then took interest in things associated with Jschlatt, such as protein powder and cigarettes. More importantly, Glatt's voice was heard from Ghostbur's body saying "big booty goddess."

Reunion with Quackity

At some point after Wilbur's first attempted revival, he became an actual fully-functional Glatt. He appeared in the Overworld and sent an unsigned book to Quackity, requesting that he travel to a set of coordinates. When Quackity got there, he saw a dead Schlatt, working out in a cave fully furnished with workout equipment. Schlatt explained that he was unable to leave, and had spent nearly all his time doing bench presses, and was also learning Spanish on the side. Occasionally, he was joined by Tommy (during his temporary death), Wilbur, and Mexican Dream. Schlatt explained that Dream also visited occasionally, and carried a book that was used to resurrect Tommy. Schlatt wanted Quackity to use that book on him. Quackity was reluctant, saying that Schlatt had treated him awfully, but proposed a bet: they would travel to Quackity's business of Las Nevadas and would gamble. If Schlatt won, he would be revived, but if Quackity won, Schlatt would remain dead and would serve Quackity's business forever. It is implied that Schlatt won, as Quackity later traveled to Pandora's Vault and demanded that Dream give him the book.

Tales from the SMP

The Haunted Mansion

Connor rented a house for a party owned by Glatt. After coming to the house he led Connor, Karl, and the rest of the party to his mansion. He took Connor hostage and told the party in order to get him back they'll have to find all three nether stars at the end of each hallway. The halls all had a series of parkour challenges, mazes, and/or other puzzles they'd have to complete. Glatt picked off one to three attendees after every hall. When they completed all the puzzles, it was revealed that Glatt was just an old, lonely ghost that just wanted friends.

Non-canon side stories

Note: These events involve Jschlatt interacting with the Dream SMP after his death, but are not considered canon and have no impact on the storyline.

  • On November 18, 2020, Schlatt returned for a brief visit speaking with Connor and Tommy. Schlatt and Connor reminisced their previous memories, and Schlatt showed the replica of the Cuck Shed.
  • "Ghost Schlatt" appeared on the server during The Vengeance Era on Tommy/Technoblade's streams on December 18, 2020, via a VC.
  • On January 23, Schlatt showed up to a party hosted by Connor, where he met several new members of the SMP. Afterwards, he was brought up to speed on what happened after his death, was "resurrected" by Connor, and was given a tour of Snowchester.


Relationships with members
Name Status Notes
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt.png Positive
Shortly after Schlatt's death, Connor joined the SMP. Prior to his death, the two were close as business partners on SMPLive.[9] On Connor's second day on the SMP, Schlatt made his first appearance as a ghost, though not yet dubbed as "Glatt" at that time. The two reminisced on their shared past, as Schlatt showed Connor his recreation of the Cuck Shed, found beside Tommy's home. Later, a while after the initial discussion of it during their first chat, Connor performed a ceremony to bring Schlatt back from the dead. As of this ceremony, he is still declared canonically deceased. However, Connor appears to be the only member of the SMP that Schlatt will speak to as a ghost, canonically. After Connor's party, while speaking with Slimecicle and the host himself, Schlatt was told that he and Charlie were Connor's best friends on the server.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Dream and Jschlatt have more of a business relationship than a personal partnership. Every interaction they had was out of beneficial well beings. From Dream's heavy support for Schlatt2020, supplying Schlatt with a bow to hunt down the other election candidates to assisting him in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, bargaining Dream a book that can revive dead people as payment for his duties. Dream has also said he politically supported Schlatt because he was a ruler with ambition, unlike Wilbur, and wanted to keep expanding beyond the walls of L'Manberg.

