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Karl: Attention, everybody!
Sapnap: We are Kinoko Kingdom!
Sapnap: WOOOOOO! Kinoko Kingdom!


Kinoko Kingdom is a nation formed by Karl Jacobs as a safe space from any drama in the Dream SMP. The nation resides south of spawn.


After learning about the necessity to protect his library, Karl started the process of relocating the library with Sapnap and George on February 9, 2021.[4] The trio first decided to dissolve El Rapids as it had become a stagnating nation. After finding a location for the library, Karl decided to form a new nation with his friends, who had all previously been part of El Rapids. Karl also developed the only rule of the nation: Do not pick flowers. If flowers are picked, they would have to be replaced.[5] Karl travels back to his library after almost every Tales from the SMP episode.

Karl, Sapnap and others placed several posters around the server to join Kinoko Kingdom later on. This was an attempt to become the most famous nation on the server, as Karl wanted more friends.

Karl, during touring Lil Nas X, recommended that they should build a treehouse. They did so, and placed some paintings of Lil Nas X himself inside.

Foolish Gamers, after noticing the place had been somewhat inactive, built several structures and did some terraforming in Kinoko Kingdom. He first started to build a mushroom tower off-stream, and later went on to build two houses. He also built a dojo with a fountain directly outside of it, a dragon statue, and a castle. All of the builds have been built directly above Nihachu's underground city, causing him to accidentally dig into underground parts many times.

Karl, after moving his pets to Kinoko Kingdom, wrote Niki a note about joining Kinoko Kingdom.

Karl and Pokimane later rebuilt a version of Party Island inside of Kinoko Kingdom.[6] Karl got Pokimane to join Kinoko Kingdom officially, being the first citizen of Kinoko Kingdom to not be there at the start of its creation. He gave her the title of Party Island ambassador.

Later, while Drista was playing on Sapnap's account, Karl got her to join Kinoko Kingdom as the High Judge who would be responsible for punishing criminals. He also gave her ownership of Party Island and Lil Nas X's tree house. They then went around, "claiming" property in the Dream SMP.[7]

Sapnap, while speaking with Tommy, would take him to Kinoko Kingdom, however, when Tommy began claiming the property as his, Sapnap armed himself with Tommy's netherite and bow, asking him to leave and not come back.

In the fourth Las Nevadas lore stream, Sapnap convinced Quackity to visit Kinoko Kingdom and gave him a brief tour, but eventually came into conflict with Karl as he didn't recall anything about Quackity other than being allegedly his murderer. The argument escalated until Quackity swore to never return and Karl threatened military action against Quackity, essentially banning each other from their respective countries and placing restraining orders against each other.[8]


Kinoko Kingdom is located near a flower forest and above Niki's underground city. Kinoko holds claim to the vast swaths of oak trees of the nearby flower forest and the plains area that reaches from the hill that the library is located in to Alyssa's barn.


  • Karl's library - The first structure in Kinoko. Built due to Karl needing to relocate his library from L'Manberg's ruins.
  • Kinoko portal - The portal people use to get around the server.
  • Kinoko church - An abandoned church. It was originally supposed to be similar to Church Prime, but it was abandoned in the process of its building.
  • Drista’s tree house - A treehouse built by Lil Nas X during his visit to the server, but claimed by Drista during one of her visits.
  • Foolish's mushroom house - A house built by Foolish Gamers directly facing Karl's library.
  • Mushroom tower - A huge building built by Foolish Gamers off stream.
  • Mushroom mountain house - A house built right next to a mountain. It is similar to Foolish's mushroom house, as they are directly next to each other.
  • Mushroom dojo - A large building built by Foolish Gamers.
  • Dragon statue - A dragon statue to the right of the Mushroom dojo, built by Foolish Gamers after several attempts of building it off-stream.
  • Kinoko castle - A huge castle built by Foolish Gamers.
  • Fountains and trees - Several trees and fountains around Kinoko Kingdom.
  • Road/Path - A cobblestone path that goes around the entirety of Kinoko Kingdom.
  • Ramen stand - A small stand that serves mushroom soup (Ramen) built by Foolish.
  • Central lake - A manmade lake built by Foolish that contains a yin-yang symbol at the bottom of it.
  • Small houses - Smaller houses around Kinoko Kingdom.
  • Jack Manifold's Italian restaurant - A restaurant originally built where Kinoko Kingdom is now. It was destroyed by Karl.
  • Kinoko Kingdom's Party Island - A rebuilt version of Party Island. Drista has been given this island as her own.


Instead of having a military, Kinoko has Sapnap as head of Militia, meaning that of war were to break out then Sapnap would likely be leading Kinoko and it’s citizens to battle,


  • It is currently the most pacifistic faction.
  • It houses Beckerson (in Sapnap's inventory), Mars (in Sapnap's inventory), Lasagna, and Hutt, the four most important fish on the server.
  • Corpse Husband and Lil Nas X have considered becoming citizens at Kinoko Kingdom.
  • Karl often wanders Kinoko Kingdom while on work calls.
  • Foolish has built several statues in Kinoko Kingdom before burning them down for sub goals.
  • Karl and Sapnap caught a horse inside of Karl's library and said it was the secretary of Kinoko Kingdom. It is unknown if this was a bit or if it was serious, as Karl gave no context afterward.
  • Kinoko (キノコ) means mushroom in Japanese.
  • Its name was originally going to be Pulupulu. However, after Karl was unsure about the name, he made a poll to decide the official name in his Twitch chat. Karl decided that the name was going to be Pulupulu still after a long debate.
    • After fans on Twitter said why it was offensive to name it Pulupulu, Karl changed it to the second option on the poll, Kinoko Kingdom.
  • Even though the nation is named Kinoko Kingdom, it is not a kingdom, as it has no ruler.
  • The approximate coordinates of Kinoko Kingdom are 275, 67, 430.
  • Karl said that he would be working with Derivakat to make the Kinoko Kingdom anthem instrumental on March 31.[9]



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