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This page is about the content creator. For their SMP character, see Karl Jacobs/SMP.

Karl Jacobs is a Twitch streamer and friend of the Dream Team. He is most known for being in the MrBeast crew, featured in many of the YouTuber's videos. He is a member of the Dream SMP, joining on Thursday, August 27, 2020. Karl is also featured in many of the Dream Team's videos and hosts Banter with Sapnap.



Meeting Dream Team

Karl met Dream through collaborations on MrBeast's gaming channel, MrBeast Gaming. After hanging out with Dream and Sapnap more, the Dream Team agreed to give Karl a rank that allowed Karl to join them and talk with them any time. Over time, the Dream Team started inviting Karl to join them, and after Karl tweeted about the DreamSMP, Dream whitelisted Karl.[4]


To see their history and involvement in the SMP, visit Karl Jacobs/SMP.



Dream Team collaborations

Karl Jacobs videos featuring Dream Team
Video Title Release date Dream Team members Notes
I_Hunted_LazarBeam_on_Dream_SMP! I Hunted LazarBeam on Dream SMP! December 3, 2020 George
I_Made_a_Manhunt_Parody_on_Dream_SMP! I Made a Manhunt Parody on Dream SMP! December 8, 2020 George, Sapnap
I_Escaped_To_Mexico! I Escaped To Mexico! December 20, 2020 Sapnap
I_met_Pokimane! I met Pokimane! December 30, 2020 George, Sapnap
Building_A_City_In_1_Hour! Building A City In 1 Hour! January 24, 2021 George, Bad Tales from the SMP: "The Town That Never Was"
I_Met_Corpse_On_The_Dream_SMP! I Met Corpse On The Dream SMP! January 26, 2021 Sapnap
Finding_The_Secret_Dream_SMP_Treasure! Finding The Secret Dream SMP Treasure! January 30, 2021 Dream, George, Sapnap Tales from the SMP: "The Beach Episode"
We_Broke_Jackbox! We Broke Jackbox! February 5, 2021 George, Bad
Playing_Town_of_Salem_in_Minecraft! Playing Town of Salem in Minecraft! February 15, 2021 Dream, George, Bad Tales from the SMP: "The Village That Went Mad"
The_Masquerade_-_Tales_From_the_SMP The Masquerade - Tales From the SMP February 23, 2021 Sapnap, Bad Tales from the SMP: "The Masquerade"
I_Got_Robbed! I Got Robbed! March 11, 2021 Sapnap, Bad Tales from the SMP: "The Wild West"
Minecraft_vs_An_Impossible_AI! Minecraft vs Impossible AI! July 9, 2021 George
Minecraft,_But_The_World_Is_TNT! Minecraft, But The World Is TNT! July 21, 2021 George
I_Got_Hunted_By_1000_Chickens! I Got Hunted By 1000 Chickens! September 2, 2021 Sapnap
Minecraft,_But_The_World_is_Upside_Down! Minecraft, But The World is Upside Down! October 28, 2021 Sapnap
Dream Team videos featuring Karl Jacobs
Video Title Release date Dream Team channel Notes
3_Minecraft_Speedrunners_VS_Hunter_ft._MrBeast 3 Minecraft Speedrunners VS Hunter ft. MrBeast May 24, 2020 Dream
Dream_-_MrBeast_Minecraft_Manhunt_Extra_Scenes Dream - MrBeast Minecraft Manhunt Extra Scenes May 24, 2020 DreamXD
Dream_Team_Wins_Minecraft_Championship Dream Team Wins Minecraft Championship October 30, 2020 NotGeorgeNotFound MC Championship
Among_Us,_But_Dream_And_George_Are_1000_IQ_Imposters Among Us, But Dream And George Are 1000 IQ Imposters January 3, 2021 NotGeorgeNotFound
Minecraft,_But_If_You_Laugh_You_Lose... Minecraft, But If You Laugh You Lose... January 27, 2021 GeorgeNotFound
Quackity_And_Karl_Make_Skribbl.io_Hilarious... Quackity And Karl Make Skribbl.io Hilarious... February 6, 2021 NotGeorgeNotFound
Sapnap_Teaches_Karl_Bedwars... Sapnap Teaches Karl Bedwars... February 22, 2021 SapnapLIVE
The_Most_Intense_Monopoly_Game... The Most Intense Monopoly Game... March 3, 2021 SapnapLIVE
Sapnap's_Minecraft_Birthday_Celebration Sapnap's Minecraft Birthday Celebration March 8, 2021 SapnapLIVE
The_Funniest_Minecraft_Video... The Funniest Minecraft Video... March 23, 2021 SapnapLIVE
Sapnap_And_Karl_Meet... Sapnap And Karl Meet... March 14, 2021 SapnapLIVE
Cooking_With_GeorgeNotFound... Cooking With GeorgeNotFound... April 1, 2021 Not GeorgeNotFound
Minecraft,_But_If_You_Laugh_You_Lose_REMATCH-2 Minecraft, But If You Laugh You Lose REMATCH April 9, 2021 GeorgeNotFound
The_Most_Chaotic_Minecraft_Video... The Most Chaotic Minecraft Video... April 22, 2021 SapnapLIVE
The_Most_Chaotic_Uno_Game... The Most Chaotic Uno Game... May 7, 2021 SapnapLIVE
Minecraft,_But_When_I_Take_Damage,_I_Get_Shocked... Minecraft, But When I Take Damage, I Get Shocked... May 10, 2021 SapnapLIVE
Minecraft,_But_If_You_Laugh_You_Lose_FINALE Minecraft, But If You Laugh You Lose FINALE July 12, 2021 GeorgeNotFound
Minecraft_But_All_Items_Are_Massive! Minecraft But All Items Are Massive! August 16, 2021 Sapnap
Cooking_with_Sapnap_and_Karl_Jacobs Cooking with Sapnap and Karl Jacobs August 24, 2021 SapnapLIVE
Minecraft,_But_I_Add_A_Marshmallow_Every_Minute... Minecraft, But I Add A Marshmallow Every Minute... October 6, 2021 GeorgeNotFound