However, he later betrayed Schlatt by revealing his plans that he was falsely aligning himself with Manberg so that he could sweep in with the Greater Dream SMP to take back Manberg territory. After that, they would commence a swift and brutal attack on the Badlands and Pogtopia, forming one nation, one imperium, one dominion. This plan didn't go too well after the Manberg versus Pogtopia War, calling Schlatt "an idiot" for not being there for times of need with no other choice but surrendering to Pogtopia. Dream probably does not a good opinion on Schlatt personally, viewing his idiotic traits to be repugnant, but at one point, they needed each other to achieve a higher level of stature.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Fundy was Schlatt's right-hand man as part of his plan to gain Schlatt's trust during The Manberg Rebellion. Fundy obeyed every order of Schlatt and shaped some of Schlatt's opinions, desperate to get on his good side. He even allowed Fundy to stand beside him after Tubbo's public execution during the Manberg Festival. On the day of the Quackity's meeting with Schlatt however, Fundy revealed that he had been writing a spy diary and was not on Schlatt's side. Schlatt expressed his hate for Fundy in the final moments before he died.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Ghostbur does not remember who Schlatt is. Although, from what he hears, Schlatt was not a good person, especially towards him. Ghostbur prefers not to know what Schlatt did to him, or in fact, who he is at all.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
During Schlatt's presidency, he imprisoned Niki and raised her taxes after she spoke against him for exiling Wilbur and Tommy. Niki disapproves of Schlatt's leadership so much, she burned down the Manberg flag and left to live in Tommy's Holiday Home after fearing Schlatt stole items from her bakery. She fought against Schlatt as a Pogtopian.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Schlatt used to be a business partner of Ponk, and he trusted Ponk so much that he allowed him to be his doctor. However, after the Festival, tension grew between Ponk and Schlatt, as Schlatt refused to get treatment for his ever-increasing decline in health, leading to his death in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. It is still unknown if Ponk supported Schlatt's beliefs even after their falling out.
Brokenheart.png Negative
Schlatt and Quackity won the election as a team by pooling votes. As a result, they gained a positive partnership early on in The Manberg Rebellion. Schlatt allowed Quackity to keep him in check as the second in command of Manberg since he allowed Schlatt to win. However, they had disagreements, as Quackity had conflicting opinions on some of Schlatt's policies and even called Quackity Flatty Patty. After Quackity refused to take down The White House and challenged Schlatt's power, the two got into a huge argument where Quackity resigned. In Schlatt's final moments, Quackity expressed that Schlatt had ruined Manberg, and as a response, Schlatt uttered "Flatty...Patty" as his final words. Quackity appears to triggered by being called Flatty Patty and was greatly upset when Glatt called him that.

When Quackity encountered Glatt in his underground gym he struck a deal with him that if Quackity got the revive book from Dream and lost the bet then he would have to bring Schlatt back to life but if Schlatt lost then he would have to be an unpaid employee of Las Nevadas.

RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt.png Neutral
Sapnap supported Schlatt throughout his presidency, aiding him in the Manberg vs Pogtopia War with Dream. However, he had other plans with Manberg, wanting to overthrow Schlatt and exploit the land for oil.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Schlatt and Tommy previously had a good relationship. That came to an end when Schlatt exiled Wilbur and Tommy from L'Manberg. Tommy held Schlatt responsible for "ruining L'Manberg" with the creation of the Obsidian Flag and the tearing down of the walls. His harsh treatment and execution of Tubbo further strained their relationship.

Tommy met Schlatt again in the afterlife and though it doesn't seem like they had any conflict with each other, it doesn't seem like their relationship has improved either.

Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt.png Neutral/negative
Tubbo had a fairly neutral opinion on Schlatt during his time working as his right-hand man as part of the Jschlatt Administration, despite how he was treated badly and threatened on a regular basis. Schlatt made fun of Tubbo,[11] shouted at and insulted him.[12][13] He openly disapproved of Tubbo's link to the original L'Manberg, attempting to remove the Camarvan and only being stopped by Tubbo managing to convince him to keep it[14] and acting suspicious of Tubbo after he, Quackity and Fundy discovered Tubbo's underground archive of books related to L'Manberg's history.[15] He also insulted Tubbo for wearing the L'Manberg revolutionary uniform, saying it smelled bad.[16]

Tubbo often lied to Schlatt to get out of trouble or to cover up his spy activities. For example, he told Schlatt that the Underground Prime Path, the tunnel that had been built to Pogtopia, was a tunnel Tubbo was digging to get to a Pillager watchtower so he could collect Totems of Undying for Schlatt,[17] and lied about his whereabouts during the beginning of the Manberg Festival, during which he had actually been talking to Wilbur and Tommy in secret.[18]

At the Manberg Festival, Schlatt ordered Technoblade to execute Tubbo for being a traitor, having discovered Tubbo's spy activities for Pogtopia.[19] As a result of this, Tubbo came to the realization that he had never been on Schlatt's good side. He fought against him with a passion during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, and was relieved when Schlatt died. He attended Schlatt's funeral and seemed gleeful and happy that Schlatt was dead, going as far as to throw his bones in the river with Quackity.[20]

During his own presidency, Tubbo was often compared to Schlatt because of the decisions he made.[21][22][23] These comparisons, combined with Tubbo's low self-esteem and harsh view of his own presidency, led him to also compare himself to Schlatt, and after the events of the Doomsday War, Tubbo went as far as to call Schlatt better than himself, and say that he hadn't been "that much of a problem".[24]

Soon after, while building Snowchester, Tubbo brought up that he would like to see and speak to Schlatt again. However, this has never happened, despite Glatt's several appearances on the server after his death.

Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt.png Negative
Schlatt and Wilbur were once political allies, with Schlatt re-joining the server to endorse Wilbur's party. Since Schlatt's election and subsequent exiling of Wilbur, the two saw an increasingly tense relationship. Schlatt disliked Wilbur's leadership style, even the one he employed during his sanity, but he acknowledged that Wilbur is a threat to his nation, acting accordingly in order to stop him.

Schlatt seemed to be attempting to orchestrate Wilbur's movements to benefit him to some degree being well aware of his declining mental state. This is evident in how he toyed with his TNT room - though it's not clear if he did this on purpose.

After Wilbur’s death, he and Schlatt were left together in the afterlife. During his short reunion with Tommy and Tubbo, Wilbur expressed his distaste for Schlatt and was opposed to the idea of either of them being resurrected, so their relationship seemingly hasn’t improved much if at all post-dying.


  • "Well... That was pretty easy. [...] Y'know what I said, the day I got unbanned from the Dream SMP? And the day I said I was running? An election that I won, by the way. I said things are gonna change. I looked every citizen of L'Manberg in the eyes and I said 'You listen to me. This place will be a lot different tomorrow.' Let's start making it happen. My first decree, as the President of L'Manberg, the EMPEROR, of this GREAT COUNTRY! IS TO REVOKE! THE CITIZENSHIP! OF WILBUR SOOT AND TOMMYINNIT! GET 'EM OUTTA HERE!"
  • "Tubbo, whenever... it's the craziest thing, whenever I get close to you, it's kinda [...] like one of those conch shells. [...] I can hear a bunch of whining toddlers. [...] Somehow upset... with me, and the- and the great things I'm doing for this nation? [...] Bunch of whining- bunch of whiny, spoiled BRATS, Tubbo! [...] We'll leave the- We'll leave the meth lab. But you gotta help with the rest of this stuff. And if I hear one more peep, if I come near you and put my ear up to you like a conch shell, and it's- and all these voices aren't just singing the praises... then we're gonna have another conversation."
  • "Tubbo, Tubbo... I know what you've been up to. [...] 'What have I been up to' he says! (laughs) 'What have I been up to...' [...] You've been CONSPIRING! With the IDIOTS, with the- with the TYRANTS! That we kicked out of this server, that we kicked out of this great country! [...] Tubbo, I don't know if you know this, but treason isn't exactly, uh... isn't exactly a respectable thing around here. I know what you've been doing, IT ALL ADDS UP, BUDDY! The fucking TUNNELS, your ABSENCE from GREAT events, I mean, you walked off in the middle of THIS one! [...] You walked off in the middle of this one, Tubbo! Don't try and tell me you've done nothing wrong! Because everybody knows it! I sees it with my own two fucking eyes, what you've been doing! [...] Do you know what happens to traitors, Tubbo? [...] Nothing good."
  • "If I die, this country goes down with me."
  • "You've been a thorn in my side since the beginning of this-"
  • "I'm the Joker baby."
  • "Does anyone smell toast?"
  • "Flatty... Patty"
  • "The fuck. T-The fuck is this? I was- Oh my god I was jerking off, WHERE AM I?"
  • "GLATT."
  • "D-did somebody say protein powder?"
  • "Big booty goddess."
  • "Wa-wha- what the hell? Is this a surprise birthday party?"
  • Schlatt: "Yeah, yeah, I am something. I-I'm what you're not, Fundy." Fundy: "What? [...] What am I not?" Schlatt: "...I'm a man!"


  • Schlatt was the first person to lose all of his canonical lives on the Dream SMP.
  • Schlatt was originally whitelisted as a joke by Sapnap and Tommy, and was banned by Dream, but after being re-whitelisted for the election endorsement and going rogue, he became an important part of the storyline.
  • Jack Manifold seems to look up to Schlatt to a certain degree, even owning a "be worse" poster with his face on it.
  • Schlatt is currently in the afterlife the longest. He has spend more than 30 years in the afterlife so far (time works differently in the afterlife).
  • If Schlatt were to be revived right now, he would be more than 50 years old, since he died in his early 20s. This makes him the oldest character on the SMP, besides Philza.


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