Sean Jacobs

Sean Jacobs, also referred to as Jimmy Jacobs, is the younger brother of Karl. Sean visited the Dream SMP through Karl's account on December 6, 2020. During his visit, he griefed George's house and built a house above it with the help of Quackity, Sapnap and Dream.


  • Karl originally created his own skin for the SMP on stream instead of using the one on his account for MrBeast Gaming.[5]
  • Karl has a sister named Corry, who is also a streamer.
  • Karl has stated that he is on the asexual spectrum, but is not 100% asexual.[6]
  • On a stream on September 3, 2020, Karl and Nihachu used MS Paint to design a meme image for Dream SMP merchandise.[7] However, it was only available for a limited time, as Universal Pictures took it down due to copyright with the Minions.[8]
  • On October 11, 2020, Karl was featured on the dating show Love or Host.[9][10]
  • On October 24, 2020, Karl won Minecraft Championship 11 along with Dream, GeorgeNotFound, and Sapnap on the Fuchsia Frankensteins.[11]
  • Karl has mild protanopia colorblindness.[12]
  • Karl has ADD.[13]
  • On November 25, 2020, LazarBeam tweeted out a screenshot of the page Vikkstar123/SMP showing a blank space for Tommy's relation to Vikkstar on the wiki.[14] Karl was one of the members of the SMP to respond, acknowledging the wiki.[15]
  • In high school, Karl played tennis[16] and soccer, was the head of the debate team, and started a gaming club.
  • Before he officially joined MrBeast's crew, Karl worked for MrBeast's brother Cj (MrBro). In addition, Karl worked as a cameraman and would sometimes appear in MrBeast videos before officially becoming a member of the MrBeast crew.
  • Karl has the same birthday as IlluminaHD.
  • Karl has met up with Quackity and Sapnap.[17][18]
  • In August 2021, Karl met up with Corpse Husband and saw his face.


  • "I don't know if it's right for this country."[19]
  • "Hey let's play Minecraft sometime"
  • "What the honk"
  • "Mom, Dream keeps killing me. Can you tell him to stop?"[20]
  • ”Shut your mom! Shut your entire mom; your entire mom is shut!”[21]
  • ”oH jiMmYyYyYyYyyYyY~”


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